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This is an old story that I was writing. I didn’t like where it was going, so I stopped writing it. I am now showing you guys that story. It is only a short snippet, but it’s what I got done before growing bored of the idea. I hope that is fine!

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Hospital from Hell

Chapter 1: Birthdays of Regret

She is seventy-seven today. Mary spent most of her birthdays looking at the old photos taking from her old pageants, wishing she could go back to the old days and receive that internship with Marilyn Agency once again.

That was the best day of her life. She was sitting in the kitchen chewing on a piece of bland chicken that her mother attempted to cook, when the phone rang throughout the trailer she was forced to be crammed into. Mary ran to the phone and answered, hoping that it was the management of Marilyn, she had dreamed of that phone call since her first pageant, and spent many nights waiting by the phone for this one phone call.

“Hello, my name is Brian, the Main manager at Marilyn.”

Mary was speechless, could this be real? Could her dream really becoming true with this one phone call, or was it coming to an end? Without this internship, Mary could kill modeling goodbye. Her mother already stated that unless  she proved by her senior year that she could become a model, she wouldn’t be allowed to pursue that dream.

“Hello, Mary Vengerro?” Brian ensured that he had not been disconnected

“Yes, I’m here” Marys’ voice cracked, leaving her embarrassed on the line.

“Yes, Mary, I’m calling on the behalf of your most recent application.”

Mary smiled big as she awaited her life to change

“I’m saddened to inform you that you haven’t been selected to participate in this year’s internship program.”

Megan’s heart dropped, tears filled her eyes. She tried to keep her composer while on the phone, but the tears came, and hard.

“Mam, Are you okay?” Brian asked sincerely, but she didn’t answer.

“Mam?” Brian repeated, again no one answered. He disconnects the phone.

Megan slams down the phone then throws it against the wall; her mother heard the sound and rushed in her room.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as she searched for damage on Megan’s freshly painted wall.

“Nothing, leave!” Megan screams, Her mother steps back and puts her hand up.

“Don’t talk to me like that, little missy!” Megan puts her hand over her face and begins to bawl. Linda sits next to her and grabs her.

“They didn’t want me!” Linda couldn’t tell what she said so she asked what she said.

“They modeling company rejected me!” The room got silent, Megan waited for her mom to grab her, but she didn’t.

“No duh, your too fat!” Linda’s words hit hard. Megan couldn’t hold back what happens next, she blacks out.

Her hand flies through the air and makes contact with her mom’s face. Her head snaps back, not expecting the blow from her daughter.

Megan gets on top on her and began to punch her. Linda’s face began to get swollen with each hit. Blood was seeping through her nose; her eyes were nearly shut from the abuse she was receiving.

“Stop” Linda Screamed, Megan swings hard, and hits her in the mouth. She pulls back her hand to see a tooth came out with the punch and now was in her fist.

Finally Amber pulls away. Realizing what she did, Amber runs out of the room. Linda was left there, gasping for the tiniest lung full of air, but each breath she took was full of her own blood.

Megan comes back in to the room, Linda is still lying there with no movement, her chest isn’t moving. Megan hurries over to her, hoping she isn’t dead.

She jumps on top of her mother. Feels her chest and sees that her mother was still alive. Knowing that her mother would put her in jail, Megan had to do something.

“Mom, dad did this you go that? I will kill you if you say I did!” Linda nodded in agreement.

Megan left the room and called 911.


What if I told you?
What if I told you that support is a two way street? Would that make you change your mind or would you blame another for your mistake? What if that wasn’t enough for this to be okay? Then, after many years of wondering why you were never supported, you turn around and see that you could have saved the day? You could have saved the day and taken all this away, but you stuck to your tough exterior and pushed your support away. Now, you have to wonder what could have been.

“How could you have saved the day?” you might ask. That is a great question that I might have the answer to. Actually, I know the answer. The answer is very simple and shouldn’t take much to understand. It shouldn’t take a whole blog to tell you what you have to do, but I might just drag it out. Nah, lets get to it. You asked the question “How could you have saved the day?” and the quick/simple answer is; You show the same support!

If someone is giving you the support to go and do things, then you must show them the same respect. People don’t have to help you, they don’t have to be by your side. They decide to help you (out of the love of their heart) and they spend time trying to help you. These people are gems. They don’t even care about your support. All they want is to feel wanted and welcomed. It isn’t much at all. You can show them that by showing them that you care about their feelings. This can be shown by “Reading their blog, listening to their music, a simple hug, listening to their problems.” These are small things you can do to repay them. But you don’t do this, instead you choose to get mad when they stop supporting you.

