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I have a few reasons to love the Christmas times. Most of them are because of the food, but I have made a lit to show you the main top 10 reasons that I absolutely love this time of year. Take a seat, find your hot cocoa and enjoy my creative list. You will be mad if you miss out on knowing these! Enjoy!


10. The amazing last minute gift shoppers. There’s nothing more heart melting than seeing people rush through Wal-Mart doors on Christmas eve, in search for the perfect gift for someone they love! I want to applaud when I see this, it truly shows that they love that person so much. Something that warms my heart more is when they are talking crap about the person they are shopping for. I’m glad that they are thoughtful and willing to give up their hard earned cash for a loved one, such spirit!

9. Snow. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without Snow! Oh wait, I live in Illinois. In the last few years we have had a ugly green Christmas. It always seems to snow in January, leaving Christmas without its beautiful white blanket! I demand that we get snow on Christmas eve, or I will kill Santa…Well, I will make Bart do it! But you still get the idea, right?

8.Christmas songs. This isn’t a joke. I really find Christmas music to be tasteful and in all ways…OVERPLAYED!!!!!! We love Christmas music, but please stop playing it at the end of November ‘til the end of February….I HAVE HAD ENOUGH….I hate going to the bathroom and while taking a healthy dump hearing “Joy to the world.” Aint nothing joyful about this…..

7. Holiday Pies from Mcdonalds……I don’t have to say anything else!!! I love those little bastards…..

6. Blogging for 12 days about Christmas/ Bart, The Reindeer on the desk. I love the 12 days I devote to this one topic. It’s fun to come up with ideas on what to write about, and every year I set off Christmas with this amazing idea. This year we brought a new friend in to help, his name is Bart. You will find him on Facebook as ‘Bart, The Reindeer On The Desk.’

5. Possible Tiger Penis. We have a present under the tree that looks like a Tiger Penis. I think Santa finally came through for me, this is amazing…..All I have ever wanted is under that tree….I’ll be so disappointed if I’m wrong…..

4. Giving is Key. Hey! I know it isn’t all about gifts, but I need everyone to know that giving isn’t as bad as you think. It is so nice to receive nice things, so you guys should take this advice and give me something really nice…Remember, Giving is key!!!

3. Family…Well, my doggy, wife and a few others….I don’t want to go outside on Christmas, so I will stay inside with my doggy and wife…anyone else that comes over is welcomed, but not really wanted….Call me a Grinch, screw you…XD

2. House Decorations. I really love to look at beautiful lights and yard decorations, especially at someone else’s expense, it is beautiful!! I think they are the real MVP. They waste all their money putting on a show, but they willingly do it,….I’m crying….one second.

1. Drivers….Oh how I love to drive in this weather, it’s such a dang joy. This isnt because of my driving, but more due to the other idiots on the road..It snowed less than an inch and three cars went off into the ditch…Like, HOW? I don’t want to deal with these people. Can I just stay inside forever?

Bonus: 11. That there are so many reasons that I have to make a bonus reason….That is the bonus…enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed all my delightful reasons to love Christmas. I really love the holiday season, but I find it to also be stressful and hectic. These are two things that I don’t like together, and to add more chaos with dumb drivers makes it even more hard to love. But that is life….



   Today, I was suppose to tell you guys about my last few years, as it has been a few years since I started blogging. I am truly pained to inform you, that I won’t be able to get that up tonight. I know I have been full of excuses these last week’s, but I ain’t on that anymore. I am not trying to make an excuse, I just bit off a bit more than I could chew. See when I said that I would get this project done, I expected to have it done in the first few days of this week. With me being sick, working, and also working on a couple other projects, the time just slipped away. I found myself working on it yesterday and today, but the fact that I have been blogging since 2011, puts everything back.


I want to include every special moment, memory, and stat that someone might find fascinating, which means that I also have to dig deep, which is actually harder than I thought. The fact that I have over a hundred comments that I had to read and decide if it was worry to be in this post, took a huge amount of time. It took so much time that I only got the main stats done for Impromtdude, this doesn’t include my blogspot stats, or any other blog stats, its just a lot of work to do while working, also.
    But tomorrow I have an early day at work, and Ariel doesn’t get off until around three, which means that I have a couple hours (plus time at home) to get everything done. I am truly upset that I couldn’t share with you guys, but I know that if I posted today, the post would have sucked. I would have rushed a lot of events, and it would have been a slopfest. But I promise you that I will have it done by tomorrow night, and you guys will love it.
   Anyways, I am also doing a few projects, revolving around Madden. I love football, so if you would like me to do a post about that, please tell me a challenge to do!


