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Letters to the Chapel: My first sermon.
It was a Wednesday night. The time was about six P.M. I was getting ready for the best night of the week. I was going to a bible study down at a good ole friends of mine, but instead of being a part of the bible study, that night I was a “guest”. I was the one that was giving the message at the end of the study. It was a first for me. I had never spoke about Christ in front of people, well not in sermon form that is. I was nervous but excited, all at the same time. I had been working on this sermon for almost a month, and was ready to get it over with.

I had a list of twenty scriptures to talk about, but only had thirty-minutes to present my case. I had spoken this sermon into the mirror in my bathroom, a thousand times, and each time I felt that the sermon got better. I was happy with it, and chose to lay it down in front of God. He told me that it was good, well I think, so I asked the group if I could share. Well they said yes, so here I am, one hour away from giving the message.

I got to the house, walked in, grabbed something to eat and sat down at the table. This night was a little slim on the members since there was a dance. This was perfect for me, since I use to get nervous in front of people. I counted it as a win, and moved on with my night. The food was amazing, it was cornbread and beans. I loved eating at this group, they always had the best homemade food. This was one of the only reasons I came in the past.

Now I spent most of my time at this group, there is so much information I wanted to know out of the bible, this group helped me understand the importance of “useless scriptures.” Soon I came to know that there isnt a useless scripture, but everything is in the bible for a purpose, its up to you to find out why. The group was about to start. The way this group worked was, one person read a little bit of a proverb then we would read a few Psalms. This was perfect, since there are enough proverbs for each day of the month, so whatever the date was, that was the proverb we read. Then after reading, we would all discuss the importance of each line, then at the end we would spend 45-minutes praying. This night was different, with me being a guest speaker they cancelled the bible lesson. I thought that I would be going last, after the prayer, but instead I went first.

My hands were sweaty and shaking, I felt a frog in my throat. But as I began to speak, the words came out so smoothly. I was teaching on the importance of communion and why we need to take it daily. I talked about the body of Christ, and how the church is failing because they fail to see the true meaning of communion. They fast pace through communion, yet will spend hours on tithing. I want that flipped, and this night; I shared that. The spirit of God fell in that place like never before. I saw that each person was convicted. I knew that this was the message that needed to be shared on this night. I told a few jokes throughout, and at the end, we all prayed. I was ecstatic that I got to share the word, but what made me more happy was that it was the message that needed to be shared. I read the word and God pulled it out for me, I am glad that I listened and spoke the word of God.

After the sermon; the leader of the group called my pastor, which was his also. He told the pastor that I had a message that needed to shared with the whole church. The pastor was excited to hear what I had to say, and had me do the communion the next Sunday. That Sunday was amazing. The communion service turned out great. I saw that the congregation was being moved by God, so I pulled out all the stops; I listened to the spirit of God and began to go deeper into what it means to get communion. I remember that day, the communion lasted almost thirty-minutes, the congregation was being transformed, so the pastor was happy. I finished with giving the communion out. Then I prayed and we took it together.

