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As a writer, I have experienced the lowest of the lows when it comes to motivation. I have tried to fight these feelings, and most of the time, I win but I also lose my share of the fights. It is hard to write when you have clouds in your brain that have formed because of the lack of creative juices.

I have stopped blogging twice because of the lack of ideas, but that isn’t where I am now. I have a lot of ideas, which will be written and posted as the schedule calls for it, but today I will be writing from a prompt, mainly to advertise this awesome book, and also to encourage anyone that is struggling to create to get this awesome book. The book is called “712 more things to write about.” This is a sequel to “642 things to write about” I have done a lot of the first book, so to advertise, I will use the one that I have had but haven’t used. This book is written by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I will post the link so you can pick up this book. If you don’t use amazon, then try to find it at Target or Barnes and Noble. I found it at target.

I have searched the book and found a good place to start. Today, we will be talking about feeling alive. The prompt was “You feel most alive when you…” I feel this is a good one, since I want to encourage you guys to find happiness. Let’s keep it under 500 words today, that’s the challenge.

I feel most alive when I am in Church. I know that I haven’t always showed that I am a Christian that is because I fell away about 5 years ago. I had a fight with the church, and in result, I left. Church is where I spent most of my life, since my dad is a retired pastor and all, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was 13. This is when I gave my life to Christ, the first time, and where I started to train to be a minister. I went to a seminary and all, too!

I fell away, but the other night, I decided to stop running and run back to the start. I need God more than anything else, so that’s where I want to be. I feel most alive when I’m in church, because that is where life began for me. When I am trying to make it on my own, I feel more depressed and less motivated, but when I know I have God, I feel like I can do anything. I know not everyone is Christians, which doesn’t bother me, but know that you can be as happy as I am, right now. I won’t push you into the church, but I’ll always invite you.

I am happy, and not all of it is because I’m a Christian. I have a good job, awesome friends, a beautiful wife, and a great hobby. I love that I can reach out to you guys, and maybe even encourage one of you. This brings me to this point. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If it is safe and makes you happy, then you do it! Don’t let someone tell you to stop painting, or tell you that you aren’t good enough. IF it makes you happy, then do it. This world is dark, so if you find light in a certain hobby, then make sure you do that!


Today will be a pretty simple post.canned

Today will be a quick (well not really) recap on one of my favorite nights, in a while. I want to tell you guys about my night, last night, and share with you why I think God is great and what to expect from me in the next few months, regarding content. It isn’t that my content will be changing, but with the connections that I was able to snag last night, I think we will be adding a few huge! Post to the mix up. Let’s get to the explosion!

I was stupid! That is easy to say if you know what I did two months ago. I was stupid then but I think I know better now. But the choices that you make in life have to be paid for. For my payment, I was set to pay 10 hours to the community, set by the nice judging himself. I was going to use those hours at Goodwill and just get it over quick. Something happened to where Goodwill flaked out, so I was left without a place to work. This is when my wonderful sister-in-law told me to contact her church, which is where I have been attending, well if you call 1 Wednesday, every other month, attending, then yeah its where I have been attending. I gave her mom a call and I got set up with the required 10 hours, which was going to be spent setting up for a concert/canned food drive. This concert was called “The Explosion,” and let me tell you, it was exactly what they said it was; an explosion!

I got to the church (King of Kings Christian Assembly: 520 S. Livingston St. Springfield, Illinois.) at 1:30 and was met by one of the nicest guys I have ever met. His name is Roddrick Lemar. He is a local artist that has so much talent. I fan girled, let me be freaking serious, when he started to play the piano, or was it an organ? Ah, whatever. It was so smooth, almost like when my grandma use to play her piano. It was so soothing. What made it better was that he was just as nice. He was headlining the show, yet he was there cleaning with me? That is a humble servant if you ask me. During the time of us cleaning, he was calling all his buddies, ensuring that they were going to come and get some of the radiation of the blast. I know he was playing that night, but I think his heart was more pulling towards helping the hungry. See, what was awesome about this event was that the admission was just 5 simple cans of canned goods. I feel like anyone in the world can find 5 cans of canned goods, which makes it a cake walk to come to this event. Also, all canned goods get donated to the local breadline, a service that feeds family’s that can’t afford to buy food, that’s awesome!!!

