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One of my favorite sports is basketball. I love playing, I love pulling up from there and hearing the net smack against the rim. There is something about the sound that just makes my heart pound. I use to spend hours and hours playing basketball outside. It wouldn’t matter what the weather was, I would be outside. 

If it was windy, I would adjust my shot to the breeze or work on layups.

 If it was raining, I would be working on corner jumpers and layups

If it was snowing, I would work on fade aways and floaters.

Then on normal days, I would spend hours on three pointers and driving. While also working on all the other things. This would also include game situations!

“Blake has the ball. They haven’t played well, tonight but somehow they are still in the game. They have 3 seconds left, down by 2; Will they shoot a three or go for overtime?”

3.. Blake inbounds the ball and jukes a defender. He goes to his left. 2, He goes behind the back and steps back, forcing a defender to reposition. 1, Blake steps behind the line and pulls up. Could he get it off? Blake releases the ball as the time runs out. He watches the ball spin into the hoop; he won the game!!!!! They won!!!!

You can call me a loser for doing such a thing, but that’s what I would do. It brought me a passion, something that helped me stay in shape and kept my mind clear. There were days that I didn’t want to shoot, of course, but I was out there the next day. I must say that all of the training really helped. I became a good shooter. I could pull up from half-court and pretty much ice it. My three-point shot was sexy. Then we moved.

It all came down to us having to move. The landlord sold our house to someone else. He didn’t tell us that he was looking to sell, but it meant that we had to move. We moved into a smaller house, with less of a yard. The houses were closer together, so I couldn’t really shoot. I lost my passion for the game and my automatic shot. I soon stopped shooting all together. I would get spurts of passion, but it would never stay. 

I wanted to go to college, I wanted to play on a team. I just wanted to be better, but I never did. I quit my high school team, because I didn’t have good handles. This is something I could have learned, but I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem, this led to me failing at that dream. Sometimes I wonder what could have happened if I had someone coach me, but I don’t know. 

You should never give up on your dreams. I gave up because I moved, but I still had the tools at my disposal, but I quit. This is my fault. I gave up on myself. Now, years later, I regret ever pulling the trigger. I would have never went pro, but I could have had a lot more fun than I did. My whole life has been a “what if” and it pisses me off. I hate how I give up before it even starts. It sucks. So, stay on that team, keep playing the guitar, ask that girl out, go after that job. You’re the only one to say that you can’t do something! Stop giving up on yourself. Don’t be like me!!! 



We are sleeping.

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We are sleeping in the living room. We have decided that it is time to get rid of our bed. Our bed is so worn out that we can feel the springs in our back. For me, it’s nothing but Ariel is the other way. She cant fall asleep on most nights, so I know it’s time to get a new bed. 

Since we don’t want to sleep in the bedroom, we decided to get an air mattress. The air mattress was pretty cheap. It cost us $30 and it came with a built-in pillow. We went the cheap route and got a manual air pump. This was such a horrible idea…It took me about 30 minutes to fill up a queen size bed. I have decided to get a battery powered air pump, so I don’t have to break my back airing up the matress.

We are going to get a matress soon, but this will work for now. We have been wanting a new bed for a long time so this plays perfectly into plan. We also love that we now have our own air mattress for camping.

I would love to continue, but Ariel wants me to get to bed. She is cold and wants to cuddle. I love you guys! Keep up the good work on those resolutions and stay safe. Remember to eat what you want! 💪💪💪

We put up our tree!

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Tis the season to put up a Christmas Tree. My wife and I spent this Friday night getting into the Christmas spirit. This included; hot chocolate, pajamas, Christmas movies, and a lot of decorations. We always spend time getting into the mood, it is our thing!

   We went to Walmart and bought new lights, which are precious. We only spent 3 dollars each on the 4 boxes. That isn’t bad for lights, especially when they work very well. We got blue and white, which go really well together. We put lights up in the living room and on the tree while watching “How the Grinch stole Christmas.” I must say that the tree came out really well, along with the lights and the door mat. 

