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  Everyone is so excited…but im sitting here waiting.
     Orange is the new black just released the next season on Netflix, which has everyone mind blown. All the girls are glued to their computer screens, watching a T.V. show about a group of prisoners. Though, I don’t know about the show, I can tell its not my cup of tea, but it seems to be getting a lot of attention, lately, especially by the wife. She loves when the new seasons come on, and will spend days watching the whole season, only to be forced to wait another year for another season. I would call that crazy, but I have the same problem, but just with another show. A show that has released their season 9 DVD release date.
    If you know anything about me, you should know that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is simply my favorite T.V. show. I recently started watching the show, and I fell in love instantly, which led to buying every season, except the one that isn’t out yet, but happiness was giving to me when I found out, they are releasing the Season 9 DvD set on August 29th, 2016. Though, August is still 2 months away (the 29th ) I am all so excited to have the season in my hands, and to be able to catch up, with Sheldon and the crew, before the premiere of Season 10, which is either September 26th or October 27th, 2016. My Big Bang excitement is at the highest, and I can relate to these little girls with OITNB.
       We all have a favorite T.V. show that we are following, and that we love to spend hours watching. My wife and I have finished 8 seasons of BBT (Big bang theory,) so I cant give too much shit to you series lovers! I just don’t enjoy the show, but others might not enjoy BBT as I do, which is okay. I hope that every OITNB fan has a great night, try to get some snacks and enjoy your binge watch. I will be working tonight, also waiting patiently for Aug. 29th.


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I was scared to death as Amanda grabbed my hand through the window. My heart was racing faster than it ever has. I would never imagine someone reaching through a window and grabbing me. At first I thought she was trying to scare me, but the whole time that I stared at her through the window she refused to stop screaming, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was completely shattered with what ever happened out there, tonight. That’s when I figured that this was probably serious.
I hurried to the door and opened it to comfort her as much as I could, asking her if she was okay, in which she said no as she cried harder. I walked her over to the couch that and asked her to talk to me about what happened. We sat there for a few minutes, before finally she snorted the snot back into her nose and began to tell the story:  They were running low on their only bottle of UV Blue that she had bought for quarters. She didn’t want to give up the game because of the loss of alcohol, so she told everyone that her and Alex (Her boyfriend) would be back in a few. They left in Alex’s small crap Ford Taurus. They forgot that it was a ten minute drive there and ten back, so they tried to speed their way through the time. They got their within five minutes, got the booze, and started to head back to the country home. But as they came around the old prison site, A man started to follow them. Amanda said that at first they were worried about it being a cop since Alex was smashed while driving, they feared they were swerving too much. That wasn’t the case though, the guy behind them started to go really fast, and got on the side of their car, he began to turn into the lane forcing the car off the road. Amanda was screaming at the truck to quit being a prick, but he did it again. This time Alex lost control of the car and ended up in a ditch. The truck, the old man was driving, stopped instantly and he got out. No one was injured in the wreck, Alex jumped out of the car acting big and bad, an attitude that he has most of the time, but as Alex got closer he realized the old man had a shovel in his hand. This pumped Alex up even more, to the point that Alex swung on the old man. He missed and went straight pass the man and on to the ground. The old man showed no remorse and he walked over to the drunk teen and stomped on his head.
Amanda is now hyperventilating as she is telling me the fully story. She left him in the middle of the road with that man standing over him, she though that he had been dead from the big steel-toed-boots landing against his temple. “He would have wanted me to run back to safety anyways.” She mumbled through the saliva that she was producing through the sobbing. I am holding on tightly to her, trying to convince her that it isn’t her fault, agreeing that she did the right thing. As she was crying violently on my shoulder, I asked her what this creep looked like.
She stops sobbing for a few seconds with a concentrated look on her face, I figured she must have not been able to see him very well, but as I started to doubt, she begins to pour out details so clear, it felt as if I was there in front of him. He was an old man that had really scruffy facial hair, if she would say so, he hadn’t showered in days. He looked homeless with his dirty shirt and ripped overalls. She tells me that he was injured. He had cuts on his face, cuts that seemed to be made by a knife, and that he was bleeding from the arms, to the extent that he was dripping blood on the ground as he walked towards them.
She stops for a few seconds to stop herself from crying for a few more seconds, then continues to tell me that he was missing all of his teeth, that he might have had one or two, but they were rotted and that as he stomped on his head he let a sick laugh that you would only hear in a home for crazy people, leaving chills down her spines as she was frozen watching her man quit moving and as she ran away.
I have no idea on how to comfort her at this point, what she saw tonight was more than anyone could handle. I know if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to this home, let alone run away from this man.
“Lets just thank God that he didn’t follow you back.” I attempt to make her feel better, but this didn’t work, she digs her head deeper into my shoulder and cries louder than ever before.
“Yes, Let’s be glad the man didn’t follow you home, to the only other house in this territory.” The head of a shovel clanks against the wood floor. I turn around to see this man, a man that looks exactly as she described him. He was holding a bloody shovel smiling big at me. Amanda turns around as she heard the man, and jumps back screaming “That is the man, the man that killed Alex!” He let a dark laugh out and squinted. “Now it’s your turn!”  I jump off the couch. As we got off the couch though, the man begins to charge at us.

