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Losing you hurt

Posted: February 28, 2017 in Uncategorized
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WE take life for granted. We are only giving one shot at life and we take it for granted. We think that we will stay healthy forever, when we wont. The truth is that we hold back in life and we are stupid for doing so. Life is a hour glass where each second is another grain falling through the glass.
We settle in life, hoping that one day everything will come together. “One day, I will go back to school, but not now” We put our dreams to the side because it would be too uncomfortable to actually do something different. So instead, we will stay at that same job, the one that we hate so much, because we don’t think that we will ever be good enough for the job that we want. It could be from fear or maybe from laziness, either way, we are just wasting our precious time on this earth. Someday, you will wake up and you will be old. You will see that your whole life was wasted because you feared to do anything different. Those dreams that you had will be just that, DREAMS! You’ll want to go back in time and change those decisions, but it will be to late. Genies don’t exist. You can’t just wish back those years that you wasted, but instead, you get to look back and see everything that you gave up.
I watched as a mans life was taking from him. He was the nicest guy you would ever want to know. He always walked around with a smile, never upset about his life. Then, out of no where, he was taking from us. He had a history of heart problems, which is what caused him to die, but he still had a lot of time left (in the eyes of years.) He didn’t know that today was going to be his last day. He got up like he usually does. He went to work and clocked in. He was coming back from the bathroom. He stopped to sit in my store, but he wasn’t able to take the seat. Instead, he had a heart attack and fell to the ground. I didn’t know what to do. I called the emergency line and got someone there as soon as possible. When they got there, his face was purple. He was lifeless, but they went to work, hoping that they could bring him back. He had a heart rhythm when he left, but he didn’t make it.
Today taught me a lot. He still had years left to live, but he wasn’t able to take advantage of those years. This should wake us up to see that we aren’t indestructible, we could die at any time. I watched this young kid (when I was young) fight for his life at 10 years old. He also didn’t survive. He was 10-years-old and had his life taken from him. He had a bright future in whatever he decided to do, but he wasn’t giving the shot.
Stop! Stop holding back from living your life. If you want that damn job, bust your ass to get that job. If you want to go back to school, then go back to school. Don’t tell yourself that you will go back soon. You might not have that much time left. You are cheating yourself from the happiness that you deserve. So, take a damn stand. Tell yourself that you are going to succeed, then go out there and actually make a damn move. You were called for a purpose, it is your responsibility to fullfill that purpose, because life could end any day. Don’t be too scared to make moves today, where you miss out on living tomorrow.

Dear Ben,
You inspired me to live a happy life. You were someone that had lost everything, but you still stood strong and kept a big smile on your face. I will miss not seeing you, everyday, in my store. See, you were someone that I would wait to see. You came in and we would discuss history as you waited for your food. You always had a new book, most of them I didn’t know about, but you kept me interested in the topic. I was never a history fan, but I could see that you were really passionate about it. I didn’t know what you were talking about, but I couldn’t stop you from talking, nor did I want to. I will miss our talks, but know that you inspired me to live a happy life. Even after you lost your house, you still kept that big grin on your face. Thank you for your lessons. I will never forget you!! Rest in peace!


This Blog is dedicated to Ben!

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     The day, at work, was just beginning. I was tired from the lack of sleep, so I was a little behind. But it was 7 a.m. This was the time that we were suppose to be open. I told myself that I would catch up the other stuff as soon as I opened. As I went to open the gate, I remembered that I needed a bag of popcorn. Knowing that I had a few seconds, I ran back and grabbed one solo bag. This was at the same time I heard my co-worker tell someone I was coming. I ran to the front of the story, huffing from annoyance. Saying under my breath “You could just go to another store.” I didn’t mean it, I just get annoyed by the impatience of people. I understand it was 7, but you could also just calm down, since it was only 7:01.