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    There I sat in front of the computer, an hour before I needed to depart from my house. I had my church clothes on, I had the mindset for the night, my heart was soft for the message, I was ready. I was listening to battle music, I was ready to do this. I studied the bible an hour before; I was completely unstoppable. I heard the lyrics that I needed to hear, I looked up in the sky and shouted for the heavens to fall. I felt electricity shoot through my heart, I fell to the ground. The tears of joy wouldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks onto my shirt. I was in the heavenly place, a place most never get to see. I read that to be in this place, you had to be a man after Gods heart. I was happy to say that I reached that title. Pride never took over, though. I knew how small I was to the man upstairs, but even in my most vulnerable state, I still had a bit arrogance to settle.
    I thought I was ready for the real battle after my heart began to burn. I jumped up to my feet, and walked over to the mirror. This is where I felt I needed to go, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t see a man who has been crying, but I saw a man that needed more work done. I still felt like there was something attached to me, something evil. As a Christian; I thought I was able to cast it out if there was anything to cast out, that is. This is when I told the devil to attack me. I shouted the words over and over, and nothing happened. I figured that my heart was so strong, with God, that the devil couldn’t touch me. If only I knew what the devil could do in the future I would have kept humble that day. With my head high, in victory, I went to church that night. I told no one what I did; I knew they wouldn’t be impressed. I kept it to myself.
     The next week is when the attack began. The devil was about to use every weakness to his advantage; taking his shots in a sequence that would weaken me, eventually bringing me down to my knees, in fear. The week began like any other week, I  went to church on Sunday. But everything else was cancelled. This means that I wouldn’t have Monday prayer or Wednesday church. This was the best time for the devil to make his attack, something he took advantage of. It all started fine, I was positive, I was walking in Christ for about a day. But as the week went on, the trials began to become too much. He was using temptation of women to get me to fall, he was using negativity to get me mad, he even used bad situations to weaken my faith.
    At first, I thought I was having a rough week because lack of church, so I kept praying. The trials were too much for prayer though. I happened to fall to temptation, and did something I said I wasn’t going to do with a girl. I didn’t have sex, but we talked “nasty” together. I felt dirty afterwards, a dirtiness that kept me from praying that night. I tried to take a shower, but the dirt wasn’t being removed, I needed a cleanse. Before I could get the cleanse, though, the devil attacked me again. This time he used negative comments at school to get under my skin. The comments weren’t anything, though. I had no reason to get mad, but for some reason I did get mad. I remember it was Wednesday, I looked up at the sky and told God to fix this. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t feel anything in my heart; I was cold. As a new Christian; I figured that I screwed up to severely to be forgiving. This is the step that took me over the edge.
    With knowing that God didn’t love me anymore, I chose to do what I wanted to do. This included more dirty talking, each time I felt worse and worse, but eventually I stopped caring. My heart began to get hard again. I began to become the same guy that I was before. At first I was scared of who that would make me, but then each time I thought of it, I remember that God had left my side, or I thought. Without Gods love, I wasn’t anyone, anyways. I remember praying on Thursday of that week, telling God that I was no longer trying to get his attention. That night, I didn’t wait for a response as I did before, but instead I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and went to school. The school day drug along, of course. Every Friday seemed to drag, the teachers didn’t want to be there, nor did the kids. Everyone had enough of that place, I was one of them.

    After school that day, I went home and began to write a new song. In the middle of the song, I got a text. The text was from the girl that I was talking to that whole week. She wanted to “talk” so I stopped what I was doing and began to text her. She wanted more than to talk, she wanted something more. She asked for a picture, I said no. We went a long with the conversation, and eventually we were going into deep detail. I found myself doing something that is seen as “unclean” in the Bible.
    I stopped the conversation, and went to take a shower. I remember crying in the shower. I screamed “Who have I become!!!!” This wasn’t who I was, this isnt why god gives new grace, everyday. It wasn’t so I could do whatever I wanted, then ask for forgiveness then do it again. I had to stop, but I didn’t know how. I simply began to pour out my heart. This is when a song came into my head. I turned off the shower, got dressed and ran to my room. I picked up my guitar and began to play a simple chord progression. The words fit perfectly as I began to sing. The song hit me right in the heart. The lyrics “If I walk away, somehow you will find me. I am in pain, love will you save me” Seem to fit into the week that I had.
     I stopped playing the song, but something kept my mouth singing the lyrics. I saw that God was there, and he wanted me to hear something. That is when I was reminded of the challenge I made. That day in the mirror, I told Satan to have his way with me. That day I invited him in to attack me. God shared a scripture with me, talking about inviting Satan into our lives. It all clicked, this whole week, my weakness was due to giving all power to Satan. That is why I was weak all week. I rebuked the power that was giving to him, and throughout my whole walk with Christ, I would never offer that power to him, again. I was crazy for doing so in the first place. 


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There I stood in the line, waiting for my lunch to fill my empty stomach. The loud mutters of teenage girl drama was echoing through the hallways, the teachers were trying to get it under control, but nothing was working. You cant stop a monkey from being a monkey, they will continuously throw poo, no matter how many times you tell them to stop. That is how this line felt, it felt that I was always in a zoo, waiting to get hit with poo from last nights banana fest.

There was always someone being picked on, or someone starting a new rumor, almost like it wasn’t a normal day if someone wasn’t saying something stupid. I always stood behind those who got picked on, yet when they paved the road themselves, at that point it was no longer my job. These girls were the type that would start a rumor, yet would cry if they were involved in it. I usually would try to wait until everyone had gotten their food to join the line, in order to stay out of the way of annoying people. But this day I was stuck in the middle of the drama, I was in between two of the biggest drama queens in the whole school, and they just happened to be mad at each other. I remember having to step out of the way a few times, because it began to get heated, and I wasn’t about to get hit for nothing. But then I thought of something I could do.