    We wanted to be decked out, so we picked up a door decal and a wall decal.The door decal said “Merry Christmas” with a picture of Santa, where as the wall decals says “Today a savior has been born to you; His name is Christ the Lord.” I really love everything we bought, and we aren’t even done. We still want to decorate more, so we will be sharing pics soon!!!! I wouldn’t want to share early!!!!d

Either way, tell me what decorations you will be putting up? What is your tradition? Are you more of a giver or receiver? Let me know!!! Love you guys, night!

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Should I stay awake.

I have another close tomorrow, so that means I don’t have to go to bed early. This is always a great time to get writing done or to play a video game. With this being said, I am in a pickle. I don’t want to go to bed early, but also I don’t want to sleep all day. So should I just get to bed slightly late and still be able to enjoy a majority of tomorrow, or should I stay up late and get things done just to sleep most of the day away, tomorrow?  I don’t know what I should do, will you give me some insight?

If I did get to bed early tonight, I will be up early tomorrow and will be able to get things done, early. This is awesome since I will be well rested, but also I might get tired/warned down by the time of my shift tomorrow. This would lead to be more cranky and more out of it at work, which could be a very bad thing. I take a lot of pride into my work, so I don’t want it to be affected by what I do in the day, leading me to think that it would be smarter to stay up.

If I did stay up until late, then I would be able to get more done and would be able to sleep more during tomorrow. The biggest problem with that is; I don’t want Ariel to sleep alone. She doesn’t always hate to sleep alone, but I know that sometimes she wants me to be in the bed. I think this alone will put me to sleep early, but at the same time, I don’t want to. The only other problem is sleeping all day, this usually leaves me with a headache, one that also has an effect on my mood, though not as serious as the early bird effect.

Overall, I am in a pickle. I want to do both, but I don’t know what I should do. I want to spend the time with Ariel, but I also want to spend a lot of time on Video games. It has become Ariel Vs. Video games, which isn’t a good thing, so I will go to bed with her. This way I can be the best husband, ever. Then I will wait until she’s asleep and I will come back out and play the night away. PROBLERM SOLVEDED. We rock, thank you guys!


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Getting home from work.

I’m never tired when I get home from closing. There is something about working late that keeps my blood pumping. This is a big problem, especially when I want to get up early and work on my blog and other things. That is why I use these moments to get ahead. I get off at 11:40 p.m. and get home at midnight. Once I get home, I like to slip out of my work clothes, sit at my desk and watch what is new on YouTube. Some nights, I might take a shower, but most times I will go to bed shortly after getting home. Then there are nights like this one.

Tonight was a bad night for me at work. I was put into a rough position that I shouldn’t be in and it caused me to have a sour attitude. Later in the night, I was able to get out of the position, but there was a lot to still do. I used a lot of my energy to get ahead, but I still fell short due to my energy level. I needed some kind of pick me up, so I got a coffee. This was very dumb of me, because now the coffee has kicked in, now that I am at home.

The coffee is keeping me up, I’m not tired at all. Luckily, I don’t have to get up early, but I also fear for tomorrow, this is because I wanted to get a lot done. Some of the things that I wanted to do are; Write a few blogs, work on a special NFL picks for the blog, catch up on some reading and finally, I wanted to work on some special effects. I fear that with this late night energy, I will find no energy tomorrow.

I did get sleep that night. Now, it wasn’t the amount of sleep that I wanted, but it was okay. I just have to get use to this new schedule, as it is hard to go from opening daily to closing nightly. I still get up at 5 A.M. and I operate most of the day with no problem. But like today, I found that at 4 P.M. I was dead tired. I got up and cleaned parts of the house just to stay awake, but as soon as I sat at my desk, I slowly began to fall asleep. I’m trying to fight the sleep, so that I can get back on a schedule, it’s just harder than I expected. What can I do? I’m dead tired…..


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Ten things I want to do on my day off.
I want to relax on my day off, but that isnt the only thing I want to do. I want to spend my time doing one thing, instead, I want to do as much as I can, so it actually feels like a day off. My day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. so I can get a good start on what I want to do. The list of things that usually happens, on my day off, is here now!

1. Listen to a lot of music. This usually contains NF, Mud diggers, Any country, Beethoven and Eminem. I like to keep a nice mixture, in order to not get burnt out from the same beats, or stories. This usually works, though some days I will stick with NF.

