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​There was an old story that was going to be something. I wrote 5 chapters before scrapping the project. Now, after years, I am going to show you guys the first chapter. Sorry about the spacing.. 

The pastor stands there holding his bible. He is dressed in a nice black suit with a red tie, that has a little button on the tip that says “Forgiven.” Indicating that anything that passes this world into paradise must first be forgiven by something bigger than ourselves.

“We are gathered here today to remember the life of Theordore Ramsey. Though he lived a short life, the length of time he had here affected many.” I could hear the agonizing cries from all of my friends and family, it is breaking my heart to hear the sound, but I cant do anything, which has to be the worse part!

“And though we don’t know why God took our young man, we have to believe that he has a purpose.” Ah that’s not right pastor, don’t tell them that, don’t make them question what purpose God has for my death. Telling them that will make them hate God even more! Be Sensitive to them!

I cant hear the pastor anymore? I guess that means he is done talking? I sure hope so, his speech was okay, but overall he needs help! There is no reason that I should be crying at my funeral, well besides the fact that I am dead. Other than that, I should not be crying, but with this pastor, I was bawling the whole time that he was speaking.

I thought they were about to put the roses on my coffin and seal me in the ground, but then I heard her voice, her sweet soft voice. The voice I fell in love with, the voice I would wake up to every morning. The voice I would hear screaming at me when I would make her made, even then it was beautiful. Her voice is voice that I will miss the most once I am six feet under. I hope I don’t forget that sound. I hope that every second I am in this coffin, I hear her voice.

She begins to talk about how we spent our life together, the best parts and she even talked about some of the rough parts. But there was one part of her speech that really touched me, it was the night before we split, it was a week before our wedding. Emotions were high, stress even higher, so I decided that I wanted to go watch the sunset, and get her home before ten like the old days. It went like this:   

It is 8 o’clock P.M. Central timing, if you were trying to imagine how dark it is at this point, it isn’t that dark, the sun is just pearing over the horizon. Usually the sun goes down by now, but for some reason it has decided that it wasn’t ready to leave its resting place for the night.

 I wish at this point that we could pause time and cherish the time that we have together, I never once took it for granted, but I never truly was appreciative for it. So maybe I did take it for granted.

We were lying on a blanket, luckly it was a nice night in Illinois, since the rest of the week after that was a complete mess, I believe that there was even snow in July? I hate weather inIllinois, it was more bipolar than my in-laws. I liked my in-laws, as much as I like kittens. They are nice from a distance, but when they get close, all they do is bite.

Anyways, we were lying on the blanket, I supported a pair of kaki shorts, where she wore her jean mini-skirt, I couldn’t keep my mind off her legs, making it harder for me to wait that week for our wedding, I just had to tell her that I wanted to wait. I believed waiting was the best option for our marriage. If something would have happened to us, and she wouldn’t of been whole for her husband, as she wanted to be, I would of felt horrible. So waiting it was. She just didn’t make it easy on me!

“I am getting a little chilly.” I wrapped her in my arms to help her body warm up, she enjoyed the feeling, as did I. We talked about the wedding the whole night, talking about the objects we still needed to buy and what we still needed to do for the special day. Which wasn’t much, we only had a few things left to do being: Paying the pastor and booking a hotel for our honeymoon. Overall we have all this wedding paid for, even though we didn’t decide to plan until six months before, because we are smart!

We are getting to the point in this memory where I cant remember all the details, even if I did it would be hard to explain, but I will try my hardest to give you all the correct descriptions!

We decided that at 9:30 we were going home, well it got to that time and we packed up the car with the blankets from her mother’s room. I wanted to drive 20 mph the whole way there, because after tonight the only time we were going to talk is if we had a question about the wedding. We wanted to build tension between each other to make it more exciting on our big day.

I dropped her off at her house, she gave me a long passionate kiss that I embraced happily knowing it was going to be my last one for a week. I went in for another one before she exited the car, but she smirked, and told me I had to wait. The torture was enforced, as she wanted me to cry on the inside, she wanted me to feel pain, for telling her she had to wait to have kids. She wanted me to regret my decision, and I was for sure.

