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When I was in 6th grade, I wrote my first real story. It was a horror story and I was so proud of it, though I can’t remember what it was about. But I was proud! I proud enough to walk over to my teacher and told her that I was going to be a writer, one day. She read it and raised one of her eyebrows. She told me that it was a good start and that I was very creative. This was the beginning of something special. She told me that it was full of run-ons, but that it could be turned into a master piece; and that no matter what I do, to chase my dreams. This is what started this crazy journey. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to be a writer, and I would do anything (in my power) to become one.

I never had anyone put me down for my writing. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we were supposed to write a story, but I couldn’t because my mother didn’t have a stable home for me to write in. I didn’t do the assignment, but the teacher wanted me to read it to the class. She wanted me to read it in front of a class, a story I never wrote! So what was I supposed to do, tell her I didn’t do the assignment? Heck no! I got up, walked to the front of the class and read my story about a vicious bear, tearing through a town of innocent families. I read for 10 minutes, flipping through the pages, until I finished. After the reading, she asked for the pages, I nervously handed them over and went back to my seat. She went on with the class, asking the next student to come forward and share. The bell rang 30 minutes later; I got up and walked to the door to go to lunch. But as I got to the front of the room, my teacher called my name. My chest was burning as I turned around. “Yes, mam?” She was holding my story up, revealing the empty pages. I began to shake, knowing that I failed the assignment. She told me that I should have been honest, but that I had a huge imagination, one that could make a good career one day. She gave me an A on the assignment for the creativity, since she couldn’t tell that I was reading an empty page.

Jump ahead to my senior year of high school. I have multiple WIPs; I have a solid blog and I’m getting more confident with my talents. A guy comments on my blog, telling me that I need to keep writing. I didn’t know that people could read my blog. I didn’t share it anywhere, so it through me off when I got such love. It felt great!  I also had a teacher behind me, pushing me to use my gifts, knowing I could be something.

Now I am a writer. I write daily. I have my days where I don’t want to write, or weeks where I feel I’m not a good enough writer, but I just remember the encouragement, from my past, and I get back to work, creating more content for you guys, knowing that the people in my past would be happy with where I am now! I never stopped following my dream to become a writer, so why would you give up on your dreams?

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. Stop grabbing your dream then letting it go because you think you don’t have enough grip on it. One day you will wake up and it will be too late to grab it, so grab it now! Don’t be worried about the outcome, but instead, make the outcome! Don’t stop chasing your dream because your legs are tired. Push through the hard times and grab that dang want. You want the dream to come true, don’t you? It’s all within your chest! You are the creator, so create the ending that you want. If you want to be a doctor, then become a doctor. You are the only one that is standing in your way. You can do this. I know you can.


When I buy coffee, I don’t buy the foam cup, that leads to me filling it up and putting a gallon of sugar in the coffee. No, I spend the extra money and buy a java monster. My favorite so far has been the Irish blend. I love the way the sugar blends with the strong coffee, but there is something that I always forget to do.
Java monsters are in tin cans, almost like a soda, so I don’t think to shake the little can of happiness. But then when I open the can and take the first drink, it taste like a water-downed espresso shot, which is the third worst taste in the world. I almost want to throw away the coffee, because I cant shake it, since it is opened. But then I thought of a great idea.
I put my life at stake, every time I do this, but I found a way to shake it. I will open the can, realize the coffee isn’t stirred, but I don’t freak out anymore. I simply put my tongue inside of the sharp opening and tip the can up and down a few times. The coffee is then stirred, and ready to be drank.
You would think that I would know to shake it, since I buy them almost daily, but that isnt the case. Either it is super early in the morning, or I figured I would have shook the can by the time of consumption. Both lead to that first horrible gulp, which stays in my mouth in the duration of the whole can. It almost ruins the taste of the coffee, but I can’t stop.
These coffees are so addicting, monster is horrible enough as an energy drink, so why would you put two of my weaknesses together. I am shocked that my heart doesn’t give out, with all of the caffiene it must endure, but it is stronger than the abuse, which I’m thankful for!
If you take anything from this post, take this, don’t forget to shake up certain drinks. This may include orange juice, coffees, yahoos, and milks. The taste of these items without shaking, will lead to a taste like orange juice and toothpaste. You have had an experience with an addict, please take the time to shake your drinks, it could save a taste buds life!