I walked over to my locker, which was right next to the line (thank god for freshmen’s) and grabbed my new testament bible, and I walked to the back of the line and began to read. The reading would cause me to go into a magical world, that would let me leave these baboons, and enter into a place that makes me feel safe, that was the kingdom of God.

I began to read my favorite note in the bible, Revelations. I was studying the seven churches that God talks about during that time, it was all for a sermon coming up. I decided this was the best time to do this, so I began to take notes on things I could use in my sermon. This is when my friend, Trevor, came up to me. He wanted to know what I was reading, but I haven’t told him I was a Christian, I was scared to tell him that I was reading the bible, because he wasn’t into that type of thing, and I wasn’t in the position to lose another friend!

That day I told him the truth, what was I going to say? I couldn’t tell him that I was reading a text book, we all had the same classes at the same time, with the same teachers. I had to man up and tell him, but I didn’t want to; I even thought about telling him that I found it on the ground. But I was taught at church about denying the Lord in public, I knew this was a huge moment in my faith, so I told him everything!

He looked at me like I was crazy and acted as if someone abducted his best friend and took him to a far away planet. This was true, God did take the old me and make me new, but it wasn’t as bad as he made it seem. The change that I went through was needed. I needed to let go of my old stupid ways, the same ways that made me a felon at a young age. I thought I was above everything, but that wasn’t true. I explained to him that everything was going to be the same, that he would still have the same Blake, just a better version. He seemed to buy that.

That whole attitude switched when we got our food and sat down with the rest of the crew. At first the table was acting normal, joking around about stupid things. But as the table began to run out of topics to make fun of, my friend blurted out that I was reading the bible moments before lunch. The table got really quiet. Some of the guys were okay with it, and shrugged their shoulders, so I began to think I was still in the same boat, but then one of the guys didn’t agree. I forgot what exactly what he said, but it was to the extent of “I don’t like this new Blake, you need to drop this.” I stayed quiet the rest of that lunch, I felt like I lost the rest of my friends; all from choosing to follow God, which I saw coming; I just didn’t want to believe it!

I saw our friendships thinning over the next part of the semester, which led to them finding new friends as they grew up. I found a little group of people, and made them my friends, but everyday I wanted to hang with them. I knew if I started to hang with them again, I would have falling from God, eventually leading me back to my old life, one that was killing me before.

I finally got close to them later on, when we were seniors but the time was over. I was going to a out-of-state seminar and they were going to a local college. Going to the different colleges would put distance in between our friendships. Some of my friends even moved away before they graduated. I still talk to them a bit these days. Something never changes; I am always left with a stale question: What if I kept my beliefs quiet and didn’t push it on them, would I still have them as my friends? Was this the fate of our friendships? Either way, I found out that day, not everyone will accept your beliefs, but if you are happy, do what you want!


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Ask anybody, anyone that truly knows me. They will all agree on one fact, most will only agree on one thing, but even they will agree. The Gods in heaven, Egypt, Rome, and anywhere that has Gods will even agree. God made me the way that I am, yet agrees that I am annoying.

The laugh that is belted out, the voice that cracks the jokes, the jokes themselves, everything, my smile, my eyes, and my existence, is annoying. There is something that makes me annoying, and that is everything. I might even repeat something that a cool person says, and somehow I am annoying, but why? I will tell you, here today!

I was grown up in the middle of the country, raised by deer, and transported to my father at age 12. I was taught the basics in life, but then had to teach myself the rest. I never had a true teach, to teach me the ways of the land, but then one day, I met Judu. Judu was a great guy, he knew of the land, and how to live off it, but that wasn’t enough.

I knew that already, I needed to know more. He was useless if he didn’t know more, but he was able to show me more. The art of Annoyance was strong in his heart. He is what we call people “An asshole.” His sarcasm kept him without friends for many years, and since he didn’t have friends, he set out to find the worse jokes, dumbest laughs, and the corniest smiles, anything to master what he started, humor.

