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I had this amazing post ready to be written. It was going to be huge, as Donald would say. But as I was about to write it, something kept me from doing so. I was unable to find my music player; my tablet. This is something that I can’t write without, because I find it hard to concentrate without music. I looked all over the house for it, I started with my desk, which is a dang mess. I destroyed my desk in hopes that I could find the tablet, but the more I turned things over, the more I noticed that it wasn’t under the piles of papers, games, and empty soda bottles.

This got me to thinking about where it could have went. As I was getting mad, I remembered watching Hells Kitchen while making the Thanksgiving Turkey, so I walked into the kitchen and started to flip things over, just wanting to find the tablet, so I could get this blog post written and get to bed, since I have to be up super early tomorrow. But I couldn’t find the Tablet in the kitchen, either. I was irritated at this point. After minutes of walking through the house, I finally gave in and woke my wife up. I didn’t want to wake her up, because she has problems getting to sleep, but I saw the time beginning to fly away, so I knew I needed to do it. I went into the room and asked her to keep her eyes close (so I can turn the light on) which woke her up immediately.

I knew I was doomed when she started to talk. She asked what was going on, so I explained that I couldn’t find the tablet, and that I was going to check the room. She grunted and told me to hurry and find it. As I was looking through our belongings, she told me that she heard it in the kitchen on Sunday. I tried to explain that I already checked there, but she insisted that I checked again, so I got up from the floor and walked into the kitchen. After a while of searching, again. I was getting really angry, this is when I realized I didn’t check one thing; under the plate on the counter. I walked over to this plate that was sitting on top of buns, when I lifted the plate, I saw the black tablet lying under the plate.

I found it! But when I looked at the time, I realized that I just spent a hour looking for the tablet and that I needed to get to bed. That is when I plugged in the tablet and went to bed (right after posting this, which makes no sense. If I was needing to get to bed, then why did I write this, and if I was going to write, why didn’t I just write the original post? What a dang fail….*FacePalm!*)
Have a great night, guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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We all have that one fantasy, or something that we would really like to do. I know in my lifetime I want to see the Chicago Cubs actually win the World Series. This being said, this season looks to be the best chance they have, well until they started this series with the L.A. Dodgers. They have dropped their last two games, making it 2-1 and sadly putting them in the position to lose this series, since the next two games are in L.A. Now, let me clarify; I am not a Chicago Cubs fan, nor will I ever jump off my Royals. I am just excited to see history being made, which is what would happen if they did win the World Series. I went as far as promising something crazy if they do win.

I know I am in no position to negotiate with God, nor was that my intention. I just thought it was a good idea at the time. I recently posted to Facebook after the Cubs got shut out for the second straight game. The status said “I will finish my youth pastor studies if the Cubs win, because then we will know that God does exist.” I am being very serious. If the Cubs win, I will study the bible like never before, I will get some kind of certificate (somewhere in the future,) and I will become the thing most want me to become; a youth pastor.

Now, don’t expect me to do this all at once. Clearly I want to get back into studying and going to church and such. But it will eventually happen. I could be Jenkins (Jinx) it, but I thought this would get the Heavens to help the struggling Cubs, also I might as well finish the education I started.

The Chicago Cubs are on their way to get eliminated, and it’s all because of their batting. Their defense is what kept this team alive, thus far. But now without their batting abilities, we could see the cubs out in the next two games. Their hottest hitters (Rizzo, Russell, Heyward, Fowler and Zobrist) have only hit 12 out of their last 109 appearances (Playoffs). If it weren’t for Montero hitting the late grand slam, off the bench in game one, we could be looking at a 0-3 deficit. The Cubs have the pitching, disregarding Arietta’s horrible outing to win this, but something has to come back alive; their bats. They will need to find some hope in their bats and turn them back on. You can’t expect to not hit well and beat the L.A. Dodgers. The Cubs need to get their five big hitters back on track, or they might as well pack up and go home.

We will have to see what the future brings but I think we could still see history being made, this season. It’s not a big deficit, but they have to get back on their game. This is where we will see if the Cubs are the real deal. They have the talent, they just need to find a way to put it together and go after it. Cleveland will be waiting for the winner, lets hope it’s Chicago.

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In all honesty, I am waiting for people to say “You didn’t actually do it,” because of my video. The chip was hot, but it wasn’t the hottest chip, ever. I was actually disappointed in the heat of the chip. I never had a gaggy feeling, never shed a tear nor did I have a torturous feeling in my mouth. It just wasn’t that hot. I will say that my lips were on complete fire, but after 10 minutes that went away also. The milk and other items don’t help with the burn, so if you are going to do this challenge, it is best to just grab bread.

The taste of the chip was amazing! It tasted like a chipotle chip, which is good since I love chipotle! Also, the seasoning was coated on! Overall this was an amazing idea, since it did make me sweat a little, but I would compare the heat to Ghost Pepper sauce. About a hour after the challenge, I must say that my stomach hurts. I have lost my appetite and any burps hurt like hell.

Disclaimer: I broke the chip up so it was easier to chew (I have crappy teeth), but I did eat every piece of the chip. Also, look at the after photo of my lips!


