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Bro! Do you want to hear about my weekend? Do you? I know you do! Oh, yeah, you really do. I know you can’t wait to hear about what I did. You can’t lie to me. Everyone knows you want to read the rest of this. Your life won’t be the same unless you read this. There’s only one thing left to do in life, and that is to read this blog. Let’s do it!

Do I still have your attention? Of course I do. Anyway, let’s talk about my weekend. I want to start by saying, it didn’t go fully as planned, but there was some awesome stuff that happened. I was supposed to take Ariel to a marriage conference, but because someone got fired at our job, we weren’t able to do that. But we spent Saturday on the couch. We ended up watching Fireproof. We both enjoyed it very much, even if the movie is 100000 years old. Saturday was our last day off together for a while, probably until Christmas, no joke! So it was nice to be able to be snuggled up with her, all night. We also had Chinese! Yummy!!

Saturday was great, but nothing compared to Sunday. My old youth pastor, Josh was in Troy to preach. It has been 6 years since we have seen each other, so I was super excited that he invited me to come. I was initially going to miss it because of the employee being fired, but luckily I was able to get a closing shift, allowing me to go and worship with such a great guy. The sermon was equally as amazing. He talked about letting circumstances in life blind you from the work that God is doing in your life. This is exactly what I needed to hear, because life has kind of sucked! I lost view on what God is doing because I have been so stressed! But after he prayed over me, I feel that my eyes are opened and I am no longer stressed. I believe that God does all things to benefit the kingdom, which is why things aligned to allow me to go, when I shouldn’t have had the day off. Either way, God is doing something in my life that I don’t want to miss, nor do I want you to miss. Take a minute today and ask if you are living your best life. IF you feel that life can be better then get on your knees and pray to God to reveal what you need to do. Either way, Let God light your path, because he is all knowing. Don’t live your life alone, but turn to the one that has went before you.

By the way! The Bears are killing it, this season. I am just saying that we could get to the Superbowl. Also, The Browns could actually make the playoffs! Let that sink in! Go Bears and Browns!


For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.
Proverbs 5:21



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I am calling all writers, poets, song writers, novelist, bloggers, authors, or just people that love to make a difference. All of you probably know that I was abused as a kid, something that has had an effect on my life for a while, but I was able to get the help to cope. It wasn’t easy, but with the right people, I was able to get over the fear and now I am happy. Help me help kids in similar situations. Do you know someone that is being abuse, or that maybe has? Then you won’t want to miss this event!

Impromtstudios will be hosting the first annual Blog-a-Thon where we will be posting 24 posts in 24 hours as we help raise money to help those who are being abused. I don’t have much information, as of this second, but I would like to reach out to people to help. I know I can’t do this alone, but with your help this can be a success. As details come together, I will post them, here. For now, I want to know how many people would like to blog with me. If you’re interested, then send me an email!

Also, if you are reading this, and you don’t write then please tell me, what would you like us to write about? With 24 posts, I don’t know how many times we can post about tacos, so tell me, what would you like us to cover? You can simply comment with ideas and wants. We will cover anything that you tell us to cover.

I beg you guys to come together, team up with me and help these kiddos. I have a charity that I want to go through, but we will keep that secret for now, since I want to announce all of that soon in a separate blog. Please share this; let’s get as many talented artists together! We can make a difference, let’s not waste our time!

The warm weather made Christmas feel different. Then the rain brought down the spirit, more. But the worst part of yesterday was that a huge fight broke out. The fight left a few individuals very upset, but that didn’t last long. Our family can never stay mad. The fight was over within hours and there we stood, working things out. 

This brings me to the meaning of Christmas. This was something that I did last year. But I have wanted to do it again. This is because during these times, I feel like we get caught up in the gifts, stress and all the wrong reasons to celebrate. This generation gets caught up with the idea of gifts and their selves that they forget to appreciate the small things. 

I had a whole bunch of great gifts! I got my set of books, a car vacuum, new paints, Puma clothing, and a really awesome laptop! I couldn’t have been happier with the gifts, but that wasn’t the best part of the night. They best part came after the gifts were unwrapped. The best part was spending time with my family.

On Christmas Eve, I found myself hanging with people that I haven’t seen in about 4 years; this being my dad’s side of the family. We had a little get together. At first, I wasn’t able to find enjoyment, but after I laid down my pride I wss able to enjoy myself. This came when I actually started to connect with my family, again. 

This might have been a good time, but the best thing came during the night side of Christmas, after a day of fighting. Everyone came over and joked around. Then my cousins and I decided to try all of the hot sauce that I had previously received that week. We sat around a table and pulled numbers from a cup to decide which hot sauce to try. During this, we all joked around and had a blast. The hot sauce was fantastic and it all showed that you don’t have to receive anything to love the season. 

