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This is an old story that I was writing. I didn’t like where it was going, so I stopped writing it. I am now showing you guys that story. It is only a short snippet, but it’s what I got done before growing bored of the idea. I hope that is fine!

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Hospital from Hell

Chapter 1: Birthdays of Regret

She is seventy-seven today. Mary spent most of her birthdays looking at the old photos taking from her old pageants, wishing she could go back to the old days and receive that internship with Marilyn Agency once again.

That was the best day of her life. She was sitting in the kitchen chewing on a piece of bland chicken that her mother attempted to cook, when the phone rang throughout the trailer she was forced to be crammed into. Mary ran to the phone and answered, hoping that it was the management of Marilyn, she had dreamed of that phone call since her first pageant, and spent many nights waiting by the phone for this one phone call.

“Hello, my name is Brian, the Main manager at Marilyn.”

Mary was speechless, could this be real? Could her dream really becoming true with this one phone call, or was it coming to an end? Without this internship, Mary could kill modeling goodbye. Her mother already stated that unless  she proved by her senior year that she could become a model, she wouldn’t be allowed to pursue that dream.

“Hello, Mary Vengerro?” Brian ensured that he had not been disconnected

“Yes, I’m here” Marys’ voice cracked, leaving her embarrassed on the line.

“Yes, Mary, I’m calling on the behalf of your most recent application.”

Mary smiled big as she awaited her life to change

“I’m saddened to inform you that you haven’t been selected to participate in this year’s internship program.”

Megan’s heart dropped, tears filled her eyes. She tried to keep her composer while on the phone, but the tears came, and hard.

“Mam, Are you okay?” Brian asked sincerely, but she didn’t answer.

“Mam?” Brian repeated, again no one answered. He disconnects the phone.

Megan slams down the phone then throws it against the wall; her mother heard the sound and rushed in her room.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as she searched for damage on Megan’s freshly painted wall.

“Nothing, leave!” Megan screams, Her mother steps back and puts her hand up.

“Don’t talk to me like that, little missy!” Megan puts her hand over her face and begins to bawl. Linda sits next to her and grabs her.

“They didn’t want me!” Linda couldn’t tell what she said so she asked what she said.

“They modeling company rejected me!” The room got silent, Megan waited for her mom to grab her, but she didn’t.

“No duh, your too fat!” Linda’s words hit hard. Megan couldn’t hold back what happens next, she blacks out.

Her hand flies through the air and makes contact with her mom’s face. Her head snaps back, not expecting the blow from her daughter.

Megan gets on top on her and began to punch her. Linda’s face began to get swollen with each hit. Blood was seeping through her nose; her eyes were nearly shut from the abuse she was receiving.

“Stop” Linda Screamed, Megan swings hard, and hits her in the mouth. She pulls back her hand to see a tooth came out with the punch and now was in her fist.

Finally Amber pulls away. Realizing what she did, Amber runs out of the room. Linda was left there, gasping for the tiniest lung full of air, but each breath she took was full of her own blood.

Megan comes back in to the room, Linda is still lying there with no movement, her chest isn’t moving. Megan hurries over to her, hoping she isn’t dead.

She jumps on top of her mother. Feels her chest and sees that her mother was still alive. Knowing that her mother would put her in jail, Megan had to do something.

“Mom, dad did this you go that? I will kill you if you say I did!” Linda nodded in agreement.

Megan left the room and called 911.


We have a launch! 
  It has been a few months since Halloween. It was during that time that I started doing FX make-up. I am fully self-taught in this artform, but I can say that I am catching on. 

   Well, after my biggest fail during Halloween (my failed zombie) I must have lost focus, because I stopped doing any effects. It was until, just recently, that I got back into it. But to touch base with what happened; Ariel wanted to be a zombie, so I thought it would have been easy. This was my first time working on someone else. I prepped up the materials, I watched a video of someone else doing the effect, I thought I had it. I went to do the effect, and I chose a different path. I knew what I needed to do, but I thought about another way to do it (something I never tried) so I did that. I didn’t like how the finished product didn’t come out well, so I never shared what it looked like. After that effect, I chose to take a break. I didn’t know that I took this break until recently. 