He knew the land, and the land knew him, and the land knew me, now. I lived on and off the land. I trained beside young Judu, until Young became old. Judu wanted me to carry on his art to the ends of the world. I  had to accept, he was the teach, I the student, wouldn’t let him down. I knew of a place, called Illinois, that would make a great place for nothing else, expect to live out my destiny, as the best.

The best sarcastic prick there is, is now me, and I hold my head high. But even with the best in the land, most find me annoying, because I reaped the land they sowed. I showered in the praises of being humorous, where they sowed much, yet received nothing. They find me annoying, because I am better than them, and will always be.

I trained under the great, Judu, that taught me everything I know. I was set out to this world, not to save the world, but to judge the world. I now stand dumbfounded that our people have turned away from sarcasm, and now cry at jokes. What has the world came to, that one man can’t insult another man, without being offended. This world needs a savior, and that savior is ME!

I have the tools and weapons for war, which I hold in my mind and heart. The power of my weapons will strike down any haters, and will put an end to the whining. This world will see a new light today, as I stand before the world, and announce a new coming. I am Impromtdude, and I am ready to annoy you, until you run out of comebacks. Until the day the victory won, I will not cease to attack, this is my war, and I will win! 

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   It was time for me to stop fearing, because it wasn’t something to fear about, this was going to shake my life for the good, nothing bad was going to come from this. I felt something pull on my heart telling me everything was going to be fine. Even though at first, I didn’t believe that, as I stood in the middle of the empty highway, I began to feel safe again.


