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As a writer, I have experienced the lowest of the lows when it comes to motivation. I have tried to fight these feelings, and most of the time, I win but I also lose my share of the fights. It is hard to write when you have clouds in your brain that have formed because of the lack of creative juices.

I have stopped blogging twice because of the lack of ideas, but that isn’t where I am now. I have a lot of ideas, which will be written and posted as the schedule calls for it, but today I will be writing from a prompt, mainly to advertise this awesome book, and also to encourage anyone that is struggling to create to get this awesome book. The book is called “712 more things to write about.” This is a sequel to “642 things to write about” I have done a lot of the first book, so to advertise, I will use the one that I have had but haven’t used. This book is written by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I will post the link so you can pick up this book. If you don’t use amazon, then try to find it at Target or Barnes and Noble. I found it at target.

I have searched the book and found a good place to start. Today, we will be talking about feeling alive. The prompt was “You feel most alive when you…” I feel this is a good one, since I want to encourage you guys to find happiness. Let’s keep it under 500 words today, that’s the challenge.

I feel most alive when I am in Church. I know that I haven’t always showed that I am a Christian that is because I fell away about 5 years ago. I had a fight with the church, and in result, I left. Church is where I spent most of my life, since my dad is a retired pastor and all, but I didn’t get serious about it until I was 13. This is when I gave my life to Christ, the first time, and where I started to train to be a minister. I went to a seminary and all, too!

I fell away, but the other night, I decided to stop running and run back to the start. I need God more than anything else, so that’s where I want to be. I feel most alive when I’m in church, because that is where life began for me. When I am trying to make it on my own, I feel more depressed and less motivated, but when I know I have God, I feel like I can do anything. I know not everyone is Christians, which doesn’t bother me, but know that you can be as happy as I am, right now. I won’t push you into the church, but I’ll always invite you.

I am happy, and not all of it is because I’m a Christian. I have a good job, awesome friends, a beautiful wife, and a great hobby. I love that I can reach out to you guys, and maybe even encourage one of you. This brings me to this point. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If it is safe and makes you happy, then you do it! Don’t let someone tell you to stop painting, or tell you that you aren’t good enough. IF it makes you happy, then do it. This world is dark, so if you find light in a certain hobby, then make sure you do that!


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Don’t jump into the water!

It is hard to stay positive when you know life is rough. It is hard to keep that smile on your face, when you are trying to hold back tears. It’s hard to laugh and hard to love when you are filled with fear and doubt. Others will tell you to keep your head up, to get over it and be happy again, but do they know what you go through? Do they live with you, pay your bills, write your budget for the month, or even know how much you have to pay for rent? The answer is no, most of the time, that is. But they might have a point.

If you are an average American, you might be struggling, right now. I know I am no longer living comfortably. It is rough, and I don’t know how long it may take to get out of the situation. The truth is, I made a huge mistake that I’m pay for, now. It sucks. I fight back anger, every day. I try to stay strong, because that is who I am supposed to be. I am Blake. I am the happy clown that puts a smile on everyone’s face. I can’t be upset, I can’t stress, I have to be strong. But when is it my time to be sad, depressed, angry and broken? If you’re an average American, I probably just hit you hard with that similarity, yes! We are alike. You aren’t the only one that is struggling with these feelings. You aren’t the only one that has trouble breathing when you think about all the things you can’t do. You aren’t alone. So what happens now? Where do we go after we realize that we are broken?

The answer is simple. We go back to the beginning. We get over the small things and make plans on how to fix the bigger issues. This sounds so simple, but it’s not. It will take everything you have, but, it will work out!

The first step is to GET UP! Life isn’t over just because you fell and feel like you can’t get back up. You have a boo-boo but it isn’t critical. Get up! That is the most important thing. Get up from the ground and fight back! Breathe and know that everything will be okay! It isn’t the end of the world, but it is the end of your fear! You will get through this with the love and support of your friends and family. If it wasn’t for the strong encouragement of my wife, Ariel, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am. Yes, you will still be hurting, stressed, and possibly will fall again! But with these people beside you, you will make it. I Promise. They will be your security blanket in the hard times. Never try to do this alone. EVER!

