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Merry Christmas, you dirty rascals!

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I don’t know if you guys have snow, but I know we don’t. It hasn’t felt like the holiday season without, but I will make this a joyful time still. Santa will still come and give me the best presents, and I will share with you as much as I can, even if I don’t want to. Santa will still crawl down my chimney, even if I don’t have one, he will make one and will come down it. He will for some reason not rob me and will leave me some awesome presents, which I will open and enjoy for the whole month that it’s still new.

Tomorrow is actually Christmas, but I don’t want to be on the computer during Christmas, as that would be rude… This is why WordPress allows you to schedule posts, so you don’t miss a beat in your life, while also sharing every memory with those you may never meet in real life. My Randoms, this feature is for you. You get to read this awesome post, all while you open presents and share heart filling memories with your own loved ones. I am making this post to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

I pray that you take this season to reconnect with those you may only see once a year. I pray that you get what you need and enjoy everything people get you. I pray for safe travels, if you are driving to see family. I pray that you get receipts from Aunt Mary, because who truly needs three blenders, like seriously, Mary, get it together! I clearly sent you my wish list on Amazon. I pray for healing in broken families and restoration with all relationships that can be saved.

If this is your first Christmas since the passing of a loved one, I pray for the peace of the Lord to come and blanket you. I am truly sorry for your loss! I don’t know what it feels like, but I know it isn’t easy. I hope that you still have a good time with those whom love you, also know that that love one is looking from heaven as you open that present. They are happy that you are making it through the pain, so keep kicking pains Arse. It has to be hard, but God gives people to us to help us through things, so if you are in this situation, look for those who can help you, cling to them and never let go.

If you are in a broken family, full of drama and strife, I pray for restoration. I pray restoration flows into those walls and God brings back together those relationships that aren’t toxic, and begins to change those who are toxic. God wants us to be united, so do what you can to bring peace into your family this Christmas. If you have tried and it doesn’t work, forgive them and move in your own destiny. Don’t give power to these people. Every time you get mad at them, you give them power over you, so stop and forgive them. You don’t have to talk to them, you don’t have to do anything with them, but at least forgive them so you can live your best life.

You guys are so strong. You are awesome and are truly presents to me. I am glad to have you guys and I pray that 2019 brings newness to this blog and it brings us all closer. 2019 is going to be a busy year, as I keep telling Ariel, so get on the train and take one hell of a ride. With God in the center, I can only imagine what all we can do!

I hope that you have a great Christmas. I hope you get what you want and more, but also that you find happiness in giving. I challenge you to do one great thing, then come here and tell us what you did. This can range from paying for someone’s coffee, or maybe you talk to a family member that you don’t like to talk to. Anything that shows love, do and tell!!!! I love you, guys!



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Welcome back. Thank you for the love and support on the last post, and as I promised, I am back as scheduled. I broke the schedule and actually wrote this yesterday, because I need to spend all of today getting prepared for an awesome project with a local artist. Yes! You heard right, I am back to promoting local talent. This will be a huge project for me, so get ready to like that crap. IF you like anime, gaming or just love awesome people, then you will want to pay attention.

Today will be a post about our first official day of snow, in Illinois. I went to Facebook and asked everyone to tell me what they wanted me to write about. Sadly, there was only one person that commented, but nonetheless, we will cover that topic. I want these days to be led by you guys, so make sure you comment when the status gets posted. That will be the only chance for you to get what you really want. Anyways, let’s get to the freaking topic.

Friday night was a good night for anyone like me. If you like the peaceful blanket of ice on the ground, then you would fall into that category. If you like to roast chestnuts over an open fire, while listening to Frosty, then this was the night for you. If you like the beach, long and warm walks along the shore, well then; this night probably didn’t set well in your soul. What I’m saying is; IT FREAKING SNOWED! God shed some of his dandruff and covered 20% of the ground with it. Frosty lived!

It wasn’t that great, but it marks the first snow of this year, and I can’t be more excited. I love the cold, snow, and everything that comes with it. Well, minus that itchy feeling you get after coming inside from the coldness, but that isn’t what we are talking about. I have always enjoyed the cold, so to see the snow fall from the sky was refreshing. It didn’t last that long, but it still happened.

I saw on Facebook that if it snows in November then it will be a mild winter. Some ole wives tale confirms this, so it has to be true, so don’t be worried guys, the dumb drivers will be back to honking at you soon, and won’t be going 10 miles an hour in a 75. Nothing is more frustrating than a driver that is being over cautious. I understand wanting to be safe, but I wish they knew that they are putting others in danger by doing this. So if you are one of these idiots, hear me! I HATE YOU!!!! LEARN HOW TOM DRIVE. LOL I am just joking, I love you :3!