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All I have to say is “Fuck!!!!” I don’t mean to cuss, but I am so pissed. I was going god but this week set me back pretty far! Week 3 was one of the worse weeks in the NFL, Ever! I lost my second fantasy game in a row (First time, ever) plus my picks were shameful. Let’s talk about this a little. I was stupid to go against the Patriots, but in my defense Gronk was suppose to be out. Oh wait, he didn’t really impact the game? Dammit! I had the Jags over the Ravens, who knew that the Ravens knew how to win? The Panthers dropped another game, but Bradford is also looking amazing. I underestimated the Vikings. The Bills got lucky, just saying! Wentz had another amazing game, put a sock in the rapists mouth. Also, Thanks for Brees’ Interceptions, I dropped my Monday night game. This horrible week put me at 16-14 for the season, but this is another week, which means more picks!


Dolphins @ Bengals

Winner: Bengals

Colts @ Jaguars (close game 21-24)

Winner: Jags

Bills @ Patriots

Winner: Patriots

Titans @ Texans

Winner: Texans

Lions @ Bears

Winner: Bears

Panthers @ Falcons

Winner: Panthers

Seahawks @ Jets

Winner: Seahawks

Raiders @ Ravens

Winner: Raiders

Browns @ Redskins

Winner: Redskins

Broncos @ Bucs

Winner: Broncos

Rams @ Cardinals

Winner: Cardinals

Cowboys  @ 49ers

Winner: Cowboys

Saints @ Chargers

Winner: Saints

Chiefs @ Steelers

Winner: Chiefs

Giants @ Vikings

Winner: Vikings

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The Bears/
The Bears cut their 11-year veteran kicker, Robbie Gould today. He held the records for points, field goals made and field goal percentage, for the franchise. Due to the last years bombshell, where he cost them a few games, he was gave the boot today. This opens up a kicking spot for some promising kicker, in the league. I wouldn’t know who could cover such a big star, well besides myself.
I just got back from a workout when I found out the news. I am shocked about the news, but at the same time, I am excited. I have been waiting for such a long time, and now I can play for my Favorite team! In high school, I wanted to be a kicker (or at least punter) but was never giving the opportunity to go far. I could have been great, I could have been the best, but I only played one year.
I wanted to play more, but I hurt my foot then I fractured my wrist. These injuries (plus my suckiness) kept me out of the game, for the remaining years of High School. This hasn’t stopped me though, I have been working harder and harder. I have seen much improvement in my kicking game, and I think I am ready to take on the majors. I don’t need college, I don’t even need training camp. It is time to demolish the Green Bay Peckers, those trailer trash rejects! I will bring the NFC North home, for you guys, the real fans!
Wait,…….WTF! The Chicago choke signed another kicker? Connor Barth?!? The loser from Tampa Bay? He missed 5 field goals last year, probably <20 yarders, yet they signed him? He couldn’t even stay on the horrendous Saints, yet you think he can help this team? Also, you said he’s better than the 11-year veteran, Robbie Gould….Again…WTF? You could have had me, but its your loss. I will go back to my regular schedule.
I will find a football team, one that will love me more than Chicago. Maybe I can go to The Vikings, its not like their kicker can make anything. Good job, Walsh, you really hit that one. I would be careful on what I say, but we know he can’t hit his target. I feel sorry for his wife, since she will be mopping up after each bathroom break. I think I will try to go to Minnesota, that way, I can beat the Bears with that LOSING KICKER. They should have kept Gould.
Since, I have a few years to practice, I will leave my highlights below. The video is very small, for some reason, so please zoom in to see it. The video will start automatically and wont take long to finish. My highlights are the future of this season, for the Bears, Enjoy….


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What ever happened to my music career?


At one time, I was a writer and a musician. I would call myself “Living example Band” but for some reason, I quit. Today I will be telling you what led up to me giving up on music, and focusing solely on writing.

I  got my first guitar when I was a sophomore in high school. It was a Peavey Raptor, and my dad got it off craigslist, after I showed him the post. He wasn’t hesitant to get it, since it would mean that I would stop pounding loudly at the drums, something I was never good at. On top of getting the guitar, my father also got me, my class ring. But I was more excited about getting the guitar, that I planned lessons with my friend, instantly. He was a little old, so he tried to teach me blues, when I wanted to know the basics, only. I eventually learned the basics, and quit the lessons. I then went on to teach myself more and more. With being a writer, I thought that making a song would be a cool thing to do, so I wrote a worship song. The song talked about temptation and how I needed to stay on my knees, instead of trying to get through it by myself. I fell in love with writing music, so I continued to write music; while also writing short-stories and blog post.

About five months after beginning to play guitar, I recorded my first E.P. this was after I performed for the first time at a church’s open-mic night. I performed “How he loves” by David Crowder. I didn’t do as well as I thought I could of done, so I used my E.P. to show people how I wanted it to go. The E.P. also had a jingle bell remake called “Church bells.” I sent the E.P. to my pastor, and all of my friends. They all had mixed views, but for my first recording they were happy with the quality. That is when I set out to record more.

