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    I have been complaining about my job, all week. For this, I do apologize. I shouldn’t complain about my job like that, without my job I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I love to do. It might suck but money is the root of everything we do. If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, light bill, gas, or cable bill. Without paying my rent, I wouldn’t be able to shower or enjoy a warm bed at night, or without paying my light bill, I wouldn’t be able to write, read, do effects make-up or even enjoy a hot shower. If I didn’t have money for my gas bill, I would freeze in the winter. I could live without cable, but  as I said last night, I wouldn’t be able to post a blog. My cable and internet are connected. So if I lost one, I would lose both. Since my tablet needs internet to post blogs, I wouldn’t be able to write to you guys. So I guess having a good paying job is pretty important.
    These were some of the basic things that a job is needed the most for. I am not including all my activity expenses that I spend my money on. This includes; new footballs, new paints, new notebooks, new books, effects make-up, materials for effects, fake blood, things for my wife, and many other things. I spend a lot of money, something that isn’t possible without the amazing job that I have. That is why I am saying I’m sorry.
    I don’t need to be pouting about what I have to do. Instead, I should be thanking the person for giving me another week on this pay period. I make great money and have for a while. So, sorry for everything I have said latley. It took me looking at my life to realize I’m in a great position. Life might not be fair at times, but everything will be fine, that is all that matters!
    Though I’m saying sorry, I would like to say “thank God.” Thank him for this day, my day off. It’s my day off which means I get to relax and get ready for another week. Tonight we will be going to a haunted house/graveyard to enjoy another spook. I might also work on a new project. Tell me, are you ready for another SFX? I know I am;)




   I didn’t want to post a flashback, but this is a great one. Why stress over stuff that can’t be fixed right away? This is hope for you, so take my advice and stop worrying! All will be okay, soon!
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    Take a few seconds out of your day, and tell yourself that you will make it. Even if life doesn’t seem like it, you will. You will become anything  that you want to become, you will climb up through the ranks and be on the top. you are awesome, you are amazing. So stop worrying about the smallest details of your life. If you want to do something in your life, do it! Stop waiting around for someone to say its okay.

    Make a freaking impact, bigger than the sun in this world. If you want to become a professional athlete, give it your all. If you want to pursue a job in singing, do that. What I am trying to say is do what makes you happy. Most people will give up on their dreams due to money, or due to stress. But that’s unacceptable.

    I have always wanted to be a writer, (I bet your tired of hearing that) and nothing will ever stop that dream. It is like a second time job that I absolutely love to do. If someone told me that I wasn’t able to become one, I would have to laugh at them, because the only person that can stop me from doing anything, is myself. That goes for you too, yes you, the one reading this post. Stop worrying about the balance of your checking account, already. Don’t let fear rule your life. You are stronger than that.

    So many people have let their life go to hell over their current money position, but the truth is, you need to stop looking at that number. Now I’m not saying that you should go out and spend all of your money. I am saying that you should never let the stress of money stop you from being happy.

    I know right now someone is stressing over their balance, because they are behind. Those are the people that I want to reach today; I want them to know that they are still in control. They are the dominant ones in their situation. Yes you might be behind, but you can do it. Most people suffer from debt, as do;I. But all you need to remember is that the more you budget, the better it will get. If you budget every cent and get the right type of help, you will see the debt disappear.

    I have started a few budgets for myself and even a few or two for others.  The results that I got were amazing. I went from being behind three months to being ahead, in only three months. My secret is “Pay less, more often,” meaning that you need to pay what you can, when you can. As long as you don’t give up and stop paying. Your balance will get smaller.
   I am saying that stress and worrying will never get you anywhere in life; if anything it will cause you to cower under a blanket, ultimately leaving you unproductive with the resources that are given to you. Stress doesn’t need to control you. It’s your life, so control it!