After cleaning, we began to talk about Roddrick’s future projects. I won’t spam in this post because omg we are already at 500 words, but I will let you know that we have some great stuff coming to you! We both are excited to work together and can’t wait to see what God does. Stay tuned my little Randoms! Oh! By the way, you guys have a new nickname; you are now my little Randoms. Love it? Ah, who cares; you will grow to love it.

Fast forward to 7P.M.; it’s the start of the show. I have spent the day meeting new people, enjoying the fellowship and drinking Starbucks. It was time for the freaking show, the encore, THE EXPLOSION. This concert had local and not so local talents. One guy came from Ohio, other came from ST. Loius. Long story short, these artists drove just to play at this certain show, but were they good? Let’s get to the numbers and check it out. I laugh at the fact that you guys thought there were numbers..Geez X3

There were a total of 5 listed artists on the poster, but then an added two once the show started, with the run total being 3 hours; that is a set list time of 25 minutes per artist.

The first artist was Melvin Campbell, which I had little to no time to watch, since I was still collecting the cans! But from what I heard, the guy had a great voice. I went to find him after the show to talk, but I couldn’t find him anywhere, which really sucks. Either way, BOOM LINK to his social media.

Artist dose! This was an in-house (added) musician, I think his name was Ryan, which was also during the time of collecting cans, so I am sorry if you are reading this Ryan (?) but know I was there in spirit. He was more of a gospel singer and man did he get the house to erupt. Everyone was dancing, shouting and just having a good time.

The third artist, PJae was the first artist, which I actually got to watch. He is local, I believe, and man does he have a voice. He only did 2 songs, but between those two songs, he was able to impress me. So much that I got his contact info, after the show, and I’ll be promoting him in the near future.

So the show was already halfway over, I believe it was already 8:30 p.m. and we still had 2 artist to go. Ntegrity was next (name is spelt that way, because he wants to leave himself out.) He is the one that traveled from St. Louis to play at this show. He was great, also funny. There was time to stall (tech issues), so he told 2 very corny jokes that made the house explode (see what I did there?) in laughter. He was smooth in his rap delivery and you could tell that he had God’s gift to do this. I loved his song “Precious,” which I tagged to his Spotify, check it out!

The final act was none other than Roddrick’s band, B.O.C. When I was talking to Roddrick, I thought he was a straight rapper, meaning he only rapped. This was not the case, tonight. His performance was something special. When I was in college, I got the chance to watch Chicago Mass Choir in person. It was such a blessing, because they were so talented, and really made gospel music fun. WELLLLLLLLL B.O.C was nothing short from that experience. If I could describe this band, I would say it was a blended delight of KB (rapper) and the Chicago Mass Choir. He takes the upbeat parts of gospel, and blends it together with rap, leaving us with the tastiest smoothie you could ever have. I saw more people dancing, during his set, than I did at my own high school prom. Also more sweat than a sauna, but who cares. Laugh, guys, laugh!

So all these artist, plus one lively Mc, which was a comedian that goes by the name of Justus Blessed (link to a live comedy sketch) helped to make this night a success. I counted like 74 people, I believe. Which was a great outcome since everyone brought more than 5 canned goods. I think I saw a guy bring in 48 cans of beans, by himself. But even at 5 cans per head, we are looking at 420 cans of food that will be donated on Monday! The breadline is going to be so happy, and think! We were able to feed hungry people in the area.

I am so happy that Goodwill fell through, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this night. There was so much talent in the room that even Kevin Durant wanted to join. We, of course, told him to go back to Golden State and make up to Green. With all joking aside, I wanted to thank everyone that helped by donating. I can’t wait to see the managers face on Monday when we drop these canned goods off. It’s going to be so heartwarming.

I wanted to end this by saying; I also got prayer, tonight. It was like the night that I got saved. I could feel God all around me. It was just the refreshment that I needed. I am starting to believe that I made that one wrong decision for a reason. I think I needed the wakeup call, so that God could use me in many ways. WE don’t have any more time to talk about it (as my editor is going to be mad at me for having this post as long as it is, but boom! Link to his page) but I will have a blog talking about that in the near future. Anyway, I love my little Randoms, and have a peachy night!

If you want to donate to the breadline, $20 dollars can feed 10 people! Boom! Link!