   I am sleepy, but I know I need to get up from the mattress, get dressed, and head down to my ride. They will be leaving in 15-minutes, and today is one day that I can’t miss. My dad has yelled at me three times, to get up, but something doesn’t want me to go.
   My head is heavy, even though I went to bed early the night before. I think it might be a nervous feeling, I mean today is the day that my life changes. I have been waiting for this day, my whole life, well since I gave up on pleasing myself, to please someone else. It has been two weeks since that night at the loft, and I still feel the energy that I did that night. The night that changed, how I felt about religious beliefs and church. Today is the day that I go down a sinner and come up saved by grace. I got out of the sheets that tangled my legs and went to the bathroom. My hair was a mess, my eyes were puffy, and my armpits were on fire. I didn’t have the time to mess with that though, I should have woke up and took a shower, but that wasn’t the plan, the plan was that everything would have worked itself out, but it didn’t. I quickly wet my hair, brushed my teeth, and threw on a nice shirt, that was acceptable for church. I walked into my room and grabbed the bag, full of more clothes, for after the service.
   I walked out of the house with a little less than 5-minutes before departure, all to remember that I forgot deodorant. I sniffed my armpits, that were still ripe from late night basketball, and almost died. This is one thing that I needed to take care of, so I told my dad to go down and tell them I will be there, and not to leave. He told me to hurry up, which I did. I ran inside grabbed, what I could find, and left. I made great timing, everyone was boarding the two cars when I arrived. When I got there, the teens greeted me, like I was finally one of them, something I never felt like before. I got in the truck, after throwing my bag in the bed, and put my headphones in.
The whole ride there, I was thinking about the decision I was making today. This means that I could no longer do what everyone else does, I replayed in my head as I looked out of the window. I knew that It was the right decision, but the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to do it. I didn’t want to be different from everyone else, but at the same time, I still wasn’t. I was never one of the guys, or a popular guy, so what did I have to lose? I was about to gain a new level of happiness that was promised to me. I knew it was worth the looks I would get, to live for something with purpose for once, to do something for me for once. I thought I believed that, but the closer we got, the more I wanted to jump out of the car. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to take the step, it was the questions on what would I do after? Do I go back to the old Blake, what was the new Blake even-like?
    I feared that I was jumping the gun, and I was about to fall flat on my face! But even if I wanted to back out, it was too late to. I was already at the church, well before time, which is great, now I have even more time to fear the worse. Everyone got out of the truck, and went into the building, except for me. I decided to stay outside for a while, and talk to God.
The morning due was still on the grass. The wet grass caused my shoes to get wet, and then my socks got soaked. Of course, I figured this was a sign from God, telling me not to go through with the plan. I was okay with not going through with the plan, but when I was about to pull the plug, something inside stopped me. It was time for me to stop fearing, because it wasn’t something to fear about, this was going to shake my life for the good, nothing bad was going to come from this. I felt something pull on my heart telling me everything was going to be fine. Even though at first, I didn’t believe that, as I stood in the middle of the empty highway, I began to feel safe again.
    I started to get the feeling that I had the first night, the night that I said “yes” to follow something bigger than me. So as I stood in the middle of that empty highway, with damp socks and a freeing body, I chose to stop worrying about what would be said at school. The people would either expect it, or they wouldn’t. Their opinions never meant much to me anyways. This choice is my choice, and I chose to do it, and that was final. I sat back down on the church steps, and prayed, one-last-time before the service began.
   The wind began to pick up, sending a unsettle chill through  my feet. I finished the prayer, and walked inside to find a pew in the middle of the sanctuary. I usually would sit with the rest of the teens, but today I wanted to focus on getting ready for the service, so I forced myself to sit away from them.
   The pastor finished his sermon, which rocked my mindset. I can’t remember what it was about, I just remember that I was bawling my eyes out, knowing that I needed the message. I got up from the pew, and got some prayer. But that wasn’t the end of that service, oh no, the best was about to happen. I got up off my knees, and went back to the front row pew, to hear the pastor introduce six young people to the stage, myself included.
    I wiped my tears from my eye socket, and walked to the front. I stared out into the crowd, their faces were shining as bright as the sun. The were happy with our commitment that we were about to make, some were even crying. I was guessing the ones that were crying, were family members of the other five, up here. I simply gave a half-grin and turned towards the pastor as he spoke; “We are gathered in unity to bless these young men, as they chose to give their old-self up to follow, our Lord. We now get to witness them being reborn, in the ceremony of baptisms. We are overjoyed that we get to share with you guys.”
   We were then instructed to go get dressed in the clothes we brought, which included my black shirt with gym shorts. I was last in line, I got to witness 5 go before me, and come up a new man. There was one man that raised through the water, like a cannon, he shot through the water, screaming “Hallelujah.” I began to get nervous, thinking about what I should say. I quickly rejected that thought, and gave it up to God.
   It was my turn. I walked up to the giant tub of water, looked into it. I had one last time to turn around, and walk away. But I said no, and got into the water. The pastor had me repeat the words that he said, which I did. Then he pushed my head back into the water. The water was warm, but that wasn’t what I felt. When I was submerged into the water, my heart dropped. The water was electric, it sent shocks through my body, ones that I only felt during the youth rally. I knew at this moment, there was something in the water, with me, it was God. The submerging only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like years to me. I went down, felt the shock, also I felt the chains of my past break, my abuse story was light on my mind, my past sins and lies seemed to be erased.
   I felt that I was sent through a master reset, like one of a computer. My hard drive was cleared, and new software was installed, software that led me to believe, it was time to change the world. I didn’t realize that the pastor brought me up out of the water, I stood there for a second, before my arms shot up in the air. I felt overjoyed, almost to where I leaped out of the water, but I contained myself enough to scream “Amen.” I don’t remember shouting though, someone told me months later, while I was talking to them about it. I was happy to hear that, since I didn’t want to think I copied anyone. That moment in the water, changed my life, forever.
   Even if I don’t follow the rules as close as I should, that day has always been an outline for me. I feel that day wasn’t about religion. Yes, of course, it was a church event, and I did it for God, but that day not only freed me for God, but it also gave me the power to free myself. If that day wouldn’t of happened, I would still be fighting the pain of my past, and probably would have lost, by now.  I thank God, that I didn’t lose my cool, and left that day. If I would have, I don’t know where I would be today!

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I was watching a show one night, and an infomercial came on. The guy said that he had something for me, and that I should call right away. Since the object was free, I gave the man a call. The operator told me that my package would arrive, in 3-7 days. I waited patiently for the package, as if I was receiving the cure for cancer, but the question was, is it?
Leroy Jenkins, a famed pastor and leader of a T.V. broadcast, was sending out free vails of ‘holy water.’ I was skeptical of the water, but it was too cool to pass up on, and since it was free, why not get a sample? So as said before, I called the operator. I gave the pretty lady my address, phone number, age, and a sample of blood. She replied that she didn’t need that information, but I continued. Finally, I hung up the phone, after she told me that the water was on its way.

I sat at the door, of my sisters apartment, between 10-11 a.m. waiting for the mail man. The feeling I had while waiting was one of a dog, waiting on its owner to return from work. I honestly was excited about the water, mainly due to how stupid the man made it sound. But if it worked, then I would be able to give it to those who are sick. I would be able to do miracles, like Jesus. This was all in Jesus’ name, of course.