Supporters stop supporting when you stop caring about them. They can’t take not feeling loved, so instead of getting hurt, they will turn away and go a different direction. Usually, they will go off and support their own dreams, or try to find someone to support them. They will still love you and want the best, but the support wont be there, because they don’t want to support someone that doesn’t return the same.

Lets fast-forward a few years. This is when you start to see the growth of an ex-supporter. You will be drowned in your own hatred, where-as the supporter is living a high life. They found the support through others and used that to grow. Now, they are shining because they are doing something, where you are sitting on the ground half beaten up and reaching out for any support. This is your fault, though. You are the one that didn’t help him, so now you must be jealous of his success. The biggest thing that never changes, though, is the fact that he will never stop loving you. This means that if you begin to support him, then he will begin to support your dreams, again. He isn’t selfish. He never has been. He just wants to know that he isn’t alone. Mister supporter is still reaching out for you, but he wont grasp ahold unless he thinks you will support him, as well. Because, if he is wrong, then he knows that he could fall to his death. This is where you have to show him that you are willing to help him. Show him that you care; he will give back what you give him. He is the supporter, his main mission is to support you. 



What would be a great gift to get me? I want everyone to know that I am not a picky guy, but I do want you to buy me something nice. I can always spot a dollar tree gift over a nice expensive Wal-Mart gift. I have an eye for this kind of thing, so don’t screw around! But seriously I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want everyone to be happy and love their family. With this being said; I know some of you are dying to get me a gift, which means I cant leave you out of the circle on what I want. Here is a very short/long Christmas list of things you can buy me. Know you can buy me whatever you want, but I wont like it as much…so why not just buy what’s on the list? Don’t be cheap.


10. A Donald Trump hairpiece! They range from $3 to $29. Now, you could go cheap and get me the low end wig, but we all know what that brings. The stitches are cheap and probably will make my head itch. But I will let you decide. (Seriously, go with an expensive one….)

9. A tiger– You can go to and find nothing, because they suck….But will have what you’re looking for. Now, do know that Tigers usually go for $50,000. This is more than most of you will make in three lifetimes. Don’t fool yourself, you cant afford that….Hell you couldn’t even afford a dead one (they are $5,000,) so just continue down the line……
BTW a Tiger Penis cost $1,300.

8. Tim Tebow Jersey (signed)– has this listed for $926.99. I think everyone deserves to be treated like a king, so go ahead and treat yourself to buying me this piece of history, you deserve it!

7. Taylor Swift hoodie– a “Real men love Taylor Swift” shirt would go great with any other gift you get me. You can afford $20, I know you can! Please, I will love you forever!!!!

6. A Tiger Penis– The more I think about it, I think I want the penis of a Tiger; you know…for science of course. Just buy me a Tiger penis for the love of God.

5. God, himself! So I don’t think I can find this on the internet. You might need to get to a black market, but this would be an awesome gift for me. Could you imagine having God in your pocket?

4. All 7!!!! Dragon Balls– Daddy has a car payment, and I need the authentic dragon balls so I can wish for my car to be paid off. Or you can pay my car off…..which ever one works.

3. Friends– I think this item goes for $15 on Ebay but don’t feel pressured, you can buy the cheapo at the bottom of the list. Also, don’t express ship, I’m use to not having friends, I wont know what to do with them when I get them.

2. Bart’s wife– I think Bart is getting lonely. He is about the right age to get some Reindeer tail and I am tired of him humping his brothers leg, so please buy him a wife…It must be a girl reindeer. He likes them to have a white tail but black dots…booom, not racist!!!

1. A Browns/Bears win– You must buy both. I have faith that the Browns will win the Superbowl 51, but lately they have slipped back. I need this to change. They must win all the remaining games to be in the Superbowl, so can you buy me those wins? They might cost a lot, but you know how much that would mean to me? More than a Tiger penis! Okay, maybe not but it would come close!!!! Also a Bears win or a new Qb…..Mainly a new QB!

There you go, I gave you my list. I need all these items (especially #6!!!) by the end of the Christmas period. If you fail to do so, I will send Bart to hump your dirty leg!! He has a strong grip, so you better hurry!!! My address is 1010 E. Tiger Penis St. Bartville, Illinois. 69069. Thanks!.
Love you guys,
Impromtdude, Bart, Ginger, Francis, and Tiger (the tiger penis).