One dumb move, one stupid comment and one big fail….
Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, one that I wish was a month away. Sadly, we can’t ask for a rewind but, which mean this day is starting in less than 12 hours. This is the day that we have been working towards, for the last few months, and I can say we are ready, but I am still freaking the heck out. I am going to keep this very short, so I can get to bed, but I wanted to ask you for something.
Would you mind sending your prayers our way? I have no doubt that we will pass, but this isnt like any test, this is the biggest test for this store, ever! Corporate will be in our store for about six-hours to test how well we run the store. They aren’t going to go easy, either. They are looking to see perfection, something that is very hard to give. Usually, we only have to worry about surfaces, but they will be removing canvases and searching for things to take points for! Think of a health inspection, this is 100% more serious…. I have to say that I am nervous.
It is nerve racking to have someone grade you, its even more scary to have all your big bosses sitting over your shoulder, the whole day. This is why I need you guys to join together and say a little prayer. I don’t want to screw up and cost my store, and I know I wont with you guys by my side! Please come together and pray for me!
Love you guys!


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Stop calling me, you’re a creep. I told you I don’t want to talk, clearly, from not answering your 20th call. You could spend some time fixing things, yet you just want to talk from a distance. I don’t see why I need to do your work, nor will I! You will screw this up, again, and we will have to wait for it to be fixed, well until I ask him to do it again! You’re a failure, and I hope you get what is coming to you, one day, then you might see what you had. You’re worse than the woman, I saw as a hero.

She was the one I loved, but she didn’t love me. She wanted to take everything from me, starting with my trust and ending with my happiness. I was forced to go through a few systems to find my way, and she wasn’t here when I got out, she was gone in the wind, never to be seen again, but that was the best part. She tore me down and convinced me of things that weren’t true. She was a monster. The drugs, she took, took her over and forced her to be someone that she wasn’t, before. I am so glad that I am away from here. If I were still under her, I wouldn’t be anywhere. It is sad that I had to compare you to this lady, but you are a spitting image of her. You lie, you cheat, and can’t make a right decision for the sake of your life!

She couldn’t make a decision either, that’s why she let her family decide. She told me that I wasn’t good enough. I died inside that night, followed by hours of empty stares. I became a family member to that wall, during our departure. He would listen to my sobs, though I wish it were you, it wasn’t. You moved on, deleting me from your life, like what we had was nothing. I hate you for that. I hate you for the fact that I loved you, but you could walk away, like that! Now, I can’t get you off my mind. I might say “I am fine” or “I don’t care” but that is such a lie! You are still on my mind, but now it’s anger that fills my heart. My hatred hasn’t been stronger since she didn’t show up, though.

She was told to be there, but she didn’t show up. I had to do all of the work, while she got to have fun. What a liar! She said she was good, but she sucked, I aint even talking about that….Her work style sucked. I stuck my head out for her, but she took me for granted. That is why I shut down….I would murder her, if it wasn’t punishable, and would hide her body at the bottom of the ocean, so that she would be ate by her family, but even they would spit her out. That voice is what I hated the most.

She wanted everyone to hear her, but she had nothing to say! Ha! That’s what I hear from you! I don’t hear anything from you guys! I didn’t fit it, so you cut me out of the picture, and force me to watch you, from the outside. I won’t though! I don’t miss you guys, because you were never close, anyways. You never supported my decision, the one to change my life. Nah! You didn’t like how it made me, and you wanted the old me back, yet you didn’t even like that guy, either. I wont be a puppet!

Someone else tried to make me a puppet after you, also. They said they were my family, that they would never leave. But one decision changed their minds, as they kicked me out and told me to go away. I didn’t hesitate, as I didn’t want to be there anyway. They were crazy, as they only want to control people, using text. I didn’t fall for the trap, and I prospered because of that. I found something I was looking for, though now I hate it!