   After a while, I chose that I wanted to do another effect. This is when I thought about a sliced open arm. I knew how to do it, what I needed, how long it would take, and much more. I just didn’t know when to do it. Finally, I took a night and did it. I didn’t have scissors so I ended up hurting the effect. Mainly, I ripped the latex while trying to open it. Either way, I enjoyed this effect and it turned out great!!! 


After this effect, I ended up doing a project for my anniversary. Today, is my anniversary. We have been together for 4 years. Ariel is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. She loves it and watches it every Sunday. I have been wanting to make, Lucille. If you don’t know, Lucille is Negans barbed wire bat. To do the project, I made my own barbed wire with just regular hanging wires. I finished the project and gave it to my beautiful girl. 

 She’s a beauty 😉

Now, I spent a few hours with water colors, last night. I ended up doing two bruises 

Then, there is tonight. I wanted to do something small. So, I pulled out my bone collection and started to play with playdough. I have a big project Coming up, so I need to practice with molding bones. This is why I made a finger bone. I am not that good, quite yet, but I am getting there. I think this is good for my first time 

I have a lot more coming, I just wanted to tell you what I am working on. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed what you saw. Have a good night, as I leave to spend time with my girl. It’s our anniversary, today! 

    I have been complaining about my job, all week. For this, I do apologize. I shouldn’t complain about my job like that, without my job I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I love to do. It might suck but money is the root of everything we do. If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, light bill, gas, or cable bill. Without paying my rent, I wouldn’t be able to shower or enjoy a warm bed at night, or without paying my light bill, I wouldn’t be able to write, read, do effects make-up or even enjoy a hot shower. If I didn’t have money for my gas bill, I would freeze in the winter. I could live without cable, but  as I said last night, I wouldn’t be able to post a blog. My cable and internet are connected. So if I lost one, I would lose both. Since my tablet needs internet to post blogs, I wouldn’t be able to write to you guys. So I guess having a good paying job is pretty important.
    These were some of the basic things that a job is needed the most for. I am not including all my activity expenses that I spend my money on. This includes; new footballs, new paints, new notebooks, new books, effects make-up, materials for effects, fake blood, things for my wife, and many other things. I spend a lot of money, something that isn’t possible without the amazing job that I have. That is why I am saying I’m sorry.
    I don’t need to be pouting about what I have to do. Instead, I should be thanking the person for giving me another week on this pay period. I make great money and have for a while. So, sorry for everything I have said latley. It took me looking at my life to realize I’m in a great position. Life might not be fair at times, but everything will be fine, that is all that matters!
    Though I’m saying sorry, I would like to say “thank God.” Thank him for this day, my day off. It’s my day off which means I get to relax and get ready for another week. Tonight we will be going to a haunted house/graveyard to enjoy another spook. I might also work on a new project. Tell me, are you ready for another SFX? I know I am;)



It is happening
   I have made a lot of pages in the past, most of them being pages for my blog. This time I will be making a Facebook page for something a lot cooler! I think, other than my Impromtdude page, this will be my most favorite page. This page will be dedicated to my new found hobby.

I’m going to make a new page for my special effects hobby, called Impromtdude Effects. I am still deciding if I want this name to stick, but it will work for now. For now, I will take the time to make material for the new page, while also trying to grow it as fast as possible. It is going to be fun to make the material and find ways to get the page out there. This is something I need to care more about with Impromtdude, but they both will be connected.

This page is for an art called “Special effects” and it will feature my work. This work has covered Burns, cuts, slit wrist, ripped fingers and bruises. This wont be the only thing it touches on, though. This page will also touch on how to get better if you are wanting to be an effects artist, yourself, by teaching a few techniques that I use and so on and how to make certain materials so you don’t have to spend a fortune on something you don’t know you truly want to do. Now, I do know I am new, but I know enough to teach others.