The second step is to make a plan. I would never go into a war without the best outline, ever, neither should you! Take a minute from your crazy life and write down goals, a budget, and solutions. What do you want in the next 5 years? Well, I want to be debt free. Okay! How? I’ll pay the minimums on my credit cards, I’ll sell what I don’t use (you know, that boat that you bought, even though you live in the city and don’t even know where the nearest river is?) , and I’ll stop going to McDonald’s  and I’ll use that dang cook book that my mom bought me! I will then put that money back so I can finally pay more on my credit card! Okay! What solutions will help you get your life back together? If I didn’t have debt, that would be a big relief. I’m not happy with my current job, so I’ll look for a new one, I am not happy with my weight, so I’ll workout 4 days a week. See, it isn’t that hard to make a plan. Most people don’t take time to make a plan, and that is why they usually never see results. They want everything to go back to normal, but they never change their way of living. How do you expect change, when you never put in the work? Getting your life together is 20% materials and 80% your will to be different.

The Third step is simple; Stop stressing the small stuff!

I learned a lesson a year ago, right around this time; this lesson was “Stop stressing the small things.” A guy told me that when I was in the line at a pretzel shop. Ariel and I were waiting in line for a bucket of yummy, Cinnamon pretzel nuggets. We were talking about the fact that Christmas was coming up and that we didn’t want to spend that much money. The guy interrupted and told us to not stress over the little things, because life is too short to lose sleep over things that won’t matter in a year. This hit me when I thought about it. How many times do we over stress about the smallest things. It might seem important, but when it’s over, you realize that the situation wasn’t that serious after all. You were able to solve the issue pretty quick, and shouldn’t have lost sleep over it. In this case, Ariel and I ended up having a great Christmas, even though we didn’t spend that much money. In other cases, we were able to find a hole in our budget and got back in the race, quickly. YES! There are certain cases that you won’t be able to fix it immediately, but with a solid plan, all things will be solved in due time. This is where your faith in your plan has to be strong. You won’t stick to the plan if you think it isn’t bulletproof, so you best believe it’s bulletproof. After you believe in yourself, then you might not be stress less, but you won’t feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, anymore.

The last thing is what I have always done, that is laugh, dangit! Why mope around when you can’t fix things? Why do we get depressed and let the darkness take over our rainbow? Being negative all the time is like jumping into a raging river. You know it will never end well, but yet you still jump, why? Stop jumping into the water, stop letting the pain get you down. When I get upset, I try to find a way to make a joke out of it, and it has worked. I know this isn’t the best advice, as some of you aren’t like me, I know, but just try it. Laughter is the best medicine to a broken heart. In my situation, I will make jokes because I know how stupid I was for doing what I did. Ariel and I make jokes all the time now when it comes to the situation. Laughter will change everything. When you laugh, it is like you are taking the sting and pain away from the antagonist, leaving them defenseless and weak. Learn how to keep a smile on your face, because no situation is big enough to take your smile away. Laugh, my peeps, laugh. It will help.

What I am saying is; stop letting depression win. Get up from the ground and live the best life that you can. Laugh when you are hurt, smile when you are broken, and learn to love. Find people that will pull you from the river and cover you with their safety. Learn to not stress over the small things and to make plans for anything that seems impossible, because God has your back. This isn’t a spiritual post, but these are the simple things I do to keep that beautiful smile on my face, at all times. I have been through the worse times, ever, but somehow, I have been able to find a way to stay positive. I want to give you four simple things you need to do anytime you’re down; Get up, Make a plan, Stop stressing the small things and for gosh sake, LAUGH! When you master those 4 things, you will be so much happier, and the small things will no longer have a hold on your heart! I LOVE YOU, GUYS! Thank you for the support and I hope to see you in the next post: How to get over him/her.

