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I said that I would be having a blog about love up, today, but that isn’t the case. I know I have been pushing this off, but my internet is still not fixed, of course!! UGH!!! AT&T, You suck! But either way, its best because today is a special day! Today, 5 years ago, I made the logo to this blog! I have always loved the blogs logo and I am happy to what it transformed from. I did 2 other “Main logo’s” that were bland and sad! I then went onto Word and started to play around with different tools and bam! I created my blog logo. I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. If that happens, I will be making a new logo, but until then, let’s enjoy where we came from. Going way back to 2011 when I first started blogging. At the beginning  of Impromtdude, I use to take pictures on my phone, of the screen, then crop it, because I didn’t know how to export it. Lol

2012: When I first started blogging, my logo was seriously just the school that I wanted to go to. CBC (Central Bible College) was my logo for the blog, as I didn’t know logos were even that popular. Even if I did, I probably would have kept it simple, and left it the same way that it was.


2013: My next blog was “A voice from beyond.” This logo is a stolen photo off of google. I now know that I can’t do that, and I since have unpublished the blog. But I like the design and kind of wish I did make it!


Impromtdude was created in the late part of 2013. This was the first time that I wanted to make a blog an actual passion, so a cool logo was what I needed, though that didn’t come until 2015. I thought my first logo for this blog was so awesome and it finally gave an identity to the blog, even if I tried to replace it in 2014, with a far worse logo!


2014 was a disaster for the logo department. I made the most horrendous logo that I even cringe looking back now! I don’t want to relive what I was thinking, because I’m sure drugs were involved, it’s the only reasonable explanation for an abomination that was once my logo!


Now! The time was 12/1/2015 and I really wanted to get apparel going, but of course the current logo wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t even good enough to be my Facebook profile picture for my writer’s page. I remember reverting back to the old blog logo, because I just knew people hated the current logo. Knowing that the logo wasn’t good enough, I started to work on a new logo. I used the basic shapes in Word to make my logo. I think it turned out great! It has been the same for 3 years, now, and I love it still. It’s simple, but not bland, and I was able to even do different colors and ideas with it, including a cute valentine’s one and a snowy one! All logos have been included!

logos          bcamlogo

vdaylogo              christmas

I am happy where I came from. I finally have found a blog logo that I am happy with and I don’t really plan on changing it, unless the name change does happen, but even then, I know that logos are important, so know that the quality will be the highest! You guys deserve it! If I was to change my name, what would you want me to change it to? Leave a comment in the section below!


This is an old post, but I haven’t been able to do any effects this week, so this will be perfect to announce an effects giveaway! Usually, Sundays are effectsSundays so let me give you something cool to kick off the new Facebook page. I love to use homemade Scar putty and I would love for one of you to experience what I love. This being said, I will be giving away a small bag of scar wax/putty. All you have to do is go like my special effects page. Next Sunday, I will be announcing the winner of the drawing! When you get to my page, comment who you think should win the custody of the dog, Jack or Brandie?


Today we’re gathered together to determine the custody of Jack and Brandies dog. Jack spent many years taking care of little Toto, but left him behind with his ex-wife Brandy when they were in the middle of a fight. Brandy wants to keep the little man saying that he never cared for the dog like she did. I happen to be one of the lawyers in the case and get to defend Jacks story, I believe he will win.
It was two years ago when the couple split up after finding that Jack was having an affair with her friend, Melissa. She told him to get out of the house, to take all of his stuff and to leave before she put a shotgun slug through his skull. He agreed to leave if she would sign over the custody of the dog, she refused. But as he was about to tie himself to her porch and wait for the day she separated from her choice, she pulled a shotgun on him. She was hostile and was about to pull the trigger, but he left leaving Toto behind.
The court hearing started with the man telling the jury that he got Toto from a church-ran adopting agency that he volunteered his Saturdays to. The whole courtroom awed to. But he went further to tell them that the dog was abused before, he suffered a broken hip but with his help, he was able to walk again shortly after the incident
Jack told me that the dog was barking and growling at Brandy as she pulled him back into the house. Brandy was quick to disagree that fact. She is saying that the dog was barking, but not at her. She told the court that he was barking at him because he was about to hit her. This won the vote in the court room, there is something about a woman being hit that doesn’t sit well with the old jury members of the court. Seeing that this was working, she then told everyone that he was abusing the dog and that’s why she didn’t feel it was fit for him to be the caretaker of the dog.
I tried my hardest to fight the accusations, but they were to powerful. I tried to tell them that he couldn’t of beat the little Weiner dog because he was too small for the 6’4 gentleman, but her attorney fired back with the fact that he could have kicked the poor pup. That got more attention from the jury as they were about to jump over the railing and kick this man. Lets say that what happened next was not in my will.
I lost the battle for this man, and as the woman was taking the dog outside of the court room, the man asking for the dog ran up to her. He started to scream at her, screaming nasty words in her face. He had called her a thousand names, none that could be repeated in church. But as he was being pulled away by the guards, he broke the grasp, and kicked the little dog. I wanted to scream field goal as the dog was lifted from the ground and hit the wall, right above the broken clock. The jury went nuts.
They got over the railing as if they were in hockey or in a burning movie theatre. Funny thing that I say that, because I am sure that is where this man wants to be right now. He was beating by nearly fifteen canes and twenty purses, even the judge got his hands on him, slapping him in the face with the bible. I snuck out the back of the courthouse but as I went out the door, the man yelled as someone released the dog that he just kicked back on him, the dog bit down pretty hard on his crotch and would let go. He screamed loud as I ran to my car, even to this day, I can hear that bloody scream. I feel bad, but the man kicked a dog, the bastard deserved it!