The water was delivered three days later than it was to come. I almost forgot what I was waiting on, but when the package came, I quickly regained my memory. I ripped open the envelope, and pulled out a small piece of plastic. The plastic had one drop of water in it, not even enough to clinch my thirst, so I hung it up and counted it as a win. I didn’t want to use the water, since there wasn’t much left, so I didn’t tell anyone about it.

After a few weeks, a letter came to my mailbox, from Leroy. The letter was telling me that he was praying for me, this was a nice gesture, but that wasn’t it. He went on to tell me that he received a prophecy from God. According to the note, God told him that I was suppose to give him an offering, one equaling up to $250. I laughed at the attempt, and threw the piece of paper away, but kept the pretty prayer cloth, he sent.

One week later, Leroy reached out again, attempting to get a offering again. This time, he told me that God wants me to test my faith. He was told by God that I need to give $400 to the ministry. I got angry at the fact that he reached out again, because how was I to offer something I didn’t have? At this time I was jobless, which meant I had no cash. Why would God tell him to have me tithe, when he knew my situation, then it clicked.

There are people out there, that are falling apart and want God to love them. They hear these fancy words from a Servant of God, and they feel compelled to give. This usually leads to the people falling behind on bills, leading to a hatred formed due to their faith being misled. Jesus didn’t want them to tithe that much, he wanted them to tithe their best, but since this one man wanted to grow his bank account, they gave something they didn’t have. All God wants from us, is our heart. He could care less about your money, what does he need that for? Should you tithe (if you believe in that)? Yes, in order for the church to operate. Should you give what you don’t have? No, you give what you can, not what someone says God wants. If you didn’t get a certain message from God, then you should pray more.

Now this story is to those who believe in religion. If you don’t believe in God, then take this as a lesson, to never listen to those on T.V. offering unrealistic things. I see infomercials all the time, offering things that seem to good, that’s because it is. They are in it for the money. It sucks that this man was lying though, because if the water was as amazing, as he said, big things could have happened!

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Let the bunny roll
With Easter coming up the Easter Bunny needs to get the emails so he can deliver candy. But he is having trouble coming up with a few emails so he came to us. He wants us to figure out what email fits him the best. This is what he sent:

We will cast a vote, and the winner will be sent back to him. We do get free candy for this, so enjoy!