I started to record my first album, Let your light shine. This would contain 10 songs that were all God based. I wanted to reach the world through my music, and my goal was to record the album and give it out at youth rallies. But when I finished the C.D. I got nervous and decided to keep it a “Hush, hush” project, I only gave it to a few people.

I continued to write and sing , even after that album though. But with having a sucky singing voice, I knew I couldn’t go far, so I slowed down on my music. I would write a song, play the guitar to it, record it, but then would leave it on my computer. There were times where I would delete songs, since I didn’t want anyone to hear it. But then an awesome opportunity came along, my senior project.

Three long years since I started to play music was when the Senior project came up. I knew right of the bat that I wanted to record one-last-album, this one would be my best one ever. I set out six months before the senior project to write the 13 songs that would be on the last album. But this time, I had new outlets, which was a new recording style and studio, which made the songs higher quality, giving me all the tools to make it great!

I recorded the first song, Let go, which happened to be my graduation song. I was playing around one night, and threw some drums in with it. I must have been having a long night, because I thought it actually went with the song. When I got over the hangover, I realized, the song sucked with the drums. This was sadly after I submitted it to my video editing class, for a music video. I held my head up high, as everyone coughed. The song without drums was full of meaning, but when drums were added, it ruined the song and meaning. I almost scrapped the whole project for that one reason, but decided against that. Instead, I decided to drop the drums and work even harder on the rest of the songs. I remember working in math class, during lunch, and pulling all nighters to get this project done, and finally I did.

The album was done and I got an A! The teachers loved the project, saying that it was perfect for me! I gladly said “thanks” and walked out of the room.

Now fast forward to the future, after someone stealing my laptop, you will find Blake back at it. I was writing my new worship album, Road to Damascus. But I found that it wasn’t going to work, since I didn’t have a computer to record with. I played the few songs in front of the church, and they loved them. But one day, the notebook got wet, ruining the lyrics. All my hard work and time was wasted. I couldn’t restart, I wouldn’t be able to recreate those amazing lyrics. That is the last day that I wrote a song, I hung up my guitar and called it quits.

I have attempted to write new songs, but my heart isn’t in it anymore. I just don’t have the heart to keep singing. Maybe one day, I will record my final album, Letters to the Chapel. But as of right now, my music career is over.  

For one time only; Go check out my old Music!!!!!

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    I will be a gamer! I will quit my writing career, to play a video game every second of everyday! I will leave my wife alone in the room, and come out in the living room and play video games, all night. I will tell my boss that I am not coming to work, so all the focus is on my future dream. I will do it…. I can do…my tears are falling…..this is my chance to become a man….where is my Xbox controller?
Oh my god, it feels so right. I plop in a game, Black ops, and find a lobby. There are a lot of noobs in this dang lobby, ha-ha losers. This will be my first clip that will start my career off right. I round the corner, but there is no one there. I round another corner and still no one there. I lay down on the ground, patiently waiting for someone to come around the corner to pop their head off, yet no one comes around. So I place a claymore on the ground and run away.
The game is quiet, not a single shot has left a barrel. It is thirty seconds into this game, and no one has a kill. I am still furiously searching for my first victim. The game must have kicked everyone off the server, or maybe its all campers in the lobby? I wont give up, though! This is my life now, this is the reason I quit everything, to follow in the footsteps of my GOD! I will make him happy.
    Then out of no where a man jumps out, and plasters my head. I fall to the ground, dead. But I respawn seconds later. I grip my controller tightly, and begin to run across the map to find the one who killed me. I get to the spot that he killed me, and all-of-a-sudden I fall to the ground again, after tripping a claymore. I moaned in anger, but kept the faith. All gamers have those gun fights that they lose, I will recapitalize, and get back into this game. But as I spawned in, a man with a sniper, shot me as he did a 360` no-scope.
    I fell to the ground, again. This time I screamed and slammed my controller to the desk. But then something whispered into my ear. A man from heaven came to me, telling me this is my destiny. This is what I am living for, no one can stop me. I picked up my controller, and began to crawl around my spawn-area. But soon enough, a grenade flopped right in front of me. I tried to get out of the way, but it detonated, blowing a canister of gas up, leaving me for the reaper.
I raged, but that wasn’t going to stop me. There were only a few seconds left in the match, which is all I needed. I have been fighting for this, I am an overcomer! I put my gamer glasses on, and fire myself up as I walked around a brick wall. I got hit markered, but it didn’t kill me. I knew the guys location, it was time to exterminate. I aimed down my sights and rounded the corner. I saw him in the left house window. I quickly aimed, and shot. One hit marker, two hit markers………..end of the match…..I lost. I was about to get the kill, yet I lost.
I went back to the previous game screen, went into the settings, but realized something. There is nothing lower than Recruit on the bots…..I then called my boss back, I begged for my job, he said okay. I then wrote this blog, and now I have to face the deadliest beast in this whole world, my wife……She has been screaming since 1 a.m., I look down, it is 5 a.m.…………I’m dead.

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