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So the Colts and Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. The Cowboys tried to fight back but with no evidence of a run game killed them. I believe Zeke was held under 50 yards.

The Colts should have ran the ball more to tire out that defense. It just shows that the Colts have the right Weapons but they just aren’t loaded yet.

This is what I see for the rest of the playoffs;
Chargers won’t play good ball and will lose to New England.

The Dome is still the hardest place to win and Eagles secondary gets ripped apart by Brees.

The championship will be Pat’s and Chiefs. A replay of week 6 (correct if wrong) but this time Mahomes gets it done and goes to his first Superbowl, in a nail biter. This will be that game that is much better than the Superbowl. There is always that game.

I don’t want to go against Donald and Gurley, but I will. For some reason my gut tells me that the Rams can’t keep up with the Saints. But at the same time CJ is looking hot. They probably will run a 2 RB game that would confuse NO but I don’t think it’s enough. Saints by 10

We are to the Superbowl. Remember that saying; defenses win Championships? That’s what this comes down to. Not so much the defense scoring or playing great, but which defense can Outlast these great QBs. Mahomes has such a rounded out offense, with stars in almost every position. Hill is amazing, Kelce is just great and Williams has rose to the occasion.

But as said before, their secondary is weak. I feel that if its a close game Brees could pull off the win by throwing deep. But the electric offense of the Chiefs, with their star QB could make Brees wish he retired. I’ll go in and say the Chiefs score early and often and become our next Champs.


What if I told you?
What if I told you that support is a two way street? Would that make you change your mind or would you blame another for your mistake? What if that wasn’t enough for this to be okay? Then, after many years of wondering why you were never supported, you turn around and see that you could have saved the day? You could have saved the day and taken all this away, but you stuck to your tough exterior and pushed your support away. Now, you have to wonder what could have been.

“How could you have saved the day?” you might ask. That is a great question that I might have the answer to. Actually, I know the answer. The answer is very simple and shouldn’t take much to understand. It shouldn’t take a whole blog to tell you what you have to do, but I might just drag it out. Nah, lets get to it. You asked the question “How could you have saved the day?” and the quick/simple answer is; You show the same support!

If someone is giving you the support to go and do things, then you must show them the same respect. People don’t have to help you, they don’t have to be by your side. They decide to help you (out of the love of their heart) and they spend time trying to help you. These people are gems. They don’t even care about your support. All they want is to feel wanted and welcomed. It isn’t much at all. You can show them that by showing them that you care about their feelings. This can be shown by “Reading their blog, listening to their music, a simple hug, listening to their problems.” These are small things you can do to repay them. But you don’t do this, instead you choose to get mad when they stop supporting you.

Supporters stop supporting when you stop caring about them. They can’t take not feeling loved, so instead of getting hurt, they will turn away and go a different direction. Usually, they will go off and support their own dreams, or try to find someone to support them. They will still love you and want the best, but the support wont be there, because they don’t want to support someone that doesn’t return the same.

Lets fast-forward a few years. This is when you start to see the growth of an ex-supporter. You will be drowned in your own hatred, where-as the supporter is living a high life. They found the support through others and used that to grow. Now, they are shining because they are doing something, where you are sitting on the ground half beaten up and reaching out for any support. This is your fault, though. You are the one that didn’t help him, so now you must be jealous of his success. The biggest thing that never changes, though, is the fact that he will never stop loving you. This means that if you begin to support him, then he will begin to support your dreams, again. He isn’t selfish. He never has been. He just wants to know that he isn’t alone. Mister supporter is still reaching out for you, but he wont grasp ahold unless he thinks you will support him, as well. Because, if he is wrong, then he knows that he could fall to his death. This is where you have to show him that you are willing to help him. Show him that you care; he will give back what you give him. He is the supporter, his main mission is to support you. 



Its hard! It is hard to see the one that you love, hurt. It hurts to hear them insult their body and their mind. It is hurtful to know that you cant do anything. There is nothing that you can do, except support them through their journey. Sometimes, most of the time it will be hard, but as you travel with them, you start to see that they are being lifted, by you, over every optical. Nothing in life is easy, but not everything in life is this hard, either.

The best way to help someone lose weight, is not to give them lectures on losing weight, or solutions on how to correct their ways. All of these tools can be used, but someone wont change until they want to. They have to decide to take the step, you can’t take it for them. They know that they are over weight, they know they have an addiction, but you can’t do much to help them, except support them and coach them. It is their decision that will change their life. But don’t take that as I am saying leave them, no, support them.

As they see that you are supporting a change, they will be more likely to go with the motions. You can lead a horse to the water, but you cant make it drink. That is the same as; you can lead them to the gym, but you cant force them on a treadmill. You need to motivate them to do it. The reason why most quit, is because of those who try to force them to change everything, at once. These are the same people that tell them what to eat and drink, but still indulge in the same food they tell them not to eat. It takes a coach to change someone.