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Dear Bad waitress:

    WE didn’t leave you a tip for many reasons, even though you thought you deserved one. The main reason was because you suck at your job, hell that whole store sucks. Let me take you through my experience and reveal just why we didn’t leave you a tip.

We walked in with a group of ten people. We are all generous tippers, that usually go off how well someone works. I have tipped up to 50 dollars, but I also refuse to tip someone that fusses about a group of people. Don’t think I didn’t hear your remarks when we first walked in. You didn’t want us there, because you didn’t want to work, so you muttered “Can someone else take this group, I don’t want it?” It showed.

We sat down and waited a few minutes for you to greet us. You didn’t smile when you asked how our night was, and you didn’t attempt to spark any kind of conversation. This isnt that big of a deal, until you didn’t bring us our drinks. We waited 15-minutes to get our drinks, well two of the ten, that is. You gave them their orange juice, but didn’t bother to bring the other drinks? My wife waited 20+ minutes to get her water, now that is ridiculous. Also, how the hell don’t you have sweet tea? Or milkshakes? I can understand the milkshakes, but sweet tea?

The drinks were redeemable. I was still in the mood to give a tip, even though you interrupted me while ordering. You allowed me to order one of my two items before going on to the next person. The chili cheeseburger was a pretty big sandwich, but I also wanted to buy a order of tatter tots smothered with Jalapeños, cheese, and sour cream. But I believe I dodged a bullet with your rudeness, because the hamburger was gross enough to force my drink down, quickly. This is when you lost the tip. It’s your damn job to refill my drink, as many times as I need! I shouldn’t have to flag you down to get another drink, especially at 2.19. My father-in-law never got a refill on a soda that price.

Finally, we didn’t leave a tip because of the price of a single hamburger patty. My cousin bought an extra patty, thinking it was only $1.50, but it came out to $4.59. We thought it was a bit pricey, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that you didn’t give two shits about our question. Instead you decide to tell us that you didn’t know, as you continued to check him out, without even trying to solve the problem. You didn’t say “have a good night,” instead you muttered a phrase that I hope takes your damn job. You were caught muttering “Ten damn people came up to pay, not a damn one gave a tip.”

You don’t deserve a tip. You were the rudest waitress, ever. Being pregnant I thought you would want your job, but I couldn’t see it on this night. All I could see is a self-righteous woman that believes they deserve a tip, no matter what their service is like. You are a free loader and the reason I will never visit your Denny’s again. You’re lucky I even paid for my food, fool.


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True love
Today is perfect for this post for two reasons; I just got home from a wedding and its my three year (and seventh month) anniversary. I also have a two year anniversary (Marriage) coming up in ten days. With all these anniversaries around this time, also with September being like national marriage month, this post is perfect for day 2 of the #Hopingtogoviral challenge. This post will go deep into what love is, and what you can do to get to that point.
Love is very serious. Not only can it make someone’s life a million times better, it can also destroy that person in seconds. Love is one of the strongest verbs in the dictionary and it shouldn’t be played with. Playing with love has shown to have negative effects on the player, at times leaving them love sick, hopeless, devastated and regretful. It is very important to know what love is, before you take upon yourself to fall into it. If you fall into love too soon, your premature mind might get wrecked, ultimately causing you to ruin the relationship, leaving you hurt in the end. Today, we will go over the simply traits of love (found in 2 Corinthians 13) and we will see if you are the true definition of love.
I am not one to bring the bible into my posts, but today is an exception. The reason I will be talking about the bible is because of it’s definition of Love. Paul was very precise and detailed when he talked about love. The bible breaks down love into a list of what is & what love isn’t. This is usually said during any wedding, so I am sure you have heard them! They are: Love is Patient, Love is kind, it doesn’t envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves, love never fails!

Now we have a good image of love, how do we measure up? During the wedding, the preacher told everyone to put their name in the spots where it says love. Then you are to say it again, this time with your names, and see how well it sounds. While you say this, you are to think, “Am I this?” This will help you get better at your short comings, as a couple. After you notice what you need to get better at, you will then have a mission, as a couple, that being; help each other get to where they need to be. Love is about growing together, so take this as a challenge. Get together with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or a future interest and see where you sit. This will help you learn what love is, and could show you if it will work or not. I know this will change your relationship and your life. Don’t take this likely, there is more on the line than we know!
I will be doing this with my wife, so that we can find where we can change. I see this helping us more than we know, as its hard to see when you think your doing fine. I don’t think we are the full meaning of love, we fail a lot in certain parts of our love, but we could obtain full love with this activity. We are willing to take on this obstacle, hoping that one day we can be the perfect definition of true love! One day, we could be looked up to when learning about love, now how sweet would that be?


