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One dumb move, one stupid comment and one big fail….
Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, one that I wish was a month away. Sadly, we can’t ask for a rewind but, which mean this day is starting in less than 12 hours. This is the day that we have been working towards, for the last few months, and I can say we are ready, but I am still freaking the heck out. I am going to keep this very short, so I can get to bed, but I wanted to ask you for something.
Would you mind sending your prayers our way? I have no doubt that we will pass, but this isnt like any test, this is the biggest test for this store, ever! Corporate will be in our store for about six-hours to test how well we run the store. They aren’t going to go easy, either. They are looking to see perfection, something that is very hard to give. Usually, we only have to worry about surfaces, but they will be removing canvases and searching for things to take points for! Think of a health inspection, this is 100% more serious…. I have to say that I am nervous.
It is nerve racking to have someone grade you, its even more scary to have all your big bosses sitting over your shoulder, the whole day. This is why I need you guys to join together and say a little prayer. I don’t want to screw up and cost my store, and I know I wont with you guys by my side! Please come together and pray for me!
Love you guys!


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The wind was slightly blowing the light snow off of the ground and into the chilled air. The night was calm as Aeron sat next to the fire, in a grill he found in Drummond. The fire was simmering down with the continuous snow, but they knew they wouldn’t be staying long. They already traveled for a full day, so they decided to stop and get warm. The fire was lit inside of a small grill. The metal was hot enough for the two to get warm. As Aeron sat next to the fire, he picked up the sign. He was happy to see that Fairfield was only thirty miles away. His mission to get medical supplies was almost over.   

Fairfield was one of the last surviving cities after the outbreak took place. The mayor of the town kept a close eye on the passing visitors, and of the people leaving. It was a good plan at the beginning, but there came a group that would over power his walls. He fell captive to a group of lawbreakers. The group cleared them out of all of their food and water, but they didn’t know about the abundance of medicine, they kept stored inside the medical center. They grabbed the food and water, and left.

The people of Fairfield began to fear another attack on the city; also without food one-by-one they were dying from starvation. A group of activist told the people, it was easier to live on the road, away from the fear they had here. The people of Fairfield quickly joined the rally, and left their homes. They soon realized that the world was no longer like it was before, they had no idea what was out there. The citizens fell dead to the cold, turning into beast shortly after. With all the attacks and people leaving the leader began to question his sanity. Finally, after the people began to turn back into beast, and turned back to attack the town, Dr. Grey began to execute anyone that questioned his plans.

Dr. Grey was a true man of war; he was someone who knew what it took to survive, also what a human body could withstand. He spent many years in the army, but also many years studying the reproductive system. With all the people leaving his town; he knew that he needed to build his army back up. This is when he chose to begin his projects. He had to find a way to bring forth kids. There weren’t enough women to carry kids,  the men were also too busy fighting; they wouldn’t be able to stand down, this is when he came up with three ideas. He would try to impregnate children earlier in life, find ways to impregnate women without a man, and grow fetus without a present birth giver.

He attempted to impregnate the children, but due to the lack of nutrition, they would die quickly after getting pregnant. This caused riots outside of Dr. Greys mansion, the old courthouse. Dr. Grey executed those who wouldn’t stand down. This led to only having a handful of women, his second plan became harder than expected. But even with the complications, Grey continued to do his experiment. The women refused to go along with his plan, seeing how the first experiment went. Grey wasn’t accepting of their lack of faith, so as they refused to help, he would force them. He would have his men tie the women down, and would force the sperm inside of their body. But without the right sanitation, the women began to come down with infections, worse than the frost bite infection. He stopped the research, immediately and went onto his last experiment. This is where he would attempt to create a embryo, and grow a baby using science. He created a pod that created an egg, then after the egg was present, he would empty test tubes of sperm into the glass container. The project was working, better than any others. There was progress everyday. But as the progress began to spike, a big storm came through town.