      My biggest goal is to do effects for haunted houses as I progress towards bigger jobs. I have done a few effects so far and they will be featured on this new page, so will you go check it out? Join this journey with me as I attempt to do something I honestly love. I will still be a full time blogger, but I will also be doing effects. It is pretty easy to keep both going, so that is what I will be doing. Click below to help me out!


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Dear Ariel,
   I want to take a few seconds and tell you something. Today wasn’t what I expected, I didn’t do the things I wanted to do, but that doesn’t matter. Somehow we still had an amazing day together as we went to the mall. While at the mall we got to enjoy a round of Glow-in-the-dark mini golf, this was a first for both of us. What’s amazing is that this wasn’t our first “first.” Since we have met we have celebrated a dozen “first” together. This includes our first time eating at new places, participating in new hobbies, and of course first relationship moments, but I know none of that could have happened if you were never born.
   October 10, 1993 must have been a glorious day, because if it wasn’t before you were born, it must have had to change once you came into this world, this is because you are a mood changer. Your preciousness resonates in a room and causes everything to change. If someone is in a bad mood, a they have to do is talk to you to get in a better mood. I know that since that is how you came into my life.
  I was being a bitter dumbass when you came up to me. You put your hand up and asked me for a high five. When I connected with your hand, I felt a powerful jolt of energy flow through my body. From that point, I knew I couldn’t go without you. You became my happiness. You will always be my happiness!
   I am thankful for you being here. I couldn’t imagine being without you. I know I do stupid stuff all the time, yet you never leave my side. Thank you for being awesome and for being my life changer. I hope you have a great rest of the day and I want to say I love you. Happy birthday, babe!



A quick hello.


Could I talk about nothing for three paragraphs? I think that is pretty easy, but we will see. If you enjoy this then don’t expect more…because this is me killing time, I wouldn’t want to waste your time more than I already have. I bet half of you already have clicked off, so now I am talking to the realist! I am talking to the real fans that I have, which is awesome. You might be the real fans, but I still will waste your time. Lets go:

Technically this is the second paragraph but we wont count it. We will say this is the first paragraph. This first paragraph is going to be talking about how I am stupid. I am stupid because I still do things that keep hurting me. I have been kicking (practicing punting) and actually hurt myself, again. Last year I was kicking and landed on a pretty big rock, spraining my ankle. I wasn’t smart about the injury, and I went on to get tendonitis. This put me out for the rest of the fall. Now that its getting cold again, I chose to start training again but then I hurt myself again. I was kicking the other night and tried to go harder than before and ended up bruising my heel. This wouldn’t be a problem but it’s actually my kicking foot. Now, I have to wait for it to get better before I start training again. This is annoying, I just want to stop getting hurt when I start getting better….

The other thing is; I got my desk back! I spent a few hours getting my desk clean, today. I had a lot of things out of place and I wanted to get it situated. My wife had to go help her family, so I took the time and got productive! I realized something; I have a lot of pens. I have enough pens to fill a small Christmas gift box! That’s a lot of pens. The worse part is that I don’t want to stop buying pens. I love the various types of pens and colors. I guess this is better than buying drugs, but it still worries me. What if I become a hoarder of pens? I actually got mad about one of my pens missing, is that healthy? No! I don’t think so! At least my desk is more organized, though.  

More top tens coming. I like to post Top 10s when I have to work night shifts. They are fun to do and easy to finish. What is hard about throwing ten things together? Well that is why I do it when I have to work. This is being made super easy with a new purchase! I found a book at Barnes & Noble that I had to pick up. This book is to bring you closer to yourself. In the book you have to complete Top 10s about various topics. Though this book is an easy way to bring forth blogs, I wont be using it for blogs. I have a whole page of Top 10s that I can do, but I find this could help me venture out and find new things to like or realize what I use to love. It is going to be amazing, something that I will share with you in further days. I just think it’s an amazing purchase.

Well that wasn’t hard.
I thought writing three paragraphs was hard, but I was wrong. I was totally wrong, it was easy. Night guys!