Other than that rant on drivers, know that this is my favorite season, and I won’t shut up until everyone agrees!!! I want to see your pictures! Send me pictures of your snow @ and when it gets closer to Christmas, we will make a post with the beauty. Either way, I’m out!

It’s suppose to snow today! There should be snow falling by 9 o’clock in the morning! The snow chance is in the high 70%, giving us hope that we might actually have a white Christmas, the only problem is the tempature isn’t going to drop! 

In order for the snow to last it must stick. In order for it to stick the ground has to be under 32*f but the weather says it suppose to stay above 35*F all day! The snow will melt before it can cover, well unless we have a blizzard! Oh that would be fancy, but it doesn’t look possible. 

Even if it snows, we still have to go through all of tomorrow(Christmas Eve) with the weather being in the mid-40s. The snow wouldnt last! But what about Christmas? There is a high chance of precipitation on Christmas. The problem with this is that the weather is calling for rain instead of snow! 

For another year, we are looking at a green Christmas. This time it will be a muddy mess, though. It’s going to rain all day on Christmas, which is definitely not what we wanted! I think you guys would agree that you’re tired of not having a white Christmas, right? I know I am right! Rain doesn’t give you a giving heart! No, it gives you a sour, negative vibe that could ruin a special day, like Christmas. 

I stand for moving Christmas to January. The snow always falls in January, giving us a horrible start to another year. It’s okay to have snow during Christmas, but anytime otherwise is not wanted!!!! I suggest that we make this change, immediately! I’m tired of not having a white Christmas! Are you with me? If you are, give this a huge like!!! 

I have a few reasons to love the Christmas times. Most of them are because of the food, but I have made a lit to show you the main top 10 reasons that I absolutely love this time of year. Take a seat, find your hot cocoa and enjoy my creative list. You will be mad if you miss out on knowing these! Enjoy!


10. The amazing last minute gift shoppers. There’s nothing more heart melting than seeing people rush through Wal-Mart doors on Christmas eve, in search for the perfect gift for someone they love! I want to applaud when I see this, it truly shows that they love that person so much. Something that warms my heart more is when they are talking crap about the person they are shopping for. I’m glad that they are thoughtful and willing to give up their hard earned cash for a loved one, such spirit!

9. Snow. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without Snow! Oh wait, I live in Illinois. In the last few years we have had a ugly green Christmas. It always seems to snow in January, leaving Christmas without its beautiful white blanket! I demand that we get snow on Christmas eve, or I will kill Santa…Well, I will make Bart do it! But you still get the idea, right?

8.Christmas songs. This isn’t a joke. I really find Christmas music to be tasteful and in all ways…OVERPLAYED!!!!!! We love Christmas music, but please stop playing it at the end of November ‘til the end of February….I HAVE HAD ENOUGH….I hate going to the bathroom and while taking a healthy dump hearing “Joy to the world.” Aint nothing joyful about this…..

7. Holiday Pies from Mcdonalds……I don’t have to say anything else!!! I love those little bastards…..

6. Blogging for 12 days about Christmas/ Bart, The Reindeer on the desk. I love the 12 days I devote to this one topic. It’s fun to come up with ideas on what to write about, and every year I set off Christmas with this amazing idea. This year we brought a new friend in to help, his name is Bart. You will find him on Facebook as ‘Bart, The Reindeer On The Desk.’

5. Possible Tiger Penis. We have a present under the tree that looks like a Tiger Penis. I think Santa finally came through for me, this is amazing…..All I have ever wanted is under that tree….I’ll be so disappointed if I’m wrong…..

4. Giving is Key. Hey! I know it isn’t all about gifts, but I need everyone to know that giving isn’t as bad as you think. It is so nice to receive nice things, so you guys should take this advice and give me something really nice…Remember, Giving is key!!!

3. Family…Well, my doggy, wife and a few others….I don’t want to go outside on Christmas, so I will stay inside with my doggy and wife…anyone else that comes over is welcomed, but not really wanted….Call me a Grinch, screw you…XD

2. House Decorations. I really love to look at beautiful lights and yard decorations, especially at someone else’s expense, it is beautiful!! I think they are the real MVP. They waste all their money putting on a show, but they willingly do it,….I’m crying….one second.

1. Drivers….Oh how I love to drive in this weather, it’s such a dang joy. This isnt because of my driving, but more due to the other idiots on the road..It snowed less than an inch and three cars went off into the ditch…Like, HOW? I don’t want to deal with these people. Can I just stay inside forever?