Being anti-social is something that I deal with. I might have a blog that is doing okay, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that I don’t like people. I don’t like to be in groups of people, nor do I like to be in big crowds of people. I’m uneasy to go into a public bathroom if I know it is packed. There is something about me that just doesn’t like to be around other humans. This has been an issue since I was a little kid, mostly after third grade, and has lasted up to now. Some think that it is hard to believe since I am also a blogger, which has me thinking; is the reason that I am failing, due to not being much of a peoples person?

Numbers are way down. Since I began this wonderful journey, I have noticed that I haven’t caught any type of current. It has always been a few views here and there. If we happen to catch a big current of fish, the water soon dries up, leaving me back with the tuna in a can. If I seem to get a fire going, the wind comes by and blows it out. I am unable to keep any fire going for long, which makes me think that I am a failing writer, one that should quit. The numbers are hard to cope with, but I know that I want to be a blogger. I have the passion to keep pushing forward, this is why I keep doing this. Most days, I wont even look at the stats. I know they aren’t pretty, but I keep telling myself to keep pushing on; hoping that one day this will all get better.

Today, I was with another manager. He was talking to me about customers and how we need to engage with them. This conversation got pushed into another direction, which ended up with us talking about convenient stores. He likes the personal interaction, where I like to get in, get my stuff, and exit through the self check-out. When asked why, I told him that I am very anti-social. With this being said, he told me that I couldn’t be anti-social if I have a blog. I stopped to think about that, because

I am very passionate when I write. I engage anyone who comments, and I try to reach out to all those who show interest; this all means that I am hiding behind this, as a social person or I am failing because I am not sociable enough. We could also say that I am actually social when it comes to this, yet hate people in person. Either way, I have to evaluate if I am failing because of this.

What if I am failing because of this? What if I am failing because I don’t like human interaction, is it something that I can fix? The Answer is yes. It is easy to get out of comfort zones if you love what you are doing. It might take some work, but it is definitely not hard to get out of this comfort. In order to get out, all i have to do is be more social able. This is something that I need to work on anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

What he said really hit home. If I am wanting to be a manager or a blogger, I have to be more sociable with people. I cant live in a cocoon, forever, it doesn’t work like that. If you want to be successful in anything, then you have to open up to people and get them on your side. You have to show them the interest that you want back. You can  kiss any career goodbye if you don’t want to change that. I know what I need to work on; do you?  


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Week nine could be summed up in three words “Packers are doomed.” They had the chance to come back in that game, yet couldn’t get it done. Aaron actually played pretty well, its their defense that needs the help, though they still could take that division, that team looks sad. Also did anyone see the squirrel? He has more yards than Green Bays Rbs’. Other than that, Vikings are on their decline, Steelers had Big Ben yet couldn’t win, Raiders beat the great defense of Denver to sit in second place in the AFC, Dak still looks amazing, Panthers finally win a game, and Sherman is the dirtiest player in the NFL. I had an amazing week ending in a 67-46-2 record. Now, its time for week 10.

Browns @ Ravens
Winner: Browns

Winner: The Browns actually win a game? This is their best chance, so its now or never. Last time they faced the Ravens, they were within six of winning./ This is my upset of the week!!!!!!

Chiefs @ Panthers
Winner: Chiefs

Broncos @ Saints
Winner: Broncos

Rams @ Jets
Winner: Jets

Packers @ Titans
Winner: Packers

Falcons @ Eagles
Winner: Eagles

Vikings @ Redskins
Winner: Redskins

Texans @ Jags
Winner: Jags

Bears @ Bucs
Winner: Bears

Dolphins @ Chargers
Winner: Chargers

4th-and-9ers @ Cards
Winner: Cards

Cowboys @ Steelers
Winner: Cowboys (Originally went with Steelers.)