2. Watch Tv- I like to catch up on the world of sports, usually NFL and golf. I watch a lot of golf, in order to get my swing down, and a lot of NFL to get updated for Fantasy football. Sometimes I will watch a horror movie, but usually it’s just sports playing in the background.

3. Read- I have discussed this before. In order to be a good writer, you must read good writing. This is why I try to read something on my days off, though, sometimes it doesn’t work. I like to read “The Walking Dead” By Robert Kirkman, but sometimes I will read a book about grammar, plot placement, or fun facts. It may vary, but most days I will read a chapter in each book.

4. Practice my golf swing- Lately, I have been getting into golf more. I like to go outside and swing, but being downtown, that is impossible to do, so I spend hours practicing my putting. I have foam practice balls that I like to practice hitting, using my new practice mat, but usually it’s just my putting.

5. Play video games- This is one of the last things that I will do, that’s if I am really upset or have nothing else to do. Usually if I play, I will play some Fallout or NBA.

6. Clean- Yeah, I like to pick up things. I wont deep clean though. I am too “Busy” for that.

7. Social media- I spend a lot of my day off, on social media. I like to use this day to see what everyone else is doing, and if they have anything to talk about. It engages my audience, and its nice to catch up with friends.

8. Sleep- I love my sleep.

9. Shower- I like to soak in the shower, relaxing and thinking. This is usually where I get new ideas, and where I practice my vocals!

10. Write- I’m a writer, because I love to write. This is the day that I get to sit back, and do something I love to do. I spend most of my day off writing. It is the best time, since I am usually alone.


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A night after I offered my expertise, to the world, on dream defining, my wife had a wild dream.She has been very stressed this week, which has forced her to stay awake, even after the night is turned to day. With all the stress at her job, she got to sleep 30 minutes last night. But this was enough time to allow her to have a crazy dream, one that she didn’t forget easily.

She told me the story on the way to work, this morning. She started talking when we got in the car, I began to daze out into mid-air, but the detail she was telling the story in, kept my attention high. It seemed that I was watching a horror movie in HD with each detail she brought forth. The story went like this:

“I woke up one morning, the sirens were going off at my job so I had to get there fast. I had you get up out of bed, and drive me to the building. I remember getting to the building and hearing the loud sirens going off, but I can’t remember the drive. But when we got to the store, I wanted you to go in first and check for intruders, but when you opened the door, it became a hotel. I was confused when I saw that the crew of ‘The Walking Dead’ were all sitting at the booths that surrounded the room. They all said hi, and greeted me with a hug. I remember seeing Abraham, Rick, and Carol. You weren’t you though, I can’t remember who you were, you just weren’t you. They told me that we had work to do. They started to explain to me the circumstances that were before us. We needed to get the last true blooded human, and get her to safety. This true blood was a baby, my co-workers to be exact. I told them that we would go forth and get the baby back, and we left.”

“ The sky turned a light blue in the middle of night, each hour a number and face came across the stars. This was like Hunger games, each time someone died their face would pop across the stars, along with the number of humans left in the world. There weren’t that many, which meant our mission was in jeopardy. You were racing to get to the baby, but a deer walked in front of us, and we crashed. I woke up minutes later, possibly suffering from a concussion, you weren’t there. You weren’t in the sky though, I wondered where you were. I sat out to find you, which led me to a grocery store. Inside of the store I found the baby. I picked the baby up, and called for Kelsie. As I called for her, the baby bit me.”

“The gums of the infant didn’t pierce the skin, yet I felt the need to hide the truth. Kelsie came into the room, and yelled, in joy, to see that I made it. We sat and talked for a few hours, but then I remembered the mission at hand, to find the baby and to find you. I asked her for her help, and she agreed. We sat out to find you, but we ran into a hoard of zombies, but they could talk. One of the flesh-eaters muttered “I am boutcha bite ya” I screamed “No” and pushed him into a ditch. He moaned, slowly attempting to get out of the hole, but each attempt pulled more dirt into the hole, eventually burying him. They got away from the hoard, and made their way back to the original hotel. They found me there; it seemed that I was in the bathroom, hiding from Abraham, for god knows what reason. She was relieved when she saw me. We handed over the baby, and the apocalypse stopped.”