I watched her as she walked into her house, it was late so she asked me to not go up to the door, as I said before in-laws are jerks, so I had to watch her from a distance. She turned around and gave me a blow-kiss. I returned the favor and drove off. 

 It was 1 A.m. when she got the call, telling her to get to the hospital. The doctor told her that I was in extreme condition and that I will not make it through the night. I then heard a loud scream, and crying, before blacking out.


What would be a great gift to get me? I want everyone to know that I am not a picky guy, but I do want you to buy me something nice. I can always spot a dollar tree gift over a nice expensive Wal-Mart gift. I have an eye for this kind of thing, so don’t screw around! But seriously I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want everyone to be happy and love their family. With this being said; I know some of you are dying to get me a gift, which means I cant leave you out of the circle on what I want. Here is a very short/long Christmas list of things you can buy me. Know you can buy me whatever you want, but I wont like it as much…so why not just buy what’s on the list? Don’t be cheap.


10. A Donald Trump hairpiece! They range from $3 to $29. Now, you could go cheap and get me the low end wig, but we all know what that brings. The stitches are cheap and probably will make my head itch. But I will let you decide. (Seriously, go with an expensive one….)

9. A tiger– You can go to and find nothing, because they suck….But will have what you’re looking for. Now, do know that Tigers usually go for $50,000. This is more than most of you will make in three lifetimes. Don’t fool yourself, you cant afford that….Hell you couldn’t even afford a dead one (they are $5,000,) so just continue down the line……
BTW a Tiger Penis cost $1,300.

8. Tim Tebow Jersey (signed)– has this listed for $926.99. I think everyone deserves to be treated like a king, so go ahead and treat yourself to buying me this piece of history, you deserve it!

7. Taylor Swift hoodie– a “Real men love Taylor Swift” shirt would go great with any other gift you get me. You can afford $20, I know you can! Please, I will love you forever!!!!

6. A Tiger Penis– The more I think about it, I think I want the penis of a Tiger; you know…for science of course. Just buy me a Tiger penis for the love of God.

5. God, himself! So I don’t think I can find this on the internet. You might need to get to a black market, but this would be an awesome gift for me. Could you imagine having God in your pocket?

4. All 7!!!! Dragon Balls– Daddy has a car payment, and I need the authentic dragon balls so I can wish for my car to be paid off. Or you can pay my car off…..which ever one works.

3. Friends– I think this item goes for $15 on Ebay but don’t feel pressured, you can buy the cheapo at the bottom of the list. Also, don’t express ship, I’m use to not having friends, I wont know what to do with them when I get them.

2. Bart’s wife– I think Bart is getting lonely. He is about the right age to get some Reindeer tail and I am tired of him humping his brothers leg, so please buy him a wife…It must be a girl reindeer. He likes them to have a white tail but black dots…booom, not racist!!!

1. A Browns/Bears win– You must buy both. I have faith that the Browns will win the Superbowl 51, but lately they have slipped back. I need this to change. They must win all the remaining games to be in the Superbowl, so can you buy me those wins? They might cost a lot, but you know how much that would mean to me? More than a Tiger penis! Okay, maybe not but it would come close!!!! Also a Bears win or a new Qb…..Mainly a new QB!

There you go, I gave you my list. I need all these items (especially #6!!!) by the end of the Christmas period. If you fail to do so, I will send Bart to hump your dirty leg!! He has a strong grip, so you better hurry!!! My address is 1010 E. Tiger Penis St. Bartville, Illinois. 69069. Thanks!.
Love you guys,
Impromtdude, Bart, Ginger, Francis, and Tiger (the tiger penis).

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     It was 15 years ago, today when the world came to a screaming halt. Since that day, this country hasn’t been the same. That day was full of sorrow but also was full of courage. 9/11 was set in history as the worse day in Americas history. Today is the 15th year anniversary and I want to share about what was going through my head and what I was doing, during this scary and heartbreaking day!