Seahawks @ Patriots
Winner: Pats

Bengals @ Giants
Winner: Giants


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Nerf attack.

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Nerf guns
    Have you been living an adult life too long? Do you feel like you never have fun? I know I have, that is why we bought something today that will help with that. Nerf Guns are very cheap at Wal-Mart and so far they are really making Ariel and I feel like children again. This is good. Ariel and I never get to sit back and relax, this usually leads to a depressing and stress filled life.

Ariel was able to get a big pistol and a small pistol for less than twenty dollars, where I got the same small pistol but a sniper rifle for less than twenty, also. Now, we did get extra darts, but that only cost an additional eight dollars. There are more expensive/cheap guns in the aisle, but we decided to get the ones that looked the coolest without breaking the bank, that is.

When we got home, we pulled the guns out of the bag and set up a fortress. We told her brother to come down stairs and we unloaded the guns into his chest. You should have seen his face when he was being pelted with the darts, it was a fun time. After we attacked her brother, I turned on my teammate and shot her. The dart went too high and hit her in the nose. She grabbed her nose and laughed. I thought she was going to let me off with a warning, but she didn’t . She turned on me, likewise and shot me in the face with her dart. Those foam darts actually hurt but not too bad.

After I fell to the ground,  she got on top of me and put the gun in my face. She forced me to give up and I did. She then got off and shot me one last time. As she walked away, I pulled my pistol up and took one final shot, hitting her in the back of the head. She then came back and unloaded all her darts into my body. I ran out of darts and fully gave up, putting my gun down on the ground and shooting my hands into the air. She gave me a slight slap and walked away the victor.

This should be proof that you don’t need to do a lot to be happy. A simple $30 purchase turned out to be the life of this house. It is a very safe activity since it cant break anything, and we are able to do it together. I think I am going to wake her up tonight with another attack, but we will see. Either way, This was the beginning of something amazing, something fun.  


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It’s SundayEffects!

   Welcome to the new segment, I am glad to see you and hope that you enjoy. Tonight, I will be talking about a slightly new project and what to expect in the next week.

    I thought of this project while at WalMart roaming the Halloween aisle. I saw a see through hockey mask and thought “what if I put an axe through my head?” Now clearly this isn’t me being literal or original in any way. This idea comes from one of my most favorite movies “Friday the 13th: Part 3.” At the end of this movie, you see the main protagonist take an axe and drive it into Jason’s head, ultimately killing Jason, well until the end of the movie when he makes an iconic return. 

     I loved that scene, it is my favorite in the whole series, so as I held the mask, I knew that I needed to recreate the mask/injury. It is a pretty simple idea, but also really cheap. I bought the mask for .98¢, the three paints were about $2.50 (brushes are .98¢), and you will need scissors which can be found for only a dollar, also. This is for the mask. I am also making the skin under the mask and making it gory, which could mean a lot of money, but you can shop (as I did) and find the cheapest route. Overall, you are looking to spend less than $20, which is great since this design rocks! 

    I am a big Friday the 13th fan, so you know I will be rocking this very soon, but for now, enjoy this beginning mask and tell me what think!


It is late and I haven’t written yet.

Is there anyone out there? Are you listening or are you passing by? I need you to stop what you’re doing and help me. I can’t find my inspiration, anywhere and I am losing hope in finding it. I find it here and there, but it isn’t a strong inspiration, it is more like a spark. I am almost a burnt out candle, with no wick begging people to give me a little more fuel.

All you need to start a forest fire is a spark, so why can’t I set fire to this forest? Why are my sparks of inspiration not enough? Why don’t my sparks lead to something bigger? I will have a great idea, I will take advantage of that idea. This is usually when the fire begins to grow, but then the excitement of that certain project simmers down and I am left in the ashes. I don’t know how to keep the fire going. Should I be worried?
    Should I start to fear that I am a seasonal writer, or should I fear that I am not good enough? Being a seasonal writer is like a temp job, you are only needed during certain times. Though that is temp work, being a seasonal writer is when a writer only receives high stats once-in-a-while. Then we have to think “Am I good enough?” Are my post only getting recognized when I post a big project because my other stuff is lame? Are people coming to my blog then never returning because they didn’t enjoy the content, in that case, what can I possibly do?