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A wattpad special!
Standing alone!
I sit here, in my room, all alone after the fight with my wife. I said a few things again that were not needed to be said. I know I need to stop the way that I treat her, or one day she will leave me. But there is something that she does, that pisses me off. My wife pushes me to a point that I want to break her neck. I have never been violent with a woman, but there is a line that I also haven’t crossed and I feel like she is about to shove me across that line.
The whole fight started with her staying at work for longer than needed. I was waiting outside waiting for her, I had roses in one hand and wine in the other. But when she came outside she didn’t notice my kind gesture. I wanted to slam her head into the car window, but my past teachings taught me to never hit a woman, so I kept my cool until I got into the car.
Once we got into the car, I let her have it though. I told her that she needed to pay more attention to me and that it was unacceptable. She snapped back talking about how if I did it more then it might mean something to her. As I said before, I wanted to bash her head in, show her the amount of pain and embarrassment, that she just shown outside her job, but I kept cool, again. I remember driving home after that was said, thinking of a way to punish her, but something inside wasn’t allowing me to think of the dark tortures. I stayed quite the rest of the way home.
She got out of the car quickly, slamming the door behind her and walking into the house. She was trying to make me mad, but I was numb to the ignorance that she was showing. I have dealt with the craziness for more than 7 years, so I let her storm up the stairs and take a shower, just like every time I make her mad. This time was different though, there was never a light turned on, not even for the room that she would usually lay her heavy jacket in before getting naked. The fear of someone attacking my love, made me nervous so I went to check on her. I got out of the car when the light came on. I got a little annoyed by the timing of her presence.
Now that I was outside of the car, what was I suppose to do? I wasn’t about to go in there and act as if I did something wrong, but I also didn’t want to stay in the cold weather. I contemplated getting back into the car, but starting the car would waste more gas than I want to. So I chose to go for a walk around the block, this would give her time to get her apology ready.
The walk was working, it was making me forget the things that just happened, but it also was making me think of worse things. The past was never easy for me or my family, my father was an abuser and my mother paid for his choices. She would be up all night waiting for him to get home from bingo, in order for him to hit her. One night she left, and I was left there with him. He lost all of his money playing that night, and was angry. I try to forget that nightmare as if it didn’t happen, but every time I close my eyes, I see his hand. His big brass hand hit my flesh multiple times that night, but that wasn’t the worse part. He tied me up and tortured me.
He pulled a cloth out of the closet and put the contents on the desk in the center of the room. He removed the cloth to reveal that he had my mother tied up. She looked at me and began to scream. I couldn’t believe that I thought she left, when he had her in the closet. I tried to free myself, but it wasn’t working, I was forced to sit her as he began to taunt her.
He pulled out his knife from his holster and ran it along her tan skin. A tear formed in her eye, I felt bad for not being able to help her. She began to pull her hand from the rope, but my dad was too fast for that, as he slammed the knife through her palm. Her scream gave me deadly chills through my spine, as I sat there crying. Blood began to pour from her hand onto the ground. She looked into my eyes as he began to laugh. “Get it done!” He shouted “But then what?” He replied to his previous comment. My father seemed to be possessed, but that’s impossible, isn’t it? “Kill her!” He began to yell louder as he lifted the knife. Something stopped him dead in the tracks as he lowered the knife, “I can’t do it!” He moaned in sadness, but then he began to laugh again. During this all, my mother was still trying to get out of the grasp that he had on her. He started to spaz out again, grabbing his head and pulling his hair, still holding the knife that he had just put down. “Nah, I got this!” He dug the long blade into her stomach and began to twist the blade. He began to pull the knife down her torso, the knife was ripping through all of her intestines. The room was splattered with blood, the blood from my mother. I couldn’t comprehend what I witnessed that night. I know the feeling that I had though, my heart hurt, I was mad, I was crushed. I lost my mother that night. I wanted my revenge, but that night was also the last time I saw my dad. He ran out of the room shouting something crazy, it was in another language. The cops never found him, the searched for miles after they got a domestic violence call from my neighbors. They said they saw him running outside with the bloody knife that committed the murder.
