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I have a few reasons to love the Christmas times. Most of them are because of the food, but I have made a lit to show you the main top 10 reasons that I absolutely love this time of year. Take a seat, find your hot cocoa and enjoy my creative list. You will be mad if you miss out on knowing these! Enjoy!


10. The amazing last minute gift shoppers. There’s nothing more heart melting than seeing people rush through Wal-Mart doors on Christmas eve, in search for the perfect gift for someone they love! I want to applaud when I see this, it truly shows that they love that person so much. Something that warms my heart more is when they are talking crap about the person they are shopping for. I’m glad that they are thoughtful and willing to give up their hard earned cash for a loved one, such spirit!

9. Snow. I couldn’t imagine Christmas without Snow! Oh wait, I live in Illinois. In the last few years we have had a ugly green Christmas. It always seems to snow in January, leaving Christmas without its beautiful white blanket! I demand that we get snow on Christmas eve, or I will kill Santa…Well, I will make Bart do it! But you still get the idea, right?

8.Christmas songs. This isn’t a joke. I really find Christmas music to be tasteful and in all ways…OVERPLAYED!!!!!! We love Christmas music, but please stop playing it at the end of November ‘til the end of February….I HAVE HAD ENOUGH….I hate going to the bathroom and while taking a healthy dump hearing “Joy to the world.” Aint nothing joyful about this…..

7. Holiday Pies from Mcdonalds……I don’t have to say anything else!!! I love those little bastards…..

6. Blogging for 12 days about Christmas/ Bart, The Reindeer on the desk. I love the 12 days I devote to this one topic. It’s fun to come up with ideas on what to write about, and every year I set off Christmas with this amazing idea. This year we brought a new friend in to help, his name is Bart. You will find him on Facebook as ‘Bart, The Reindeer On The Desk.’

5. Possible Tiger Penis. We have a present under the tree that looks like a Tiger Penis. I think Santa finally came through for me, this is amazing…..All I have ever wanted is under that tree….I’ll be so disappointed if I’m wrong…..

4. Giving is Key. Hey! I know it isn’t all about gifts, but I need everyone to know that giving isn’t as bad as you think. It is so nice to receive nice things, so you guys should take this advice and give me something really nice…Remember, Giving is key!!!

3. Family…Well, my doggy, wife and a few others….I don’t want to go outside on Christmas, so I will stay inside with my doggy and wife…anyone else that comes over is welcomed, but not really wanted….Call me a Grinch, screw you…XD

2. House Decorations. I really love to look at beautiful lights and yard decorations, especially at someone else’s expense, it is beautiful!! I think they are the real MVP. They waste all their money putting on a show, but they willingly do it,….I’m crying….one second.

1. Drivers….Oh how I love to drive in this weather, it’s such a dang joy. This isnt because of my driving, but more due to the other idiots on the road..It snowed less than an inch and three cars went off into the ditch…Like, HOW? I don’t want to deal with these people. Can I just stay inside forever?

Bonus: 11. That there are so many reasons that I have to make a bonus reason….That is the bonus…enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed all my delightful reasons to love Christmas. I really love the holiday season, but I find it to also be stressful and hectic. These are two things that I don’t like together, and to add more chaos with dumb drivers makes it even more hard to love. But that is life….



Top 10 things I want to do before I die!
Bucket list are very important to make. Bucket list consist of things that you want to do before a certain time, usually they are things that you have wanted to do since you were a child (example: I have always wanted to go to Alaska) My biggest goal is to go to Alaska, this is something that I have told myself needs to happen by a certain time, this is what a bucket list is; it is a list of hopes and wants that you set out to accomplish/experience. I made one a few years ago, but now I want to go back and think of ten things that I want to do, by the time I die.

10. Get paid to write- This isn’t majorly important, but I would like to say that my writing was good enough to make a dollar off of, even if it was only a dollar. I have a partial plan to get this done, but I am still confused on getting it all together.

9. Particiapate in a 5k/marathon- Running is a big hobby (or use to be) of mine. My dream is to be in a 5k or a marathon one day. I know it is easy to get into a 5k, but I want to be in good enough shape to finish in the top ten.

