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Bro! Do you want to hear about my weekend? Do you? I know you do! Oh, yeah, you really do. I know you can’t wait to hear about what I did. You can’t lie to me. Everyone knows you want to read the rest of this. Your life won’t be the same unless you read this. There’s only one thing left to do in life, and that is to read this blog. Let’s do it!

Do I still have your attention? Of course I do. Anyway, let’s talk about my weekend. I want to start by saying, it didn’t go fully as planned, but there was some awesome stuff that happened. I was supposed to take Ariel to a marriage conference, but because someone got fired at our job, we weren’t able to do that. But we spent Saturday on the couch. We ended up watching Fireproof. We both enjoyed it very much, even if the movie is 100000 years old. Saturday was our last day off together for a while, probably until Christmas, no joke! So it was nice to be able to be snuggled up with her, all night. We also had Chinese! Yummy!!

Saturday was great, but nothing compared to Sunday. My old youth pastor, Josh was in Troy to preach. It has been 6 years since we have seen each other, so I was super excited that he invited me to come. I was initially going to miss it because of the employee being fired, but luckily I was able to get a closing shift, allowing me to go and worship with such a great guy. The sermon was equally as amazing. He talked about letting circumstances in life blind you from the work that God is doing in your life. This is exactly what I needed to hear, because life has kind of sucked! I lost view on what God is doing because I have been so stressed! But after he prayed over me, I feel that my eyes are opened and I am no longer stressed. I believe that God does all things to benefit the kingdom, which is why things aligned to allow me to go, when I shouldn’t have had the day off. Either way, God is doing something in my life that I don’t want to miss, nor do I want you to miss. Take a minute today and ask if you are living your best life. IF you feel that life can be better then get on your knees and pray to God to reveal what you need to do. Either way, Let God light your path, because he is all knowing. Don’t live your life alone, but turn to the one that has went before you.

By the way! The Bears are killing it, this season. I am just saying that we could get to the Superbowl. Also, The Browns could actually make the playoffs! Let that sink in! Go Bears and Browns!


For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.
Proverbs 5:21


The flipping glow of success.

What is Success?

Success is the favorable result in a situation. Success is something that many want and will spend their whole life trying to achieve. Though many will try to be successful, many will find it very challenging. It might be hard to find success in the path that they take, but it isn’t impossible. Hard work comes before success, this is where many will fail. These people don’t want to work hard to get what they want, so this leads them to quit on what they are attempting to finish, leading to a big failure. If they would have worked harder or even taking a different path, they might have succeeded. Either way, they should have kept working hard, because great things happen to those who work hard.

This brings me to the point of this post. Over a year ago, I posted about making a giant splash in the writing world. I thought that it was going to be easy, but I found that it wasn’t even close to that. Finding the right crowd, the correct formulas and even finding the passion to write can be very hard at times. I know this from my failed attempt to make it big on Facebook. My page has yet to hit 100 likes, where as my friends writing pages have gathered over 1,000 in the last year. This is an upsetting fact, to know that what I thought was going to be the easiest part is now the hardest. It doesn’t seem hard to grow a page, I mean all you have to do is share, right? That is wrong! I find that to be the most annoying ways to grow. I don’t want to get big off of spamming people for their likes, but how am I suppose to get this page going? That is what is hard, because you need a formula.

I don’t have that formula, I don’t know how to get that formula. I wish someone would come along with a free trial, just so I can take what the formula taste like. There is a science behind getting people to want what you have. In order to find that out, you mainly have to be a peoples person, that is something I am not. I love people, but I don’t understand people. That is what screws me. How can I get someone I don’t understand to like something that I made?
In addition to all of this, once you begin to find the formula, you can be hit with writers block. This is what happened to me. Somewhere in the last year I found the formula, I was growing like nothing else, then it all halted. I forgot what to do, I lost the passion, and I began to spew out a bunch of half-hearted crap. These were post that I didn’t even like myself,  but for some reason I posted them. By the time I got my passion back, the crowd was gone. I miss my shot and now I can’t seem to find the formula again.

