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I have been missing from this blog. I haven’t posted regularly for a few weeks. But this last week, I didn’t post nearly at all. There are a few reasons to this, which I will be talking about. I shouldn’t disappear anymore, but we may never know. Also, I give out…cookies

   Hello guys,

Thank you for your time, I promise to keep things short and sweet. Lately, my life has been really crazy. So crazy that I have been pulled away from this great hobby. Let me tell you about my recent accident, my sickness, and our newest purchase. Let us start with the accident; 

I was trying to get home to get some sleep, since I worked later that night. There I was, sitting in the line at the red light, waiting for the light to turn green. Out of nowhere, a car slammed into my rear end and flew into 3 other cars. I got out of my car and saw that my car was destroyed. The wheel was fully pulled around, as the axel was been, the brake line was snapped and gas poured from the gas tank. I screamed and threw my keys as I went to get the guys information. The guy got out of his car (that was jammed under a van.) The guy told me that he didn’t hit my car, so I pointed at the tire and laughed, saying “Nah, I just love driving with a broken tire…” Everyone laughed. Long story short, it took 89 years to get all the information wrote down, but we finally got it done. I called off that night (from work), but we didn’t stay for long. We didn’t have car, but we needed one. My back was killing me, but I knew we needed to get things done. This meant that I needed to get up and get things going. This is where the purchase came into play.

 We bought a new car! We went to the car dealership and got a car, though we expected a crappy old car, we were able to get a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with only 63,000 miles. This little purchased only cost us 11,000 dollars. This was a great buy for us, and we are excited to announce it! 

Now, while all this was going on, I also got sick. I don’t know if I have a cold or allergies, but I have fully lost my voice. My throat is sore, my head hurts, my body aches and I have pressure in every part of my body. I have still been working, but it has been hell. I have been drinking more water, hot tea, also I have been eating gobs and gobs of Halls. None of this has been helping, but I am going to keep doing what I have been doing. Ariel and a handful of people have been making fun of me, all because of my voice. Screw them, I say. I find it funny, though. 

How does this tie all together? Because everything has me either busy or just in a blah mood. I never knew how much work comes with a wreck..but it’s a lot. Lately, most days have keep me busy until 8pm. Then I am also sick, which takes away any and all motivation. I don’t want to be awake let alone do I want to write. But hopefully I can get this back up and going and we grow togrther, again. Until then, look at our new car!!!  


I am feeling this new change. I would like to tell you guys of the change, but I think will leave that for another blog. Today, I will tell you guys about what is happening. I want to tell you guys the effects of my decision, mainly to show you that it isn’t that bad. I haven’t found any bad from my choice, but I have found a lot has been changing. The fact that I am more confident, not only in writing but also during my work. I am happier, I feel a new happiness arising.


     During the last week, I found that I am smiling more, even when I am mad. But the best thing is that my blog is rising. The stats are finally where I want them to be. I wanted to push myself to the next level, but I didn’t know where that was, so I called out to get some help, that is when I found this man. He was a very cool guy, he was wearing a trench coat, as he sat on the bench next to my work. He smiled, like an old friend, when he saw me. He got up from the bench, came over to me and gave me an index card. I was unsure about the card, but the logo caught my eye. His logo resembled the top of the pyramid of the dollar bill, but I couldn’t think of it at the moment, so I nervously put the card in my back pocket and walked away. As I walked away I heard the man proclaim that he had the answer to my fears, and to call him when I got my mind together. I threw up my arm and walked away.
I wanted to throw away the post card, I really did, but something was calling me to it. I didn’t know what the man meant or what sick game he was playing, but he seemed to know what I was going through. This what the moment that I had to make the decision; Would I carry my own, chasing a dream that seemed impossible or would I call him for help. After hours of sleeping on it, I decided to give him a call. He told me the keys of receiving the ultimate attention to my blog. I was amazed by his knowledge, but he said that he needed me to give him something in return. I figured this was a way to get money, so I simply chuckled. He didn’t find it as funny as me and told me that it was serious. I asked him to tell me what he needed. I wasn’t ready to hear what he said, but I knew that I was too far now to step back, so I agreed.
After I made my choice, he told me that I had to write it in stone, revealing my decision to the whole world. Knowing that my dad was going to have a heart attack, I chose to post it on the day that I closed, at my store, in order to be away from my phone when he read it. I wrote the letter, and signed it with the blood of my body. I then said the magic words, and boom I was in the club. I was now a part of something bigger than my understanding. During all of this, I was too busy seeking the instant fame, that I forgot what I just gave away and what it could do to me if I allowed it to get out of control. I started to regret my decision, fearing what I was doing, until the stats started to pour in. My blog views are higher than last week, my likes are piling in, and people are interacting with me. I even feel happier. My job has been easier, also. Costumers are drawn to me and are allowing me to keep my cool by not being stupid. I am enjoying this whole change, I couldn’t imagine being happier, and it could only get better from here on out. I am glad that I met that guy, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have the passion to write you guys, anymore. I love you guys, I beg you to not hate me for doing this. Please realize, I am just trying to live my dream.