      I get up to the front of the store and see two people standing on the other side of our fenced down. I slide one side of the door open, and they shot into the store and up to the register, almost as they were about to shout out their order. I took my time opening the other side of the fence. At this time, the lady looks over at me and smiles. I could tell that she was going to be very sweet and caring, so I hurried with the door and walked over to my register. I greeted her, took her order, and began to make her small black coffee. This was when I noticed something from the corner of my eye. The other person was gone, he left. I hate when costumers leave, because I want to give everyone the best customer service ever, but with our selected menu, I figured he wanted something we didn’t have. I handed this lady her coffee, and walked to the back to grab a line of cups. I round the corner to see another couple coming into the store. I walked to the front, dropped some hashbrowns, and took their order. They wanted a simple 2 meals. I filled the orders within minutes and took it out to their table. They were all smiles and giggles. I got a little energy from them as I was still trying to wake up.

      Twenty minutes go by, it is now 7:26 a.m. I was in the middle of another order when the phone rings. The phone only rings at this time in the morning if someone wants to borrow something, or someone is trying to call off. I couldn’t answer it, anyway, since I had a customer in front of me. I heard the ringing stop, figuring it was them hanging up I went back to doing my job. Moments after getting the people out of my lobby, my co-worker came up to me with the phone to his ear. bI gave him a look, a “who dat” look, he mumbled a few things and then handed me the phone. I greeted the lady over the phone, but she jumped straight to the point. “This is the 911 dispatcher, we just got a call, from a lady, saying you guys were being held up?” I laughed inside and replied “MAM, that is impossible, we have only been open for a few minutes.” She replied “This call was from a few minutes ago. The lady said she was in the store when a guy walked up, he called your co-worker to the side and slid him something in a napkin. Your co-worker slid the napkin under the counter and handed him money. We need to know, did he force you to give him money. Are you okay?”
      I realized this was no joke, and I quickly told her that we were okay, and that if anything was going on, we would not hesitate to give her a call. She sounded relieved as she told me to have a good day. After getting off the phone, I walked up to my co-worker and told him the situation. He shook his head and tld me that he owed him money and that he didn’t want the lady thinking he was drug dealing, so he placed the money in a napkin and gave it to him. We both chuckled at the situation and went along with our day, writing little hold up notes the whole day.
     In this world, there are some crazy people. I understand that this lady was trying to help, but the better way to help is to not leave. She never nudged me about the situation, or even gave hints that there was anything going on. She simply left. What if we were actually being held up? At the time that she called, the store would have been robbed. All I am saying, is maybe next time, she should stay until she knows that we okay. Nonetheless, we do appreciate the lady for caring, and want to llet her know that we are glad she profiled the black male that was getting his money back. Without you, this world woruldnt be safe

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The other day.
I have been needing to talk about this, but I haven’t thought about it, while writing, so I will take today, and tell you guys about this amazing gift I got in the mail. This was the first time I have received mail from another writer, fan, or friend, so to me it was very special. It might seem small to some people, but that isnt the case. The fact is that this person took time out of their schedule, and spent time to make this gift. Size doesn’t matter if the gift is from the heart.

I was checking my mail, one day, and I found that this amazing post card was there. I looked at the back of the piece of paper to see that it was addressed for me, and not someone else. When it confirmed that it was the right postcard, I began to read the long note, on the back. The note told me about how the artist loves grapes. On the postcard (shown below), she drew me a pineapple, as she absolutely adores them, and as a child she would love to drink the juice. I love pineapple juice, its really delicious, so we are the same on that, which is also cool. She told me to keep the card well, so now it hangs on my desk. I love the card, since it came from another artist, and a fan. I love getting this kind of stuff in the mail, but this time, I love it even more because of all the effort that was put into the gift. She is an amazing artist, and a very down to earth girl.

In the note, she told me about her new clothing store that is opening soon. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to go check that out, but sadly the link doesn’t work. I hope that she sees this, and informs us of what is going on. But I do know one thing you guys can do. GIPostcards has her own blog, one that she post her own handmade postcards. I would really appreciate if you could follow the link to her blog. She is very creative and has amazing ideas. The Link is Here. Go check it out!


If you guys would like to send me some art, or anything else. Please do send it. I would love to see your work, and anytime you send me something, I will write a post (like this one) about it. I am excited to see what you guys send. – send anything you want to this email. I will respond in moments, and I will try to have a post up in about 1-2 weeks. Depending on what is going on. Thank you guys!

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