8. Go back to school- There is a 22% chance (guess) of me making it as a writer. That can only be affected by a degree, I have to get a degree to have a better chance. This is why I want to go back to school.

7. Travel to the most beautiful places and write there- Traveling the world would be amazing, but to write everywhere would be even better! Who would turn that down? I know I wouldn’t! All I need is my laptop, wife, my doggy, and a very long road ahead
of us, and my life would be complete!

6. Have a kid(s)- I am scared to have a kid, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want one. People think I hate kids, but that is just me playing cool. I love kids and eventually want a few of my own. I am just scared of failing…lol

5. Write/film a movie- Yes, I want to be a part of a movie! Writing/producing a movie has always been a dream of mine. This is probably a far fetched dream, but just maybe!

4. Do something with special effects/get better- I talked about this earlier this week and it has been on my mind more lately. I could do something with special effects, even if it’s a local haunted house, either way I could do something with it, so that is what I will do.

3. Writing my first novel- I have it planned and I have the resources, but I just cant get it done. I don’t know what to do, but I recently bought something to help me, so maybe I could finally get this off my bucket list!

2. Go to Alaska- Ariel and I would have the best time in Alaska. We would be able to sleep under the northern lights, maybe share a kiss under those same lights, also enjoy the many things that Alaska has to offer. 

1.  Open a homeless shelter- One day, I will open a homeless shelter. Being someone that was once homeless, I know how it feels to not have a place to sleep. Let me tell you, it sucks! I don’t want anyone feeling like I felt, this is why I want to do this. It is a small gesture, but I  know it would mean the world to someone! 


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Top 10 football teams
With football on the way, I was thinking it would be a good time to talk about favorites; this being my favorite teams. This will start with 10 of my favorite teams leading up to my most favorite, while I try to tell you why I love them.

10. Minnesota Vikings—Adrian Peterson.

9 . Jacksonville Jags– I will admit, I didn’t give a crap about the jaguars until they got the new helmets. My attention was never on the team until the change, but now I will watch a game for other reasons. I like Bortles, I think he will make a good franchise Qb, especially with targets like Hurns and Robinson. They are an underdog that I love to root for.

8. Cincinnati Bengals– My hatred for this team was none-the-less due to Ochocinco. I thought he was a loud mouth baby that wasn’t that great. He turned the game into a big show and cost the team games from doing so. But now, with Dalton, Green and Eifert I have come to enjoy a game or two from them.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers– I love them so much, because I have a few of their players in fantasy and they are doing well, other than that they can eat dirt.

     6. Carolina Panthers– one word; Olsen. Cam is just to whiney for me, but Olsen makes the game fun. He is a dominant Tight End that loves the game, and he shows it every time he is out on the field.

     5. Seattle Seahawks– They are a great team to sell a few years into, that’s why most people ride the band wagon. Russell is a great QB and will be for the rest of his career. He is the true reason I can stomach this team.
    4. Denver Broncos– The donkeys have dominated the league for the last few years, and they keep doing so. We thought since they lost the Chief, himself they would go back to being a rebuild team. Siemen has proven that he could be a giant leader to this team, but we all know why they are winning, all credit goes to that defense! Von Miller is a monster.

    3. New York Giants– I thank them, mainly. I thank them for beating New England in the SuperBowl, giving them their first loss of the season and keeping Tom Brady from complete happiness. #FuckthePats

    2. Oakland Raiders– Their color scheme is awesome. I like silver with anything, so that really helps. But also, I really like how well they are doing this year under Carr. He is in the race for the M.V.P if he continues. They are my second favorite team, and my favorite team from the AFC.

   1. Chicago Bears– I know they might not be the best, but I started my love for the Bears in ’06. This was when they had Urlacher, Tank, Grossman, Vasher, and Hester. I was new to football and didn’t know who to pick, so I decided to go with a home team, which happened to be the Bears. It happen to be the same year we went to the SuperBowl, though we lost, I still have a burning love for the team. I just wish they would get their head out of their ass and get us a few wins..


Some teams might be out of place, but this is a rough picture of who I root for. I am big into underdogs, so that is why I pick the low end teams. Someday they will surprise the world, and we will all be in shock….well other than me, because I will be the one that was rooting the whole time. Have a good day!