Yes, you will become their coach, in a way, and you will help them overcome their obstacles. This will be hard, but that is what you do for those who you love. You will need to coach them to a victory line. You will have to be there for them, every step. Chris Powell (ABCs extreme weight loss coach) spends every second of the transformation running next to them. Even after he leaves their home, he still is supporting them, from afar. He gives them the tools to win, that is what a coach is. To be a coach, you have to give them the tools that it takes to beat every hill. The tool to win most of the battle, is (you guessed it) support.

This is my story. I am a husband to a girl that is “obese.” I don’t see it that way, but she says she is. She isnt happy with who she is, this causes our marriage to fait, at times. She cant stand the image in the mirror. She was doing so well, but then she got comfortable after she met me. She got what she wanted, she finally found a man that wanted her and not her body. She could now relax. Little did I know, she had a eating disorder. She eats her feelings, something that I never believed in, until now. Over the last three years, we both have gained over 70 pounds, each. This is from late night snacks and lack of exercise.
She use to go to the gym, every day. But she needed something more than the gym, she needed my support. While she was at the gym, I was out getting snack foods. I put the full blame on myself. I know now that snack foods were toxic to her change. But what was even more toxic, was the fact that she was doing the transformation, all alone. “I don’t need to lose weight, I was fine!” “I don’t think you need that supplement” Everything she was trying; I was shooting down, out of fear. I was scared that she would eventually leave me, and go with someone with the same goals as she had. This is when the support was lost, I wasn’t going to lose her, so I stopped supporting her weight loss.

Now, three years later, I see the damage my choices made. I see that, due to my laziness, now we have to work harder to get back to where we were. I support her through the change now. I go to the gym, not in annoyance, but now I go as a husband. I push her to meet certain dietary goals, but I also follow those goals. I make challenges to encourage her to “beat me.” But the best part, she challenges and supports me all at the same time.

Life never said it would be easy, that’s because nothing is. The struggle with weight loss in America is huge. There is 326 million people in America, which 41% of those people are considered to be either obese or extreme obese. This means that 133 million people are overweight. That is 133 million families that have a potential risk of losing a loved one from weight. I will not be a part of that statistic, my lovely wife will not die early. But there’s only one way to prevent that, and that is to coach her over the obstacles, and to support her during the transformation. I am Gregory Blake Jenkins, and I am a supporter.


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“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write” -Stephen Kings

     I went to Barnes and Nobles, a few days ago. I just got off work when my wife called, she told me that she was unable to get her nails done (waiting time) and that she was going to head over to Barnes and Nobles. I wanted to go there anyway, so when I told her I would meet her there. I left work, and headed across town, where I noticed that Chick-fil-A was now open! But my hunger for books, out-weighed my hunger for real chicken. I promised them that I would soon visit, as I drove by. They seemed to be okay with my decision, so I drove on by. I then pulled onto the road where the book store is, but I couldn’t turn because of a few stupid drivers.
     They both were trying to go at the same time, almost causing a wreck. I didn’t want to be a part of that, so I took a detour and drove down the street. I turned about two blocks down, and made my way back to the store. I found my father-in-laws car, which meant that my wife was already in the store. I parked a few parking spots away from his car, and ran inside. I noticed that I was out-of-shape since I got tired from about a ten-step run. I got inside, and didn’t see my wife, so I went to the normal area that I would usually shop, that’s where I found her and her father. I saw that she was holding a book already, which meant we were feeling book-wormish, which is never a good sign for PNC, they were about to lose our money.
I went over to the bargain isle. I am not a big fan of paying full price of books, but if they had a better selection for writers, I surely would. The bargain isles are the only isles I have found any “writers favorites” which are writing prompts, complete the stories, grammar studies, and much more. I spend most of my time in the bargain isles, looking for books that catch my eyes. With each book ranging from 7-10 dollars, I can get a load of books for the cost of one single book.
    Before yesterday, I bought about three books from the bargains, which have been major help with my writing. Yesterday though, I went crazy, grabbing any book that looked good to me. I bought a few dream dictionaries, and a few other fun-fact books. I bought six books all together, which is a surprise, because I was only going to buy one book. I am not sure what has gotten into me, but recently I have been wanting to do nothing, but read. I want to learn everything, which is why I have been buying fact-books. I want to know what there is to learn, in order to better my blog.
Barnes and Noble has become my favorite store in the world. I want to go there everyday, even when I don’t have any extra cash. I want to go there, and read books, if I don’t have the cash to buy it. Books are becoming an addiction to me. I don’t know what has happened to me, but I love it.
I have never been a huge reader. Sometimes it takes me longer than most to read a book, because I want to ensure that I am understanding every part of the book, but something inside of me has snapped, causing me to want to read, then read more. I feel smarter now, and it has helped me get out of small writing blocks, because the more I read, the more I want to share with you guys. So if you are bored, do a great thing for yourself, find something that interest you, and read about it. I usually push you guys to write about your passions, but sometimes one cant write about their feelings, but everyone has a few minutes a day to read. Reading is healthy for you, so go pick up a book and release your inner genius! 

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