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I hate my eyesight so much.
Sometimes I refuse to write, because my eyesight is getting worse. I can see fine, yet someday my eyesight will get blurry. Some of the people that I talk to about it, say it is high blood pressure. But when I think back, I think my eyes are worn out.
When I was fourteen, I would sit in a dark room, and talk to people online. The light would always be the brightest, in order for me to see the letters clearly. This led to me having headaches, that later caused me to have a slight blur. But I never wanted glasses, so I always acted like I was okay, but secretly I was having troubles.

I would always pray at nights, that my eyes would go back to normal, but it seemed that my prayers always fell to the ground. I lost a lot of my faith for the lord due to this fact, but now I know the answers. The real cure to my eye problems was to get checked out when it wasn’t bad. But I didn’t listen. I could’ve got contacts, and lived a normal life, and I still can. But I lost out on so much, I didn’t read certain books, because it takes me longer to read now, because shortly into reading, my head begins to hurt.

I hate the feeling of being held back in writing, as well. When I begin to write, sometimes my eyes will go blurry, and will slow me down, causing me to lose momentum, that causes me to lose a train of thought. I want to get this fixed so that I can be released from the hand of an enemy, but I am scared of glasses.

I don’t want to be made funny of when I get the glasses. I would hate to be bullied, and called four-eyes. This is one main reason, I never got checked. I might have been scared then, but not now. Now, I know that I have to have my eyes when I write, which means that not matter the circumstances, I have to make my eyes healthy, even if it means being called four-eyes.

Are you feeling scared to do something, because your worried of bullies? Remember this, you are beautiful no matter what? Do you have a surgery coming up to remove your teeth, but you are thinking the pain is worth not being made fun of? If so, you are causing yourself unneeded pain. Nothing this world can say, should hurt you. You are stronger than them, because you knew that they were out there, the people that bully, but you still went through the situation. You are strong enough to not care what they think, this shows that you are bigger than them. You are doing you, and who can tell you that you are doing you wrong? No one. So stop worrying about what the world will say, and take a stand for you! 


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       If you are like most of the writers in the world, you have had a time where you couldn’t write. You were caught with the season of faithlessness that almost causes you to quit what you love to do. You cant trust what you write, because your heart isn’t in it. This blog is for those who are dealing with that right now.

       I am a writer. I have wanted to be a writer since I was young. I started to write a novel when I was a freshman in High School, and nearly finished it. I then started a new horror story, this story made it to page 34. The next story was a movie script, which was a solo project in order to train myself to write new things. I have written a handful of short stories, over thirty songs, a handful sermons, and a couple truck full of blog post.

      I want to tell you all of this to say, there are times that I will sit down and delete a post a thousand times, it happens to all of us. It is a lack of faith in yourself that you will have to overcome. I hate 30% of my past writings, but it helped me learn what my style is. But then there are times that I feel that I am repeating the same thing over, its like I am repeating myself over and over. I then get discouraged and threating to quit. But then when I get done with a new post, I see that it might sound like an old post, but in a different perspective, or it doesn’t sound like it at all and I was being to hard on myself.

      Another thing that will cause a lack of faith to come is when I think of all of my old work. I was a smooth writer, it felt, in the past. Now it feels that I have times when I get caught in a knot. I start to think that I have changed for the worse in my writing. This is very discouraging, but then one day, I forced myself to read the post I believed to be so smooth in. The thought process in those were those of a scattered mine. The spine didn’t go through the whole blog, the outline was almost invisible. That is when I realized that I put more time and effort into these post, and that’s why it seems that it takes longer to get my thoughts out.

       What is the cure for those who are feeling untrusted in yourself? Trust, of course this is the answer, but how? You will have to know that someone wants to hear what you have to say. There will always be someone silently yelling your name in the background, but most of the time we are worried about the front row, that we forget to notice the ones behind the scenes. These are those fans that might not comment, but still visit your blog everyday. These are also those who are the biggest supporters of your “Worse” blogs or book ideas. If they were to tell you anything, it would be to never give up, and to stop being so rough on your beautiful works.


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