  Everyone is so excited…but im sitting here waiting.
     Orange is the new black just released the next season on Netflix, which has everyone mind blown. All the girls are glued to their computer screens, watching a T.V. show about a group of prisoners. Though, I don’t know about the show, I can tell its not my cup of tea, but it seems to be getting a lot of attention, lately, especially by the wife. She loves when the new seasons come on, and will spend days watching the whole season, only to be forced to wait another year for another season. I would call that crazy, but I have the same problem, but just with another show. A show that has released their season 9 DVD release date.
    If you know anything about me, you should know that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is simply my favorite T.V. show. I recently started watching the show, and I fell in love instantly, which led to buying every season, except the one that isn’t out yet, but happiness was giving to me when I found out, they are releasing the Season 9 DvD set on August 29th, 2016. Though, August is still 2 months away (the 29th ) I am all so excited to have the season in my hands, and to be able to catch up, with Sheldon and the crew, before the premiere of Season 10, which is either September 26th or October 27th, 2016. My Big Bang excitement is at the highest, and I can relate to these little girls with OITNB.
       We all have a favorite T.V. show that we are following, and that we love to spend hours watching. My wife and I have finished 8 seasons of BBT (Big bang theory,) so I cant give too much shit to you series lovers! I just don’t enjoy the show, but others might not enjoy BBT as I do, which is okay. I hope that every OITNB fan has a great night, try to get some snacks and enjoy your binge watch. I will be working tonight, also waiting patiently for Aug. 29th.


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Dear potential haters,


I know that there will be haters, or people that don’t understand my material. Maybe some of them will be right, maybe their reasons will be solid, but they will still be haters to me. Or maybe the reasons will be complete non-sense. There will be people that will get offended by something you say, even if it isn’t something you meant to be offensive. This is the life of an artist. This world is full of people who get offended over bathrooms, so I have to ready myself to be hated, and when I get my first hater, this is what I want to say to them;

Dear hater,
    I see that you attempt to bring me down to your level, but you can’t knock me off my mountain. I have been sitting here for years, I have a house here; I am planted into the ground here. You will need to do something no one has ever done, remove me from my rock. This will never happen, because I have trained for you. I have spent years preparing for you. You are two steps behind, and you will not gain ground, you simply can’t beat me at this game. You can try, but be ready to fall down, be prepared to fail. I hope you do, that battle would be fun. I can’t wait for you to come onto my court, be prepared to have your ankles snapped. I will Crossover on you, like Steve Nash, and leave you in the dust.

I am smarter than you, I spend more time thinking about this. You think that I would ever put my best against you? No, I will no waste that much time. Getting you to shut up isn’t worth my stress, not when I am smarter and have something more important, than a fight with you. I have my career in front of me, and I will not allow someone, as plain as you, to effect me. Your insults don’t hurt me, you can say what you want. You can go onto my page, and leave a thousand negative comments. I will leave them for motivation. I will leave them and write about how dumb you are, and guess what? I will then get views from your insults. Will that kill you? To know you are a part of my success? I surely hope so. I hope you see my success and it drives you insane. But mostly, I pray for you.

I don’t want to be the hateful kind, so I will pray for you. I want to pray that God gives you a good life. But don’t think my kindness will continue if you come against me, again, the same result will occur. You can’t beat me. My whole heart is in this, and I cant stop. You might write better than me, or you might have better ideas. But I have a heart that cannot be stopped. There is nothing that can stop me, if I stopped writing, I would die. I wouldn’t be able to move day-to-day without writing. I have more to lose. Thank you for hating. Don’t forget to get a beverage, because you will be waiting for a long time, if you think you are going to effect me. Peace out haters!