I can’t stand the double-standards that go along with the game, and that I cant do what others do! WE were told not to do something, then he was able to do that same thing. I couldn’t believe it, so I asked “Why?” I was told that he asked before, so he was granted the opportunity. Now, after he’s gone, I have to pick up the weight and carry it. I want to give up that part, and move on to better things, but then what would I do?

I would miss his hair, for one. He never combs his hair, yet wonders why he doesn’t have a girl. You need to take care of yourself, before you can expect a girl to like you! But you don’t care, because secretly you’re gay! We know it, just admit it! I don’t know why you hide it! I would just come out and say it, that way you can move on and be happy. Maybe that’s it! Maybe you want to stay “Unpresentable” in order to save yourself, for the man that has your heart. I just solved the puzzle, I just found Atlantis! Bro, not cool.

What’s not cool is the lack of faith, though. Yes, I am talking to you. You think that I will continue to do this, without some push? I am done swinging! I wouldn’t want to waste your damn time, with another page. I will stop, I will walk away. Then as I am walking away, you will ask me to come back, but it will be too late. I would already be gone, and you would be the blame. So please continue, continue to say that you don’t have the time. You will see what you had, but it will be too late. Every artist is remembered after their death, I just didn’t want it to come to this. I didn’t want to have to force myself, but if it works, then I will take that door! I won’t ask, anymore! This is over, this is done, I am not immortal, and my bat has been swung. I don’t put myself in the least of those, anyways. You wouldn’t understand my thoughts, anyways! You think you would, but you can’t even go a day without being fooled by a door that says pull. You are tools, and I’m no longer your damn workbench!

I drop the mic, walk out the door, find a street, and ask for God. I wait for an answer, but nothing is there. I want to find someone to do it, but no one is there. The street is dark, lights are out, no one is walking and I need someone. I walk down the street, that is when I found you! I found happiness in you. I had to run after you, but I lost you. My hope was lost, and I didn’t know what to do. This is when I reached back out to you, but you IGNORED me! Luckily, I have someone! You….were….so…..Fake…….


The End!    

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Just because this happened, I want to re-share it.


I don’t know how to start this blog, other than to say hi, welcome to story time with Blake. This story is kind of scaring me, as I could get into a little trouble for my actions, but at the same time, the story is way too amazing to not tell you guys. I have never had this happen to me before, but honestly it has always been a fear of mine. Ever since I started working, I knew one day this was going to happen, either to me or to one of my co-workers. Sadly it had to happen to me, on the busiest night of the week.

It was Friday night, at work. The night was slowly dragging on, we weren’t as busy as usual, but we were steady enough to keep us moving. It was hot, miserably hot, my body was weak and I was drenched with sweat. I kept looking at the non-moving clock, hoping that it would hit that 11th hand, so we could close up. The customers weren’t as annoying, as usual, but they did seem to want a lot of food. I didn’t understand the point of getting hot food on a hot night, but that’s a question I will never have an answer to.

During one of the slow times, I decided to go into the cooler to chill off. This was usually where I came to get away from the customers, and think. I grabbed the book for work, and walked into the cooler to get away. While in the cooler, I did my pre-shift, my nightly checklist, and planned every break for the night. Feeling that my crew needed me, I walked out of the cooler, and back up to the front. When I rounded the corner, there was only one customer in the store. But instead of retreating back into the cooler, I decided to go clean the store a bit deeper, getting under all surfaces and making sure the night was going to stay smooth. I started cleaning, but as I cleaned under each surface, more people began to pile in. I stepped away from the chemicals, washed my hands, and got on a register.