Over 2,000 people were taken from us during the attack on our country. This attack was on 9-11-2001, when an enemy ran a plane through our world trade centers. I was in class when this happened, probably first grade. I didn’t know what the teachers were nervous about, but they didn’t seem to hide their expressions. All I remember is being told that I was going home, which I knew it wasn’t time, which raised my suspicion. When I got home, my mother and father were waiting for me. They sat me and my sick sister down, this is when they told us that we were under attack but we would be safe. My dad had printed off some pictures and gave them to us. After the pictures were giving, I was told to get ready. I hurried to my room and got my stuff, grasping tightly to my photo. I got in the car and we left. Five minutes later, we showed up at our church. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, which was strange on a Tuesday.

     We got out of the car and were directed to the alter, where people were weeping. I still had no idea what was going on. I walked up to the pastor and gave him the picture. I will be honest, I thought I was the coolest kid ever with the photo. I was giving a hug and told something (I can’t rmember) but when the pastor told me the message, I felt my heart drop! Something in his voice informed me that this wasn’t a good thing and that we needed to stand together.

Now, as I am old enough to know what happened, I feel horrible. I find it hard to believe what happened, or what could convince a person to do such a horrible thing! I hurt for those who were affected by the actions that day, I couldn’t imagine the pain that those people must be feeling. But also during that day we saw something, we saw our people stand together! We stood together for our nation, we were united. That’s what is great about America; is that under attack we will come together and fight hand-in-hand.

    I took a second today and thought about the people that we loss. We lost a vast amount of people that were in the centers, but we also lost a huge amount of brave responders. During the darkest hour, these brave men and women went to work. They put their lives on the line; to protect us and give us hope. The responders spent hours searching and fighting while trying to get it under control. Families lost their fathers, mothers, grandpas, grandmas, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends because they were compelled to stand in front of danger for us. These are the people that we need to remember on this day. This day is in remembrance of those who fought, our heroes!

   Today is an emotional day for most. We are all taking it in a different way, some are lost and some aren’t, but we are all doing one thing; we are remembering. We stand together and remember those who we loss, the people that stood for us and those who fell for us. We remember the day that this world stopped turning, also the day that we looked hatred in the face and said “Bring it on.” We will never forget that day those who we lost! Take a second and remember a falling hero!


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Sorry guys, tonight won’t be a long post. I need to go to the doctor, because I feel I have high blood pressure or something serious wrong, which was shown today. During work we got a surprise visit from the health department. The visit wasn’t anything, but afterwards my head started to hurt and I started to get dizzy. I think this was from the stress I was under, but I’m not too sure. I was debating if I should just postpone this blog, or if I should just bring an old post out, but we hit a milestone yesterday, which is awesome for this blog!
You guys have been belting that like button, more than ever before. This is evident from the fact that I got my reward for 200 likes!
  When I started this blog, I was unable to get anyone to like or even read my blog. So to see that I am now getting likes, everyday, really excites me and pushes me to do more. That I do promise! I promise that the more love this blog gets, the more that I will post. I have been thinking of two post a day, but I need to know I won’t be wasting my time.
Anyways, thanks guys! Thank you for pushing me to get another reward. I can say “without you guys, none of this would be possible!” You guys are amazing! Now let’s get to 500 likes!!!! We can do it!
Hit the like button for my pains to go away!



This was 2 years ago. I was recently criticized about my work. I thought it was the end of my line, especially with my views not being the best. I contemplated quiting the thing I loved to do, and that was to write. This blog was my response to being rejected, and not having the best views. It is worth a read, if you are having problems with either!


After two months of blogging, I probably have received only 200 views/clicks to my blog. Should I quit? Or should I take it like a man and go on with more post? Should I post more? Or should I take time away from this activity? Is Rejection enough to make me quit?

First, Let me talk to you guys about why I blog. There are three reasons that I blog; I have advice people need to see, A great hobby, and It frees my mind.

Everyone has something to say, even if it doesn’t reach out to everyone, it will reach a few people that need to see it. It’s better to help one person, even if a thousand don’t like the post. As long as you help a few people, your blog is worth keeping!

A great hobby is needed in this world. I was lost when I was in writer’s block- it was a depression I couldn’t get over. But when I got over the disease, I felt alive again. I tried everything from shooting hoops to shooting my brother-in-law with a BB gun (Okay! That was fun). Writing is my passion and a great hobby to have!

