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Really quickly, I forgot that yesterday was allow me to put up a shameful picks for week 8. First we must talk about last week and why I almost quit watching football. I took a gamble and paid off with the Eagles pick! The Vikings are not going undefeated. This was my second huge prediction, but then the rest of the day was blah, leading to the worse game in history…The bills lost to the dolphins, yet they can beat the Patriots? WTF Rex…Just screw you! Chargers keep the Falcons’ losing streak going, and Big Ben’s injury gives Steelers the loss. Now let us talk about the Seahawks game. Two-flipping-chances, two kickers, twenty yards and we end on a tie? Seriously…Two kickers missed twenty yard field goals….Just stop it…oh my god, it’s real! I know that kicking isn’t easy, but these guys are getting paid a crap load of money, but they can’t make a field goal the same distance as a PAT? Get out of here! My new record is 51-37-1……


Redskins @ Bengals

Winner- Bengals

Cardinals @ Panthers

Winner- Cardinals

Note:….This was hard to pick for, neither team is showing what they started last season, also Carson might be back. Other than that, I don’t think Panthers D is good this season.

Lions @ Texans

Winner- Lions

Note: I stood for the Osweiler signing. I didn’t understand the amount that they gave him, since he never played in their system but I was slightly happy and hopeful for him, I was wrong. He is struggling hardcore and he is the reason that they are losing. He has one of the best WR in the league, yet can’t get him the ball. I hope he gets better, but I see Geno Smith when he plays.

Seahawks @ Saints

Winner- Saints.

Chiefs @ Colts

Winner- Chiefs

Jets @ Browns

Winner- Browns

Note: Yes, the Browns get their first win, this week. Fitz is back and he is horrible, he will be the reason they lose.

Patriots @ Bills

Winner- Patriots

Raiders @ Bucs-

Winner- Raiders

Chargers @ Broncos

Winner- Chargers

Packers @ Falcons

Winner- Falcons

Eagles @ Cowboys

Winner- Everyone! But seriously, Cowboys.

Note: This is going to be an amazing game. There are four different things on Sunday night, but I want to keep tabs on this
game. It’s rookie vs. rookie. Which rookie will play better? Wentz or Dak? I have to stay with Dak. He is showing something rare, he looks like someone that has been in the league for years. Wentz has been playing amazing, also, but I say his defense will let him down. It’s going to be a race to the finish and whoever tires down quicker, losses. 

Vikings @ Bears

Winner- Vikings

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We all have that one fantasy, or something that we would really like to do. I know in my lifetime I want to see the Chicago Cubs actually win the World Series. This being said, this season looks to be the best chance they have, well until they started this series with the L.A. Dodgers. They have dropped their last two games, making it 2-1 and sadly putting them in the position to lose this series, since the next two games are in L.A. Now, let me clarify; I am not a Chicago Cubs fan, nor will I ever jump off my Royals. I am just excited to see history being made, which is what would happen if they did win the World Series. I went as far as promising something crazy if they do win.

I know I am in no position to negotiate with God, nor was that my intention. I just thought it was a good idea at the time. I recently posted to Facebook after the Cubs got shut out for the second straight game. The status said “I will finish my youth pastor studies if the Cubs win, because then we will know that God does exist.” I am being very serious. If the Cubs win, I will study the bible like never before, I will get some kind of certificate (somewhere in the future,) and I will become the thing most want me to become; a youth pastor.

Now, don’t expect me to do this all at once. Clearly I want to get back into studying and going to church and such. But it will eventually happen. I could be Jenkins (Jinx) it, but I thought this would get the Heavens to help the struggling Cubs, also I might as well finish the education I started.

The Chicago Cubs are on their way to get eliminated, and it’s all because of their batting. Their defense is what kept this team alive, thus far. But now without their batting abilities, we could see the cubs out in the next two games. Their hottest hitters (Rizzo, Russell, Heyward, Fowler and Zobrist) have only hit 12 out of their last 109 appearances (Playoffs). If it weren’t for Montero hitting the late grand slam, off the bench in game one, we could be looking at a 0-3 deficit. The Cubs have the pitching, disregarding Arietta’s horrible outing to win this, but something has to come back alive; their bats. They will need to find some hope in their bats and turn them back on. You can’t expect to not hit well and beat the L.A. Dodgers. The Cubs need to get their five big hitters back on track, or they might as well pack up and go home.

We will have to see what the future brings but I think we could still see history being made, this season. It’s not a big deficit, but they have to get back on their game. This is where we will see if the Cubs are the real deal. They have the talent, they just need to find a way to put it together and go after it. Cleveland will be waiting for the winner, lets hope it’s Chicago.

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In all honesty, I am waiting for people to say “You didn’t actually do it,” because of my video. The chip was hot, but it wasn’t the hottest chip, ever. I was actually disappointed in the heat of the chip. I never had a gaggy feeling, never shed a tear nor did I have a torturous feeling in my mouth. It just wasn’t that hot. I will say that my lips were on complete fire, but after 10 minutes that went away also. The milk and other items don’t help with the burn, so if you are going to do this challenge, it is best to just grab bread.

The taste of the chip was amazing! It tasted like a chipotle chip, which is good since I love chipotle! Also, the seasoning was coated on! Overall this was an amazing idea, since it did make me sweat a little, but I would compare the heat to Ghost Pepper sauce. About a hour after the challenge, I must say that my stomach hurts. I have lost my appetite and any burps hurt like hell.

Disclaimer: I broke the chip up so it was easier to chew (I have crappy teeth), but I did eat every piece of the chip. Also, look at the after photo of my lips!


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    We would like to take a second and give a moment to all soldiers. Without their bravery, throughout the years, we wouldn’t be celebrating, as the greatest country in the world. They gave their lives and time for our freedom, something that we could never repay. Though this country isn’t the same it use to be, there are still amazing people over seas, and even on our own soil, Fighting for the same freedom that we celebrate today. Thanks to all the soldiers, without you we wouldn’t be here.

   Tonight, I will be spending the night with family. We just summed up a great grill-out, in which we enjoyed some brats and brat hamburgers. Now we are about to leave. We are going to the Knights Action Park show, where we will be meeting up with our cousin’s. I’m not a huge fan of Knights Action Parks fireworks, they are honestly a disappointment, but that’s where everyone else wants to go. I wish we would go to another show. Either way, we will be enjoying the night together.

     The 4th is a great holiday. I love watching fireworks, I just wish this state wasn’t so anal about fireworks. They don’t allow anything that explodes, which eliminates anything fun. But I will get over it, and enjoy the family time that is giving. I hope that all my friends and family stay safe tonight, and enjoy every second of this freedom. The USA is an amazing place to live, that is all because of our men and women in uniform. Without them, we would be a shithole country. So thanks to the brave women and men of the USA, keep doing what you’re doing :).


Much love,