So I missed my chance to grow big, should I give up though? No! I find that trying to find the right formula is the greatest part of trying to get big. What appreciation would I have if everything was giving to me? If I was giving the chance to be famous (not something I want) I would turn it down. Being giving something like that would lead to me hating the position I’m in. This is because you love what you work hard for. I love our car because we had crap cars before, but also because we have to pay for it. Likewise, I love being a writer because I have to work hard to get better. When you put work into something, you want something to come out of it. You don’t want to waste time, so you will make sure that you do anything to allow your investment to grow. So just because I lost my chance, this doesn’t mean that I will give up. This is just another reason to bust my ass to get back to where I was. I must put in the work to gain the reward.

I am wanting to succeed as a writer. It is my goal to be known, so if I have to fail a thousand times to do so, you better know that I am going to do so. I don’t care if it takes forever to do so, just know that I will look failure in the face and laugh! Because I know I have something special. Failure has no place for me!!!


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Christmas is over.

Thank goodness for Christmas being over. This season has brought nothing but stress and fights, but it is over guys! Now, we get to look forward to a new year! 2016 was a pretty crappy year, but I have a feeling that 2017 will be a whole lot better! Even with the year not being the best, I have to look back on some great things that did happen, then I will write a short goal for 2017. I do plan on doing a New Years resolution post, but that will be on Sunday!!!

In 2016, We started out strong here on Impromtdude. In March, we were able to buy our first domain. That is right, we went from to It was a small but amazing step to take. This was followed by getting my first hoodie and T-shirt. We also were able to raise our stats, by having one of post do super amazing, followed by a few others. Though we did amazing, we did fall short in a few other places.

We were giving a reward for continuously posting, but then one day lost all of that for us. I was too late one night, which ended that streak. This was the first time in almost a year that I didn’t post. Since then, I have failed to post daily. Its just hard to live life and do great things, stuff that I will write about, and post a blog every night. On top of all of this, I was starting to feel like this was more of a chore than a passion. This is when I realized that I was posting for stats, not for readers enjoyment. This is when I took a little time off. I have been off and on since then. But that is no problem, we will get back. Sometimes you just need a break. On other news, we are going to fall short of 100 likes on Facebook, which is pretty upsetting. This is something that I am going to change soon, but for now we will watch as I have failed to reach that number…

Now, we will talk about 2017.

Nothing could be as bad as 2016. You might have had a good year, but no one else did. 2016 was the year that took a huge amount of celebrities, two of my cars, my sanity and much more. That is why I am excited to get this next year started. With the new year, there will be a new goal for Impromtdude. This is something that I want to get back to and will attempt to do so in the next 365 days.

In 2017, I would love to build off of what we started. We were able to get apparel last year, I want to build on that. This will include a huge amount of items such as; Hoodies, T-shirts, hats, caps, sweat pants and/or socks. Now, not all the items will be available, but I hope to have something more for my dedicated fans. To build my fan base I will be making business cards/magnets. This will help my blog grow by giving me an easy way to promote myself when in public. But there is more! In 2017, I will be stepping out more and connecting with other writers. I plan on helping some people with their writing, writing with other people, having people guess blog, and many other amazing things. You will be seeing a lot of new faces. This is the best way to stay fresh; keep your blog enticing, by adding new opinions and faces. 

There will be more to come, but for now this is it. I will go into more detail Sunday, but know that 2017 will be the year that will make or break this blog. I really hope you will take this ride with me, because I can’t do this without you guys.

Also, I got a new laptop, so that is exciting!!! And I am getting glasses once this year ends. I can’t see crap, anymore. I finally know it’s time to get glasses.


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Last year I gave my meaning of Christmas. Take a glance at what I felt was the meaning. I will post this same thing tomorrow, but more of an updated version!