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I am walking through the woods in the middle of the night. There are sticks and branches spread throughout the woods that could trip me up. In order for me to see, I pull out a flashlight that I found a couple years before this moment. I illuminate the ground to see my path was clear this whole time. I feared that I was going to be tripped up because I couldn’t see. The branches weren’t the only thing that I had to fear in these woods though. There are creatures out in these woods, and they want to snatch my light, and take my soul away from me. But as I hear them move towards my position, I flash the light in their eyes. They are unable to stay in the light, because they are made of darkness. They run away in fear of being wiped away. But as soon as I would see them leave, I would shut off the light. They would see that I put down the light. They knew that I was defenseless. They saw a chance to attack, and did.
I wanted to walk through the woods without being attacked. There was such wonder in those woods that I had to know about. But I was scared to go back into those woods without the flashlight that I had, so I left those woods and followed down another path. This path was a simple bike path that led to a place that I was comfortable. But Soon that path led back to the woods that I was trying to stay away from. The temptation was too strong one night as I walked by the woods, and I walked back into the dark void. I couldn’t see without the light, but something was pulling me in by my shirt. I got lost that night. I heard growls and screams as I ran through the oak trees. On the left, I could see red eyes, and on the right I saw blood. Each direction was going to lead me into something I couldn’t fight alone. I knew at this time that I had to get that light back, but it seemed to be to late. I gave that light away to the darkness, since I thought I didn’t need it anymore. I was very wrong, now it might cost me my life.
I continued to search through the woods and came to a light that acted as my way out. I wanted to scream and run towards it, but my feet were sinking into the ground below. I tried to pull my feet out, but the more I pulled my feet, the deeper I would go. My body was sank into the soft soil under me, but I was still fighting to break free. That is when I saw something standing in the exit. He was tall and bright. His face was hard to make out, but his presence was warm to my heart. He came up to me and held out his hand for me to grab. I figured this was trick, so I pushed away his hand. He shook his head and held out his hand again. I screamed for him to leave me alone. He stood there still holding out his hand. I denied his help again, this time a tear formed in his eye and fell to the ground. Something inside my body broke as I grabbed his hand. My body felt as if it melted at the touch of this man. My heart had broken to the tenderness of this man. I felt my body being lifted from the mud. It wasn’t long before I saw my body in a whole.
I tried to leave the woods through the exit, but this man stood in my way and pushed me to the woods again. I denied his help again, but he put his hand on my back. He began to push me, non-violently, towards the center of the woods. I started to cry out because I knew what the center contained. The center of the woods is where the monsters are. I knew from my previous experience that I couldn’t win the fight against the creatures. This man on the other hand had full faith in me. Every time I tried to turn around, he stood in my path to the exit. He would simply point his finger towards the middle of the woods. I finally gave up the fight and ran towards the center of the woods. But when I got to the center of the woods, there wasn’t a dark void anymore. But I was able to see all of the creatures. They were burning from the thunderous light that was shining now. They were grabbing their bones and breaking their own necks. I didn’t have to lift a single finger towards them, but with this mysterious mans light, they had no choice, but to run and hide. Some of them got away, I wanted to chase, but the man told me it wasn’t time to face them yet.
It was then that I knew that he was what I pushed away my whole time traveling. He was the source of my flashlight that I left the enemy have. He was the hope that pushed me back into the woods. All of the fights that I endured in these woods would have been lost if it werent for him. He was the light that I needed to win. I sat down with him after the battle, and asked him a few questions. He was quick to answer all of the questions. But took a few seconds when I asked him the last question. He looked at me with passion in his eyes as I asked “Who are you? What is your name?” He paused for a few seconds and answered “The light of the world.” He then grabbed my hand. I felt a jolt of energy enter my body as he slowly lifted his hand off mine, he then continued to talk. “I am the light of the world. I have given you the key to walk through these woods at anytime. Now you don’t have to worry about being alone, because I have given you my light.” He smiled and disappeared into the thin air.
I woke up  on the ground of a loft miles from my home. I had tears flowing from my eyes. The dream had felt so real. As I looked up at the ceiling, my friend appeared. He sat down with me and began to talk to me. I had all these questions, so I began to ask him questions about the dream I had experienced. He told me that “the woods I was in is life and the flashlight was my faith I had as a kid. The creatures that I felt on both sides was the people that never wanted me to succeed in life. The eyes is the hard times that always forced me into depression. The screams are from all the pain that I have been through in my life, and the blood is from the mistakes that I made.” Then I asked him about the other path, he answered. “That is from the time that you died inside of your own skin, and chose to live a dead life, but then you came back to life because you felt something was different about life. You then walked back into the woods, and fell back into the same temptations that left you dead before. But this time you ran from them, but it was too late. You fell for the things that wanted to take you six feet under. At that time you cried out for help, that is when you saw the mysterious man. You pushed him away but as you saw he never left your side. The tears the man cried was to show you that he loved you, he then pulled you from the grave and gave you new life. This new life was the strength you needed to face all of your fears and failures that were found in the middle of the woods. But as he walked with you, the fears and failures didn’t feel so strong anymore. They had no other option but to forfeit their grasp on you. But some of them got away. That is because in life there will always be a fight that has to be fought. That is why this man gave you the light. That way you know he is always there with and for you. Now you can go through the woods of life and not fear. All you have to do is have faith.”
I was so baffled by what he said, I asked him one more question. This is the question that I needed to know the answer to the most. “Who is the light of the world?” He chuckled as he looked up at the cross. I saw his view being shifted, I followed and saw what he was pointing his eyes to. I knew now that this wasn’t a dream. But that I had just met with the Savior of the world, Jesus. On that cold February night I turned my life around for the better, knowing that I was in the battle of a lifetime. A battle that I didn’t have to fight alone!