The rush only lasted 10-minutes, so no harm was done to the store. It was now time for the breaks. My grill person, Henry, was up for his break. This meant that I needed to get back on the grill and make orders. This was nice for the first few minutes, but then a line of people came into the store. This was okay, I was fully ready to take their orders head-on. As I was about to Mike Tyson those orders, the people started to disperse. We missed a big rush, but at that moment I realized, I didn’t have my keys. There wasn’t an initial panic. I usually set my keys down, and walk away without them, that is simply “Blake being Blake..” I started by looking by the register, it wasn’t there, so I walked back to the manager room, yet again not there. I walked around the corner and saw that the kid that went on break was walking in. I walked up to him and asked him if he had my keys, he said no. I tried to think of the last place I had them, and that’s when it clicked. I had them on the top of our salad cooler, with our schedules. I walked up front and looked, but there was no luck.

This is when the panicking started to sink in. I kept thinking “What if a customer grabbed the keys?” I quickly texted my boss, telling him a customer most likely had my keys, and that I needed into the cooler to get a case of fries. He replied. He said what I figured he would have “how would a customer have your keys?” I now had to admit that I left my keys, unattended, while I was in the back. But I didn’t tell him that, I simply didn’t want to get in trouble, so I told him I had a hole in my pocket, and it most likely fell out of my pocket. Being annoyed, he demanded that I left a message, telling him what size pants I needed. This didn’t solve my problem of not being able to get into the cooler. Being completely wrecked emotionally, from this situation, I tried to find other ways into the cooler. I googled “How to get a locked door open.” The main answer was lock picking, so that’s when I pulled up a how-to video on that subject. The videos were 5-10 minutes long each, which was time I didn’t have, but I sat down and watched the first video. The guy laid out some amazing tips and instructions for a quick pick. I grabbed the materials (Paper clips) and set out to pick this lock. During this time, my co-workers laughed as I tried to pick our cooler lock.

After moments of trying and failing, I slammed my hand against the door. The impact must have made a vibration through my brain, because I remembered where I sat my keys down at, in the cooler. I sat my keys down on the yogurt, while I checked the dates of certain items. Now, we had a serious problem. We were locked out of the cooler, I didn’t have my keys, and no one was near to give me their keys. I didn’t want to tell my General manager tat I locked my keys in the cooler, because he actually drove from his home (45 minutes away), at 5 am, to let me in the store, the day before. So I told him that I found my keys. I needed a solid plan so that I could get my keys, without letting anyone else know, and it had to happen fast, there was no time to waste.

As we sat around the door, a light bulb started glowing. I had a risky, but great plan. I ran to the back of the store, got in our tool box, and ran back to the door wielding a Philips screwdriver. The crew shook their head as they knew my plan. I was about to take the door off its hinges. This was a scary plan, as a thousand things could go wrong, but I knew this was the only option. I started to twist the screwdriver, releasing the pressure of each screw. I got through the first hinge with no problem, but as I went on to the middle one, the top metal piece, fell onto my head. I grasped my head, as Henry picked up the metal piece. I shook it off and went back to work. The second hinge was now off, only one more to go. With the other two gone, it seemed easier for the third to come off. As I released the last screw, the door made a loud pop, and the door fell backwards. Henry was holding it though. I pushed the door out of the way, and walked into the cooler. I grabbed my cold keys, and walked back out. I now had my keys, but that wasn’t the problem, now I had to put the door back on. This was more of a problem than getting it off. None of the screws wanted to go back into the hole. The more I twisted, the more I realized; I might have to call my GM after all.

Knowing the consequences this would have, I used all my might to get the screw into the hole. After minutes of twisting, pushing, cussing and yelling, the screw finally screwed back into the wall. I quickly screwed in as many as I could, but the customers came. They were hungry, and they didn’t want to wait. So we paused momentarily and went up front. After the customers were helped, we all went back to the previous position,. Henry was holding the door, and Elsa was cheering for us to get it done, as she wanted to go home. I finished screwing in the second hinge, but this time the screw driver left a large amount of grease on my hand. I ran over to wash my hands, but it wouldn’t come off. I then took a handful of soap and started to dig my fingers into my dirty hand. This was helping, the grease was starting to fade, leaving my precious hands a bright red. Knowing that the screwdriver was leaving this residue, I grabbed a pair of gloves.