The storm blew his generator. He was sleeping when the storm came through, but as the wind blew ice against his window, he woke up. He rushed to his lab, to see that none of the pods were active. He made it urgent, that the soldiers got the power back on. But the town was without power for two days. When the generator was turned back on, the project had deceased. All the hard work was for nothing. The town turned away from him as he lost his mind. He began to see that no one wanted to follow him, that is when he began to torture his residents. But as they were coming to kill him, he left the town. They were going to chase him, but decided that the winter would be torture, enough. Soon after Grey left, another group of outlaws came, and killed off the rest of the citizens.

Aeron got of his snow mobile and stood in the freezing rain with his leather jacket. He lifted the face shield on the helmet to look into the once standing, Fairfield. The town was deserted. The walls of the buildings were rotted out. Most of the buildings had falling with the weight of the snow. There were cars beside other cars. This must have been their last defense. Aeron stood still, almost in a memorial of the dead bodies, hanging out of the cars. Leo pats him on the back seconds later.

“Are you ready for this?” Leo asked.

“Lets get in there and get back home.”

They both got off their snowmobiles, after being unable to cross through the pile of cars. It was on foot from this-point-on. The town was only four blocks, the iced population sign reads 700, which was long before the outbreak. The medical center was on the left side of town, which was three blocks after getting into town and was next door to the old B & J Grocery store. This was Dr. Greys hideout, where he kept all of the experiments and test results. The whole way to Fairfield, the were praying that the medicine hadn’t been touched. It would have been a waste, if so. 

They made their way up to Fairfield Drugs entrance, but Aeron stopped. Leo turned around and asked what he was thinking. Aeron ignored him and walked to a nearby car; he pulled out a rope, put gas on the end, then shoved it into the gas tank of the car, leaving the end close to the ground. He got up off the ground and made his way into the building. Leo caught on to his plan, as he looked at the car, then walked inside with him.

They walked into the main lobby, and began to search for the treasure, but all they found were old empty boxes. Aeron hesitantly searched through the lobby drawers. He found a map of the medical center with a master key to the building. The guide listed all of the rooms and what you would find in each room. Everything was scratched out, except on room 3A1 that read supplies.  Aeron shows Leo the map, and smiles.

“You know this is the original guide, right!” Leo slapped the guide out of Aeron’s hand.

Aeron picks up the map and walked away, heading to the room. Leo shook his head, lifted his flashlight and walked behind him.

They found the room, Aeron unlocks the door using the master key. Leo steps in front of him, and shines the light inside, from the glare of the flashlight, the room seemed to be empty. But as they walked in, they saw the abundance of supplies. They begin to search the cabinets, in each cabinet, they found even more supplies. They were searching for Insulin, but they only found one little bottle. Aeron smiled as he showed the bottle Leo. Leo smiles while throwing the rest of the pain killers into his bag. They got what they came for. They walked out of the room, back into the lobby. But they realized that the door was left open, which caused a handful of Crawlers to make their way into the building. They were screeching for warmth. Aeron pulls Leo back into the room. 

They began to devise a plan to get out of the building. The room didn’t have a window or any other door. They open the door again, slightly. Leo looked around to see if there was another room with a window, and there was. It was a room at the back of the center, it looked to be an old lab. Leo shuts the door and tells Aeron what he saw; Aeron tells him to throw a glass bottle out into the lobby, so they can make a run for it. Leo grins slightly, opens the door, and throws a bottle. The glass shattering got the attention of the dumb beast. Leo sprints across the floor followed by Aeron. The Crawlers notice the two humans, and begin to run after they. The were moving faster than they normally do. The heat must have an affect on their body functions. 
They slid into the room, and shut the door. The Crawlers were at the door seconds later. Aeron looks around the room, then throws a chair through the window. The glass shattering was loud, and echoed through the small town.

“That is going to get the attention of every Crawler in this town, come on!” Aeron grabs the bag of medicine, and jumps out of the window. Leo follows but gets caught up on the window seal. As he gets caught up, the Crawlers bust the door down. Leos heart is beating heavily, as he attempts to get out of the bondage. He finally breaks lose, as a crawler grabs ahold of his arm.
He forces himself out of the grasp, to only fall back out of the window. The glass clings to his leg, puncturing his skin. He falls to the ground and looks up at the window. The Crawlers were there. They stared at Leo with their bright red eyes, then fell out of the window. The Crawler fell only inches from his feet.