I felt that this story needed to be shared with you guys. As I said last night, I find dreams to be very fascinating. The mind is such a powerful tool to produce such detail, in only thirty minutes. I wish I had dreams with this much intensity, but that is why I married Ariel, she always has the most amazing dreams. I believe she could write a thousand novels, or at least sale me the ideas. Either way, this story is one that I couldn’t keep inside, not from you amazing fans!

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I have always been fascinated with dreams. I think it is amazing how the mind can work. I like the fact that even if I have never been somewhere, my brain can print out some blueprints, and use my creativity to light the way. There have been some amazing journeys taking inside my mind after I close my eyes, that have left me amazed, but there are also some that have left me terrified, but what do they mean?

I see certain things in my dreams, and those items are what I remember of all the dreams. One time all I could distinctly remember was a cat. I am not a fan of cats, nor do I want one, so why would I dream of it? The fact that a little hair ball caught my attention got me curious, on to what it actually meant. Why do we remember some part of the dream, yet forget the rest? Is it a secret desire that we have been ignoring, or maybe it’s a warning, one that we need to listen to? But how can we be sure?

This is where I was stumped, I wanted to know why I was dreaming certain things, but had no knowledge of the topic. This is where Barnes and Noble actually was needed. I knew they had a section for dreaming, and spiritual books, but I was unsure if they covered this topic, and even if they did, what was I truly looking for? How could I ask about it…what was I suppose to do. Luckily when I got there, I found the answer right off the bat.

As I went to my favorite section (Bargains) I saw a book that seemed to answer all of my questions. This book was a light brown color dictionary, that read ‘Dream Language.’ I quickly grabbed the book, not looking at the price, and went on with my shopping. In the next isle, there was a book called ‘Nightmare dictionary’ this was a book like the one I picked up, but dealt with more scary dreams, and deadlier signs. I figured this was going to be needed to, since I wanted to know about dreams, and why we dream certain things. I ended up buying both books, only adding up to $20, all thanks to bargains!

I went home that night and began to read some of the definitions, starting with cat. This is what is said about cats; “someone has led you to believe that you may become more familiar with them but they don’t want you to behave in an overly friendly fashion in public. You will be made to look bad and this person will ignore you in front of others! Then it gives you a approximate time in which it will happen.

This book might not be super-accurate, but it explains so many hidden details of some dreams that we have. It puts us one step closer to understanding what is going on around us, and if we can brace ourselves for a heartbreak, or worse, then isn’t this book worth keeping?

Since I bought this book, I haven’t been able to dream. But I still want to use the book, so I am here to offer a service. Anytime that something sticks out in a dream, would you like to bring it to me, and I can search it for you. This can also be used for nightmares, and since the books are huge, I am sure you can bring everything. I have always been curious of the dream state, and have been wanting to study it. This is a great place to start. 

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Going to sleep without blogging, feels really weird. So here I am sitting in a dark room, writing to you guys, once again. I know that it is healthy to take a night to myself, and work on other things. But when you have been posting everyday for a couple weeks, you can’t expect to leave one night empty. Maybe it is the viewers, or maybe it is the fact that “I love to write”, either way I am here tonight.
I am happy on where I am, and how this blog is doing. The stats could be better, but it is a lesson for me. It teaches me to be patient and do the thing that I love the most, for the joy not for the success. If I was here for a paycheck, then I would starve. I am here for other things though. I have been offered money before, but I am scared the moment I take money for my articles, is when I will begin to focus on making this a career, I’m scared I would start to change how I write, to make more money. Since I want to be a paid writer, that is something that will have to work itself out, this is why I bought a few books yesterday.
I went to Barnes and Noble (Sponsorship?) and bought thirty-dollars worth of writing books, luckily they were on sell. The books that I bought, were made in order for writers to perfect their work.
“How to Write It by Sandra E. Lamb” is a book that teaches a writer how to write: Emails, References, Cover letters, and many more. I had to get this right away. I think it is important to know how to write everything, no information on how to write can be useless. I also bought “Easy guide to Grammar.” As the title explains, I want to get better at my grammar. I was counseled by Peter Simeti, and he told me that I needed to work on my grammar, now with this book, I think I will be able to remove my greatest weakness, my grammar.
Now the final book. “Powerful Writing Skills, By Richard Anderson” is the final book that I picked up, it is a 125-page book to help you become clear and personal, while writing. This book is for business correspondents, but as I read a few pages, I got a lot of information that I will bring into my blog.
Each book will help me become that next-leveled writer. I want to share with you guys more as I read through these books. These books can help you as you look for a job, or as you grow as a writer. Either way, this is a journey that wouldn’t hurt you, to join in with. So if you are being me, give me a like. I want to post findings throughout the week, have another suggestion? Leave it in the comments!  