After applying the gloves, I finished screwing in the last few screws. Moments after I screw in the last screw, Henry informed me there were a few customers in the lobby. I realized that Elsa actually was gone. I ran up front, and helped each one. Though, I was being a complete prick to them, trying to get them to leave, they didn’t seem to mind. They ordered a few items, waited patiently, and left quickly with a smile on their face. After the lobby was empty again, I went back and finished the door. I opened the door to see if it was together correctly, which it was. The excitement in my heart was intense. I felt extremely accomplished for doing it all by myself, but also relieved that I didn’t have to tell anyone that I locked my keys in the cooler.
It has always been a fear of mine, to lock my keys in the cooler, and though I am not shocked it happen, I am shocked that it has taken this long to occur. I can be a bit air-headish at times, but that is what makes me Blake. I wouldn’t be the same, without that sad quality. This hasn’t been the month for me! I have almost destroyed my eyesight, I have lost my keys, and now I have locked my keys in the cooler. Luckily, this month is almost over, or I might have lost my car! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this story, and feel free to leave a laughing emoji, if you liked it!



This is the best day of the year. What could be better than a day dedicated to pulling pranks on people? I love to play practical jokes on my friends and family. I like to plan these jokes in advance. I have been planning this one prank for the last week, simply waiting for this day, April Fools Day. I had every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. I had my weaponry loaded, now I was waiting for a clear shot on my opponent, which was my workplace. I work at a pretty small restaurant, inside a Walmart. Our business has never been good, but it also hasn’t been this bad. The whole restaurant chain isnt doing well, since we are small, we haven’t been meeting targets. This was a perfect reason for our owners to shut the doors, and leave the employees without a job. That was the overall plan, to convince them our owners were shutting the doors for good.
The plan was to write a note and leave it on our security gate; so when the openers got in, they would see the note and freak out. My boss and I were there for inventory, so we would get to see and hear the initial reaction, and would be able to laugh it out with them. I spent last night writing a long note, acting as the owner, to tell them that he was sorry about closing the doors. The note was perfect, it was going to sell well. We just had to get it into the right hands, which is what happened.
There is this kid, Rick, that freaks out about small things. I appreciate him, he is a funny guy and is fun to mess with; that is why it was amazing that he got the note. He was the first one to work. When he got to the gate, one of the Walmart greeters told him that he needed to read the note. He opened the note and gave it a quick glimpse then gave the note over to the opening manager. The manager knew it was a joke. He knew that our owner wouldn’t leave such a note on the gate. He gave us the note, after giving us the note, we admitted to it being an April Fools. But as I thought the plan was spoiled, Rick came around the corner. He was clearly worried. He kept repeating the same thing “I can’t believe we are closing.” I laughed, as I thought he was going along with the joke, but then I realized, he truly believed the lie. He was now vulnerable to more of an attack. I wasn’t about to pass this opportunity up. I got together with my boss and came up with a follow up story, one that would make Rick freak out even more than he already was.
This is when we decided to come up with a list, a list of the people that would be transferred. Cleverly, my boss thought of a great idea. The only people that would be transferred would be managers, all the others would be giving a three-week notice. I laughed It out as I began to taunt him with the “news”. I could see the fear in his eyes, as he just was informed that he was no longer able to save his job. This was the start, though. I was still wanting to up the ante and get more people in on it. So when people would come in for their shift, I would tell them what we were doing, and they agreed to go along with it. This included freaking out about the news and throwing tantrums, until we sat him down to “fire” him. The prank got real fun when his replacement came into work. I hurried out to the lobby, and pulled each replacement to the side. I told them the story, and told them that we were coming up with a plan to “fire” everyone, I also informed them that they needed to freak out to the max.
During my conversation with the replacements, little did I know that my boss was scheming up a plan to make this kid cry. He got a employee roster and wrote down their “last day”, but put stars next to the names of people that were there for longer than six months, these people would be giving until the doors close to find a job. But there was a twist, an employee that was on probation (for a write-up) wouldn’t be giving this opportunity, but they would be the first to be fired; we decided to go this route, since the kid had just gotten back from a suspension. We wanted to get everybody hyped, so we got everyone together and informed them that our owner had giving us everyone’s last day, and told them that we would be talking to everyone, individually. Rick was the first on the list, so we asked him to come out into the lobby with us.
Rick, my boss, and I sat at one of the round tables, in the lobby. The look on Ricks face was priceless, he knew what was coming to him. He knew that he was the first one out. This made for a juicy grand finale, one that I hoped to make him cry. My boss shook his head and looked down at the roster. He began to tell him the reason for the note, and what it would mean for his future. I had to hold my mouth, as I was about to die from laughter. He explained that the owner wanted to give him three weeks, but since he was on probation, he decided to cut him first. His eyes were nearly watering, while he took all this in, but he stood tall and accepted it. My boss gave him the termination form, which read “April fools” at the bottom, after the explanation of the termination. Rick quickly signed the paper and told us that he would return his uniform tomorrow, as his lip trembled. We prompted him to read it over, again, which he did.
He jumped from the table and started to pace, after shouting. The whole restaurant exploded in laughter. Even customers were laughing after hearing a majority of the conversation. I walked to the back of the restaurant, dying from the laughter. The accomplices were standing in a line, waiting for a high five. I gladly slapped their hand while walking to the back. Rick came to the back and congratulated my boss and I on the prank. I gave him a high five, and walked out of the store. He followed. This is when I told him that the whole day was a prank, every second. He shook his head dumbfounded that he didn’t catch on. After all, what owner leaves a note on a closed gate?