Impromtdude @

This week has been rough for me. I have been sick with some kind of virus that has been wanting to attack my throat, along with my knee hurting from a pulled muscle, you could only imagine how hard it is for me to fall asleep at night. My wife has been telling me that I need to take some Nyquil, but I am too prideful to take medicine. So I have been fighting it for almost a week, well until last night. My throat hurt so bad that I was barely able to drink my highly sugared strawberry milk, and since I had to be up at 6 a.m. I decided it was time to stop being stubborn.
This was my first time (I can remember) taking a sleeping aid. At first I didn’t think that it was helping, but shortly my throat started to feel better, but as my throat got better, my eyes got heavier. The sleeping aid in the Nyquil started to hit my brain stem, I found myself asleep in the first ten minutes. I had a messed up dream last night when I was sleeping.
The dream started around 4 a.m. when I got up to shut off my alarm (Forgot to disable it). The dream started with my old friend from World Revival School of Ministry, he was being interviewed for a segment for a newspaper about me. They asked him how I affected his life in the ministry. He replied that I was an outshining star for the Lord in my school, that I was teaching something new that most wont anymore, and that what I say is different. He told them that I would teach the topic “Acceptance.”They asked him if he follows the words I preach, with no hesitation he told them that he is on the other side of me. The interview ended.
This was the first part of the dream, that was interupted with my alarm going off again. I clicked the button, saw that my wife was watching an interview with Nick Jonas, and went back to bed. This part of the dream was of me walking down the street. On one of the street there was a brick building surrounded with an electric fence. I was walking with what seemed to be no destination in mind. But that wasn’t the case a few seconds later when I pulled out my equipment. This equipment was 100 pounds of Army material that I started to run with. While running I looked to my right and saw that my wife was running next to me. I smiled and screamed something about fighting for God. But as we got close to the destination a bomb went off. I screamed but not because of the bomb, but because I was late for my job. This wasn’t my job, I still was employed with Mcdonalds and I was five minutes late to my shift.
This was my wildest dream in almost a year. I don’t know what it means, nor do I need to. Sometimes the dreams that we have are to open your mind about something, sometimes it’s to warn you. I believe this dream was to show me that I am paranoid, but also that I want to do more. I am paranoid that I will be late to work again, but at the same time I want to do more for the Army and for God. This also could simply mean that I am ready for war and will do anything to save whatever destination that was in my dream. 


Impromts Top Ten: Im going to hell!

I spent ten years in one church. That’s more time in one church than most spend in a church their whole lives. I would attend (or attempt to) every Sunday and Wednesday. On top of that, I would attend other church functions such as: Prayer nights, youth rallies, Christian concerts, and anything else that had to do with Jesus.

At the time it was nice, I had a family that I could count on in the church, yet something deep down was missing, something that I needed to survive. I found this school, and decided if I wanted to stay a Christian I had to go!

Let me be brutally honest; I went to college to escape the fact that I was failing as a Christian. I wasn’t feeling anything in the church I was attending anymore; I had gone cold to the feeling of God. Seeing myself dying, I had to make a quick decision. I signed up for World Revival Church School of Ministry. I got accepted, now let me tell you this, I honestly did start feeling God more while College got closer. I almost told them I wasn’t coming because of that fact.

I pushed through the doubt and packed my stuff, which was hard since my best friend stayed with me the night before departure. But I had to do it, Jesus wanted me to anyways, or so I thought. I said goodbye to my father, jumped in my car, and headed west for Kansas City, Missouri.

I could explain why I didn’t last there, but there will be a post in Letters To The Chapel that will explain all the juicy details! It’s actually a good story that you should read when it’s posted. It will give you a different view on life!


I met my fiancé in March after coming back from College. Everything was still fine with church; I was focusing on my career in Youth Ministry. My pastors were including me in the service, which is what I always wanted.  On top of all of that, I was feeling God again! Then the walls fell over.

I got called in the office one Wednesday night by the pastor, which for me was never a good thing. They heard by a birdie that I was staying with my girlfriend (Now fiancé). This was true, but there were good reasons. They wanted me to tell them personal points in our relationship that I wasn’t willing to share. The conversation ended with me resigning from the church, and the pastors asking if they can pray that my girl and I would split up!!!!! I quickly exited that church….

In less than a month after that incident all my friends from church told me they couldn’t be friends, and I decided to continue my life, until a woman from the church stuck her nose in it. I made a status on Facebook saying that everything sends you to hell if you go by what the church says. She commented that I was going to hell due to living with my fiancé…like really? Am I?

Should I have broken up with the love of my life because they felt I was in the wrong? Am I overreacting? And most importantly should I feel bad for not going to church? Or Should I repent in the name of the Holy Lord above, so he won’t strike me dead?

Am I a bad Christian? (more…)