Impromtdude @

      There is a man. He is standing in the shadows, patiently waiting for his chance to step into the light. The Lord has given him a gift, the gift that he will use to share God’s love across the world. He is a man after God’s heart and is showing it through his talents. Though he hasn’t blown up in the media, he is on his way to making a huge dent in the music industry. Being a local artist, you have to work harder than ever to get noticed, and this guy is doing just that. He is a man that puts his family first, yet has time to get on his hands and knees for the lord, also gives his all in his rapping career. He is on the rise, just be glad you now have the chance to know about him.
      Casey Bounds, A.k.a Kastle Li, was born on July 17th, 1985 on the South side of Chicago. Casey was a big baby, as the doctors said “He is going to be a smart boy, because he has a huge head.” Casey grew up in a home that wasn’t as close as he wanted it to be. They didn’t bond like other families, which led to him not feeling loved, as a child. This pain from feeling alone poured over into school, where Casey spent 8-hours a day isolated from the masses of students. The main reason for the isolation, was from the lack of interest that he had for what others liked. On top of not finding same interest, He also was moving a lot, causing him to feel as if someone was pressing a restart button, on his life. Casey was bullied regularly and had a very serious case of depression, on top of all of that, he was told by the principle that his lack of respect, for Authority, which would cause him to never go anywhere. Casey believed him, as he saw his grades slipping and that he had no friends. He saw he wasn’t going anywhere in life. Though he wasn’t a big fan of school, History was his least favorite subject. The lies that are lined out in text books prompts Casey to tell us “ To Do your own research.”
      Out of School, Casey seemed to have a great life. He especially loved to go to “Sal’s Pizzeria” where he spent hours playing Street fighter Turbo, this was also the place he was greeted to an amazing Greek special; A Gyro. Every Saturday, Casey was raising money, through chores, in order to beat E. Hunda. Though Street Fighter was amazing, Casey loved Summertime the most, where he spent the days outside, playing Red light, Green light, and two-hand touch football while eating a lot of delicious ice cream.

       In his late teens, he would get a job at McDonald’s. While he worked at McDonalds, He would also go on to get his first car. The 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria was a great car, also being his first. He was able to get it for free, as it had been in the family for quite some time. The car was a gas guzzler, which was the only thing Casey didn’t like about it. Shortly after his first car, Casey would be introduced to something that would change his life, Rap. Casey spent a majority of his time writing poetry. One day, he lost one of his papers, this paper had original work on it. The paper got it into a rappers hand. The rapper happened to read over his work and returned it. When he gave it back to Casey, he told him that it would be dope if he added music to it. From the moment on, Casey wanted to be rapper. He graduated in ’04, wanting to be the best rapper with all the girls and money, that the career brought. He would soon grow up, and see that it wasn’t about that, at all.

       In 2006, Casey was using his talent to release an album “Still Searching” (an album that was not released) which led him to an old friend. This friend was a Christian and wanted to help Casey find the Lord. Casey didn’t believe in God and labeled himself as an atheist. Casey was amongst those who couldn’t understand why the lord would allow such evil into the world. This would lead Casey to rage war against the Lord. But his friend didn’t give up, he spent time talking to Casey about his savior and invited Casey to go to church. Even though he didn’t want to, Casey decided to go to church with his buddy. He didn’t talk to anyone that day, staying completely to himself. His plan was to go in and get out, nothing more, but that plan was soiled fast. A youth pastor approached him during a worship session and asked to pray for him. Casey Reluctantly said yes and allowed this man to pray. During the prayer a peace came over his body, almost as a reassurance that everything would be okay. The pastor went on to tell him what Casey was dealing with, which astonished him as he didn’t talk to anyone before this prayer. Even the message was directed towards him, as they talked about hopelessness, something Casey knew much about. After the message, there was an alter call. Casey was wanting to refuse to go up and almost backed out. He feared what people would say, but something told him to go anyways, saying it was all going to be okay. The alter call led Casey to his knees as he cried like a new born baby. Minsters prayed over him, and in that moment, for the first time in years, he felt loved. The transformation led him to believe that he finally fit in and led him to feel as he was now someone. He says that the more that he searches and finds the lord, the better that he knows himself. He would use this love for Christ, in his career, as a rapper.