      Soon I will be taking my vacation from work. I am truly excited to take a week, in order to catch up on the things that I have been pushing off. My last vacation, I got to spend with my wife, she was able to take it off. She wont be able to receive the days off, since she got a promotion. Since she cant take it off, I will be spending a week by myself, well at least 40 hours of a week, alone. This is honestly great for me, it does suck that I can’t have my wife with me, but it will allow me to prepare for my biggest dream, to publish my first book.
The main reason, I haven’t wrote my novel, is from not having time. I work enough as it is, but then to add another 30 hours for this blog, I don’t have the time to write a novel. But I have a solid plan, one that will put me 90-days out from having my novel written.
I recently bought a book titled ’90 days to your novel,’ this book gives you a schedule that you have to follow, in order to help you write your novel fast. This is a great book, but when I began to read the book, the realization came to mind, I would have to stop blogging, in order to stick to the schedule. I just got back to posting every, so I felt bad that I might have to take a break, again. I chose to put the book away, and work on my novel periodically. But then I remembered that I have a vacation coming up.
Now the vacation isn’t enough time to write a novel, but it is enough time to write a bunch of blog post. I was over joyed when I thought of this idea, to write 4-of-the-6 post, for the next few months, then use that time, I would usually spending writing, to work on my novel. The idea was great, then I could sit down on Mondays and Thursdays to write the “Topic-of-the-week post,” in order to give you guys the vibe that I am still here. Then when I would usually write daily, I would spend that time, chunking away at my novel, until the little joy is done.
This plan isn’t fully set-in-stone, I still feel super bad for leaving you guys that long, It will feel so weird not writing for this blog, everyday. But I know that if I don’t, then the novel will never be wrote, and I will be even more mad about that.
Also, I will be using a chunk of my vacation to pick up on my portfolio. “The good, The great, and the best” is still in the writing process, and when I have more details, I will share with you guys. If you would like to receive notifications on all my projects, leave me a comment, and I will begin to email you with news. Thank you for understanding, if I leave for a while, in order to write ‘Drifting Away’ I hope that I can work around everything, but there will be more information after my vacation, for now we will continue to post everyday! Thank you! I love you guys!