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    Today, my wife was at work. She has new Tea Urns, the same as my store, so I was there to show her how to put them in. I showed her the first one, and she decided that she wanted to do the second one. She tried to put the plastic bin into the Urn, but her short structure limited her to do so. So she tries to pull the Urn off the counter, and it fell onto her foot.

An instant set of tears ran from her eyes, as she groaned. I ran to the far side of the store, grabbed a chair, and took it to her. She sat down in the chair. Not knowing if she was bleeding, she decided to remove her shoe. She pulled her sock off which revealed a big lump, the same lump I had when I fractured my foot. I called her boss, and got the okay to go to the emergency room. I drove her to the emergency room, which we sat in for about 30 minutes, a record setting time for them, honestly.

When they called her back, the nurse didn’t seem to alarmed, instead she told her that it had a good chance on being okay, though I told her she would look sexy with a peg leg. The x-ray came back negative, indicating that there was just a lot of bruising. The doctor gave her a leave of absence, from work, and some beautiful crutches. She came home and lied peacefully on the couch. Though she is in pain, she will be okay. She is a very strong and stubborn girl. She is already trying to walk on it, so I give her less than a week, before she is up at 100% again.

    Recently I have picked up a new hobby, golf. I have been training myself, to be the best. This includes hours of putting and perfecting my golf swing. I recently bought this amazing golf driving mat. It has the grass of a fairway, the rough, and a small hole, where you can put your golf tee, to drive. It has been helping me, a lot. I have seen a great increases on my range and accuracy.

We were all sitting around, waiting for our mother to get out of the bathroom, so we could start “pride and prejudice and zombies,” so I decided this was the perfect time to go practice, in my basement. I quickly grabbed my driver, and my practice mat. I walked down to my basement and set the mat in front of my net. I was hitting the net, but I wanted to swing fully, (I couldn’t fully swing due to the ceiling height) so I choked up on the club. I practiced swinging, without the ball there, trying to see if there would be interference with the ceiling. The answer was no, so I placed the ball on the tee, and let off one powerful swing.
The ball shot off the tee, but from the choked up swing, the ball trailed off to the right, smacking a brick wall. I looked up as the ball connected square in my eye. My body shot back, falling quick and hard to the ground. I instantly got in the fetal position, flashes of light rang through my eyes, I grabbed my head. I was rubbing my eye, hoping to feel no blood, but as I went over my eyelid, blood began to pour out. I got up from the ground, and stumbled through the basement, up the stairs and into the living room.

I yelled for Ariel, I told her I screwed up. When she first saw me, she thought that it was a joke, as I pull those on her frequently, but as I got closer, she saw the gash in my eye. Fear struck her as she got up from the couch, blood was running down my face, I had no vision in the eye, it was all red. We went into the kitchen, and she played doctor. I got ice, put it on my eye, and lied on the ground. I started freaking out, praying that my eyesight wouldn’t cease me. I fell asleep as the water, from my eyes, ran down my cheek.

I woke up 30 minutes later, I opened my eyes, and could see. The vision isn’t back to 100%, but that’s okay. I have a feeling that this is going to take a few days to get back to normal. But I have learned one thing, today, that is- today really sucks, oh and I shouldn’t golf in the house…..




It has been very hot here. Even in the past, through the heat, I have been able to write. But this heat is a lot worse than before. This heat has been kicking my butt, and is causing me to stand far from my laptop, and away from the writing world. The sweat is in my eyes, the heat is getting to my head, the words are becoming my worse nightmares. This heat needs to stop, or I might be dying….or at least writing from my bathtub.

Yesterday, while being on my day off, I attempted to write a new post. This was the post that went up yesterday, a post that I thought was going to be amazing. This it was, but it came at a great cost. The weather was, as it is today, a burning hell. This helped my house become a oven, and it happened that I was a loaf of bread, raising and burning in that oven. It was nice when I got home from doing my morning drive, I hoped that the day would be this nice. When I got home, I took a small nap in attempt to clear my head and get ready for a day of writing. This was the plan but that didn’t happen.