    Driving a lot means that you need something to do while looking out the window. I find that listening to music makes that stare much easier. The one problem that I have been facing is that I have limited Cds and I have listened to all of them at least two bazillion times. Still needing my joyful noise, I decided to turn on the radio. I am a country fan, but those stations only play the same five songs per 45 minutes, which means that I got bored really quickly. I scanned through the channels, hoping to find something new. I quickly stumbled upon this song. This song had a great beat, but that isnt what drew me to it. The message behind the great beat held my heart for the whole three minutes. If you have heard “Scars to your beautiful by: Alessia Cara” Then you know what I am talking about. The song is perfect for those fighting within to stay about their appearance.

“She just wants to be beautiful, she goes unnoticed, she knows no limits, she craves attention, she praises an image she prays to be.”

These are the first lyrics to the song. How could you start off a song any better? But then she goes on.

“Oh, she don’t see the light that’s shining, deeper than the eyes can find it, Maybe we have made her blind, so she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away, Cause cover girls don’t cry after their face is made.”

We live in a world full of girls and guys that are told they’re ugly. They are told that they will never amount to anything. They will be told that they must be certain way if they ever want to achieve their goals. Because of the world telling these amazing people that they are nothing, they forget that they are bright as the stars and will no longer shine. The grow dim, shutting off to the world and will let the world began to mold them into something that they are not. Broken inside they will cover up behind a smile, because deep inside they believe they are nothing without all the make-up.

Alessia goes into the chorus to say:

This world is a dark place. The people will never accept you, because they will always find something that is wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shine. You are the person that you are suppose to be and that shouldn’t change because of someone’s words. Instead, you should stand up against them, say screw changing yourself and change their hearts.

There are girls and guys out there starving themselves because of models. These people say that its okay to starve, that they can handle the pain. They want to do everything in their power to be accepted, so they will starve themselves until they begin to fade away. What these people don’t understand is that they are perfect. These people that are hurting were worth our attention before they began to starve themselves.

What can we do though?

We can be the ones that help them. She was told by another girl that she isnt pretty, so tell her that she is pretty. He was told, by another boy that he is too girl, so tell him he is great the way he is. She is being made fun of because she is 400 pounds, so step in and tell them to lay off. Grab her bags and help her. He is being made fun of because he smells, so buy him some deodorant. Simple things can help people overcome a lot. You don’t have to have superpowers to be someone’s hero, just be you.
If you are someone that is fighting with your self-image, remember that you are beautiful. No one can take the place of you, because only you are the perfect you. No one else can smile like you, laugh like you or love like you. Your life is beautiful even with scars. You are bright as the stars when you smile, so keep your head up. You’re not alone, we are in this together. Stop chasing after something that you’re not, because you are perfect just the way you are. 

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I have a melody in mind, but it’s about my sister?

I use to be in a two-person band (with my friend) back in the day. I was the guitar player, but I suck at singing. This is why it was important that I signed, Herry, my singing friend. He was a huge singer and he was wanting to start a band. This was great, we were always hanging out, which was going to open doors so we could get things recorded and move it forward. As you know, I am a big writer. Before my blogging days, I use to write a lot of songs. I was wanting to become a famous songwriter, but there was a time I took a step back!

Herry was pretty inactive in the band. He was always working, usually leading to him sleeping when he was home. This put a pretty big damper on our plan. We still hadn’t wrote a song together, and I was tired of being the only one to do anything, so I told him to get a song written. He said he would work on that, that weekend. I said okay  and set him out to do so. But when I came back to him, a weekend later, he still had a pretty blank slate. He got the idea, though. He knew what the song needed to say, but he couldn’t get the words out, fully. I really liked the song idea, so I asked him to explain what he wanted it to say. He said;

“I really like this girl. She is a beautiful girl and I really want her to notice me. I compare her to a melody that I cant get out of my head. She is always there! That is the biggest point; she is a melody that I can’t get over, or out of my head!”

Let me be honest; I loved the song idea. He had something great on his mind, so I told him I would write it. He was beyond excited to hear that, and he gave me the song. I went home that day, sat at my desk and started to write. I wasn’t in a relationship or anything, so I decided to make it a love/worship song. I did have a crush, so part of the song was partially about her, but also Christ was a big part of any of my songs. I finished the song in a few days (including how to play it) and was excited to show him what I had. I brought the song to him and played it for him. I felt something amazing happen when I played it, it felt so natural to play it. He loved it! I wanted to know what he really thought, so I started to ask him more questions. I finished my interrogation after asking him “So, who is this about?”