      He was a Junior in high school when he began to rap. He took a huge step into a place he knew nothing about, and over the years he has changed. He isn’t the same guy that he was before. Before he was a secular rapper, one that would rap about the same topics as every other rapper. But in ’06, he was giving a wake up call, as he gave his life to Christ. After giving his life to Christ, He found himself in a worship night, praising the Lord with all his heart. During the praises, the Lord gave him a picture of a castle, the Lord said “This is where the King dwells, inside of you!” He took the “C” and replaced it with a “K,” to be reminded of the King. He is now a part of the CHH (Christian Hip Hop) genre and uses his wonderfully written songs to talk about the Salvation of the cross and how to grow from the inside.

      In 2009, Casey lost it all, when he found himself jobless, borderline homeless, and fighting thoughts of suicide. The only thing that kept him going was God, a pen and pad and recording equipment, this would become his therapy, as he released his first mix tape. Since his first mix tape, Kastle has played 6 shows. He remembers his first show being the hardest, as he couldn’t stop stuttering on stage, he stated “I was so glad to finish that set.” With every show, though, he has learned something new each time. He has learned that rocking the stage is very important, and that you can put out hottest music, all day, but if your live performances suck, then that’s all that matters.

      Casey works mainly out of his home studio, using a MXL 770 Condenser mic, subwoofer speakers, and adobe audition for recording software. He also works on making beats with Jruso and Choo Valentine. This might be changing soon, though, as Kastle Li was signed to “DownUnder Label Group,” recently and is working on his first album, “The wait was worth it” which is named after the fact, that this album was suppose to come out years ago, but was put off with a lot of set backs in life. He reassures that this album will be worth the wait, though. Kastle has grown so much in his rapping, becoming better at rhyming, timing and writing. Anyone that knew him previously will be able to tell the difference, in the upcoming album!
      Over the years, he has had a lot of mentors, but Casey allows underdogs to motivate him to do better. They are always told they can’t do something, reminding him of his past, and then they are able to prove the person wrong. As he allows underdogs to motivate him, he also hopes to do some motivating himself. His plan is to reach out to the teens, of this generation, and tell them that they aren’t alone, that Jesus is there, and that he loves them. He continues by saying “Nothing you have ever done is too big for him to handle.” Though he looks to be motivated by underdogs, Kastle pulls a lot of inspiration from his father. His father was uneducated but you couldn’t tell by talking to him. He taught Casey that just because someone lacks something, doesn’t defect their worth, at all. His dad inspired him to work hard as he did, as his dad held down jobs on top of jobs, teaching Casey that work is out there, you just have to find it. His Dad sadly has passed on to Christ, but still inspires him, everyday! 
    “Rapper” is defined as someone who raps, in order to get the definition, we must first look up rap. Rap means to strike quickly and sharply; tap. This means that you must be able to spit lyrics quickly and sharply while also holding your composure, in order to be a good rapper. Rapping takes a lot of talent, something that most don’t have. Then there are those who make it look easy, that is Kastle Li. He will be one of the best, soon, make sure you don’t miss out on the start of his reign. With this guy having such a heart for God, there is only one way his career will go, God blesses those who bless him.


        Casey wants to give a couple shout outs!
AY! I want to give a shout out to Stephen Samaroo, of 10:9 promotions for looking out for me. A shout out Eric P. Williams for being an open ear. To my wife Nicole for always having my back, and Mike verse mills of Anamorphic, that’s my dude. Sherman Mason, that’s my homie, since day one, and Ebon knox for giving me the opportunity to display my talents. Finally, a huge shout out to Impromtdude for the hook up foreal!