I woke up from my nap and I had a big headache. This was just great, how could I write if I had a headache? I asked myself, so in attempt to lose the headache, I jumped in a cool shower. The shower helped my head get off ten. I was feeling pretty good, but it also took a lot of my time away from writing. I knew that I needed to make up for that time, so I decided to pace myself enough to get everything done, this was averaging 2 post per hour for 3 hours. This was going to be a rough task, but it was needed to be done.

    I got out of the shower, and sat down at my desk. My hair was still wet, my eyes were still blurry from the water, but I needed to get start. My damp fingers began to type a beautiful post, but as I got to the end of that post, I saw the words in a whole new set of eyes. My eyesight was close to gone, it was blurry, my head was back at ten and I was breaking out into a sweat. I felt dizzy, so I found myself on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. The thought of the post was on my mind, I knew that I needed to get this post done, so ignoring the dizziness, I got back up on my chair and tried to finish the post. It was going all right, but then I fell out of my chair.

I found myself next to a fan, knowing that was the problem, I was hot. I tried to do too much with an overheated body and it caused me to miss out on a boat load of time to write. That is my fault. I shouldn’t have forced myself to go so hard, especially knowing my body and how it reacts to the heat. I do promise to be more careful, but also this could be a sign that I need to get away from the heat. With Alaska being a dream home, maybe the evidence of not being able to write in heat will persuade my wife to move. This is hopeless thinking, but it is worth the try. So Ariel, if you are reading, please do me a favor and pack our stuff, we are moving when I’m done. To all my fans, I am currently in a bathtub, writing you guys this post. The ice is melting, that is how hot I am, so if you wouldn’t mind, close the f$%^#@% door, geez you guys are so inappropriate! Can’t I write without people peaking into my bathroom……   

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There is no doubt that I will make it


I am sitting here thinking about my future, wondering where I could go, and wondering if I will ever make it to that place. I have been doing this for about two-years (on this blog) and really I have nothing to show for it. I don’t have anyone coming up to me and telling me nice job, I am not being paid, I really don’t have anything to show for it, at this point, I am just a low-end writer that just happens to post everyday. This will not be a post about how I feel sorry for myself, this post will be about how, even at the end of the wits a true writer will stand from the ashes and raise his pen. Writers that have been down this road know it can be hard. It is a never ending battle, and the beginning is the hardest part.
I have wrote a few blogs on this topic “Never giving up.” But today is different. Today, I am not telling you guys to not give up, also not telling you guys to keep going. Today is about me, I am fighting myself. I am fighting the self doubt inside, but also reviewing my work, and coming to a conclusion to the question “Can I truly make it?” I want to be quick to say yes, but at the same time, I know that not every writer will make it, and with many writers coming up the stream, it seems that I am heading the other current without a paddle. This paddle that I am talking about is college. It is hard to find a writing job, it is even harder to find a writing job without a college degree in Creative writing, journalism, copywriting etc. This is something I don’t have, but 90% of other writers do. This means that I lie in the pool with 10% of writers that might make it. I am of 10% of writers without a degree, how do we make it? Through social media, small jobs and friends.
I am on Facebook, which was my asocial media outlet, and I haven’t been seeing any spikes in performance. Now, this doesn’t mean that my work is bad, that is not the case, the case is that my work 1. Isn’t getting to the dark side of Facebook 2. They don’t care. 3. I don’t have a strong friend list. When I say the dark side of Facebook, I am talking about those friends that are really close with you, but at the same time, they don’t really connect over Facebook. They could be busy with work, on a different social media, or they don’t like Facebook, at all. Though, these might be the reasons, there is also another possibility. They could not care. This is a strong possibility, and also probably the case most of the time. People have different taste, they want what they want and nothing else. They want a post about a flower when you are posting about a flag, and want a post about a flag when you are posting about a flower. It is impossible to reach every listener on Facebook, because trends come and go, this is why you see a momentary increase in stats, because people are into what you are writing, but as quick as you got those views, they change their interest and you are left with nothing. Then there is number 3, which I believe is my case, you don’t have a strong friend list. This is saying that your “Friends” are on your Facebook because you were close at one time, but now you guys aren’t. They still want to be friends, you know to keep up, but they don’t interact with you. If you have a Facebook full of these friends, that is why you aren’t getting the clicks. This is when you need to clear your friends list, I highly recommend this, and start from fresh. You don’t want friends that don’t speak to you taking up all your space. Your post will only reach a few, so why not make sure that few are friends that care?
With this being said, what does that show for me? I would have to say that this is all a problem for me. My blog is great, as said by strangers, so this leaves one big thing; my friends. I have never had strong friends, they all have kind of sucked, at times. But the biggest thing that might have effect on me, is the fact that I was shunned by my friends a couple years back. This blog isnt about them, though. I just know that this could have a big effect on me, since I never deleted them. With them being on my friends list, they see my post but they never look at it, causing me to lose potential views. I have always seen that my “sees” are up, but my blog stats are low. This is because of those friends, they might scroll past it, but since we don’t see eye-to-eye they will not click onto the link. This is why it is important that you clear your friends list. That way you are reaching true fans and family, ones that will care about your dreams.
With this being said, what does it look like? What are the chances of me making it? It is as good as anyone else’s. I have the talent that it takes, so now it is just getting the horse to the water, once they are there, I will let my blog drag them in. I can’t expect this to catch fire instantly, though. It takes time to grow an audience. I will have to have faith to make it, and I will have to practice a lot. This means that I need to follow more artist and less posers, I will also need to follow the rule of Stephen King, which is “To be a great writer, you must read great writing.” It takes all your heart to become someone, and a lot of time. All you can do is hope and pray that you catch a break. I have already been through the praying, now it is time to get better and get ready for my big break. Every writer has the same odds, I just have to do everything to make my odds better!  