Bonus: 11. That there are so many reasons that I have to make a bonus reason….That is the bonus…enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed all my delightful reasons to love Christmas. I really love the holiday season, but I find it to also be stressful and hectic. These are two things that I don’t like together, and to add more chaos with dumb drivers makes it even more hard to love. But that is life….


We have had the first snow of the season! This is amazing, this is the best day of our lives. If you disagree, then you are with me 100%. I am regretful to say that I hate the fact it snowed. I don’t like to be wet, I don’t like to have frozen toes and the last thing; dumb ass drivers. Yes, I hate winter, not because of the cold(because I love the cold,) but more because drivers get stupid during winter.

Have you ever been behind someone during the winter? If you are me, you will get behind someone that brakes every three seconds and drive 10 mph in a 55mph zone, and if you are me you begin to scream at the top of your dang lungs. I can’t stand drivers that change how they drive because of the weather. I can understand slowing down so you don’t lose control, but go a decent speed limit! And if you can’t do a decent speed limit, then get the hell off the road so the real drivers can get to where they need to go.

These drivers put everyone at risk because you never know what they are going to do. I was behind a person one day, driving home from work, and all of sudden they slammed on their brakes. It was snowing and I guess they felt like they were losing control. Either way, they slammed on their brakes. Now, since I am an active driver, I saw that they were stopped seconds late.  I didn’t hit the car, but I remember putting my foot to the floor and praying to slowly slide to the stop, in which I did. I came inches from hitting the car. The worse part is that they didn’t have a good reason to drive so cautious. Yes, it was snowing but it wasn’t that bad. They were simply just too cautious and didn’t want to wreck, but they almost caused a wreck in the process. I find myself staring at cars, making sure everyone is doing their part to keep the streets safe, but what if this wasn’t the case. I would have ended up in that cars ass, which could have left someone dead!

I hate how people think that a small storm is something to freak out about. It is simply snow or rain, its not like fire is falling from the sky! If you aren’t stupid, then you wont get into a wreck, but being too cautious is also dangerous!!!! I told you a story about a car that was being too safe. I don’t know why those people were braking over and over, but I do know there are more people like that on the road, so be careful and drive safe.


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I love really love two things, winter and football. The winter air is the best, as I am a hot blooded male that sweats a lot. So when it snows and the air chills, my body starts to cool down and I actually feel comfortable. Then there is also football! NFL season is coming around the corner, which means my Sundays will be full, again. I am excited about the NFL season, but there is something more amazing coming, that is football in the snow! NFL lasts through winter, which garuntees that we will be having at least one snowy game! I love snowy football games. The game is changed when it snows. The players have to take better percussion, as the snow will keep them sliding the whole game. This makes me wonder, which of the Maddens has the best “Heavy snow” football experiences?

Luckily I have most of the Maddens, as I am missing anything before 07, and 08, 11. Even though I am missing a few games, I still have enough information to bring you guys an amazing Top 5 “Frosty gridiron experiences.”

This will be graded by three things; Does the snow slow down players? (Effect of snow) Does the snow look real? How covered is the field? This will show us how the snow effects gameplay, if the graphics give us a merry experience, and if the experience is realistic, as “heavy snow” should cover the field by halftime! Lets see what game meets our standards!!!!!!

5.  Madden 09- I noticed that all the previous games were bad at keeping the snow the same, but this game at least started the game with a lot of snow on the ground. The sky is blue in the game, though, making it a little awkward to play in. The snow also doesn’t effect the game play, as I was able to run back a fumble with Brian Urlacher. I wasn’t super impressed, but compared to others, this is defiantly a 5 spot game.


4. Madden 12- During the pre-game, you get to see the snow falling, and all I can say is “wow!). The pre-game is actually better than the actual gameplay! The plus was that the snow was amazing. I would have to say that the snow was realistic as the ground was covered with snow, after Halftime!


      3. Madden 10- This was the funnest experience for me, and it wasn’t for the graphics, I would have this in the number 1 spot, but the snow stayed the same way the whole game! The big plus was that the snow affected the players! I was playing against the Colts, led by Peyton “The Sherriff” Manning, during the game play, Peyton actually slid on the field leading to a sack! This was after the snow slowed Hester down and caused him to trip and fall to the ground (No one was around.)


2. Madden 15- Let me start this by saying “I wasn’t that impressed!” Madden added a few snow piles behind the end zone, which is to make you feel that the cleaned the field before the game, and that was the reason that there isnt much snow on the field. The gameplay isn’t affected, again, which kind of pisses me off. If Madden 10 was able to add this, then we should have a bigger effect in one of the newest games. Nonetheless, the snow continues to layer on the field, and by the end of the halftime, you get to play on a packed field, yet the lines are still showing.