I found myself laying on the street at 12 a.m., the night that I left for the walk. I must have fell asleep when I began to think of my mother and father. I couldn’t walk anymore at that point, the pain felt to real. It has been 6 years since that happened, and I still fight with the horror everyday! I don’t know what to do, I have ruined my marriage from not being able to let this go. My wife has been strong throughout this whole situation, but I have been treating her like garbage the last six months. I fought with her father, told him I was going to kill him and his wife for saying something that wasn’t even towards me. I then told her sister that she was a slut, and told her husband that she was a cheater. They recently filed for divorce, and that is my fault. I never liked her family, but I tolerated them for her, but that ended when they took shots at my anger. They told her that it was stupid for her to be with me, due to the fact that I haven’t worked in a year. I have been searching for employment, but it is hard to find a job. Now not only do they hate me, she also hates me. My own wife hates me, and I can do nothing about it. We tried to go through marriage counseling, but that was a waste of time. The therapist was a woman and babied my wife through the whole class, saying that I should give up everything to make her happy, and that I am a bad husband. Now I see it, I am a bad husband, I’m my fathers’ son.
I think about these things on a daily bases, usually I walk to clear my mind, but tonight its not working. I feel more angry since I started walking. Thoughts come through my head, saying I should have stayed home. I feel unsafe, As if I might explode if I go home. But if I don’t go home, then she will think that I cheated, and that would lead to, yet another big fight. I already have to explain why I was out until  12 in the morning. But that will be much easier to do, than to explain why I didn’t come home at all. I walk through our front door and round my way up the stairs. She was sitting on the couch with a cell phone lit up in her hand. The look that she gave was deadly, I knew this was going to turn out well. I smiled, but she didn’t find it funny. “Where have you been?” I shook my head and replied “I had an episode and passed out.” She giggles and spits back “Whatever, another damn episode, get some help…loser.” My blood began to boil, the words that my dad always called me exited her mouth as venom. I lifted my hand in anger, trying to get her to stop, but she didn’t. “Why don’t you get your life together.” I snapped. “Screw you, you are stupid. You can root in hell with your parents.” The room got real quite before she jumped up and began to hit me in the face with her phone. My hands shot up in defense as I tried to get her to stop. She kept hitting me, each time the punches weakened my defense. I blacked out, and began to fight back. I pushed her to the ground and got on top of her. My first hit was an accident, but I enjoyed the feeling it gave me. All the bottled up angrier that I kept inside finally was out. I stopped after three hits, thinking that was the end of the fight. But then out of nowhere, she nailed me in the balls with her knee and attempted to get up. I grabbed her leg and pulled it back down. I was the stronger of the two, so I forced my way off the ground, and walked into the kitchen. This was a clear attempt to get away from her, but she followed as she threw a glass at me. It missed and smashed into the wall. I shouted a few words, then she attacked again. She grabbed the knife off the counter and lunged the tip towards me, she missed. I lowered my elbow into her forearm forcing the blade to the ground. She reached for the handle, my knee implanted into her stomach. She fell to the ground. This time I got on top of her. I was trying to get her to stop before something bad happened. She clawed at me, scratching the inside of my eye. My vision went red, my eye was fully covered in blood from the inside. My body got weak as I grabbed the frying pan from the cover. I swung one time, slamming the flat plate against her skull, she was knocked out. I thought that was the end, I was surely going to jail, my marriage was over. I began to spaz out, thinking to myself “What can I do?” So I took the knife and plummeted it into her gut, she arose from her sleep, screaming in agony. I apologized as I twisted the blade and drug it down her gut. Her eyes turned lifeless, her lips turned blue. I had to think fast on what I could do to not go to jail, then I thought of the perfect plan. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote:
“Don’t come looking for me. I am Larry Olsen, Travis Olsen’s dad. If I find out that you came looking for me, I will kill Travis as I killed Rebecca, his wife. I have longed for the day that I could have my son back into my arms, and nothing will take him from me again. This is why she had to die, she held him back from me.”
I left the note on her dead body, after I tied her up and put a bag over her head. I took the knife with me so they couldn’t take the DNA off the evidence. The cops will see this as a strike against my father, and I can go on living my own life again. I will move states and pray that no one in her family sees me out-and-about. What if they do though? I ask myself instantly. I would like to think I would let them be, say they are insane and go on with my day, but the true answer is; if anyone spots me, that’s where they stand alone, dead. The same way my mother laid, and the same way that Rebecca lays now. I didn’t want to do this tonight, but like I said before; I am my fathers son!  