Christmas is here!
Christmas is here, the snow has almost laid its cold and soft blanket across the yards of Illinois and most of the world. The alarms are about to be changed to ten minutes sooner, so we can get up and remove the ice of our cars. The choirs are warming up their beautiful vocals, as they prepare to sing to the elderly. The bells are beginning to ring as you walk into Walmart, the bells are for charity, but we think of different things when we hear them (CHRISTMAS MUSIC.)
Yes the Christmas music hasn’t been cancelled. Rudolph is about to tell the world about his great adventure, Santa is reminding us to be nice. Jack frost is about to receive his hat again. The old ones are about to rock their hips around the Christmas tree. And how could we forget about dashing through the snow. Though we will get annoyed with the same songs that play in synch 24/7 until January, we will have our hearts warmed with the fire that is so delightful. But we will still have a place in our heart for sledding.
Am I too old now to sled? Of course not! You can never be too old to sled. Sledding brings a warmth to my heart that can’t be ignited by any normal flame. It is a delightful feeling to know that I’m still a kid on the inside. That is what Christmas is about, feeling like you haven’t all year. Christmas has been corrupted by the idea of gifts, when in my day it was about feeling warm with your family. Christmas was about being with family, and showing love to those around you.
I am excited about this Christmas. It is the first time in a couple years that I have felt this way. The feeling left when people started to fight about the phrase “Happy holidays” So many people got mad because there wasn’t Christ in that phrase. But we have to look past a silly phrase (That was put into place to suit everyone’s beliefs) and look at why we should be happy during Christmas.
Christmas to me was the one time that all of my family was in one place at the same time. People work hard for their money, meaning that sometimes they can’t attend family events. But with very few expectations, Christmas shuts down most stores. This fact gives everyone the same day off! We all would pile into my grandmas house and laugh with each other, talking about the past year and what has changed. There was never a fight on Christmas, never a disagreement, never resentment, never tears (unless of joy). It was like for the one day of the year, the world was fully at peace. I miss that.
I miss seeing families through their windows as you drove by. Like seeing a dad pick up a son or daughter, and throwing them up in the air. Or seeing the notorious snowball fight, where the dad would bring mom down to the snow. She was never mad though, she knew this was a part of Christmas. I miss hearing about family stories that were told on Christmas, now it is about how much was under their tree, it has become unbearable to hear about!
This Christmas do me a favor, and focus more on reconnecting with family, and less on buying that Xbox one. Materialistic things will break and fade away, but the family moments that we lock away in our hearts may become dim, but they will never be forgotten. As long as you hold on to those memories, nothing will be able to make you upset on Christmas.
Christmas, to me, is about family. Let us get it back to that!

Santa is real
    You see the big man every year at the mall. He is always smiling and fixing his beard. He is ready for the photo. Say cheese! Snap! Next please!. He asks your child what he wants for Christmas, and tells you parents that don’t know what your kid likes. So gentle to those babies, that’s how Santa. Yet when kids get to a certain age we, as parents, have to tell them a lie. The lie that is so famous around this time of the year is that “Santa Claus is fake.” You parents want the full credit on the gifts that are stuffed under the tree. Why would you still the joy from the big mans heart.

    He has been taking out of Christmas, like Jesus was removed from Schools. But no one bats an eye. We act as if it is okay that we banned him. He has to pay the rental on his sleigh, just like we do for our cars. What if you lost your job? Feel bad yet? No? Fine. You know he also has a wife and reindeers? (this isn’t including Rudolph, he is on drugs) He has to feed those Elves also! So do me a favor and stop lying to the future of this generation. You are sick!

p.s. Stop eating Santas’ cookies!


Dear Children,
Please take the advice above. Your parents are liars, I am actually real. I use to bring amazing gifts. But over the years the treats have disappeared and I cant feed myself anymore. Back in the day, I was able to feed the reindeer and myself, now I come back to Mrs. Claus with an empty stomach! It became such an issue that I had to leave my Santa days behind for a while, only because I was getting too skinny! But now, I am back to my fluffy self! Mrs. Claus is so amazing that she made sure to get me back to full fatness. Now that I am back please do me a favor. Stop EATING MY DAMN COOKIES@!!!!!!!
-Santa, bitches!

