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Whoo buddy! 2017 is finally here.


It is no longer 2016. We have turned the page and we are now looking towards the future. I’m glad to say that 2016 doesn’t have a tie on me anymore, because that year sucked. But, with faith, I believe 2017 will be the year for some amazing breakthroughs as addition to all the other amazing things that will happen. To make this year great, I want to actually make some resolutions. Resolutions for myself have never worked out. I always lose the paper and forget what I set myself out to do during the 365 days! This year, I am taking precaution and telling you guys. Feel free to keep me accountable to my goals, because I know it will be tough to complete all of these things. Lets get started.

10. Get the hell out of dodge. We (Ariel and I) are tired of this place. We have dealt with some nasty things in this house and I am done. Our landlord doesn’t want to take our complaints serious, even though there is mold in the walls, so we will show her. We will leave this place and finally buy our own house. I have been so stubborn with making that decision, but with the car accident happening, I don’t want to have to learn another “lesson” so it’s time to leave.

9. Cut Soda will be the hardest thing, ever. I love to drink MTN Dew and other various carbonated drinks, but honestly; that stuff is poison to your body. This is why I have made the decision to make tonight my last night with soda.

8. Eat healthier and taking care of my body more is just as important. I have falling off the deep-end and I don’t know how to swim. I really hate how I feel, so why not make the change? This comes with a better lifestyle. If I want to be fit then I will have to eat like a fit person.

7. Getting glasses. I know that I have needed glasses and I am going to do something about that now! I am going to a doctors office and I will be getting glasses. Life is about cherishing the small moments, but how can I cherish them if I can’t see them? I might be scared, but I need it done!

6. Surrounding myself with people that love me. My whole life I have been the man on the outside. It was a nice place to be because then it was harder to get hurt, but that life is sucky, also. This year, I want to spend time getting to know people, going out with people more, and embracing those who love me. Happiness is found in those who love you, its time to let those people in.

5. Read and write more is important. I have a thousand books, but I never read them. Stephen King says “A good writer is a good reader.” I can’t become the best writer if I refuse to read. Also, I need to  write more on my two novels. I keep saying I want to write a novel, yet I have two in the process. It is time to stop being lazy and get them written.

4. Be happier at work. I am a Debby downer when I am at work. One small thing happens and it ruins my mood. This has to change in 2017. I have to find that love for my job, or I might need to find a new job. Either way, I can’t be miserable at a place for the majority of the day, anymore. It is time to be happier!

3. Be nicer. Now, it is okay to be sarcastic, but I must also know when it’s gone too far. This year, I will learn to be nicer in certain situations, because I want people to like me, which cant happen if I’m being a complete asshole.

2. Achieve my goal in Special Effects. I said I wanted to eventually be a makeup artist at a haunted house. This is my first big milestone, so this year I want to achieve that. If that is all I do in special effects, that is okay with me!

1. Raise Impromtdude to the next level/Blogging for money has always been a dream. This dream will come true this year. I’m going to set my whole being to make sure this happens. I am tired of staying in the same place; it is time for a change. Get ready, 2017, its go time!

These are just a few of many goals. I have a lot planned for 2017 and I am ready to take it all on. There is no time to wait, anymore. I am ready to do great things. It is time to find my happiness in this world, more happiness than the day I met Ariel. It is time to find my purpose. Are you ready? If not, you better get ready because it is now 2017! Happy New Year!

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What is really hurting me is that people are hurting. This is the season for everyone to come together and feel loved. Christmas is about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each others company as you celebrate. It doesn’t matter your beliefs, it doesn’t matter about money, all that matters is that you are together. Christmas is suppose to be about love, so why is everyone having such a rough time? Why do I see more depression and broken hearts, more death and a lot more negativity? Is it my set of friends or is everyone having a horrible season of holidays? Either way, what can we do?

I am a huge Facebook user, and each day I sign in and spend hours looking through post. I like to keep up with old friends, that I don’t usually talk to. I also like to share in special memories of others, such as babies, new cars, and much more. One of the biggest things I love to read are praises or small things that make peoples lives awesome. Recently, I found out that a close friend went on a prayer walk, one to get himself closer to God. He had a great time and got a lot from it. These little things make me so happy, then we also have those post about a girl that can’t take life anymore, these post are what get me upset.

Where, in life, do we find ourselves in so much pain that we have nothing to live for? I remember laughing and having a great time, as a child. Yet, somewhere we were giving a curse of depression? When did life get so hard? I’m not sure, but it is a huge problem.