Being stalked is a very serious and scary thing, but for me it was just annoying! I have heard of stories where the stalker ends up breaking into a house and killing the person, or something worse. With being a man, I never thought that I would have to worry about being stalked. I thought stalkers only attacked women, but oh boy was I wrong! This is the story, of when I was stalked!
I use to date a lot of girls. I would get to know them, then they would get boring, this is usually when I would dump them. I was a dumb 17 year old, wanting love in all the wrong places, this is one of those stories! I met this one girl, Faith, and she was awesome. The funny thing is I met her on Facebook, under “Friends you might know.” I didn’t know her, but I sent her a request, anyway (I know creepy, don’t judge!) She didn’t take long to accept it and message me, asking who I was? I answered saying that I thought I knew her (Lies!) She didn’t reply, at first, then she sent me a message. She wanted to get to know me. I gave her my number and told her to text me. It only took a few seconds for her to text me. She was annoying at first, she was putting me down because of my school! She only lived 10 minutes away and went to the school that my school was consolidated with! I told her that I didn’t want to talk about that, and she told me that we could change the subject. I brought up relationships. She told me that she was single. I used that to my advantage and began to ask her if we could hang out. She was senseless because she said yes, even without knowing me!
We hung out, a week later, and spent most of the time making out. She had the worse breath, ever! Though her breath was scary,  she was good at one thing….kissing! Sadly, that was the only thing she was good at! She wasn’t fun to talk to, she was controlling, and she spent most of our convos trying to convince me to have sex. I was training to be a youth pastor, so that wasn’t going to happen, which made her mad enough to taunt me with her friends! The relationship wasn’t bad overall, though, well until the end!
I was going out of town, with a few close friends, and she didn’t agree. She thought that I wanted to do something with the girl I was with. I tried to convince her that I didn’t want anything, but she didn’t believe me. I thought about skipping the concert, but then rethought as she wasn’t my mother, and she would have to get over it! I was too young to be controlled by a girlfriend, especially one that poked fun at me! I decided to go, anyways! She told me that she was fine, but she wasn’t. The concert was two hours away, so we left pretty early in the morning. The rest of the group was going to be meeting us in a different town, so we had to get there on time. The real problem didn’t come until later in the trip. I was trying to have a good time, we were all singing and having a blast, so much I forgot to check my phone. We were stopping at a gas station, while everyone else was inside I checked my phone. I had thirteen text messages and a few missed calls. They were all from Faith and she wasn’t happy. I remember the text messages were mixed, some were sad and the others were mad. She said that she hated me and that I was cheating, but then seconds later she would say she loved me and missed me. I was going to ignore the text messages, but one caught my eye. The one specific text said “HELp, Baby……He’s ohw (on his way).” This struck a nerve, since she did have a crazy ex, one that said he wanted to kill her to me….I gave her a call.
She answered the phone with an attitude. I could tell that she ran out of patience with me, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to let her negative ass ruin my day, I just wanted to know if she was okay. Once she calmed down and let me speak, I asked her if she was okay. She paused for a second then went off. She couldn’t catch her breath as she spilled out some crazy story. The story was about how her ex was mad about her status, so he was going to come and kill her. The funny thing is the police told her that they couldn’t help her. I told her to call them or to leave, she snapped again and told me that she couldn’t leave. I didn’t know what to do, I was a hour away and I couldn’t leave. I told her to call a friend, but she didn’t like that either. She then accused me of cheating with the other girl. My patience was gone as I blew up on her. I told her to shut up and to get a better story, as I knew she was lying. She told me that I was a dick, that is when I told her that I was done and I hung up the phone.
We didn’t talk for a couple days, but then she came back into the radar. She apologized for being a jerk. I accepted the apology and hung up the phone. The relationship was over, so I didn’t want to talk. She texted me moments later begging me to take her back. I told her no, and told her to leave me a lone. Faith blew up after that, telling me that I was a ugly virgin and that I should die. With this, I thought she was done, but that wasn’t true, she started to come around my house. She would drive by slowly. I caught her one day, but when I asked her what she was doing, she lied and said she was at school, even though I saw her outside of my house.
This crazy girl did this for a week, then texted me and told me that she was dating her ex, again. I didn’t answer, because I didn’t care. I knew that she wanted me to care, but I figured she was lying, so I just let it go. This wasn’t the last time she texted me, she would get dumped and come to me to fix her loneliness. The trap was never good enough, though, as I would just ignore her each time. It has been a about a year since she texted me last, which I thank God for. I just feel like she’s about to come back into the radar, but I am ready. My chair is sitting outside, my gun is loaded, and I am ready to send her to Redhead hell……


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