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Is there something that you do that drives people insane? Like when they say something, you cant help but to mock them? Or maybe you are one of the people that love to correct someone when they are wrong. If you aren’t that far yet, then maybe you are still a loud chewer. Which I find more annoying than nails on a chalkboard. So if you have those traits, then you will know how I get into the most trouble with  everyone around me, such as: My boss, My wife, My in-laws, and my friends. Here are 5 of those traits that I like to annoy people with!
1. My sarcasm (smartass syndrome)– I have always been the class clown, or the one that has to be the center of attention. With that came people getting very angry at me. It happens when someone says something that I find stupid, or easy to make a joke from. I do it a lot at work. It’s like trolling, just worse. Example: My teacher busted through the computer lab because we were being very loud. She started to scream and said “I can’t believe you are eighth graders” Well since she opened that door, I replied “I can’t believe its not butter!” Everyone laughed, well everyone except for her!

2. My I-don’t-care attitude- To stay the stronger party in sticky situations, I will put up a wall that I call my “Don’t-give-a-shit” zone. This is when I am tired of being blamed for something or I know I am in trouble. I will literally say I don’t care about everything. When in the workplace this gets me into a lot of trouble with my boss, since he doesn’t think I am taking my job seriously. When in reality if he would let me do my job, nothing would be wrong.

3. The Blackout– Though I have entered this zone only once or twice in my life, I know if I enter it again things will be very bad. This zone is where I can’t control what I do, no matter the cost at the end. I can’t remember the last time I blacked-out, but I remember times I started to. My thoughts during this stage are freaky, like murderer freaky!

4. My passions– When prepping for this post, I would have never thought this would come to my mind. I will do anything to get what I want, I think if I had a choice to cut off everyone for my chance, I would, well except for my wife. I would have no problem using every tool giving to me to crush the competition. I am an Aries and that weighs heavily on my mind when pursuing dreams. If you don’t understand that, then this will help, I am an arrogant asshole when it comes to getting my way. I am a ram running through a crowd, no one is safe.

5. My kindness– This one is a bad one. I usually don’t let emotions get to me (from years of blocking out) but there will be times where I will break my back for someone, knowing  that it will only blow up in my face. I have been hurt really bad in the past with this, but to this day, I still haven’t fully gotten better from doing this!

Never get this wrong, I will always be there for you guys. I love you guys and I understand that without you there would be no future, so don’t think for a minute that I will do anything to hurt you guys, or shut you out. Even if I did get famous, you guys would be my first impromts. Meaning that I will do nothing to hurt my fans, or to show you guys anything other than the awesome Blakester. Never forget that! I love you guys!