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I said that I would be having a blog about love up, today, but that isn’t the case. I know I have been pushing this off, but my internet is still not fixed, of course!! UGH!!! AT&T, You suck! But either way, its best because today is a special day! Today, 5 years ago, I made the logo to this blog! I have always loved the blogs logo and I am happy to what it transformed from. I did 2 other “Main logo’s” that were bland and sad! I then went onto Word and started to play around with different tools and bam! I created my blog logo. I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. If that happens, I will be making a new logo, but until then, let’s enjoy where we came from. Going way back to 2011 when I first started blogging. At the beginning  of Impromtdude, I use to take pictures on my phone, of the screen, then crop it, because I didn’t know how to export it. Lol

2012: When I first started blogging, my logo was seriously just the school that I wanted to go to. CBC (Central Bible College) was my logo for the blog, as I didn’t know logos were even that popular. Even if I did, I probably would have kept it simple, and left it the same way that it was.


2013: My next blog was “A voice from beyond.” This logo is a stolen photo off of google. I now know that I can’t do that, and I since have unpublished the blog. But I like the design and kind of wish I did make it!


Impromtdude was created in the late part of 2013. This was the first time that I wanted to make a blog an actual passion, so a cool logo was what I needed, though that didn’t come until 2015. I thought my first logo for this blog was so awesome and it finally gave an identity to the blog, even if I tried to replace it in 2014, with a far worse logo!


2014 was a disaster for the logo department. I made the most horrendous logo that I even cringe looking back now! I don’t want to relive what I was thinking, because I’m sure drugs were involved, it’s the only reasonable explanation for an abomination that was once my logo!


Now! The time was 12/1/2015 and I really wanted to get apparel going, but of course the current logo wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t even good enough to be my Facebook profile picture for my writer’s page. I remember reverting back to the old blog logo, because I just knew people hated the current logo. Knowing that the logo wasn’t good enough, I started to work on a new logo. I used the basic shapes in Word to make my logo. I think it turned out great! It has been the same for 3 years, now, and I love it still. It’s simple, but not bland, and I was able to even do different colors and ideas with it, including a cute valentine’s one and a snowy one! All logos have been included!

logos          bcamlogo

vdaylogo              christmas

I am happy where I came from. I finally have found a blog logo that I am happy with and I don’t really plan on changing it, unless the name change does happen, but even then, I know that logos are important, so know that the quality will be the highest! You guys deserve it! If I was to change my name, what would you want me to change it to? Leave a comment in the section below!


As I said the other day, my first ever post was deleted, but I want to share the post with you. This is the first post that started everything 🙂 give some love :3


In the last few Blogs you have learned that for me love hasn’t been easy lately, well I believe that the tides have finally turned. For the first time in forever I went three days without even thinking about the girl, it’s a great feeling not to be upset over a girl. Now I don’t know how long this will last, because it usually is like this until we talk then it goes down hill. I believe Jesus is going to keep it like this, and I pray he will.

Last night I stayed up until two in the morning talking to this girl. Oh my gosh this girl is amazing; she is one of my closest friends. She has been here for me every step of the way. She is the type of friend that will stay up all night if you are having a bad night to make sure you don’t go to bed upset. The thing I like the most about her the most is she’s an amazing Christian girl that has an amazing future in front of her.

Lets take a short trip into the past so you can know just how we met, she was standing right next to my sister when I came out of a service. When I first saw her it wasn’t like a I love you feeling, but I surely found myself crushing on this girl. I didn’t want to ask for her number since she had no idea who I was. When I got back home; I had a request from a girl…yeah that’s right a girl added me (its not completely impossible=p), I noticed this girl from somewhere? Then I realized it was her, the girl I met at the service. We went on to talk more on Facebook, but finally I asked for her number as if I were some pro XD. She simply said yes, and we began to talk more and more. We will spend all day talking; we never run out of things to say. Last night I told her my life story, of how my mom abused me, to how I was treated in school, she gave me comfort through all of this; She is so amazing=]

I spent this time writing this blog just to show you guys that there are really amazing true friends out there that will show you that you will never be alone in your hardest time=] Jesus loves you=] see you next week=D