I’m unsure of the answer, I don’t know what I am going to do.  This is why I come to you. I am a part of this group (Facebook) called “MK WritersBlock,” it is a very nice community of writers that don’t judge. They encourage each other to do amazing things, and they have been encouraging me to continue. This is working now, but I’m slowly getting more and more away from myself. I need a breakthrough.

Sorry this post was more depressing than others, but I’m so confused. I love you guys, thank you for helping me. I need you guys, now more than ever!


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I am so pissed.

McDonald’s went ahead and did it again. They changed something that I am angry about, as you might be as well. It’s typical for any big chain to change something, eventually. It is about keeping up with the crowd and adapting to what people like. The problem is McDonald’s doesn’t know what their people want. People want more choices, they want new choices, so what does MDs do? They shrink their menu to a few basic choices. What happened to the BBQ Ranch burger, Buffalo ranch Mcchicken or the Angus wraps? They disappeared when they started to become great. But none of these previous items compare to what McDonald’s did recently. In my region (Central Illinois) the Co-op McDonald’s decided to go with a new gravy.

The gravy that we had before was a powder that we added water to, then we wool chop up cooked sausage and throw it in. This was the best gravy since it tasted like it was homemade. But now, we are going to this new frozen gravy. I nearly punched the woman (On the phone) when she told me. I pleaded with her to send us a case of the powder gravy, but she said they discontinued it and that it was unavailable. This forced us with this crap. When we first got the gravy, I opened up the case and saw that it was darker and it said it was mild gravy meaning that it was hotter. I didn’t have a good feeling about it, but time could only tell.

We finally ran out of the powder gravy so we had to make the frozen gravy. I didn’t want to be a huge douche about it, since I never tasted it, so I decided to get a biscuits and gravy. (This was paid by McDonald, thank God for working there…) This is when I thought “oooooo…I could do another food review.” Here we are, ready to dip into the gravy.

First, let me start off by saying that the gravy doesn’t look any different when cooked. When it was frozen it seemed to have a dark brown tint to it, but that goes away when cooked. The Biscuits also changed, they are now bigger and softer! Next, the smell is quite the same, yet this gravy does have a distinctive spice smell to it. The gravy is thicker than the other gravy, which is great to me as I like it thick (Giggity.) This all doesn’t matter if it doesn’t meet my standards of taste.

I took a bite of the Biscuit and Gravy and didn’t taste anything different at first, but slowly the new spices came to me. The more I ate, the more that my throat started to have a light burn to it. The heat wasn’t anything to me, as I eat hotter, but for an old couple, they might not find it as great as me. The sausage wasn’t that great, the sausage was dark and looked nasty, it also didn’t taste like sausage. If anything it tasted like a cardboard! I found that the gravy was only made up from the actually gravy, the sausage didn’t give it an extra flavor or anything, it seemed it was only there for show. Also the gravy didn’t taste homemade, which really blows since that was the biggest thing I loved about the old gravy.

Overall, the Biscuits and gravy was good. I could tell that the gravy wasn’t homemade, which is a big let down. I feel that most customers love that our gravy taste homemade, prompting them to get it. The spice is unneeded. I could understand the spice if they were a smaller venue, as they don’t serve to millions, but this is McDonalds where old people come to enjoy a quick breakfast. The spice could limit the amount of buyers, since not all elderly couples can have spicy food. Other than that, I could only sum this whole change up in one phrase “It’s McDonalds.” They are always seeming to change, which some are good, but this time they messed up. I might have liked it, but I know most won’t. That’s the tough part about food, some will and some won’t. Either way, I would recommend this to the younger crowd, but would advise elderly and children to stay away. My score is 5/10. Do better next time, McDonald’s!