     2. Madden 25- The first letdown of this game was, there was no snow during the pre-game. I saw Culter talking to Marshall, on the sideline, but there wasn’t a snow flake in sight? The big plus was that, after halftime, you can see a huge change in the field. This was pretty impressive, minus the fact that all the lines are still showing. If it was snowing heavy, and with halftime only being 20 minutes (if that), how would the ground crew be able to shovel the lines? The gameplay wasn’t really affected, but I also had the amazing Forte in my backfield. Overall, Madden finally got the snow situation under control, but then fucked up in the very next game…..SMDH.


This was horrible…..Madden has changed since ’15, and the next generation games are so much better, but it upsets me that they couldn’t make snow realistic, sooner…….there isn’t even a number 1 game……

Don’t agree? Tell me what you think should be changed! Also tell me what I should analyze next!

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    It is amazing to see this story doing so well. I am very happy that I chose to rewrite it. It is a few episodes in, nothing too big has happened, yet, but in the next few episodes, you will see a whole different story. But before that happens, lets step back and enjoy a day, before the outbreak. This whole episode is before the snow, but will still have you amazed! It’s a episode you need to read!   
   This episode, we take a step backwards and see what the world was like, before the storm. It starts with a family taking a trip of a lifetime, but this story isn’t a happy one. They enter Montana and get to their cabin, but our survivors are hit with the storm of a lifetime. They are safe inside the cabin, but for how long?
                                                                                                 Sneak peek:
    He leaves it on the station. The national weather team was informing the entire state of Montana, that there is a storm coming, one that could produce heavy snow and strong cold winds. They suggest everyone stay in doors and avoid using transportation, as it could cause major accidents.
“What should we do?” Taylor asks, she sounds nervous.
“We might not be in that area, just keep driving.”
“But what if we die?” Chelsey shouts.