There was a long pause between two band members. He looked at me and I looked at him. I could see that he was having a hard time getting it out, that is when I started to realize something wasn’t right. He finally told me, and let me tell you; it wasn’t pretty! He told me to sit down, I did. He then went on to tell me that he has had a crush on someone close to me, and that he didn’t want me to be mad. I didn’t understand, so I told him to spit it out. Kerry told me that he was in love with my sister, and that this song was towards her!! I shoved the song in his lap and walked out of the room. He followed me into the kitchen and asked if I were okay. I looked at him with anger and told him to leave me alone. He didn’t, instead he kept talking to me about it. I slowly began to calm down, but something still wasn’t right. I felt dirty.

Though he felt bad and wanted to tell me, it still doesn’t change the fact that I wrote a love song for my sister, technically! He had her in mind, the idea was contaminated with my sister and I got poisoned. He dropped out of the band later that month and never played my sister the song. She still doesn’t know she was the original reason for that song. Instead, she thinks the song is a worship song. The song was rewritten and recorded, but this time I wrote it with my own emotions and lyrics. It has become my favorite original song. I still find it funny that I technically wrote a love song for my sister..


Here is the song “Melody.”

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Welcome, White Peanut Butter!
I have finally made it, I have found the next move in my career. This career move is going to bring me more joy, and I will be able to express myself better. When I thought about this career, I simply laughed, thinking that I would never be able to do it. This was before I met Casey a.k.a Kastle. He has his own record label and is looking for some amazing talents, this is when I thought I could do it! I could finally become what I have always wanted to be, a rapper!
I want to sit amongst the best rappers, ever. This includes Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac, and many more but I will be the best ever! I will take my writing abilities and turn it into studio gold. The albums, I will make, will be pure fire and I wont stop after that. The goal for this career would be to die being on the top. There isnt anything I would want more than to be the number one rapper and that is what I will be!
I was born to do great things, and I have been giving the talent, so why wouldn’t I use it? It would be crazy to let my talents rust away, while I wait for everyone to open their eyes to my other talents. This is why I am going to become a rapper, so I can use all of my talents. My dad will be so blessed, with my ability to shine for him, and he will be my biggest fan!
My stage name will be White Peanut Butter. This is a name that no one has and that explains me perfectly. I am a white boy that is nuts, while also being creamy. My first album will be called “Where is the jam?” and it will be released in the next three years. I hope you guys stand behind me. I could really use your support, as becoming a rapper is scary.
I will be posting more details and freestyles in the future, but for now, I will leave you with the cover of the first album. The album will be fully original and will open your eyes to culinary arts. You are welcome!


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    Last night, I got to see a band that I use to listen to, and let me tell you, they were pretty awesome. It was a very small venue, so they didn’t sound too amazing, but they were still great. This prompts me to give a list of my favorite bands.


   10. Tyler Ward – A YouTube sensation. S.o.s is my favorite song.
     9. Taylor Swift – I don’t like her as much as I use to, but back in the day she was amazing. Haunted was my favorite song.
      8. Secondhand Serenade – a former bass player that was told, by his wife, to go solo. He did and wrote my favorite song “Fall for you.”
       7. Brantley Gilbert – country’s best artist. He has come out with a lot of hits, but “Kick it in the sticks” and “Don’t know her like I do” have always held a special place in my heart.
       6. Anberlin – They announced they are leaving the music life, but “Feel good drag” is my favorite. I wish I could see them in concert, but sadly that won’t happen.
       5. Eminem- if you don’t know Eminem, then don’t talk to me. He has a handful of songs that I love, so I will leave it at that.
       4. Lifehouse – “everything” has always played a huge role in my Christian walk, and it will always be a favorite.
        3. Skillet – A rock band that follows Christ, but doesn’t talk solely about their faith in their music, is amazing. I love all of their songs.
        2.  Tenth avenue North- Another Christian band that has played a huge play in my faith. Anytime I feel down. I play them, they always help me out. “Love is here” Beats all of their other songs though.
1 1/2. Philmont – A band that only lasted a few years, then folded due to finances. They only have one album, SP go check them out.

Now for the last, but not least, we will go back to rap. A white rapper, with powerful rhymes, sick beats, and a heart for God. He is amazing, he is true, and he isn’t scared to say what others won’t.