Started off low, now we here….
We all start out on the bottom, we should all at least have an idea what the struggle is. If you don’t know what that means, then I am not talking to you. This is for the kids that had to fight to live, had to find their own way. Mainly, this is for the people that didn’t have everything handed to them! There is nothing wrong with being “set,” but tonight I want to talk to my “brothers and sisters,” the same that had to grow up to early and never had nice things, unless they had their own money.
I grew up with a family that had some problems, but I always had food on my table. They might of not had stacks of money, but I always had nice clothes, and a roof over my head. The other things didn’t matter to me, because life wasn’t about that. I found happiness in what I had, but soon all of that would be taken away from me. This was the time that my mother and father split up, after years of marriage, and I was left with my mother. She got out of the house, ran to the car, and drove off. I followed, running for the entrance to our old car. I got to the car, I hear someone behind me. It was my father, he was pleading that we stayed, that we lived with him. I fell, my knee slaps the pavement, I hear my dads voice echo. He was afraid, he saw the car drag me. But as he got close to the car, my mother jumped out, throwing me back into the car, and launching a projectile towards my father. I looked back, to see him crying, as we drove away.
This was the night that changed my life, forever. This was the first night of being homeless. This was the night that left me hopeless, not knowing what was going to happen. This was the night that led to years of pain, that led to many nights crying myself to sleep. This was the night that the brainwashing started. My mother had one plan, to keep up, even if that meant destroying the image of my father. She did a very good job at it. I went many years being afraid of my father, being scared to be alone with him. I didn’t know what to believe, but I knew what to fear. My mother wanted her way, so it led me down a road of being homeless. We spent years living in Vans, campers, abandoned houses, friends cars, and a couple houses. The years of living in the apartments and houses always led to being evicted or worse. There was a time that our apartment burnt down, all of our possessions were in that house, we had nothing left, we didn’t have anything. I lost all of my clothes, toys, $40,000 of baseball cards, and more. My mother fell asleep while a candle burnt down the house. She woke up to the smell of smoke. She got out, but there was nothing left. We had to start from scratch. This wouldn’t be the first time.
We went on to live in a van, next. This is when we would go nights without eating. I was starving everyday. My mother started to write bounced checks in order to feed us, but the checks only went so far. She would get caught, and even that plan was a no go. We then moved to a camper, one that only lasted for a short while. The camper was taking back from the owners, leaving us homeless, again. My mother devised a plan to get us somewhere in life. This was to move across the state, well only a few hours, and have us start our lives again. This time the plan was solid, well until the plan started to work. The plan was great on paper, but when we started to move forward, we forgot to calculate the expenses, which came in fast. With the bills not being paid, we were forced to sleep in a dark, cold, and shower-less house. This is where I found my little kitten frozen. I never knew how hard this life could get, not until I saw a life taken from me. Over the next year, I was starved, beaten, and in academic troubles. I was released from my mothers grasp, and thrown into a messed up DCFS system.
This blog isn’t to get the harps going, nor do I want attention for my past life. I was making this to say that we might have rough walks, in life, but we can’t let those walks effect our purpose. If I would let the past keep me down, I wouldn’t be able to sit here, and talk to you guys. I started from the bottom, but now, now I am living a great life. I have great things going for me, and it was because of what my past put me through. Your past is to strengthen your future, you just have to know how to use it effectively.


Impromtdude @

The day started with a yawn, pain in my head, and the memories of last nights close in my mind. I chose to take the night off even at work. I didn’t want to be there, my stress level was at 10 1/2 and was left with a store that looked like someone shit on a rag and rubbed everything. There was nothing stocked on the shelves, nor was the trash taking care of. In reality I had to catch up before I could even start my close. I get yelled at if this were me leaving it for my General manager, but he brushed it off as if it was my job, leaving once I got in. He had a lame excuse of I have to drop something off at another store, and he left in the middle of a busy time. I shook my head and went on with my close.
The rushes came and went, but with the slow times that came and went, I changed my work habits. This is a new thing for me, because instead of busting my rump to get everything stocked to the fullness that I like, I sat back and waited for the next rush. This was the first time ever, I am telling you, that I have ever stood still during a close. I usually bust my ass to get everything done hours before we close, but with how he left, I lost all respect for him, he tells me that I need to lead by example, but he then does this. Why is it that I have to follow by example, when my GM leaves me with a trashed store.
I left a few things for him to do as he opens today, and left a little earlier last night, this was more of a statement, that if you leave me with shit, expect me to follow by example and give you that turd back, this time though it is polished. The things I left him with were the easier things to do, such as fill the ice machine, stock chocolate milk, and wipe off three trays. The trays that I found at the end of the night, of course. Everything else, I did to my full extent. So I didn’t see anything wrong with my close. That was until I talked to my wife.
My wife is a cleaner, and feels that whatever needs to be done, should get done. She talks about how she wants to screw over her boss, and leave a lot of things for her to do, but never does it because of her big heart and integrity. She is soft hearted and forgiving, the perfect traits for a Libra. Where I am arrogant and ready to cut someones throat, the traits of The Ram, Aries. So while driving to work today, she asked how last night was, I expected her to be okay with the three things I didn’t do, but she was the complete opposite. She began to call me a bad worker, saying that she wouldn’t leave anything for them to complain about. I see where she was coming from, times are hard and hours are getting cut, and she is afraid that if I don’t prove myself, that I will be at the end of the stick, when it comes to hours.
We got into a big fight, ending the fight with her slamming the car door, and me pilling out of her driveway. I think I ever broke a promise or two, while yelling a choice of words at her through the car window. Now comes the point where we both calm down, I know that we will be okay, but it hurts when she talks down to me, like I don’t know what I am doing in my job. This causes me to shut down and go into a minor depression when I am by myself. So I escape into my zone, which lead to me writing this letter to you guys, as I will breifly describe my escape zone.
When something happens to me, that will hurt me or piss me off. I hhave been taught to get away from the situation, and regather my composer, before I do something stupid. My escape is simply what I am doing right now. There is something about writing that makes me feel like a different person, a person with a perfect, stress free life that is better than any other life. So when I am upset, I will grab a drink, open my tablet w/keyboard and I will right until I feel better. Which usually I can write a few post before I lose the anger and hurt. Today the  anger left me when I wrote the first paragraph, so it worked. Sometimes it wont work though, that’s when I turn to the bottle, haha I’m joking, I turn to Fallout. The reason I turn to fallout is because I can kill people and not get into trouble. This has never failed me.
So if you are pissed off and hurt, or stress to the max, and you need something to get your mind off the situation, find something that is relaxing and do it. The stress will melt away, the anger will cease to exist, and the hurt will feel more like a misquito bite, rather than a knife to the heart. This is how I get over the things that are on my mind, this is something that you should try also!