We are talking about MILLIONS of people that suffer from depression. These are people that feel unwanted, abused, torn, worn, and alone. At one time, these people were happy, but something happened to where they fell and hit rock bottom. One of the main reasons is death. Everyone has lost someone due to death, it is the cycle of life, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. A death in the family can tear apart the most perfect relationships. A death as a mother can leave children broken for life, making it hard for them to even get through the day. Other reasons for depression can be; Failed classes, failed dreams, breakups, being ignored, loss of friends, money problems, and bullying. The list can go on for hours, but that isn’t the point. The point is; we have the chance to change this, by simply being there for them during the hard times!

I don’t want to see anyone hurting, especially during the holiday seasons. We are meant to be happy individuals, so what can we do? The answer is simple; we need to show them that they are loved. This doesn’t have to be a big gesture, it can as simple as texting them and telling them you love them, or inviting them over to your house for dinner. The smallest gestures can help tremendously. People just want to be wanted. They want to know that you are thinking about them. This is why Bart and I are sending out love!

I want to call this “Love for Christmas; A Better Gift.” This is where I will try to find those who are hurting and I will let them know that I am thinking about them! Bart (My Christmas Stuffed Animal) will write everyone (in pain) a small note, informing that person that they aren’t alone. I don’t know if this will help, but I have to do something. I think everyone of you guys should do the same. Write a small note to those you love, telling them that you are thinking of them, praying for them, or that you love them. It doesn’t have to be a long message, but I promise it will mean the world to those in pain. This Christmas, we need to let everyone know that we are together, as one, to celebrate. Will you do it?


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Fully made from butter!

   Today I was able to go to the fair, with Ariel, and actually spend some money. Being a tightwad, during the fair, is something that has always been a problem for me. I want to spend all my money, because there’s just too much amazing food to pass up. I also love to play games, but food is my number one priority!
      There’s one thing that I love, something that I will be making myself, but usually wait until the fair to get. This item is a cheese-on-a-stick. It’s literally just a crap load of cheese, fried to perfection in corndog batter. I was first introduced to this amazing item, a few years back, while at Power light (fair concert) and I have loved them since!


      I have waited every year to get one, patiently waiting to dig my teeth into creamy heaven! I got one this year and it was better than any other year!

      Luckily, I was able to get my cheese, because I tried something else, later. I needed to pee, so I went to the urinals. (I have a funny story about this trip. If it gets 10 likes, I will release that story.) After the urinals, I grabbed my wife so we could get a lemon shake-up.

       While the woman was shaking the drink, I asked her to make me a deep fried 3-musketeers. Since this was my favorite candy bar, I figured this was going to be the best thing ever, but it was horrible. It was far too sweet for my taste, as it caused my teeth to hurt, moments after eating it. I couldn’t finish it, and decided that it was time to stick to my cheese treat!


Also, I played a game with my wife and won something! I won my very own Pikachu!


It was a great day! I want to know, what is your favorite fair treat?


   Hey guys, I hope you are having an amazing day. It has been a slow dragging day, but I’m work now and ready to relax. I have a Friday off, tomorrow. A first in a long time, so I hope to relax and catch up on writing and other various things.

   Today, I want to say “I love my family!” This includes any aunt’s, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, and parents. I love all of my family. They are super supportive (especially my dad,) and they would do anything to help me, which is why I love them! But I have to give a huge shoutout to someone that isn’t even blood!

    My cousin, Matt, is truly amazing. The other day, I wrote a post about my new Flash figure. In the post I was talking about how I wanted to get a Jason Vorhees figure and a Hulk figure. I had all the intentions on buying them, I just wanted to get bills paid first, then I would buy the figures. Well, I got into the car yesterday for work. Ariel and I were giving him a ride (since they work together.) He got into the car and handed me a big box! I had forgotten that I even posted a post about those figures, so imagine the surprise when I opened the box. I opened the box to see the two figures, laying right beside each other.

   My once tired body was now awake as I was filled with joy. The figures looked amazing in person, better than they looked online! My collection is satisfyingly complete. I would be okay with never getting another figure!

   I want to say thanks to this amazing dude! You are truly a great friend, family, and brother! I could never ask for a better family member! Thank you for caring and for thinking of me, I’m in awe of the selfless act. It might seem like a small gesture, but it means a lot that someone would go out of their way to make someone happy.

   Now, I want to introduce the new members to the clan. Jason Vorhees (my favorite serial killer) and The Hulk (my favorite Marvel superhero) are now on the desk of fame, and are now considered family!