      1. NF – As I said, he is a rapper. He has two amazing albums. He lost his mother to an overdose, now he takes his pain and puts them into his songs. He hates it, but he is compared to Eminem, because he sounds like him. “All I have” is truly his best song.


“Even when the rain falls,
Even when we crash against the wall,
Even when we don’t think we have anything figured out,
I know you’re God’s Angel, and he’s helping us out.”


These were lyrics to an original song by yours truly. It was titled, Rain Fall, and went through rough times in relationships. This song was written from a 16-year-old that was wanting to find love, but every time he got into a relationship, the moment something went wrong, instead of fixing it, he ran. With a little help from a great friend, this young man found that you can’t run from everything, but sometimes you must stand tall, next to your spouse and fight the enemy. After finally beating that idea into my head, I was able to sit down and write this song.
The song was written in my friends apartment, while everyone was at work. I was sitting on the couch with nothing to do. These amazing people didn’t want cable, so when they were gone, I had to find something to do. This is when I would usually work on new songs, or store ideas. So I was sitting on the couch, guitar in my hand, thinking. Thoughts of what that girl said really got to me. At this point in my life, I was seeing a girl that had a lot of problems. She was suicidal, she had health problems, and she was a loner, at school. I saw something in her, though. But as the relationship went on, she got more and more annoying. I grew tired of always hearing about her thoughts, since they weren’t mine. She was an amazing girl, but I had to break it off, which happen to be the day before this song was written.
Single and alone, I felt there was no hope for my love life. I just learned that you had to fight with your spouse, but how was that going to happen if I was single? The answer was that this song was going to help me when I found the right girl, and it did. I thought marriage was going to be like the movies, but it isn’t. Marriage is a nightmare, but a fun nightmare. It has a lot of ups and downs, but that is life, at least now you have someone to fight with, and that is what I learned through this song. After writing this song, I recorded a version and told myself, If I ever find the right girl, this song will be my promise. The night that I met Ariel, was the night this song took into effect.
I stopped this pretty young lady, under the rainy sky, and told her I wanted everything to be different, and we began to date. Even though our lives haven’t been great, I know that we are a crashing wave that is hitting every wall next to the shore, but we are doing it together, that’s what is important. Even though, I have wanted to run, I know that everything will be fine, and that is what keeps me in the relationship, true-passionate love for someone other than myself.
In this generation, we have become lazy. We want everything handed to us, without getting any dirt on our hands. That is what leads to divorce, debt, and suicide. We want a magical elf to come to our rescue, but that isn’t the answer. The answer is this; we have to work for everything in life, we can’t expect life to give us golden eggs, without paying for it somehow. Which comes into love. You can’t expect to have a great relationship with a fear of failing, at the relationship. Once fear settles into your heart, you will run away. You will be to fear driven that you will forget how to fight with your spouse, and how to not fight against your spouse. Anything in life, comes with a price, even love. But if it’s the waves your afraid of, remember this, you have a person to save you, when you fall.

