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So the Colts and Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. The Cowboys tried to fight back but with no evidence of a run game killed them. I believe Zeke was held under 50 yards.

The Colts should have ran the ball more to tire out that defense. It just shows that the Colts have the right Weapons but they just aren’t loaded yet.

This is what I see for the rest of the playoffs;
Chargers won’t play good ball and will lose to New England.

The Dome is still the hardest place to win and Eagles secondary gets ripped apart by Brees.

The championship will be Pat’s and Chiefs. A replay of week 6 (correct if wrong) but this time Mahomes gets it done and goes to his first Superbowl, in a nail biter. This will be that game that is much better than the Superbowl. There is always that game.

I don’t want to go against Donald and Gurley, but I will. For some reason my gut tells me that the Rams can’t keep up with the Saints. But at the same time CJ is looking hot. They probably will run a 2 RB game that would confuse NO but I don’t think it’s enough. Saints by 10

We are to the Superbowl. Remember that saying; defenses win Championships? That’s what this comes down to. Not so much the defense scoring or playing great, but which defense can Outlast these great QBs. Mahomes has such a rounded out offense, with stars in almost every position. Hill is amazing, Kelce is just great and Williams has rose to the occasion.

But as said before, their secondary is weak. I feel that if its a close game Brees could pull off the win by throwing deep. But the electric offense of the Chiefs, with their star QB could make Brees wish he retired. I’ll go in and say the Chiefs score early and often and become our next Champs.


Congrats to the Superbowl champions!


It started as a great season for both of the teams. Their defenses were carrying the teams throughout each of their opponents, but one team did something the other couldn’t, keep a healthy Quarterback. Peyton Manning got benched with a foot injury, giving Brock Osweiler the ball and the chance to take his team to the playoffs. Though Brock played spectacular, when Peyton Manning was ready to come back, Brock lost the starting job. Most called this a publicity stunt, but the Denver Broncos want to give the Veteran his one last shot. Will this be Peyton’s last game? The signs point to yes, through the season, one thing is evident, Peyton is worn out. Never have I seen Peyton throw so many short passes, his spiral is gone, and he isn’t reading the defenses the same way. But tonight he ended the game as the grand champion, that is what is important. 
Cam Newton is going to be a great Quarterback, he will perform at the levels of Drew Brees and Tom Brady. He is quick on his feet, but can also drop back and hit the deep bomb. The Panthers have a great squad that will be in the playoff picture for the next couple years. They have great targets on offense, such as: Olsen, Ginn Jr., and Steward, and an amazing defense that is young, which is what they have been building for years.
Though the Panthers lost tonight, their defense still played to win, Cam Newton couldn’t get it going, on the offensive side, though. They gave all they could and left everything on the field. The defenses worked all year for their moments, and they didn’t disappoint. Each defense caused crucial turnovers, that kept both teams in the game.  I knew that the defense that got tired last, would be the team to win. Congrats to the Denver Broncos on winning Superbowl 50! And to Peyton on his 200th game win, and his second ring! Best to your future!


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