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The 2016 NFL season commenced on Thursday night, as Denver took the first “w.” The rest of the week went very well, as we got to see a few very close game and got a taste on what to expect from this season. After week one we can only guess who will be in the playoffs, but I think I know who will be in the playoffs. We wont be able to make an educated guess until week 10, but if these teams played the way they did, this week, they will have no problem getting into the playoffs. I am no Guinness, actually I am not that good at analyzing teams, but bare with me.
AFC East: This is an easy guess. We have seen over the years that the Patriots wont be going anywhere, anytime soon. The biggest downfall for the Patriots is that they have 4 weeks without Brady (Suspended for deflategate.) This puts all pressure on their backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, as he will be setting the tone until Tom Brady returns. Garoppolo looked amazing Sunday, as he was down Gronkowski, giving Patriots their first win against a tough Arizona squad! Luckily, the Jets are the only opponent to worry about in the East, as Dolphins are still building and Bills well suck. This will be another year of Patriots in the playoffs, even without their starting Qb.  
AFC West: This whole division is confusing and hard to read, right now. The Chief, Manning, is no longer with the Broncos, leaving them without a solid QB. They gave the ball to Trevor Siemen, sitting Paxton (Their rookie franchise), but I see Paxton playing in week 6. Though they are questioning a lot of things, the Broncos aren’t questioning their Defense. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and this will help them win their division. Though the Broncos will win the division, it wont be easy the Raiders and Cheifs are playoff contenders and will give them a run for their money! I say it will come down to the last few weeks.
AFC North: Bengals or Steelers? Hold on, Ravens are getting better? Oh my God, who do we choose? The Bengals made a run for the title last year, this was until Dalton broke his thumb, and was forced to watch his team from the sideline as they lost. The big problem with the Bengals is their o-line could stop the pass rushers of New York. This leaves the Bengals very vulnerable, especially now that Eifert isn’t back until week 4. Ravens aren’t a playoff team yet. This leaves one team left, Pittsburgh! Yes, I said the Steelers. As long as Big Ben stays healthy they should have no problem winning their division.
AFC South: This is the worse division, hands down, in the AFC. Any team can win four games and still win a playoff spot. The problem now is that we have three good teams running for the top. The Colts, Texans, and the Jags! I don’t know what happened to the Colts, but they didn’t have a good game Sunday, since I refuse to believe that the Lions are actually better without Megatron, I will say that the Colts didn’t have it together, Sunday. The team that really impressed me was Jacksonville. They ran right beside the Packers the whole game and only lost by 9. This is pretty good, especially now that Jordy is back! I want to say that the Jags will win the division, but I can’t go against Hopkins and the Houston Texans. Once Osweiler gets his flow going, he will lead this team to the playoffs, though he will lose in the first round, it is a big step in the right direction.
AFC Wild Card: The Bengals and Chiefs will be the teams to expect here. The Chiefs are out for blood, since their season ended early last year. The Bengals still have Dalton and A.J. so expect them to get their o-line together and explode in the mid-season.
NFC EAST: This is pretty easy. The Giants are the only reasonable option here. The Eagles have Wentz, but he has only played the Browns, so I can’t say he’s the real deal yet. I did like Prescott (Dem Boys) but we know Romo is coming back soon, and he will be taking back the starting position. Romo isn’t the guy to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs, so unless they stick with Prescott, you can expect another season at the bottom, below the Redskins.
NFC West: The Cardinals looked decent against the Patriots, but they also looked horrible. They lost to a team without any of their real weapons. This doesn’t make their season promising, at all. They do have a pretty easy schedule though, so we will see. The winner of the West will be the Seahawks. They will get their offense together and come out hot against the weak side of their schedule. You never doubt Wilson, so as long as he stays healthy you should count them in.
NFC North: Being a Bears fan, this section makes me so bitter. I want to say the Bears, but that would be foolish. I have come to the conclusion that we are in a rebuild. They have a young team, so we will see in the next couple years, but for now we know who wins the North. The Vikings would have been a good contender, but without Teddy they aren’t the same team. Bradford didn’t work in Phili and he wont work in Minnesota. The Packers, on the other hand, are back to their full strength. They have Devante Adams, Jordy Nelson, and the two Rodgers. This team is primed to make it far in the playoffs.
     NFC South: Drew Brees is going to have a 4,000 yard season, in one of the last seasons of his career, and this will push the Saints close to the top, but they will fall short to the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton and that Defense are hungry after last year, something that will fuel them to go hard. It is simple to say that Panthers will be in the playoffs, but not at 15-1 like last year.
NFC Wild Card: The Cardinals and the Saints will be the teams to watch. They might lose their division, but they are two teams expecting to make a splash.
This is a very rough thing to do, because who knows what will happen. Also, I wasn’t able to watch any preseason games, which makes it hard to know what teams have. I just know from what I have seen so far, this is going to be an amazing year, and should be fun to watch.


