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The flipping glow of success.

What is Success?

Success is the favorable result in a situation. Success is something that many want and will spend their whole life trying to achieve. Though many will try to be successful, many will find it very challenging. It might be hard to find success in the path that they take, but it isn’t impossible. Hard work comes before success, this is where many will fail. These people don’t want to work hard to get what they want, so this leads them to quit on what they are attempting to finish, leading to a big failure. If they would have worked harder or even taking a different path, they might have succeeded. Either way, they should have kept working hard, because great things happen to those who work hard.

This brings me to the point of this post. Over a year ago, I posted about making a giant splash in the writing world. I thought that it was going to be easy, but I found that it wasn’t even close to that. Finding the right crowd, the correct formulas and even finding the passion to write can be very hard at times. I know this from my failed attempt to make it big on Facebook. My page has yet to hit 100 likes, where as my friends writing pages have gathered over 1,000 in the last year. This is an upsetting fact, to know that what I thought was going to be the easiest part is now the hardest. It doesn’t seem hard to grow a page, I mean all you have to do is share, right? That is wrong! I find that to be the most annoying ways to grow. I don’t want to get big off of spamming people for their likes, but how am I suppose to get this page going? That is what is hard, because you need a formula.

I don’t have that formula, I don’t know how to get that formula. I wish someone would come along with a free trial, just so I can take what the formula taste like. There is a science behind getting people to want what you have. In order to find that out, you mainly have to be a peoples person, that is something I am not. I love people, but I don’t understand people. That is what screws me. How can I get someone I don’t understand to like something that I made?
In addition to all of this, once you begin to find the formula, you can be hit with writers block. This is what happened to me. Somewhere in the last year I found the formula, I was growing like nothing else, then it all halted. I forgot what to do, I lost the passion, and I began to spew out a bunch of half-hearted crap. These were post that I didn’t even like myself,  but for some reason I posted them. By the time I got my passion back, the crowd was gone. I miss my shot and now I can’t seem to find the formula again.

So I missed my chance to grow big, should I give up though? No! I find that trying to find the right formula is the greatest part of trying to get big. What appreciation would I have if everything was giving to me? If I was giving the chance to be famous (not something I want) I would turn it down. Being giving something like that would lead to me hating the position I’m in. This is because you love what you work hard for. I love our car because we had crap cars before, but also because we have to pay for it. Likewise, I love being a writer because I have to work hard to get better. When you put work into something, you want something to come out of it. You don’t want to waste time, so you will make sure that you do anything to allow your investment to grow. So just because I lost my chance, this doesn’t mean that I will give up. This is just another reason to bust my ass to get back to where I was. I must put in the work to gain the reward.

I am wanting to succeed as a writer. It is my goal to be known, so if I have to fail a thousand times to do so, you better know that I am going to do so. I don’t care if it takes forever to do so, just know that I will look failure in the face and laugh! Because I know I have something special. Failure has no place for me!!!


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Should I stay awake.

I have another close tomorrow, so that means I don’t have to go to bed early. This is always a great time to get writing done or to play a video game. With this being said, I am in a pickle. I don’t want to go to bed early, but also I don’t want to sleep all day. So should I just get to bed slightly late and still be able to enjoy a majority of tomorrow, or should I stay up late and get things done just to sleep most of the day away, tomorrow?  I don’t know what I should do, will you give me some insight?

If I did get to bed early tonight, I will be up early tomorrow and will be able to get things done, early. This is awesome since I will be well rested, but also I might get tired/warned down by the time of my shift tomorrow. This would lead to be more cranky and more out of it at work, which could be a very bad thing. I take a lot of pride into my work, so I don’t want it to be affected by what I do in the day, leading me to think that it would be smarter to stay up.

If I did stay up until late, then I would be able to get more done and would be able to sleep more during tomorrow. The biggest problem with that is; I don’t want Ariel to sleep alone. She doesn’t always hate to sleep alone, but I know that sometimes she wants me to be in the bed. I think this alone will put me to sleep early, but at the same time, I don’t want to. The only other problem is sleeping all day, this usually leaves me with a headache, one that also has an effect on my mood, though not as serious as the early bird effect.

Overall, I am in a pickle. I want to do both, but I don’t know what I should do. I want to spend the time with Ariel, but I also want to spend a lot of time on Video games. It has become Ariel Vs. Video games, which isn’t a good thing, so I will go to bed with her. This way I can be the best husband, ever. Then I will wait until she’s asleep and I will come back out and play the night away. PROBLERM SOLVEDED. We rock, thank you guys!


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