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Titles are for chumps as ideas are for wimps.

Today we will free ball a post and see what we can come up with. In order to get ideas, I will bee pulling words from around my room and write about that certain thing. I don’t know how this will go, but either way I am doing it!

Today, I was at work when I began to rub things. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I couldn’t stop the horror from happening. I tried to put my hands in a bag, but that didn’t do anything. I found my hand remotely coming out of my pocket and finding a nice cold cup. I kept rubbing the glass, until I owned it. After my intriguing start, I knew that things were going to get extreme, this I became okay with, I was going to finish the groping in a flash, that way I could get a piece of pizza.

As you can tell, this post isn’t that serious, not as serious as writing a story. That reminds me that I need to write my novel. I have been putting that off since I was a vault boy. Yes, I just used a Fallout reference, sue me! Now, after making a nerd reference, I will talk about my football team; The Chicago Bears. I am angry with the start, they should be ashamed of themselves. I am excited to announce that Jay Cutler is done, he is gone for the season. Now, we will go with a guy that has only played one NFL game. He didn’t look bad, I just don’t know what he can bring to the table.

I am going to wrap it right there, I enjoyed doing this. If you are a follower, make sure you like and comment! That would make me happy.


This is honestly to get me back into the motion of writing.

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There is too much to explain in this post to where I have been. Let me just ensure you that it’s been hectic. I won’t go too far into it, but know I haven’t forgotten about you. I have been dealing with some things, and I would like to share with you guys, tomorrow. 

I am back, though. Ler us get this going again, and this time we will make history. Life is starting to slow down, again. This means that everything will be going back to normal, then I will be able to write daily.

We will talk more about this tomorrow, so don’t miss it. I have missed you guys, so show this little, tiny post a huge warm hug! Love you and see you tomorrow! 

It’s SundayEffects!

   Welcome to the new segment, I am glad to see you and hope that you enjoy. Tonight, I will be talking about a slightly new project and what to expect in the next week.

    I thought of this project while at WalMart roaming the Halloween aisle. I saw a see through hockey mask and thought “what if I put an axe through my head?” Now clearly this isn’t me being literal or original in any way. This idea comes from one of my most favorite movies “Friday the 13th: Part 3.” At the end of this movie, you see the main protagonist take an axe and drive it into Jason’s head, ultimately killing Jason, well until the end of the movie when he makes an iconic return. 

     I loved that scene, it is my favorite in the whole series, so as I held the mask, I knew that I needed to recreate the mask/injury. It is a pretty simple idea, but also really cheap. I bought the mask for .98¢, the three paints were about $2.50 (brushes are .98¢), and you will need scissors which can be found for only a dollar, also. This is for the mask. I am also making the skin under the mask and making it gory, which could mean a lot of money, but you can shop (as I did) and find the cheapest route. Overall, you are looking to spend less than $20, which is great since this design rocks! 

    I am a big Friday the 13th fan, so you know I will be rocking this very soon, but for now, enjoy this beginning mask and tell me what think!


The Walking Dead Review (Spoiler possibility)
The Walking Dead left us in pain after the season 6 finale, ultimately  leaving us to wonder who the hell died. Who would be the one to die to Lucille? We know that the comics took Glenn, but ‘The Walking Dead’ hasn’t followed too close to the comics, thus far. So who does Negan kill? This is my idea based off the new “Right Hand Man” promo (released by AMC.) I suggest if you don’t want SPOILERS that you don’t read any further.