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   I don’t know what to write, so why not waste your time, and write nothing relevant. Maybe talk about my life, or maybe about work. I could write about the game, or I could write about a squirrel. But none of that seems fun to write about. So I will waste your time talking about stupid crap, or I could not talk about anything at all. Either way, I will receive views, and I will still be happy.

I could just not post and hope for the best. But that is highly unlikely. I want to post, I want to write, but I also want to pick my locks and sleep. Even though I have to wake up early tomorrow, and won’t be able to enjoy my night. But atleast I go into work later in the night. I go in at 6pm instead of 4pm, which means less of bullcrap for me, which is always a plus.

I will like to tell you about some upcoming events, but I won’t. I will wait to reveal it on my social media 😉 better go like that page….


Anyways, I’m gonna to watch the game now, I hope you have a great night, and I will be back with a more serious post, tomorrow.
I love you guys!


I have to work late tonight, which is usually when I post my blog. Since I have to work tonight, I wrote a post for tonight, a couple days ago, but I don’t think its ready for the public. So instead, I will be giving you a “Top 10” list of my favorite superheroes. This is including both Marvel and DC. Ten being my bottom pick. I hope that you guys like this. I am going off of movies, and what I know of the comics. Everyone should know my number one!

10. Black Widow.


9. Ant-man.


8. Superman.


7. Iron man.


6. Batman


5. Captain America


4. Thor


3. DeadPool.


2. The hulk


1. The Flash


The list is complete, now its your turn! Who do you love the most? Tell me, and if I can get at least 3 comments, I will post the results in another post! I hope you guys enjoyed this short post, and I will see you tomorrow, for “Impromptu Saturday.”

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There is no doubt that I will make it


I am sitting here thinking about my future, wondering where I could go, and wondering if I will ever make it to that place. I have been doing this for about two-years (on this blog) and really I have nothing to show for it. I don’t have anyone coming up to me and telling me nice job, I am not being paid, I really don’t have anything to show for it, at this point, I am just a low-end writer that just happens to post everyday. This will not be a post about how I feel sorry for myself, this post will be about how, even at the end of the wits a true writer will stand from the ashes and raise his pen. Writers that have been down this road know it can be hard. It is a never ending battle, and the beginning is the hardest part.
I have wrote a few blogs on this topic “Never giving up.” But today is different. Today, I am not telling you guys to not give up, also not telling you guys to keep going. Today is about me, I am fighting myself. I am fighting the self doubt inside, but also reviewing my work, and coming to a conclusion to the question “Can I truly make it?” I want to be quick to say yes, but at the same time, I know that not every writer will make it, and with many writers coming up the stream, it seems that I am heading the other current without a paddle. This paddle that I am talking about is college. It is hard to find a writing job, it is even harder to find a writing job without a college degree in Creative writing, journalism, copywriting etc. This is something I don’t have, but 90% of other writers do. This means that I lie in the pool with 10% of writers that might make it. I am of 10% of writers without a degree, how do we make it? Through social media, small jobs and friends.
I am on Facebook, which was my asocial media outlet, and I haven’t been seeing any spikes in performance. Now, this doesn’t mean that my work is bad, that is not the case, the case is that my work 1. Isn’t getting to the dark side of Facebook 2. They don’t care. 3. I don’t have a strong friend list. When I say the dark side of Facebook, I am talking about those friends that are really close with you, but at the same time, they don’t really connect over Facebook. They could be busy with work, on a different social media, or they don’t like Facebook, at all. Though, these might be the reasons, there is also another possibility. They could not care. This is a strong possibility, and also probably the case most of the time. People have different taste, they want what they want and nothing else. They want a post about a flower when you are posting about a flag, and want a post about a flag when you are posting about a flower. It is impossible to reach every listener on Facebook, because trends come and go, this is why you see a momentary increase in stats, because people are into what you are writing, but as quick as you got those views, they change their interest and you are left with nothing. Then there is number 3, which I believe is my case, you don’t have a strong friend list. This is saying that your “Friends” are on your Facebook because you were close at one time, but now you guys aren’t. They still want to be friends, you know to keep up, but they don’t interact with you. If you have a Facebook full of these friends, that is why you aren’t getting the clicks. This is when you need to clear your friends list, I highly recommend this, and start from fresh. You don’t want friends that don’t speak to you taking up all your space. Your post will only reach a few, so why not make sure that few are friends that care?
With this being said, what does that show for me? I would have to say that this is all a problem for me. My blog is great, as said by strangers, so this leaves one big thing; my friends. I have never had strong friends, they all have kind of sucked, at times. But the biggest thing that might have effect on me, is the fact that I was shunned by my friends a couple years back. This blog isnt about them, though. I just know that this could have a big effect on me, since I never deleted them. With them being on my friends list, they see my post but they never look at it, causing me to lose potential views. I have always seen that my “sees” are up, but my blog stats are low. This is because of those friends, they might scroll past it, but since we don’t see eye-to-eye they will not click onto the link. This is why it is important that you clear your friends list. That way you are reaching true fans and family, ones that will care about your dreams.
With this being said, what does it look like? What are the chances of me making it? It is as good as anyone else’s. I have the talent that it takes, so now it is just getting the horse to the water, once they are there, I will let my blog drag them in. I can’t expect this to catch fire instantly, though. It takes time to grow an audience. I will have to have faith to make it, and I will have to practice a lot. This means that I need to follow more artist and less posers, I will also need to follow the rule of Stephen King, which is “To be a great writer, you must read great writing.” It takes all your heart to become someone, and a lot of time. All you can do is hope and pray that you catch a break. I have already been through the praying, now it is time to get better and get ready for my big break. Every writer has the same odds, I just have to do everything to make my odds better!  