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If you want something , you will find a way to get what you want. This could lead you to do things that are usually hard, for you to do. This means that you will stop doing other things, and focus on getting that one thing you want. I also believe you will spend the money that you need to, in order to get what you want. I have been in trouble lately though!

Recently, I have made it a goal to get published as a writer by the beginning of next year. This has become a challenge since I have a lot of work to do. I figured that I need to focus on bettering my writing, but that isn’t all, I must also work on my editing skills and promoting. I didn’t realize that following such an “easy” dream would have been so difficult, but it has proven to be a roller-coaster. My blog will eventually explode, and I will look at these blogs and smile, knowing that I never gave up on my dreams, but something has to happen before I can do that. Money has to be spent in order to further this dream.

I want to promote my blog to a bigger audience, and the only way to do that is forums, other blogs, and Facebooks page promotions. I have been doing the first two, and I have seen an increase, but there must be more in order to be noticed. I am about to take a shot at promoting my page ‘Impromtdude’ on Facebook, which would help drive others in that haven’t heard of my work, but soon they will. But like anything else in this world, promoting on Facebook can cost a pretty penny. They promise 100 new viewers for 5 dollars, which would help, but could I do more? I am going to start out slow at first, but then

when the numbers start to multiply, I want to invest more into my future, and the time is now!

I want to also start to post multiple times a day. This will happen when I feel comfortable with writing mass products at a time. With multiple post a day, this will mean that there will be more subjects covered. This could lead to some material that some might not like, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are a true fan, though. I am confident with where this blog is going, and now it is time to grow the magic!


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I posted a passage for my dad yesterday. Now there is something in my chest that says I need to ask someone special, a question. I have done a post like this in the past, but it wasn’t tagged with her name in it, so today I will tag her in this blog, and hopefully she will respond. Hopefully I will get answers to the questions that I will ask her, today. If she doesn’t respond then I will move on, but if by chance she answers, I will receive the answers finally. I will be content with what she says, no matter what, because a fake answer is better than nothing at all. This might be hard to write, so please read from my P.O.V.


Dear Mom,

When did you leave? I was ten years old, it was the end of fourth grade. I was failing everything, but the thing I hated the most was failing you, or thinking that way. I never felt good enough when I was around you. I couldn’t stand seeing you struggle with the pains in life, being a single mom must have been hard. We were always moving, which always kept my heart broken, because I could never call a place “Home.” I use to blame you for this, but now I realize you were sick. You didn’t know how to be alone, your priorities were out of place.

     I remember having over three hundred dollars in a jar, which was for you to go see a man in prison. This was the same time that we had no food in our home. This was the same time that we didn’t have hot water. I would get made fun of in school for how I smelt. I didn’t want to go to school because of the looks that kids would give me. I thought being bullied was a part of life through all of this, because that is all I ever knew. But you only cared about getting money for your boyfriend. What I can’t get over is that you missed my biggest accomplishments. I graduated twice, got my first car, job, and got married. These were the biggest events that I wanted you to come to, it hurts that you didn’t!  I can get over this to say that I miss and love you.
I want to know the answer to these few questions. I need the answers to be sincere and not full of hate. The last time I asked you these questions, your only answer was “Your father.” That isn’t a proper answer, because you were the one to leave, he wasn’t. Please take this seriously, this is me at my most venerable. I searched 10 years for you, I paid a website to find you, but there was no results, well no updated answers anyways. You moved a lot, but one day you came back.

Why did it take you ten years to come back in my life?

Why did you wait a decade to find your kids?

What did you do in that ten years?

Were you scared that we would hate you?

Did you cry yourself to sleep, like I did every night in foster care?