The promo was released a week ago and it caught the eyes of all “Walking Dead” fans. In the promo we see a torn Rick on his knees with blood on his cheek. He seemed to be forcing back tears as we hear Negan in the Background saying “why, was the joke that bad?” Rick then mutters “I am going to kill you.” Negan gets close up, while holding a bloody Lucille, and asks for Rick to repeat himself, as he was speaking too quietly. Rick repeats “Not today, not tomorrow, but I am going to kill you.” The smile on Negan’s face shows that he was not worried. He then asks Simon, his right hand man, what he had. Simon tells him that he had a hatchet. Negan goes on a speech about how Simon was his right hand man and that it is important to have one of those, because without one you have a whole bunch of work. Negan goes on to ask rick about his right hand man. Negan sees that Rick is broken, almost indicating that he killed his right hand man. Negan sees that Rick is still not giving in, so he stands up, puts the hatchet away, and pulls Rick into the RV. As they get into the RV, the camera pans down to show two things; A big pile of bloody mush and the blanket that Darryl was covered with when he got out of the truck.

My first response was “Damn.” They really went out to get their fans all worked up. I know because my wife was balling for multiple reasons. There are a few dim hints through this teaser, but a lot of them are just to get the viewers overworked, others might actually be foreshadowing the future. Either way, lets get into this.

The scene opened with Rick in shock, but also very angry. He goes on to tell Negan that he was going to kill him. Now, Negan killed one of Ricks people to show what was in store for him if he didn’t cooperate. Rick speaking up to him showed that the plan didn’t work. Negan then ask what he was carrying, mainly to show that Rick was no match to him. This was confirmed when Simon said “A hatchet.” Now if you guys did read the comics, you will also know why a hatchet is important. If you don’t, Rick lost his hand to “The Governor” in the comics, something that Kirkman said would never happen in the TV show. Honestly, I think this part of the scene was to get the comic book readers nervous/excited, as to think that Rick is going to get his hand cut off. I don’t think that will happen, since ti takes a lot more work and time to shoot scenes, plus Rick is such a big gun user, and it would be super hard to reload with stub.

Next, we can hear that people are crying in the background. This shows nothing, as all the girls have some emotional connection to each male. Rosita+Sasha=Abraham, Maggie=Glenn, Michone=Carl and Everyone=Darryl, so the cries are put in to show that it was an emotional scene, nothing else.

Third, the phrase “Right hand man” was thrown around a lot during this teaser. This is foreshadowing for the future, also to tease about Ricks hand. My wife assumed that this meant that Darryl was dead, since he has always been the second in command, but don’t get to ahead of yourself. Negan refers to Simon as his Right handed man and says that without him there would be a lot of work. To have Dwight come up as a big character, as in the comics, Simon ultimately has to die. This is foreshadowing that Negan will have to find a new right hand man, and that will be Dwight. Also, it is tricking the comic books readers, again.

Finally, the blanket! My wife cried her eyes out when Darryl’s blanket was in the scene, but that is way too easy. Greg and Robert know what they are doing, they wouldn’t give away the answer that easy. This was to get everyone more excited for the return. I am saying that Darryl is still okay, so you can stop worrying. On the other hand, who was sitting next to Darryl? Glenn. I am saying that when Glenn gets picked, he will try to reach out for help, grabbing a hold of the blanket, then is pulled in front of the whole group and beaten to death. Negan will then pick up the cloth and wipe the blood off his face. 

I also have a funny feeling that Glenn wont be the only one to meet Lucille. I feel like someone is going to get out of line and will meet the same fate, and I think I know who will, Abraham! Yes, I feel like Big Abe will be the second to fight. Abraham is becoming such a strong character, also he is finding true happiness. This is his death sentence, since no one can be happy in the Zombie Apocalypse. Also, we saw how Abraham and Negan squared off, Abe didn’t show fear, instead he stood up to Negan.

I don’t know what will happen next week, but I know it is going to be epic. Negan is going to make a big bang in his actual premiere, one that we should fear. No one is safe this season, so get ready for one emotional rollercoaster. Norman Reedus told us that we will need someone to hold during the premiere, so who do you have? Also, am I wrong about anything? Swing into the comment section and start a bloody conversation, I promise not to lose my head.


Watch “Right Hand Man” Here.

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