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The lights were dim, the people were ready for the show to begin, but I wasn’t. I rehearsed this song almost a dozen times, but now, in front of people, I felt sick to my stomach. The fear of puking on stage was unbearable to think of, but I was already on the stage, there was no time for me to back out. It’s not like I had the choice to do so, anyways. I promised my friend that we would go through with this, he was excited to be the lead guitarist, and the backup to me. I think he wanted to play this show, even more than I did. He was strapped up and tuned in hours before I even had my pants on. He was ready, I wasn’t. The show started with a few acts that were mediocre, which could have been from their lack of musical talent, or it could have been the songs they chose, either way, I knew we would at least do better than they did. With each person going up to the stage, I saw that my name was getting closer to the top. Soon enough, I saw that I was on deck.
   I can’t explain how I felt while reading my name. I was so nervous of messing up, I almost left, but as I walked to the side door, to go down stairs, my back-up ran over to me. He grabbed me by the shoulder, and told me that we needed to practice, one more time, before the show started. I glimpsed into his pride-filled eyes and shook my head. As a child in a toy store, he shimmered into the “practice room”, a small room on the side of the stage, no bigger than 15 feet each way. It was a very small room, which made it even worse as I couldn’t breath as it was, now we get to suffocate in this room. This night was going to end in a distaste; I just knew it! He shut the door softly behind us, the music in the background started to slow down, indicating the last act was about to end. There wouldn’t be enough time for us to practice, no, we only had time to tune and get out on stage. But for some reason the guy still wanted to practice, so I humored him.
    I started to strum my guitar quickly, ending the song minutes before the original, he shook his head, but then laughed. With a sweaty lip, I chuckled and gave him a high-five. The last act came rushing through the door, they were excited, way too excited. They were slapping each others hand, as a sign of “amazing job, I love you.” Ignoring them, I listened for the que to go on the stage, and seconds later, the pastor called us out. She sounded very excited to see what we had in hold. I might have talked us up a bit, as a note, but she seemed really happy to say my name. I sent the lead out first, then I made a dramatic entrance.
   The crowd was nerve wracking, they all stared blankly onto the stage, as if I wasn’t on the stage, already. With blood rushing through my head and down my arms, causing sweat pits to form, I began to play happy birthday. I happened to learn it at the same time as the song, so I wanted to honor the pastors B-day. The crowd stood in awe, as I finished the recognition, as did the pastor. She had a small tear in her eye as she said thanks. I smiled and told her that we loved her, she responded the same way. Now, I had no tricks up my sleeve, it was solely time for me to play the song, I had been practicing, all week. It was “How he loves us by David Crowder Band.” I happened to hear it on a radio station, and loved it. When the church announced a open-mic night, I rushed to my friend, and told him we had to do it. With one week left, I had to, not only learn the song, I also had to teach the song in the way I wanted to play it. It took hours, each day, but finally, on the night before, after hours of practicing, we finally hit every note. We were ready, until we got to the church. But now we were here, in front of the crowd, it was now time to prove that the week wasn’t a waste.
    I put my mouth against the microphone and spoke to the crowd. I remember the crowd telling me to push against the mic, since they couldn’t hear me. But the closer I got, to the crowd, the more nervous I got. After getting the mic to cooperate with me, I began to strum softly. I told the crowd what we were about to sing, but in the middle of my speech, I hear the soft hum of an electric guitar. My side-kick made it easy for me to start, as he began to play; though I am not a good singer, that night my heart was in it, causing my voice to soar. The comparison could be made to a white dove. But as I finished the first verse, I lost track, and my lead began to go to fast, losing his rhythm. With his rhythm gone, the song was likely going to fail. I turned around, after the first verse, and let out a moan. I was mad, angry, pissed. I am glad that the string were new, because they took a mighty beating that night. I looked at my lead, he looked at me knowing I was pissed. But I couldn’t stop the song, I had one option, to play through it. I turned back around, and started the song from the first verse, again. The crowd seem to like this rendition, but I hated it.
   The rest of the performance, even after nailing the tricky bridge, I had the beginning stuck in my head. I tried to shake it, but I couldn’t. After a week of practicing, we still messed up. I was in outer shock, but as I wrapped the song up, the crowd went wild. I tipped my guitar at the crowd, showing my appreciation, and told everyone to have a good night. As I left the stage, a crowd of young adults met me, they were all congratulating me on my performance, I said thanks, still in annoyance of my performance. I went to the back of the church and took a seat. Before I knew it, the night was over. The talent was gone, and the show was over. It was now the time for the supper. The best part, other than this being my first show, of this night. There was chili; nothing in this world is better than chili.
   As I walked down stairs, I lost the anger behind the verse, I messed up on, and found happiness in my accomplishment. Maybe I did mess up, but that’s okay. The best part is that I never gave up! Even if I failed, I can still say that I finished the song, where most would have ran away, crying their eyes out. 


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Some of the most basic things never get talked about, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. I took a little time and wrote up a few questions, to answer for you guys. This weeks theme is “Then and now” focusing on the past and the present, so lets compare old Blake Vs New Blake, and see what has changed.


Gregory Blake Jenkins!
Age: 17
Height: 5’10
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Shoe size: 12

Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Book: Bible
Favorite Movie: To save a life.
Favorite Band: Tenth Avenue North
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite Tv show: Kyle XY

What I want to study: Pastoral studies
Dream job: Youth pastor
Current job: McDonalds
Goal in life: To become a youth pastor.

Relationship status: Single
Girlfriends/wife name: Haha
Best memory in a relationship: None were made at this time. 

What you do the most: Play guitar
What you would do if money weren’t a problem: Start a homeless shelter.
How you feel in life: Stressed over school.
Biggest fear:  Not finding a loved one

Gregory Blake Jenkins!
Age: 22
Height: 5’11
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
Shoe size: 11

Favorite Color: Neon Green
Favorite Book: Walking dead comics.
Favorite Movie: To save a life
Favorite Band: NF
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite food: Pizza.
Favorite Tv show: Big Bang Theory.