It frees my mind from the world that I am tortured to live in. It is good to get away from the continuous stress that I am under. It is good to create a character that can do anything he puts his mind to, even if it is dying and coming back from the dead to devour his enemies!

Do views really matter?

Do they truly matter? If Michael Jordan took to heart what his High School coach said, as bloggers take their views, he would have giving up, and we would have never seen the best basketball player in the world win six championships! It is important to remember this: People can’t hold you down! Yes Michael Jordan had the right to give up, he was rejected. But he didn’t, and you saw where that got him, right?

Why should I continue though?

Continue for yourself! As I just said, People can’t hold you down. They are just a number at the end of the day. If you like to write, and you think you are good. Continue to stroke that pen on that paper! If you give up that easily, you were in it for the fame not for the love!

Why am I getting rejected?

You get rejected because the person can’t relate to your beautiful work, there are times where you might need to work on something; Grammar, Wordiness, fact-checking, revision. Most of the time, you went to the wrong person with your work. Remember every artist gets rejected! It is a part of life. You have to take it as constructive criticism and work on what they said they didn’t like. Don’t dwell on what they said though, change your direction and look for someone else to delight with your work.

What should I do after rejection?

I recently got a lot of constructive criticism, I mourned at first, threatened to quit, posted a sad tweet on twitter, then talked to my fiancé. She told me this: “It is constructive criticism, if you need a break, take a break but don’t quit.” she was right; I wasn’t in a place to quit. The Writer wanted me to correct crucial things that affected his plot. How could I argue with that? I weakened his work to make mine better!

I fixed it, but I didn’t send him the final draft. I waited for him to contact me, which took about a day and a half. In that time, I coped and convinced myself that rejection is a part of life. I accepted the fact that he might not use my work.

You should do this; correct your work and send it to the back-burner, until the designated person asks for it again. Don’t force your work on anyone, that’s a way to get the second and last rejection. As you need time, they do to! Don’t re-send unless they ask for it!

Final thoughts?

My final thoughts for all the writers out there that have been dealing with this pain, is this; Don’t give up. Rejection is a sad part of anyone’s life. You will get rejected in everything that you do; never believe you’re not good enough. Pick up that pen and write again. If you need to take a break than do that, but don’t you dare give up!

I hope that every single one of you guys take this advice as you lie on your bed ready to give up.

Thank you-


Happy anniversary to you guys!
We have done it! We have been on WordPress for 2 years! I am grateful to write, every day, for you amazing fans!

It was like yesterday when blogspot told me I couldn’t be paid, since I was a robot. The story was that I was a fake account and that I copied others material and posting it as my own. This caused them to reject my request of payment. I didn’t want to take that, so I talked to a few viewers and they all told me to come to WordPress. I made the quick decision and came over. Let me tell you, that was the best decision, ever! The layouts are amazing, the interface is simple to work on, and it is easier to get people to my website!

I have been doing this for a long time, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store! I am very happy on where I am, and don’t plan on doing anything different. I am too content on what is happening.

I just want to make a quick blog to say thanks for pushing me! If you guys weren’t here I would have never even begun, but most importantly, I would have never continued.

It has been one hell of a ride, here is too many more!!!!!!



