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I wrote this letter when Ariel and I were first dating. We just got our own apartment together and were going through something, so I wrote this to her. I might not be the best person, but I know where my heart resides.

When you look into the mirror at times I don’t believe you see what I see.

When I look at your face I see true beauty! I also see the pain of a childhood that I wish I could take away but I can’t. If I could I would in a second, because you deserved so much better than what you got. I promise to always help you through the days that you feel the ugliest, because when you ask me what I think about you. My answer never changes. I think and know that you are the prettiest girl in this world. I wish one day you can look in the mirror and see what I have seen for the last 11 months!!!!

I walk up these stairs every day, yet I don’t see the just as a few pieces of wood. No I think of all the times we walk the same stairs to get to our cozy little room that we can officially call our own.

It makes me remember the day we came to this place to sign papers, knowing that it was official that we were living together. A lot has been said since then, but every night we go up these stairs, even if we are frustrated at each other, to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I treasure the chance to do this, especially with a princess like you babe!

One can say that love fades, but I find that to be a lie. We have been through a lot, more than most couples go through all their relationship. They would crumble under the weight of all the drama, hurt, past regrets, parental disagreements, threats, tears, and occasionally getting kicked out of your own house. But we lasted through the shit to see ourselves planning the most beautiful wedding in the history of marriage. I can’t wait for the day we can finally seal the deal and make our lives come fully together. To add another crazy ass to a family that’s crazy enough. It’s my pleasure to change your name. So when people say that love fades that’s just because they based their relationship on things that fade, but we based ours on things knowing that they would change and knowing we would have to adjust!!!



Letters to the Chapel: My first sermon.
It was a Wednesday night. The time was about six P.M. I was getting ready for the best night of the week. I was going to a bible study down at a good ole friends of mine, but instead of being a part of the bible study, that night I was a “guest”. I was the one that was giving the message at the end of the study. It was a first for me. I had never spoke about Christ in front of people, well not in sermon form that is. I was nervous but excited, all at the same time. I had been working on this sermon for almost a month, and was ready to get it over with.

I had a list of twenty scriptures to talk about, but only had thirty-minutes to present my case. I had spoken this sermon into the mirror in my bathroom, a thousand times, and each time I felt that the sermon got better. I was happy with it, and chose to lay it down in front of God. He told me that it was good, well I think, so I asked the group if I could share. Well they said yes, so here I am, one hour away from giving the message.

I got to the house, walked in, grabbed something to eat and sat down at the table. This night was a little slim on the members since there was a dance. This was perfect for me, since I use to get nervous in front of people. I counted it as a win, and moved on with my night. The food was amazing, it was cornbread and beans. I loved eating at this group, they always had the best homemade food. This was one of the only reasons I came in the past.

Now I spent most of my time at this group, there is so much information I wanted to know out of the bible, this group helped me understand the importance of “useless scriptures.” Soon I came to know that there isnt a useless scripture, but everything is in the bible for a purpose, its up to you to find out why. The group was about to start. The way this group worked was, one person read a little bit of a proverb then we would read a few Psalms. This was perfect, since there are enough proverbs for each day of the month, so whatever the date was, that was the proverb we read. Then after reading, we would all discuss the importance of each line, then at the end we would spend 45-minutes praying. This night was different, with me being a guest speaker they cancelled the bible lesson. I thought that I would be going last, after the prayer, but instead I went first.

My hands were sweaty and shaking, I felt a frog in my throat. But as I began to speak, the words came out so smoothly. I was teaching on the importance of communion and why we need to take it daily. I talked about the body of Christ, and how the church is failing because they fail to see the true meaning of communion. They fast pace through communion, yet will spend hours on tithing. I want that flipped, and this night; I shared that. The spirit of God fell in that place like never before. I saw that each person was convicted. I knew that this was the message that needed to be shared on this night. I told a few jokes throughout, and at the end, we all prayed. I was ecstatic that I got to share the word, but what made me more happy was that it was the message that needed to be shared. I read the word and God pulled it out for me, I am glad that I listened and spoke the word of God.

After the sermon; the leader of the group called my pastor, which was his also. He told the pastor that I had a message that needed to shared with the whole church. The pastor was excited to hear what I had to say, and had me do the communion the next Sunday. That Sunday was amazing. The communion service turned out great. I saw that the congregation was being moved by God, so I pulled out all the stops; I listened to the spirit of God and began to go deeper into what it means to get communion. I remember that day, the communion lasted almost thirty-minutes, the congregation was being transformed, so the pastor was happy. I finished with giving the communion out. Then I prayed and we took it together.

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