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Bro! Do you want to hear about my weekend? Do you? I know you do! Oh, yeah, you really do. I know you can’t wait to hear about what I did. You can’t lie to me. Everyone knows you want to read the rest of this. Your life won’t be the same unless you read this. There’s only one thing left to do in life, and that is to read this blog. Let’s do it!

Do I still have your attention? Of course I do. Anyway, let’s talk about my weekend. I want to start by saying, it didn’t go fully as planned, but there was some awesome stuff that happened. I was supposed to take Ariel to a marriage conference, but because someone got fired at our job, we weren’t able to do that. But we spent Saturday on the couch. We ended up watching Fireproof. We both enjoyed it very much, even if the movie is 100000 years old. Saturday was our last day off together for a while, probably until Christmas, no joke! So it was nice to be able to be snuggled up with her, all night. We also had Chinese! Yummy!!

Saturday was great, but nothing compared to Sunday. My old youth pastor, Josh was in Troy to preach. It has been 6 years since we have seen each other, so I was super excited that he invited me to come. I was initially going to miss it because of the employee being fired, but luckily I was able to get a closing shift, allowing me to go and worship with such a great guy. The sermon was equally as amazing. He talked about letting circumstances in life blind you from the work that God is doing in your life. This is exactly what I needed to hear, because life has kind of sucked! I lost view on what God is doing because I have been so stressed! But after he prayed over me, I feel that my eyes are opened and I am no longer stressed. I believe that God does all things to benefit the kingdom, which is why things aligned to allow me to go, when I shouldn’t have had the day off. Either way, God is doing something in my life that I don’t want to miss, nor do I want you to miss. Take a minute today and ask if you are living your best life. IF you feel that life can be better then get on your knees and pray to God to reveal what you need to do. Either way, Let God light your path, because he is all knowing. Don’t live your life alone, but turn to the one that has went before you.

By the way! The Bears are killing it, this season. I am just saying that we could get to the Superbowl. Also, The Browns could actually make the playoffs! Let that sink in! Go Bears and Browns!


For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.
Proverbs 5:21


I’m here…don’t worry….Shut up, I know I’m late. I was busy doing something with Bart and the gang, but I am here now. Today, we will talk Football, even if I haven’t been watching. Since I haven’t been watching the games I thought we would do something new. I recently brought Bart into the house. This week only, Bart will be making the selections. He is a genius!
Redskins @ Eagles
Winner: The flying birds. (Eagles)

Texans @ Colts
Winner: Horseshoes. (Colts)

Bengals @ Browns
Winner: Brown helmets!

Broncos @ Titans
Winner: Horsey!!!!

Cardinals @ Dolphins
Winner: Jumping fish!!! (Dolphins)

Bears @ Lions
Winner: C (Bears)

Steelers @ Bills
Winner: Colorful circle! (Steelers

Chargers @ Panthers
Winner: Blue Cat (Panthers)

Vikings @ Jags
Winner: Goldey locks? (Vikings)

Jets @ 49ers
Winner: Nap Time!!! (Noone!!!)

Falcons @ Rams
Winner: The F (Falcons)

Saints @ Bucs
Winner: Flags (Bucs)

Seahawks @ Packers
Winner: I will not vote for the enemy (Seahawks)

Cowboys @ Giants
Winner: Grey star (Cowboys)

Ravens @ Patriots
Winner:Cheaters!!!! (Pats)


Hopefully this doesn’t kill my record, but he was too excited to not let him pick the winners! My record is 103-69-2, let’s see how Bart does….

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All I have to say is “Fuck!!!!” I don’t mean to cuss, but I am so pissed. I was going god but this week set me back pretty far! Week 3 was one of the worse weeks in the NFL, Ever! I lost my second fantasy game in a row (First time, ever) plus my picks were shameful. Let’s talk about this a little. I was stupid to go against the Patriots, but in my defense Gronk was suppose to be out. Oh wait, he didn’t really impact the game? Dammit! I had the Jags over the Ravens, who knew that the Ravens knew how to win? The Panthers dropped another game, but Bradford is also looking amazing. I underestimated the Vikings. The Bills got lucky, just saying! Wentz had another amazing game, put a sock in the rapists mouth. Also, Thanks for Brees’ Interceptions, I dropped my Monday night game. This horrible week put me at 16-14 for the season, but this is another week, which means more picks!


Dolphins @ Bengals

Winner: Bengals

Colts @ Jaguars (close game 21-24)

Winner: Jags

Bills @ Patriots

Winner: Patriots

Titans @ Texans

Winner: Texans

Lions @ Bears

Winner: Bears

Panthers @ Falcons

Winner: Panthers

Seahawks @ Jets

Winner: Seahawks

Raiders @ Ravens

Winner: Raiders

Browns @ Redskins

Winner: Redskins

Broncos @ Bucs

Winner: Broncos

Rams @ Cardinals

Winner: Cardinals

Cowboys  @ 49ers

Winner: Cowboys

Saints @ Chargers

Winner: Saints

Chiefs @ Steelers

Winner: Chiefs

Giants @ Vikings

Winner: Vikings

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