The Chair! Promotion!

The Kick Start!

The Kick Start!

Are you sick of the same plot in all horror movies, same cliché character development, same ole cinematic jump-scare, and the same horrible ending? Are you truly ready for a change in pace, ready for Hollywood to let go of the same outline? It is happening. I’m going to introduce you to the new generation of scary movies. This movie in-the-making will keep you up, because you will be too scared to close your heavy eye-lids.

If you are looking for the change in pace, look no further, Peter Simeti (President and publisher of Alterna Comics. Specializing in Graphic novels and Digital comics, ext. 2006) has announced that he has teamed up with Erin Kohut to turn his graphing novel The Chair into a cinematic thriller. This project as of right now is an independent film, though it’s an indie film, the chair has a cast that would make anyone want to sponsor it, including:

Bill Oberst Jr (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies.) Eric Roberts (Expendables.) Travis Love (The Walking Dead.) Brian Thompson (Terminator.) Noah Hathaway (Battlestar Galactica.) Derrick Damions (white collar.) Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story.) Zach Galligan (Gremlins)

The movie takes place in a prison, where Richard Sullivan(played by Brian Thompson) is wrongly accused of murder and is sentenced to death. He witnesses his inmates getting tortured in the hands of their sick-psychopathic Warden, Enrik. Sullivan decides to take things into his own hands.

In a recent interview with Peter, I had to get in the mind behind this twisted graphic novel and find the inspiration, he stated “I wanted to create something cliché on the surface (Wrongfully imprisoned inmate? Come on, that’s been done a thousand times) but was actually very different than what’s already been done.” This being stated, you can see the pure determination from Peter to bring the world a movie worth watching.

It is very difficult to turn a book into a movie. Details are lost, and most artists lose their point in the transition, but Peter made it clear that he is watching over the script writing tightly. He also said that there have been a few elements added to help make the characters more believable. He told me that with all of the additions that the viewers will definitely love it, as he stated in the interview!

This film will be ready to buy on Dvd in the beginning of 2015 if it reaches their goal of 300,000 dollars. Peter told me that they are planning to film in October, giving them more than enough time to film. This film will be Rated R for: Strong Language, Gore, and Violence. This movie is similar to the fantastic title “Silence of the lambs” and less like the movie “Hostel.” So if you weren’t a fan of the constant sex-scenes in “Hostel” this movie is for you!

Let’s get serious now. This project needs support people that want this project to succeed. In the beginning I was helping because I wanted traffic to my blog, but when I began to read more about The Chair, I fell in love with the idea of a horror movie based in a prison. Now I am willing to donate, will you?

This project needs at least 300,000 Dollars to begin filming; this is only covering the minimal requirements, such as: Acting, filming, editors, and promotions. There is no time to wait, this project joined Kickstarter recently and wants your help! It can be a simple five dollar gift, anything helps! Five dollars is nothing, you spend that in McDonald’s, and Starbucks every day. Take that money and donate it towards this project, make a dream come true!

As Peter said- “If they’re tired of the same kind of horror film, please give “The Chair” a try.  It’s got a non-stop pacing throughout the whole thing, there isn’t an hour of build up where nothing happens and then the last 15 minutes might make up for it.   It’s a horror/thriller that will definitely require a second viewing (or three) ;)”

If you want to donate click the link below! And watch the promotional trailer

(Full trailer will come when goal is met):


The CHAIR: a psychological horror with a fan favorite cast! by Painted Heroes — Kickstarter

Thank you!!!

-Impromt Dude