What I want to study: Journalism
Dream job: Author
Current job: McDonalds
Goal in life: To become a published writer.

Relationship status: Married
Girlfriends/wife name: Ariel
Best memory in a relationship: Kissing in the rain for the first time, ever! 

What you do the most: Work and Write
What you would do if money weren’t a problem: Go to college.
How you feel in life: Happy, but tired.
Biggest fear:  Going blind.

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What ever happened to my music career?


At one time, I was a writer and a musician. I would call myself “Living example Band” but for some reason, I quit. Today I will be telling you what led up to me giving up on music, and focusing solely on writing.

I  got my first guitar when I was a sophomore in high school. It was a Peavey Raptor, and my dad got it off craigslist, after I showed him the post. He wasn’t hesitant to get it, since it would mean that I would stop pounding loudly at the drums, something I was never good at. On top of getting the guitar, my father also got me, my class ring. But I was more excited about getting the guitar, that I planned lessons with my friend, instantly. He was a little old, so he tried to teach me blues, when I wanted to know the basics, only. I eventually learned the basics, and quit the lessons. I then went on to teach myself more and more. With being a writer, I thought that making a song would be a cool thing to do, so I wrote a worship song. The song talked about temptation and how I needed to stay on my knees, instead of trying to get through it by myself. I fell in love with writing music, so I continued to write music; while also writing short-stories and blog post.

About five months after beginning to play guitar, I recorded my first E.P. this was after I performed for the first time at a church’s open-mic night. I performed “How he loves” by David Crowder. I didn’t do as well as I thought I could of done, so I used my E.P. to show people how I wanted it to go. The E.P. also had a jingle bell remake called “Church bells.” I sent the E.P. to my pastor, and all of my friends. They all had mixed views, but for my first recording they were happy with the quality. That is when I set out to record more.

I started to record my first album, Let your light shine. This would contain 10 songs that were all God based. I wanted to reach the world through my music, and my goal was to record the album and give it out at youth rallies. But when I finished the C.D. I got nervous and decided to keep it a “Hush, hush” project, I only gave it to a few people.

I continued to write and sing , even after that album though. But with having a sucky singing voice, I knew I couldn’t go far, so I slowed down on my music. I would write a song, play the guitar to it, record it, but then would leave it on my computer. There were times where I would delete songs, since I didn’t want anyone to hear it. But then an awesome opportunity came along, my senior project.

Three long years since I started to play music was when the Senior project came up. I knew right of the bat that I wanted to record one-last-album, this one would be my best one ever. I set out six months before the senior project to write the 13 songs that would be on the last album. But this time, I had new outlets, which was a new recording style and studio, which made the songs higher quality, giving me all the tools to make it great!

I recorded the first song, Let go, which happened to be my graduation song. I was playing around one night, and threw some drums in with it. I must have been having a long night, because I thought it actually went with the song. When I got over the hangover, I realized, the song sucked with the drums. This was sadly after I submitted it to my video editing class, for a music video. I held my head up high, as everyone coughed. The song without drums was full of meaning, but when drums were added, it ruined the song and meaning. I almost scrapped the whole project for that one reason, but decided against that. Instead, I decided to drop the drums and work even harder on the rest of the songs. I remember working in math class, during lunch, and pulling all nighters to get this project done, and finally I did.

The album was done and I got an A! The teachers loved the project, saying that it was perfect for me! I gladly said “thanks” and walked out of the room.

Now fast forward to the future, after someone stealing my laptop, you will find Blake back at it. I was writing my new worship album, Road to Damascus. But I found that it wasn’t going to work, since I didn’t have a computer to record with. I played the few songs in front of the church, and they loved them. But one day, the notebook got wet, ruining the lyrics. All my hard work and time was wasted. I couldn’t restart, I wouldn’t be able to recreate those amazing lyrics. That is the last day that I wrote a song, I hung up my guitar and called it quits.

I have attempted to write new songs, but my heart isn’t in it anymore. I just don’t have the heart to keep singing. Maybe one day, I will record my final album, Letters to the Chapel. But as of right now, my music career is over.  

For one time only; Go check out my old Music!!!!!

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