Impromtdude @

Night crawler journals: A long ride home.
The blood is dripping from his hand and splashing against the cold hard ground. The snow quickly covers the stain, making it white again. The snow was no longer falling, but with the violent winds, one couldn’t tell. But with the sun falling in the horizon, the winter temperature did as well.
A cough exhaled from Leos mouth as he asked for help. Aeron pushes his head up from the snow, and gazed across the square, Leo was only a few yards from him. There was a weird joy in seeing Leo, and knowing he was alive, but as his vision strengthened, he realized, Leo was bleeding heavily.
    The smoke from the explosion made it hard to see anything, but what Aeron could see, was something that would come out of a gory Wes Craven film. The explosion scattered the corpse, of the crawlers, onto the walls of once local businesses. Their blood was spewed onto the walls, their guts were splattered onto the window. The blood was dripping from the window seal onto the ground. A handful of Crawlers were piled onto a burning car, the burning corpse let out a ungodly aroma that made the whole town smell. The smell was no problem, though it was horrible, the problem was fifteen feet from Aeron.
Leo had more to worry about, though, the open wound caused him to lose a lot of blood, which weakened his body, and began to pull all of the blood to the heart, to keep him alive. Aeron pushed himself from the ground, stumbling as he got up. He fell back to the ground, but then got back up and ran over to his falling Comrade. Aeron pulls him from the ground, with Leos hand around his neck, he begins to pull him towards their snow mobiles. Aeron knew the snow mobile had supplies that could initially save his friends life. Their snow mobiles were a distance away, though. This could be a hard task to  accomplish with a wounded male. But without thinking, Aeron begins to walk faster, holding Leo from the ground. 
Both of the men were weak from the explosion. As they got closer to the snow mobiles, they began to get slower. They got a block away from the barrier of cars when Leo fell to his face. He is unresponsive as Aeron tried to get him back to his feet. Aeron knew that this journey would have to be a lone one. He wrapped his coat around him and left the scene. Aeron looks up from the ground, and looks around the town, he sees that the coast is clear, and begins to run through the empty town, making his way to the luggage. When he got to the Barrier, the slid on top of the hood, and landed on his feet on the other side. The snow mobile was covered with a sleeve of snow, the luggage was buried under the pile of snow, he slides his hand across the seat, pushing all the snow off of the leather. Aeron looks over at the abandoned mobile, knowing he would need the materials to get home, he gets off the ride and runs to the other cart. He grabs the other luggage, and piles it on top of his previously high amount.
    He turns over the ignition and takes off. The wind in his face, the snow on his hands, he was freezing, but he needed to get out of Fairfield. He had one more stop, though. He made his way through the barrier, and drove up to Leo. As he got off the running snowmobile, he noticed that Leos wound was turning black. The infection was spreading quickly through his blood stream. The cold was turning him slowly into one of the beast. Since the wound was on his arm, Aeron needed to cut it off, causing the infection to stop in its tracks, but as Aeron grasped a hold of his Machete, a crawler appeared from one of the alleys, and was headed towards them. Aeron had no time to do the surgery, he had to act fast, and worry about the wound, later. He pulls Leo onto the cart, and piled all the covers onto him. After killing the Crawler, Aeron got back on his snow mobile and sped off.  
Aeron looked back into the cart, to see that Leo was slowly moving, back and forth. He was moaning from the continuing pain, gripping tightly onto his arm. Aeron wanted to stop and help him, but he knew that he couldn’t do it, he needed to get the man to a safe, and warm location. There he could cut off his arm, and get the infection to stop spreading. As they made a path through a snowy plain, Aeron felt the wind pick up. The snow fall was coming down heavy, now. The snow flakes were bigger than they had seen before. But with little hope of survival in his heart, Aeron saw something in the distance, maybe their last hope. It was an old grocery loading dock that was used before the storm. He thought of the back-up generator and the loads of food they could steal. This would be a great hideout, for now, until the storm passes, and they can get back on the route. Aeron slows down, until he came to a full stop. Leo moans a little louder as the crate lost traction, and slammed into the back of the snowmobile. Aeron apologizes. The front door was chained together to keep intruders out. The chain had an inch of ice frozen onto it.
    Aeron grabs his machete, and swings hard. The cold metal clings against the chain, it breaks the frozen metal, and the chain falls to the ground. Aeron opens the door to see a big selection of food. There seemed to be a group here, and they seem to gather more food, for the harsh winter, but there wasn’t anyone in sight, indicating that something got in, or they left Aeron grabs their belongings and carries Leo into the building. The doors wouldn’t stay shut, so he grabs a rope and closes the doors, tying the rope to a cart on the inside that contained cases of alcohol. After locking the door from the inside, Leo lies down on the ground, near the door with his blankets, and falls to sleep. Aeron, on the other hand, goes through the store looking for the generator, but also anything that could come to use, to them.
While Aeron walks through the store, he spots the generator, but there is no gas. He tries to get it to start, but the tank is fully empty. With no hope in the generator, he goes to the home and garden section, of the store, and grabs all the wood and lighter fluid that he can. He brought the materials back to the front of the store, and dropped the supplies, then he left again. This time he was looking for something to put the fire inside, such as a small metal pan, something to keep the fire from spreading through the whole store. The grill they had wouldn’t fit on the crate, with Leo, so he had to leave it behind. But he found his answer as he circled the frozen aisle. He found a five gallon metal pot. This was smaller than he wanted, but it would work. He brought the small pot back to the front of the store, Leo was fully out, he was no longer moaning, in pain. He walks to the window, and places the machete on the window seal, he looks out into the mass of snow. He sits there and thinks about what was going to happen, as he does, he thinks of how close they are from Drummond, and how they will be home in less than a day, after the storm ends. He walks over to the pan and starts a fire. The fire created a mass of heat, more than Aeron thought it would. With there being heat, Aeron decided to lay back and write in his journal. He was keeping a descriptive account of what was happening, but as he began to write about Fairfield, he felt his eyes getting heavy, so he laid down his pen, and grabbed a cover. In moments he was out. With the storm still raising hell, the survivors were comfortable on the inside.
The winter weather has calmed down, the wind was at a comfortable breeze without a single flake falling. Aeron and Leo were still sleeping in the grocery store, being protected by the rope connected to a cart full of alcohol. After an hour of searching, Aeron finally found what it took to keep them alive for a few days, but on the outside, there was something that wanted it. The man in a strangle black coat stepped down from his f-150. He walks up to the grocery store door, and tries to nudge it open, but nothing was going to break the knot. He pulls the door open, reaches in, and cuts the rope. The door flung open. The male came into the building. He walks slowly over to the simmering fire. He looks down at Aeron and Leo. He drops to one knee, and picks up their backpack. With a knife in one hand, he opens the bag. He searches the bag. He finds food and medical supplies, he throws the contents into his bag, and goes onto the next one, but before he gets into the next bag, he glimpse up at the window, and see the machete. Without second thought, he walks over and grabs the blade off the window. He thrust his arm to see how, the machete, felt in his hand. But as he swings it, the strange male feels cold metal on the back of his neck. The sound of a gun being loaded echoed through the mans ear.  He slowly turns around, and faces Aeron. Aeron points the gun at his head. 