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I am so original that I will post this original idea.
I have been watching a lot of YouTube, more than I really should be. There is this funny challenge going around, and all of the famous Youtubers have joined to do this challenge. The YouTuber “Nigahiga” came out with this challenge, as he was sick of all the diss tracks between other Youtubers. He formed this challenge to smooth over the heat, as now people were challenged to keep their hate for themselves. He then challenged a few of his friends to do so! I listened to some of the video and trust me, they were amazing! I especially loved ||SuperWomans||. This led me to think, I have a lot of friends, on Facebook, that have been dealing with life, and I thought that they could get their minds off their problems by doing this challenge. Now, the original idea was to rap, but since I can’t rap, I will simply write out my hatred for myself! I hope you enjoy. Also if you are reading this, you should do this challenge and tag me in it!

“Oh, look, you’re back at this, again. Don’t you know that no one cares, no one listens to your thoughts. You keep posting, hoping that one day you will get big, but you won’t. You have weak skills, you have lazy ideas, your grammar sucks, and you question yourself too much. You think you are great, but who confirms it? No one! That’s right, you keep begging for confirmation, you should just stop, pack up the bags and get out of town. You are not cut out to be a writer, heck you aren’t even cut out to finish this li…see you can’t even finish your thoughts. Is that why you keep going into a “Writers block”? Are you out of ideas? HAHA you are! I should have seen that coming, that’s why you always share previous work, hoping that you can come up with a good idea, but it never comes. You ran out of the magic years ago, that’s why no one stays around. Your dad is your own fan, how pathetic. He is the only one that comments on your blogs! If it weren’t for him, your blog would have less views than Hellen Keller. Wow, I just compared your blog to a great, when you don’t even deserve to be in the same category as dog poo. 

You should stop! You’re not an artist, should I rewind back to your music career? Even your own sister wouldn’t listen to your first album. She pushed that out of her car, saying she wasn’t in the mood. That’s how everyone feels, though. No one wants to be bothered by any of your work! I hope one day you will see this, and will learn that you suck. But you wont, you will keep fighting for views, using clickbait to get ahead of the game, only to get a flat tire. The grim reaper has come and you’re done. …Night, night. Oh wait, did I forget something? I did! I feel like you now….Lets go back to Facebook….Let’s talk about your 34 likes on the page. You have been helping others, yet they have more likes than you, how pathetic! You cry yourself to sleep, every night, hoping that you will wake up and have more of a following, then will get jealous when others are better than you. Keep being salty, because you will never be good enough…have a good career at McDonald’s…..bye….”


This was simply for fun, I don’t feel this way at all. I actually love to see others grow. I hope you guys will join me, and share the love. I will love you forever if you give this a share!!!!

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