My father was there for me, why did you make me hate my father so much? He isn’t the man that you made him out to be. Mom, why weren’t you a parent to me and my siblings? I don’t see how a woman that gave birth, could just leave like you did! I have some unhealed wounds, and hopefully this wont make more. But It hurts me to not know what happened. If you don’t answer, I will move on, but don’t make me do that please. My heart is open for a relationship. People say I shouldn’t give you a chance, but that is crazy. You were sick and now I know, that is the woman that you will be. But I would rather have a mother that is sick, then to not have someone there. You messed up, but there will be a time that you nor dad will be here, and I don’t want you to be absent from my life for much longer. You are my mother, and I love you. I miss you, please write back!

Impromtdude @

Today will be like the 4th flashback since I started this amazing journey of posting 642 days in a row. This challenge has taught me so much and soon it will be hitting new heights. But as of right now lets focus on the smaller details, being audience building. When I saw this blog will hit new heights that’s because, I will be adding 4 new segments when I see a longer crowd watching. The type of segments will be: Blake’s horrid drawing class, Vlogs, Random post Saturday, and reviews of stupid things. So help me get more of an audience.
But this is actually the post that started this channel. This is the reason I called this Impromtdude. I wanted this whole page to be random, and a page that you couldn’t expect anything! I think we have done just that! So enjoy my first post as Impromtdude, “Armed and Dangerous.”

I am sitting there, at the bank trying to get my check cashed. I will admit I’m not in the best of moods. My boss is a major jerk, he only thinks about the outcome of his employees action, though he is the one that is dragging this company into the ground. Does he care? possibly not. He only cares if he is getting paid, which he is! He is getting paid triple what we make for doing nothing, but griping and demoting his best employee.

Yes I am that guy!

He demoted me today, from Assistant manager to a machine operator! I use to actually call in truck to order metals, now I am the slave that puts the metal on the line!

He had no reason to demote me, well his reason was that was caught sneaking breaks and not coming back to work on time! I have never actually left for my lunch. Its nearly impossible since I have taking the bus for the last 15 years that I worked there.

“Next” Finally its my time to cash my low check and get back to my bachelor pack, where I will sit on my couch with a bag of chips and a few open cans of soda. At the end of the night I will look at myself in the mirror and cry, but I will a year older tomorrow so I guess that’s a plus?

“I need to cash this piece of trash” I snapped. The teller lifted her eye brows, “Sir, are you okay?” Deep inside I wanted to scream how I actually felt, but that would cause more problems and get my butt sent to the “house” since I was there last week, I will pass on going back! “Yes, sorry just a bad day, couldn’t get much worse!” Well I thought

“Get Down Now!!!” Three bullets left a hand gun and ended in the ceiling. “I will kill anyone who moves” I dropped to the ground which most did, especially the tellers, its like the knew that the robber was coming in.

“Screw you” A young man said as he ran towards the door. BAM!!! He flopped to the ground after being shot in the head. “Any one else want to try to be a hero?” No one replied.

The tall African American came over to me, “Get up, dirtbag!” I laughed like an idiot. He got mad, and hit me. He shouldn’t of done that!

A left hook to the eye brow caught him off guard. My strongest hit couldn’t knock him back though, I knew I was in trouble.

He quickly took a shot to my gut with his fist, leaving me without air to breathe. I fell to the ground holding my gut. He got on top of me and began to punch me harder and harder. My eyesight got darker and darker, I felt blood gushing out of my eyes, if someone didn’t help I would be dead in seconds; I guaranteed.

The robber took his hands and placed them on my neck. I could feel my life being sucked out of my frame. My soul had finally left my body. My eyesight went black, but I saw a light. It was beautiful, my grandma was standing there with open arms.

She told me to hold on and to live again, as she spoke those words I heard something. It sounded like a bomb had went off.

I lifted up my eyes, though I couldn’t see much, I knew I was back in the bank.

The robber had been shot in the head by a brave young woman.

Instead of helping me up though, she laughed saying “Daddy said your fired” Bam. The last thing I saw was a flash.