“Well, what do we have here?”

“I am taking what is mine, and I will leave.” The old man exclaims. He heads to the entrance.

Aeron chuckles.

“You move, you die. Now drop my damn belongings!”

Aeron pushes the man to the ground, as he does the bag comes open. Cans of food rolled out, making its’ way across the floor. Aeron shakes his head in annoyance and punches the man in the face, he bounces back and smiles. Aeron places his hand out, waiting for the machete. The old man tries to keep ahold, but knows it would end well, and finally gives up possession of the weapon.

“I should cut your hand off, make you regret doing these things! But I am a nice one.” He drops the machete, he still had the gun locked and ready to shoot. The barrel was firm against his forehead, one twitch of a finger and this mans brains would be on the wall.

“Tell me, grandpa, why do you want to steal?” Aeron forcefully asks.

“I have a daughter….a wife….they are in trouble!” His body slumps down, as he sobs uncontrollably.

“Stop crying!!!!!”Aeron kicks the guy in the stomach.


“Why don’t you go save them.” Leo asks as he gets up from his cot, on the ground. I am sure you can handle yourself.

“I am too weak, I have no weapons. I am here to find food and people! I have been wandering for days!”

Aeron swings the gun forcefully onto his head. His eyes rolled to the back, as he fell to the ground, hitting his head off the
brick ground. The man lies there, cold. He seemed to be dead, but his chest began to move. Aeron turns around and looks at Leo. Leo shrugged his shoulders and lies his head back down.

“What should we do?” Aeron prompts an answer from Leo.

“I don’t care, you decide.”

“Come on!” Aeron throws a can of vegetables over at Leo.

“Hey, fucktard….yes…..lets help…..lets add days onto our travel……”

Aeron sat down on his cover and thought about the extra time, and how they would be gone away from home for another few days. At this moment, the old man awakes. Aeron gets off the blanket and points the gun back at the man. The man held his hands up in surrender, Aeron tells the man to get to his feet. The old man follows the instructions, while keeping his hands in a surrender position.

“Who are you, what good do you bring to us?”

“My name is Les Featherfield. My friends just call me les, though. I was a farmer in Illinois for a while, but we moved here to escape the changing seasons. I have always been a fan of the cold, but we didn’t expect this to happen.”

“None of us did.” Aeron shot back. “What do you need from us? Where is your family?”


Leo gets up from his cot, quickly. He seemed in shock that this man wanted to go there. Aeron draws back and looks at Leo.

“What’s wrong, man?”

“Helena is swamped with Crawlers. I don’t know how this man got in, but I can promise, we will never get out…alive…..” Aeron shook his head in disbelief, and begins to walk away.

“It’s not that bad, my group cleared a lot of them out” Les fights back, trying to convince them to take a chance.

Aeron paces back in forth then turns towards Les. He walks over to Les and lifts his heavy head so he could look into his eyes. Les had fear in his eyes, he was scared of what was going to happen next. Aeron then lowered his head and began to pace again. Leo walks over to his friend, and asked him what he was going to do. Aeron shook his head, not knowing what to do.

“Here is the deal, if we go and there are crawlers, we drop you off and leave, got it? But you give us half your belongings once we get there. If you run, you die.” Aeron offered.

Les agrees in great excitement, as he starts to shake slightly. He starts to walk to the door, but as he gets to the door, Aeron tells him they will be leaving tomorrow. Les wanted to leave now, but knew this was his only chance.
While Aeron walks through the store, Leo catches up to him and grabs his shoulder. Aeron turns to him, and asks what he wants. Leo explains that he is very disgusted with his lack of caring. Aeron shoves his hand off his shoulder, as he does, Leo falls to the ground. He is still weak from the wound, but he picks himself off the ground. Aeron apologizes and tells him that he just wants the stuff, and he doesn’t care if the man dies. Leo smirks and walks away, going back to his cot.

     While the survivors were sleeping, Les was sitting awake, waiting for the crack of dawn. Though Aeron told him to get some sleep, Les had no intention to get sleep. He was fearful of what was about to happen. He had a rock in his hands that he found on the floor, the night before. As he lies there, he hears Aeron panting. He turns around to see Aeron patting his arm. Les sees that Aeron rolled over on top of a coal that fell off the wood, Les laughs. Aeron tells him to shut up, or to leave. Les shuts up, instantly. Aeron gets up, and tells Les to get ready. Les mocks him, and tells him that he was already ready. Aeron walks away. The whole time that Aeron and Leo were getting ready, Les was mocking them. Anytime they would put on a shoe, He would tell them to hurry up. Anytime they would pack a backpack, he would ask if they were done, yet. Being annoyed, Aeron walks over to him and slaps him in the face. After the assault, he didn’t say a word. He kept quiet until they were about to leave.