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As I said the other day, my first ever post was deleted, but I want to share the post with you. This is the first post that started everything 🙂 give some love :3


In the last few Blogs you have learned that for me love hasn’t been easy lately, well I believe that the tides have finally turned. For the first time in forever I went three days without even thinking about the girl, it’s a great feeling not to be upset over a girl. Now I don’t know how long this will last, because it usually is like this until we talk then it goes down hill. I believe Jesus is going to keep it like this, and I pray he will.

Last night I stayed up until two in the morning talking to this girl. Oh my gosh this girl is amazing; she is one of my closest friends. She has been here for me every step of the way. She is the type of friend that will stay up all night if you are having a bad night to make sure you don’t go to bed upset. The thing I like the most about her the most is she’s an amazing Christian girl that has an amazing future in front of her.

Lets take a short trip into the past so you can know just how we met, she was standing right next to my sister when I came out of a service. When I first saw her it wasn’t like a I love you feeling, but I surely found myself crushing on this girl. I didn’t want to ask for her number since she had no idea who I was. When I got back home; I had a request from a girl…yeah that’s right a girl added me (its not completely impossible=p), I noticed this girl from somewhere? Then I realized it was her, the girl I met at the service. We went on to talk more on Facebook, but finally I asked for her number as if I were some pro XD. She simply said yes, and we began to talk more and more. We will spend all day talking; we never run out of things to say. Last night I told her my life story, of how my mom abused me, to how I was treated in school, she gave me comfort through all of this; She is so amazing=]

I spent this time writing this blog just to show you guys that there are really amazing true friends out there that will show you that you will never be alone in your hardest time=] Jesus loves you=] see you next week=D


Happy Father’s day to all the great Father’s out there. You are truly the M.V.P, and we appreciate all the work you do! If you weren’t here, then we wouldn’t have so many amazing people, in this world, that are making a huge difference! Thank you, dad, for showing me what I need to work on, and how to be an amazing person! I love you! Happy Father’s day! To you and all the other greats out there! In honor of my hero, I want to give my dad this post! I love you!


The other day I was sitting at work, talking to another crew about “Heroes.” She had asked me who my hero was in life, and I was stunned. I never thought about who I looked up to. I never even thought about having a hero. I was always so independent in life, most of the times I pushed everyone away.
         I never wanted to look up to someone, then get close to them and have them leave. It was a fear that I could control. So I made it a mission to keep everyone out of my life. But now with my crew member asking me the question, I had to search inside of myself and ask the hard question. “Who is my Hero?”
       “Who do I look up to?” I look up to my father. I look up to him for everything. I search his personality for answers to questions about life. If me and my wife get into a fight, he is the one that I look to for answers on questions I’m unsure about. Or if my car breaks down, he is the one that I call for the fix. He is truly the smartest person that I know. He seems to know everything that needs to be known.
        My father hasn’t always had the chance to be a part of my life, but he has always been an outline. When my mother took us out of his care, he seemed to always be around, expecially when we were in trouble. He wouldn’t break any laws though, so when my mother got that restraining order, and moved us out of town, he respected the laws that were in place. He worked with a woman that never wanted to work with him. Then when it came down to getting us back, after we were put in the foster care, he did. He flipped every mattress trying to find us.
       Someone that can be on the bottom of the chain, yet will help those who are willing to turn on you. That is my Dads character, and that is what I see as a hero. He has shown me over and over that if someone is in need, help. But what if you are broke? No, you help anyway you can. He showed me how to love my neighbor as myself. It was always like that in my house, you had to respect everyone (to a point) that you came in contact with.
        I have become a strong man with all of his life lessons. I am willing to go to war for anyone that needs help. I am always that man that is looking for doors to hold open, or cars to push out of the snow. This is all because of one guy. The same guy that made me crucify my pride, and help those that don’t deserve the help. My father has been the savior my whole life. He is my hero, and one day, I hope I’m my sons hero, as well. It has been such an honor learning from my father, and there is still much to be taught!


I read one of my old stories today. When I was reading this story, I started to remember another story I wrote. It was a 4-part series, but I just want to share the first part, of the story. If you guys want to read the rest, let me know!