“Come on, Leo.” Aeron turns around.

The window led to a small section of the center that was fenced in. Aeron tried to climb over the fence, but the ice caused him to lose his traction. He falls back to the ground. Leo limps over to him, and picks him up. Aeron thanks him and tells him to go first, Leo gladly took the chance to get away, and began to pull himself up the wires. Aeron turned around to see the Crawlers were now inside of the fenced in area. They had their hands reached out, and were ready to attack! Leo yelled for Aeron to come on. He turns around, sprints towards the fence, jumps and throws himself over the top.

They run around the building, but as they rounded the wall, the noticed that a horde had made their way to the entrance. The whole block was full of Crawlers. Aeron yanks Leo back to the wall and tells him to hold off. This was the safest place for them, since the Crawlers can’t climb. They took a breather, but as Leo fell to the cold ground, a Crawler comes around the corner. He grabs a hold of Leo; Leo screams and begins to pull away. Aeron quickly pushes the Crawler, as the Crawler pushes up, off the ground, Aeron runs the long blade, of the machete, through the head of the Crawler. The rest of the horde heard the scream and made their way to the survivors. Aeron tells him to come on, as he ran back to the square towards the snowmobiles. Leo was following slowly behind, he wasn’t able to spring like Aeron was.

Aeron stops at the car, and tries to light the rope with a lighter, but the lighter isnt working. Aeron continues to try until Leo pushes him to the ground, urging him to leave it alone. Aeron falls into the snow, his head hits the ground. In anger, he gets back up and pushes him back. He picks up the lighter from the ground, and tried to spark a flame, but the lighter wont spark due to it being wet, so he decided to leave it. They head towards the end of the road, but Crawlers were now surrounding the square, their only option was to fight.

The snow made the fight truly amazing. As Aeron grabs his machete and slices off three of the Crawlers heads off, then took a sweet spin, on the ground, and lifted up quickly. The blade ran through the crawlers body, splitting one into two. Leo was on the other side of him, using his hammer to beat in their head. The process was slightly longer, but it was working. A crawler gets pass Leo and knocks the machete out of Aeron’s hand. In a second, Aeron picks up a lying crowbar, and takes a swing. The crowbar splattered a Crawlers head, throwing guts everywhere. Aeron didn’t stop, though. He kept swing. Each Crawler made his way to them, and Aeron took it to himself to finish it. As Aeron fought back, Leo pulled out a pack of matches. He got onto the ground and tried to light the rope. Finally, after many attempts, the flame finally caught fire to the rope.
Aeron saw that the fire was lit, and told Leo that they needed to push the Crawlers back. The car was about to explode. Leo shakes his head and pushes the crawlers back with his hands. One of them broke off, though, and attempted to grab Leo.

Aeron swings his machete, and cuts of the head. Leo slips on a patch of ice and falls to the ground. One of the crawlers got on top of him, and screeched. Leo saw the beasts sharp teeth and began to cry out. The crawler lifted his fingers and lunged them towards his belly, but before he could make contact, Aeron puts the blade of his machete, through the skull of the crawler, blood drips into Leos mouth.

Aeron pulls Leo up to his feet, but Leo falls to his knees and began to puke. Aeron yanks on his arm, and tells him that they need to get going. Aeron feels something, and looks down, Leos arm is dangerously cut open. Leo gets up and begins to run away. When the car explodes, they were launched through the air.

Aeron opens his eyes. The fire was still burning violently. The Crawlers were burnt to a crisp. Body parts were shot around through the square. He sees that Leo was dripping blood, and needed assistance. Aeron tries to get up from the ground, but cant, his leg seemed to be broken. He starts to crawl over to Leo. Aeron feared that he had taking to much of the explosion, and that he was dead. But as he got closer, Leo lifted his arm, showing that he still had the bottle of Insulin they came for. Aeron smiles then falls face first into the snow. The sizzling from the fire echoed through Aeron’s ears. The sound was peaceful. It was much better, than hearing the Screech of Crawlers. 

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