     After grabbing the stuff they needed, they all walked outside. The snow wasn’t falling, and the wind was at a minimal. Les walks over to his truck, and throws his bags into the bed of the truck. Aeron asks if he was wanting them to follow, Les laughs, then offers them a seat in the cab of the truck. Aeron jumps at the opportunity to get out of the cold, for once. They load up the snow mobile into the bed of the truck, with help of a few wooden post. As Aeron sat in the warm truck, he was reminded of the good ole days, before the snow. The days that his dad would take him to go fishing, and he would sit in the back of his truck. The memories kept Aeron preoccupied for the three hours it took to get to Helena. Les stops. Aeron looks up, and sees that they are in front of the Helena city limits.

      They circled around a couple of the nearby buildings, and parked behind an old bar. On each side, there were buildings with ladders that led to the roof. Three other cars were parked behind the bar. Each car was frosted over, showing the lack of people being around this area. Les parks the truck and gets out. Before Aeron or Leo could get out, Les was gone. Aeron screams at him, before he takes off after him. When Aeron rounds the corner, he sees his worse nightmare, Crawlers were packed in the streets. Les stood in the middle of the street, in fear. Aeron walks up to him, and tries to get him to come back, but he says he has to do this. Aeron reminds him of the deal, as Leo makes his way to them. Les lowers his head, but then pushes him and runs into the horde. Aeron screams and tries to chase him, but Leo stops him.   


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                                                                          Welcome to the Night Crawler Journals.
     The winter snows have covered the ground, but it didn’t stop there. The snow piled on top of the other layers, the wind has made a snow drift onto the once-visible road. The cops have forced most of the residents of Montana to stay inside until further notice. It is unsafe in the snow to go anywhere. It has reached 12 feet of snow in only three days, that is the second most for this state. The snow is still falling, but that isn’t the worse part anymore.
We were ready for the snow to hit us, but we weren’t ready for the blistering winds that followed. The winds have reached -23*F, since the snow started falling. This is when we were all requested to come to the fire department. The guys that were brave enough to go out in this weather stop coming back. The cops want to say that they have a lot more work to do, and are listing them as “heroes”. But the smarter residents are able to put two and two together and see they are dead; the “heroes” froze to death out in the cold. They are trying to keep us calm, but it isn’t working well these days.
It has been two weeks since the start of the storm, and the strongest are beginning to fall to sicknesses. The ones that aren’t sick are either paranoid or hungry. The snow finally stopped falling, so now all we can do is wait it out. We are down to our last weeks supply of food though, someone stole an extra portion last night, so now we have to cut down even more on what we eat. We found the perpetrator and he was forced to leave the camp. The only sad thing is that his family didn’t want to go with him, so we kept them with us.
The leaders of the group watched as he walked out in the gushing winds. He looked strong at first, but his body was weakened by the cold, he slowed down and reached out for help, he then fell to the ground. The leaders were about to go receive the body when the snow gave him proper burial. The leaders pulled the fire truck entrance door shut, turned around and walked back into the lobby. The elders found the punishment was harsh and inhumane, they now feel that we are making this place “unsafe.” 
The roads are now safe to travel on, the wind has blown a lot of the snow into the woods, as the sun has melted a lot of the rest. We are looking at 7 ft. of snow, now. This is a big improvement, and since the wind has got up to 2*F, we have officially been released to go outside after a month of captivity. The road crew has been doing all they can to push the snow off the streets.
     When they told us the news about the roads being clear, people began to rush out the door to go into the cold, the room cleared quickly. But as they got to the road, the wind began to drop again, this time they didn’t turn around. They kept running down the road. I watched as each one began to slow down. They weren’t strong enough to stand next to the cold. Each one began to turn back, but couldn’t make it another step. I watched as their skin began to turn black from frost bite. They then fell to the ground; 39 residents seemed to die.
As they fell to the ground, they began to shake. They still attempted to crawl towards us, that’s when the kids began to run away. I yelled for one of the elders to get them back inside, and to shut the door. The shaking stopped, we thought that the brain was still giving them energy to crawl, but then they got back to their feet and walk slowly towards us. The enforcement wanted to shoot the innocents down, but I held their fire. I wanted to help them, study their infection, and come up with a way to reverse the illness.
     Their bodies were pitch black, from head to toes. The infection that they had was causing them to foam out of the mouth, such as a case of rabies, but they was also puss coming from their eyes. The puss was turning into blood. I thought there was still an opportunity to help them, so I told the officers to go get them. They didn’t want to listen to me, but I ordered them to do so, as the mayor of Dearmouth. The beast began to scream as the officers that went to help them. The screech was loud, and indicated they wanted to feed, as they grabbed ahold of the volunteers.
     The Crawlers jumped on them, and brought them to the ground. Their fingers had long ice sickles on the tips, these weapons were used to rip open their skin. The shredded their heavy jackets and began to dig into their stomach. They didn’t want to eat though, it seemed to be the heat that they wanted. They still have to be alive, I have to help them, they are just cold. I ran out into the street, and yelled at them. That grabbed their attention, they looked up, their skin was flaking off from the extreme cold. This is when I decided that I couldn’t help them, and that I needed to go back inside.
      The beast followed me to the station. They were slow, so I got to the station first; I quickly shut the door, they charged against the door; the door that I am holding shut. The door wasn’t going to hold for long, in that time I needed to find the others and get out of the building. I ran away from the door to search for the children. I began to scream for them to come out, but no one would answer. I looked in a few rooms and found nothing. I went into the final room on the left. This was the room with the boiler, also the safest room in the whole department.
      When I opened the door, I saw that the outside door was open. They must have heard the commotion and freaked out. I shut the door in the room and went back into the lobby. The door was breaking as I got back into the room, I needed to get help. I needed to get to the control room, there is a radio that is connected to all the departments in Montana. This was my last shot, I needed this to save this town.  
      I ran down the hallway making it to the control room. I shut the heavy steel door and pulled the lock across. I heard the door fall to the ground in the lobby. I didn’t have much time, there were about twenty crawlers looking for warmth, and I was all that was left. I grabbed the speaker, and began to speak into it, telling the surrounding areas what was happening, and where we were. The beasts made their way through the department.
     They had to hear me, because they quickly charged against the door. I knew they couldn’t make their way through the door, but the lock was weak, I needed to get a response now! The lock began to break off the side of the wall when someone answered. The crawlers forced their way through the door, and grabbed a hold of me, I fall to the ground, they fall on top of me. They began to push their claws through my clothing, into my gut. I hear the guy calling across the intercom. I couldn’t respond to the blood in my throat, but with all the power left in my pain ridden body, I held the speaker button down.
      I hoped they wouldn’t come for us, we were all dead. If they came now, they wouldn’t be able to fight these beast off. I slowly lost consciousness. I opened my eyes one last time, my vision was blurry, but I could see that the Crawlers face was covered in blood, his eyes were red and pussy, and the foam had turned into a green slime. He then put his long claw through my eyes, I moaned one last time as I heard the male respond:
“Mam this is Aaron, we are on our way to get you, we are from Drummond. That is about thirty minutes away. Are you okay?……Mam?…… Leo LETS GO, they have Crawlers……”