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In 2013, we lost one of the best snacks, ever. Hostess had a company wide stike, where their workers refused to work. The company didn’t fall into the trap and decided to close their company doors. But Hostess’ snacks weren’t away for long, as they were bought by another company, which brought back the beautiful snacks to stores on July 15th, 2013. I can’t tell you how upset I was when they stopped selling zingers, my favorite snack from Hostest. So when they annouced that they were coming back, I spent hours, on the phone, trying to find these bars of calories. I wasn’t able to find the magical Zingers, but luckily Twinkies were back on the shelves. I grabbed three boxes and went home. Now, after three years, Hostess has brought us another amazing gift, and at the right time!
We had a fair start, in Springfield, which is still going on. Amazingly this treat hit the markets during this time. During the fair, I love to go grab a cheese-on-a-stick. There is also another treat I love, Deep fried Twinkies, the same item Hostess just released. Wal-mart had the treat, so after picking up my check, I ran over to the frozen section and grabbed a couple boxes. The deep-fried Twinkies come in the original vanilla and a rich chocolate. They cost $4.96/each, raising the question “was it worth it?” That question will now be answered. They recommend you to cook the Twinkies in the over, but I deep fried them.


From the first look, the vanilla Twinkies look like regular Twinkies. The coloring is slightly faded, but that is from being Frozen. The chocolate ones, on the other had, were really crumbly, almost looking like they were smoothered in Oreo crumbs, but the sweet smell almost cancel out the negative look. Before cooking the Original Twinkies I tried the frozen one. I must say, they actually taste better than the store sold snacks! They cook really fast, only taking three minutes, when frying, and an eight minute cook time when cooking in the oven. While cooking, there is no distict smell, but that isnt a problem! I did enjoy watching them cook, which, if you are frying, you will need something to hold the twinkies down, because they float, making it a little annoying when trying to make them.

After they cook, you have to let them sit for 2 minutes. I was worried that this would cause the insides to get cold and allow the crème to harden, but surprisinly it didn’t. When I cut the Original Twinkie open, the crème oozed out. It looked amazing. The fluffiest was not harmed during the frying. If it was all graded by looks, this treat would be the best treat since Zingers! But looks aren’t everything. I was ready to take a leap of faith, and try these amazing treats. I slowly took a big bite of the Hot Twinkie. The insides were still very hot, which I didn’t expect, making it very crispy. My first thought was they taste like a funnel cake, they were fluffy and the crème tastes like a mixture between Powder Sugar and Crème cheese. The Twinkie would taste even better with milk, but I didn’t have any milk. In all honesty, the Twinkie tasted just like the snacks, just a little sweeter, but it left a strange after-taste in my mouth.


The Chocolate Twinkies were a let down, sorry to tell you that! The only thing that was good was the sight of them. They looked crisp with a fluffy, vanilla inside. The crème was very runny, looking delicous, but the taste didn’t live up to the image! When I first swallowed it, I thought of Chocolate donuts. I usually like Chocolate donuts, but this time it was a nasty taste. The crème was very rich, almost too sweet. I know it started to hurt my teeth, right away. The Twinkies obsorbed the oil, making the inside really greasy. The after taste from the vanilla snack was the taste of the chocolate Twinkie. I wasn’t able to finish the chocolate snack, it was nasty…


I made a few, in the oven, to share the results (since this was the recommended cook). This took longer to cook, almost a whole six minutes more. I had 14 fried before I had seven out of the oven. I let them sit out the two minute. After the two minutes, I pulled one apart. The sweet middle wasn’t melt like the fried Twinkie. After inspecting the outside, I took a huge bite. Since this was the recommended way, I thought it was going to explode with flavor and it did, just not a good flavor! I would rather eat ten Chocolate Twinkies, then one of the baked ones. The baked Twinkies were so nasty that I was only able to get one bite out, before I began to gag. The flavor was soiled with a strong sour taste, even the sweet center was horrible. It wasn’t sweet and didn’t even taste like a Twinkie. I am unsure what it tasted like, well other than earwax! Yeah, it taste like earwax!!!!!! I wasn’t able to eat another bite, so I left it as “I hate this crap!!!”