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    Today, I was questioned, by a follower, on how to get more email followers. Not being a big fan of getting followers like that, I ventured out to find a solution to her problem. This is what I came up with.


    1. Social Media
     With this world being so entangled with social media, one would question how we got out of the 80s, but even with the annoyance, I found great use of it. If you are trying to get famous, the first place you might look to go is to social media.

     Everyone at least has 200 friends on their desired social media, which gives you a great upper hand for potential traffic. Facebook makes it even easier with pages. If you have a blog, the best thing to do is make a page about it, then invite your friends. Quick and easy, but she wants to know how to get more email fans, well that is easy with the “call to action” option.

     A call to action is a way for your fans to communicate with you, through various ways. This includes emails. If you are posting on this page, many would ask, why do they need a email to be reminded? This is why you have to sell it with content and contest.
2. Contest
    Everyone likes to win, whether it is a game or a drawing, they just love to be in the spotlight, so why not use this to your advantage? Hold a contest that requires signing up with an email. They will come, and soon you will have more email buddies. This will work at the time of the contest, but how can you keep them from leaving? This is why great content is needed.
     No one wants to read sucky material. Why would someone waste their time reading mediocre work, when someone better is saying the same thing, better? That is why you need to ensure that you are posting the best work, which means more work. But if you feel that is really time consuming, then you could invite guest bloggers. They will help you in more ways than none.
3. Guest Blogging
    Guest bloggers are those who make an appearance on your blog, but don’t intend to stay around. Having a guest blogger is really fun, but also, really smart. The more you have people write on your page, the faster your blog and email list will grow.
      The math is simple, you have 34 followers, the guest has 56 followers, and both of you have 300 friends on Facebook. There is a high chance that you don’t have all the same followers and friends, especially since he has more than you. This is why guest blogging is an amazing tool.
    When they post, their fans and your fans see that. Then, when you post it on your pages, the friends on both sides see it. They come from his page to see your page, and bam! Since you have great content, you will have yourself more fans.
4. Post regularly! –
     I cannot tell you how many times I have to tell people this, but if you are going to be a blogger, then you need to post regularly! I am of the crowd that hates being out in the cold, if I don’t know when you are posting, then there is a chance that I will unfollow and unsubscribe!
     If you are a ghost writer, then you don’t need to build a email list, but more likely you need to build a passion to post. The point of a email list is to inform people that you have new content, that they can’t live without. If you aren’t posting regularly then how can you expect people to stay entertained?
      The math is simple, the theory is solid, all you have to do is take it and run with this information! If you want to build your email list; take the steps listed above. Remember to keep great content, to allow people to guest blog, to post regularly, and finally, host a few contest! It’s fun and it draws in the crowd!