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I want to share with you guys, a glimpse of the new ‘Night Crawler Journal’ that is going up tomorrow! This is a re-master of the original, that posted its last episode almost a year ago. I didn’t like the way that the story ended, but wanted to write it, so I chose to rewrite the whole story. If you were a fan of the old version, then don’t fear, the rewrite is based on the old version.

This will give the new edition something to be based on, but also give it more room to grow. I rushed the other story way to fast, which caused it to come out too unrealistic. I wasn’t proud at all, but now we can start over and finish what we started.
I don’t know if this will be an every week thing, or if it will be posted monthly. The way to make sure you get your dose though, is to like the series as it comes out. I base new episodes of a series on stats, meaning if it doesn’t show a certain amount of love, then I will stop posting it. The better it does, the faster the next episode comes.

‘Night Crawler Journals’ takes you into the eyes of a fearful state of Montana, during one of the worst snow storms ever recorded. The snow relented to stop, accumulating almost 7 feet of snow, in almost a week. The winds were below zero, and was freezing people to death in moments. The residents feared for their lives. The governor tried to keep them calm, but no one was listening. Some of the residents tried to leave, but died as soon as they stepped in the snow. But the bodies would never stay still for long. They would reanimate coming back as beast. Now, the people not only had to fear nature, but also had to fear those who have falling. Those who died but rose again to find warmth. How long will the cold last? Will the people be able to fight the weather and the “Crawlers?” How long can they last? Welcome to the ‘Night Crawler Journals.’

Enjoy this sneak peak:

“I watched as each one began to slow down. They weren’t strong enough to stand next to the cold. Each one began to turn back, but couldn’t make it another step. I watched as their skin began to turn black from frost bite. They then fell to the ground; 39 residents seemed to die, but they didn’t stay down.”


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