I started this with asking a question, the question was “were the Twinkies worth it?” The answer is “Yes, they are.” I would buy them again, but this time I would only fry them, also would only fry one-at-a-time, to avoid getting a toothache! I do recommend these snacks, but only if you like Twinkies or funnel cakes, also only if you are going to actually fry them. If you expect to get a good taste out of the oven, then you should probably go to another treat! For $5 I really felt I got my money worth, though. I loved the original ones!
Love you guys!!!!

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After a long day at work I went to burger King. I have been hearing a lot about their new product, ‘Mac N’ Cheetos, and wanted to give them a try of my own. They just seemed like a really delicious and genius idea. I love Cheetos, also, so that was the plan after a easy 8-hour shift. But nothing goes as planned in life.
    I had someone call off, so I was forced to stay at work for an additional 4 hours. It was 8 p.m. by the time I got off, and 8:30 by the time I got home. This put a real damper on my whole day. I wanted to come home and go out with my wife, but it was too late for that, so we decided to go get a pizza and watch a movie, at home.
    While heading home I saw a burger King. I suddenly remembered that they had the ‘Mac N’ Cheetos,” my stomach began to growl. I gave into my inner beast and pulled into the drive-thru. When I got to the speaker, a woman came across sounding rude. I ordered the Cheetos with a large root beer. She told me that it would be a 2 minute wait, in which I glad took, which pissed her off even more. Not caring since it’s her job, I pulled around, and got my money ready. She came to the window, gave me my drink and told me to pulled ahead.
   I waited about a minute, then she came out of the store and handed me the bag. The smell of hot cheese filled the car as my inner beast growled. I decided to wait until we got home to eat them, mainly just so I could take a picture..because that’s who I am.
    I got home and rushed to the living room. We got the pizza going and decided to give these little pieces of heaven a shot.
     When I pulled the product from the box, I noticed that it was perfectly sized as a Cheeto. I was happy about this, it gave me hope that this wasn’t a waste of money. But shape isn’t  everything, what matters is how it taste. Yeah size is good, but it has to have a distinct taste for me to come crawling back. I took a huge bite.
    It was like heaven in my mouth. The cheese was just right. The mixture wasn’t to cheesy, but also wasn’t blan. When I first took a bite, I did feel like I was eating a Cheeto, but then the inner Mac and cheese kicks you in the tongue, causing an explosion of amazingness in my mouth. There were only 10, which wasn’t enough. I am excited to have these delicious treats, again.
    I have never reviewed anything. But I would recommend this product, any day. I could eat ‘Mac N’ Cheetos’ everyday, and never get tired of them. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that they only come in one small size, but at $2.49/5 I couldn’t complain too much. I highly recommend you run to Burger King, right now, and grab you some ;).


Thanks for the support on the last post, I really appreciate it. 🙂



I wanted to marry my wife since the day I saw her, but I felt it was too early to ask her. I waited for 9-months, until I would pop the question. This was to ensure that we were meant to be, but also to make sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into. I can be annoying, so I wanted to give the time to run away. But she never ran away, which showed me that she was the one. She loved me for who I was, including my annoyance.

The day that we got engaged, I had no ring. I had planned to ask her on her birthday, but it ended with me purposing a month early. We just got a bad phone call, something was wrong with our health. She was crying on the phone, I saw that she was scared. Her fear wasn’t for herself though, she felt that with the new information, I would surely leave her. She thought that I couldn’t love someone with what she had, but that never mattered to me, I loved her for her, not because of her health. In order to show her, I wasn’t leaving, I decided to pull the plug on the birthday gift, and that day I asked her to marry me. Of course, she said ‘yes.’ We kissed, and went to tell her parents. I didn’t need to whoo her with fancy words, or buy her a thousand dollar ring. She loved the proposal because it came from my heart, not from my pocket.

Today, I was reading “Weird and wacky facts” and I fell onto something that I found amazing. In Luxembourg, Europe, they celebrate “Bretzelsonndeg”. This is where the men would make beautiful cakes that were in a shape of a pretzel, then on the 4th Sunday of lent, they would walk up to their dream girl, and give it to them. This was a sign that they wanted to take the next step, eventually leading to marriage. The pretzel shape treat was indicating that they would “tie the knot” in the future.

The girl would then either agree or disagree to his proposal. If she decided to continue the relationship, she would get a decorated egg and give it to the boy, on Easter Sunday. After she gives the gentleman the egg, they would then walk in the park. They would continue their relationship, and would usually get married after a short bit.

I find that the most simple things in life are the most amazing. Men in Europe don’t have to pay for a girls attention, he simply shows interest and she gets to decide if she wants him, or not. Relationships have become too complicated, when love is suppose to be simple.

If we could take out the materialistic part of all relationships, maybe then we would understand that love doesn’t need to be bought, but it only needs to be earned. I wish that one day, America, could adapt Europe’s traditions, and bring romance back into relationships.

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