Here I am proving how worthless I am sitting in a bathtub as a party is being unleashed under me. The party has gotten to the point that I couldn’t read anymore, so I thought that it would be a good idea for me to take a relaxing bubble bath. I am sure that it would have been better if the party didn’t get louder as I got in to the bath. I swear in the last hour I have heard a hundred bottles break against the walls, and at least a dozen people empty their previous dinner onto my roommates floor.

This is going to be a long night if the party continues to carry on like this, meaning no sleep for me tonight, but there is good news and that is they invited me to this party. I never get invited to parties, not since I was the reason all my friends got busted under age. I accidentally called an emergency number, as I talked to one of my crushes. The cops came shortly, and arrested three of my good friends, while everyone else split through the yard and out the windows. I tried escaping out of the back door of the house and over the fence, but was caught by a cop as I climbed over the fence.

He searched my body, finding my cell phone in my back pocket. He checked my history to see if I was the one that called them, everyone was able to hear the cop ask me if I called, he made it sound as if  I wanted them to come. Everyone hated me after that night, three of my best friends told me to never talk to them again, which I get, since one of them lost their scholarship because of that night; I haven’t been invited to a party since, but tonight they asked me to come, but I thought that I had plans.

I was suppose to go to the library to research with some of my friends, the research was for  a project in my English class, the project wasn’t due for almost a month, but its never to early to get it done. But as I was getting ready the three I was going with called me, they told me they couldn’t make it due to a weird bug going around. This left me alone again on a Friday night.
With all of that on my plate, I decided to take the night and catch up on the Hunger Games books, I got half way through the second book then the party got started, it wasn’t as bad in the beginning but as I got closer to the good part, the bass seemed to drop. From that point on, I was unable to concentrate. Not having much of a choice, I laid down the book and went to relax in a warm bubble bath, which was going good until now. I just heard someone outside of the door. It sounded like three guys, they are probably spying in on me, trying to get a little eye action, so I will give it to them.
I shot straight up out of the bathtub facing my back towards them, leaving bottom bare.

I heard one of the guys whistle, I simply rolled my eye then told them to “go fuck the dog downstairs, pervs”. The guys started to laugh and pound on the door. One of the guys yelled back though, saying “You’re not even attractive, ugly virgin.” They pounded on the door for a few more seconds and left.

I don’t know why I let them get to me, I have everything that they want, I have the highest G.P.A in my school, and a full ride to any college I want to go to. But this is one of those things that hurt badly, so bad that I am crying right now due to it.

After the guys left the door, I sat back in the tub, laying my head back and closing my eyes, relaxing every muscle in my body. I was in that bathtub for almost an hour when the music stopped playing, it seemed as if the party has stopped, making the close clear for me to get up again. So I got out of the water put on clothes and went down my hallway towards my room, but as I got to my door to my room, I felt a strong freezing breeze come up my night gown. I figured this was of Amanda’s doing, because she loves to leave the windows open while partying. She says its a way to let people puke outside instead of inside, even though it never happens like that, but if she thinks so, let her keep cleaning the puke off the floor. But for tonight the windows will be shut. I am not freezing my nipples off for anyone.

I attempted to call her, but it went straight to voicemail. I walked down the stairs after a few more attempts. I hope that the party is actually over, or this will be awkward. A 23-year-old woman coming to a party with Spongebob Pajamas, with her hair all mess and with no make-up. I don’t even think I shaved my armpits, let me check…Nope they are still holding Sasquatch. That would defiantly be embaresing to be seen with forest pits in front of the hottest guys in Glennview.

As I rapped around the stairs, I saw that there was a guy  passed out on our couch. I continued through the house shutting all of the windows. I came to the last open window and went to close it, but as I grabbed the window seal, a hand came through the window and grabbed my arm, I screamed trying to push the hand of me, but it wouldn’t budge. Amanda appeared from the dark and started to cry. I asked what was wrong, she couldn’t speak, but then she muttered “There is a maniac coming this way.” My heart froze. 

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