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Dear small bloggers,
There are over a million writers that are trying to make it in this world. You are among those who are either starting out, or who haven’t been found by the crowd. Either way, you find that this journey is harder for you than you thought it would have been. You thought that your writing ability was enough to make you famous. But when you are one among a million, that ability isn’t enough. Becoming a famous writer is as hard as being drafted into the NBA.
Don’t think I am telling you this to discourage you, I want to be sure that you know this ride wont be an easy one. This is the best yet longest road that someone will travel, and remember that roads have rocks and occasionally roadblocks. This means that sometimes you will need to take a detour or be ready for a flat. This roadblocks are rejection, writers block, lack of motivation, or Stats.
Rejection is a part of writing. You will never find a famous writer that has never been rejected. There isn’t a writer out in the world that has it all figured out. The honest truth is this, not everyone will like what you have to say. Your opinion might not be what they want to hear, or your style of telling the truth, isn’t the way they want it. Rejection is a part of the career, so if you aren’t ready for rejection, don’t follow any dreams for right now.
Writers block was one of the biggest roadblocks for me. This was covered in one of my last post, which you should check out, but writers block nearly killed my career. This is the condition of not being able to think of what to writer or being able to complete a thought. I spent almost a year suffering from writers block, and it was miserable. I tried to do everything in my power to get out of the blockage, but nothing was working. I finally forced myself to continue to write, and one day the dam broke. This is when I felt the most alive.
Sometimes I feel unmotivated when I need to write. I have a job and a wife, so sometimes I don’t have the available time to sit down and write for hours. Then when I have the hours to write, I cant find the will to sit down and use that time for this blog. It isn’t that I don’t care, but more the fact that I work hard enough through the week, sometimes I want to take the time and catch up on; gaming, sleep, catching up with friends, and getting house cleaning done. I have found a pretty good flow with how I do things now, but there was a time in my life, where I would believe that every free second needed to be spent on this blog. When you are stressed though, it becomes hard to write when you have a thousand other things to do. You will have to find the balance to keep the motivation though.
Finally, Stats are nothing but numbers. You are a writer because you love to write, becoming famous means you get to do it for money. Remember this, You are a writer because you love to write! I can’t tell you how many people I know, that quit doing what they loved because they didn’t get the results fast. Rappers or musicians, writers, artist, and body builders will never explode in one month. You have to remember why you love to do what you do, if you don’t then you will quit! NF says this in his song titled “All I have;” “But that’s not the case because most of the times the artist you hear, you keep thinking the artist is new, but that artist has probably been at it for years.” If you are looking to explode overnight, then you will be sadly mistaken and will probably give up. You will have to prove yourself to get your shot. If that is being a independent writer or with a company, know this, you will have to spend a year to years working hard to get your shot. But don’t give up, numbers are numbers, sometimes the numbers suck but that is when you will need to remember why you are writing. You are a writer because you love to write, not because you want to be famous!
We are all in different parts of our careers, I have been a blogger for five-six years. The ride has been crazy, and sometimes I did quit but then I felt depressed because I wasn’t suppose to quit. I am a writer because I love to write, so quitting wasn’t an option, that is when I made my return. Somedays are still rough, it is hard to see single digit views, but that is when I work harder to get more views. That is what you have to do, take the failure and use it for your advantage, instead of letting it discourage you. Writing is something everyone wants to do, but it takes the strongest to survive in this crazy occupation, so never give up!


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