When I began to write; I imagined the journey to only last a few months. That is the longest my hobbies usually last. I gave up on football, basketball, drawing, singing, and being a pastor; so what would be different about writing? I felt that this was going to be another phase of mine, one that would last only a month, then I would leave it aside and chase another dream, but for some reason, I didn’t quit.  I am still writing and I still love it.
Let me be honest; there are days that I want to quit, pack-up my bags, walk through the doors, and never look back. I can never get myself to do it, though. This career path I have chosen is like glue, it is stuck to me and wont let me go. I am with this dream until I cant go anymore.
I am glad, though, don’t get me wrong. This dream that I have been chasing, for the last six years, is just now becoming fun to me. Before, this dream was about making a quick buck, and then getting out of the mix. But when you find the real meaning to the dream, you seem to find a new reason to do it. I wanted the money, but then found that this was the best way to keep myself happy, which then led to me wanting to do this for more than money. Even if I wanted to get in and out, that was impossible. I can’t tell you how many artist, I have talked to, that have giving up because they wanted it instantly. They wanted the fame in a year, but didn’t realize they needed to work hard for years to get noticed.
Any type of artist will need to work hard, for at least 2-6 years, before they get their break. NF, a Christian rapper, was on year 6, I believe, when he got his shot at fame. Eminem did underground work for years. It is even harder for writers to get noticed, though. There is way more writers in the market, then there are jobs. I did a post almost a year ago talking about the chances of getting a job in writing. The chances were really low, I cant remember the percent, but it was under 50%. This means that if I ever want to get paid to write, I will have to be on top of my game at all times, because you never know who is watching!
But the truth is, I don’t care, I am not in this to be rich and famous. I would be foolish to say that I don’t want that, but if it never happens I wouldn’t be upset.  I have always stood by the modo “I am a writer because I love to write”  Any rewards that come after that are reasons to push myself as a writer. But I will never be upset because a publisher didn’t notice me, and then put on one of my friends, I will be happy. They are living the dream also that means my publisher will be even better for me. I cant get mad because I am not getting paid, because when you begin to mix money in with passion, you get a messy kitchen, and that is one thing I wouldn’t want.


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I want to start this blog by saying, Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio. Last night he won his first Academy award, when he clinched a Oscar for ‘best actor’ after he superb performance in ‘The Revenant.’ Though I have failed to watch the movie, I still think Leo deserves it and for that I congratulate that man, for his accomplishment, one that he has been fighting for, over 15 years. But lets take the light from him, and say that I won that award. What kind of movie could beat climbing in a dead horse? What would beat Leos speech? Lets take a gander.

I am sitting in the third row, knowing that tonight is the night. This was my time, I worked harder than anyone else out there, in order to get to this point. Finally, I was giving a movie that could beat the other competitors though, without the great writing, I wouldn’t be here tonight.

‘The movie was a comedy that left me out on the sea, getting attacked by sea serpents, that want the taste of male genitals. The jump into the boat, and want to get fresh with no one other than my character. They chase me around the boat, there was even a scene that they chased me into the water. I wasn’t granted with the ability to swim, though, so while in the deep blue, I was also drowing. This is when a pirate came along, offering me a hand. I gladly said yes, and jumped into his boat. I was followed by the serpents that was once clinched to my waist.

The pirate saw enough, and forced me off of his boat, back onto my other boat. This is when a whale swallowed me whole. I felt like I was in the bible, that I was some Jonah-looking-man. The whale also swallowed the serpents. They found me quickly and began to chase me. I knew the only way to finish this, was to go out the intestine. I knew that would mean dying, but I didn’t want my last days on this earth to be without my “manhood.” I figured my plan was solid, but then the process began, and nothing was killing me. It was like something wanted me to live. Each time I tried to pierce myself with a digested bone, one of the serpents would jump in front of it. Each one fell to the soft flesh, and rolled away.

Then it came to me, maybe I could try to get these things to kill themselves. I spent the next few days, avoiding the digestive system, and each time the serpents got close, I found away to attempt suicide, leaving them dead in the path. At the end, I was safe, but tired. I fell to the ground, a victor, but I fell asleep. I woke up three days later, with what seemed to be whale poo. But then as I looked down, my dilly-willy was gone. Next to my body was one of those serpents, in his mouth he had the remains of my “manhood.” All that left my body, was a slow moan.’

I won! Oh-my-god. I went through the insides of a whale to get here. I deserve this, I am the best in the world, take that Leo. It didn’t take me, 20 years to get here. Now it is time for my speech:

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for attending tonight’s packed show. I thank you all for the opportunity to stand in the light with all the greats, that won before me. I stand in awe of the fame that has gone before me, but also in the humbleness of those who didn’t win. I wish all of the actors could have been giving this same trophy. But sadly it was received by one man, me. It took a lot of work to edit the film, but to also act in the film. I spends years, perfecting the acting that was shown in ‘The whales tooshie’ I want to thank you all again, and hope that all of you enjoyed the film. I stand in front of you with tears in my eyes, because without you, I wouldn’t be up here. So thank you, and have a great night.” 

I exited the stage, and walked to my family. The same that stand next to me through everything. I took a few pictures, but I have to leave now. I got a call, and I have to go film the sequel.

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