CHRISTMAS has became about getting the perfect gift. So much zone that we have forgotten that Christmas is about family. Love is suppose to be the center of Christmas. This being said, why do we stress out so much about buying gifts, that only brings anger and hatred. CHRISTMAS is suppose to bring families close, not tear them apart. That is the real meaning of Christmas. The meaning being; instead of worrying about buying a gift that honestly won’t matter in a year, why don’t we spend the time reconnecting and sharing memories as a family. Only then will we feel the magic of Christmas, again. 


We all have that one fantasy, or something that we would really like to do. I know in my lifetime I want to see the Chicago Cubs actually win the World Series. This being said, this season looks to be the best chance they have, well until they started this series with the L.A. Dodgers. They have dropped their last two games, making it 2-1 and sadly putting them in the position to lose this series, since the next two games are in L.A. Now, let me clarify; I am not a Chicago Cubs fan, nor will I ever jump off my Royals. I am just excited to see history being made, which is what would happen if they did win the World Series. I went as far as promising something crazy if they do win.

I know I am in no position to negotiate with God, nor was that my intention. I just thought it was a good idea at the time. I recently posted to Facebook after the Cubs got shut out for the second straight game. The status said “I will finish my youth pastor studies if the Cubs win, because then we will know that God does exist.” I am being very serious. If the Cubs win, I will study the bible like never before, I will get some kind of certificate (somewhere in the future,) and I will become the thing most want me to become; a youth pastor.

Now, don’t expect me to do this all at once. Clearly I want to get back into studying and going to church and such. But it will eventually happen. I could be Jenkins (Jinx) it, but I thought this would get the Heavens to help the struggling Cubs, also I might as well finish the education I started.

The Chicago Cubs are on their way to get eliminated, and it’s all because of their batting. Their defense is what kept this team alive, thus far. But now without their batting abilities, we could see the cubs out in the next two games. Their hottest hitters (Rizzo, Russell, Heyward, Fowler and Zobrist) have only hit 12 out of their last 109 appearances (Playoffs). If it weren’t for Montero hitting the late grand slam, off the bench in game one, we could be looking at a 0-3 deficit. The Cubs have the pitching, disregarding Arietta’s horrible outing to win this, but something has to come back alive; their bats. They will need to find some hope in their bats and turn them back on. You can’t expect to not hit well and beat the L.A. Dodgers. The Cubs need to get their five big hitters back on track, or they might as well pack up and go home.

We will have to see what the future brings but I think we could still see history being made, this season. It’s not a big deficit, but they have to get back on their game. This is where we will see if the Cubs are the real deal. They have the talent, they just need to find a way to put it together and go after it. Cleveland will be waiting for the winner, lets hope it’s Chicago.

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    Does anyone know where my Honda went? Someone must have stolen it…
    This will be a quick story about my old church. This story came in my third year of being a Christian. I was talking to a pastor about speaking in tongues. I always wanted to do the impossible, and for me speaking in tongues was impossible. I didn’t understand it and always felt it was a trick to get people more hyped in church, but for some reason, I was never able to achieve the goal of doing so.

    Being very frustrated, I wanted to get my pastors advice. What he told me was un-releastic and made me question everything. I don’t know if he was joking, but  if he wasn’t then there are so many people walking around, thinking they are giving a gift of God, when in reality they are fools of a man’s tricks.

    The trick is very simple. You just have to say a few simple phrases, quickly, and you did it! The phrases are; “Who stole my Honda?” and “Untie my bow tie.” Now of course, one must say them quickly and in a low volume, mainly to ensure no one hears you, but that is the trick. You will be able to speak in tongues without problems, but only of you follow the rules.

    Let me remind you:
1. Get pumped at Church.
2. Lift your hands
3. Start praying
4. Say one of the two phrases.
5. Keep it low volumed and continue.
6. Sell it!


Obviously, this isn’t the way to do this, but I found it funny. The Lord is something to not joke about. But also playing tricks on people isn’t acceptable either. So if you want to do this, so be it, but make sure to keep it to yourself. Don’t share my secrets …fool!


One dumb move, one stupid comment and one big fail….
Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, one that I wish was a month away. Sadly, we can’t ask for a rewind but, which mean this day is starting in less than 12 hours. This is the day that we have been working towards, for the last few months, and I can say we are ready, but I am still freaking the heck out. I am going to keep this very short, so I can get to bed, but I wanted to ask you for something.
Would you mind sending your prayers our way? I have no doubt that we will pass, but this isnt like any test, this is the biggest test for this store, ever! Corporate will be in our store for about six-hours to test how well we run the store. They aren’t going to go easy, either. They are looking to see perfection, something that is very hard to give. Usually, we only have to worry about surfaces, but they will be removing canvases and searching for things to take points for! Think of a health inspection, this is 100% more serious…. I have to say that I am nervous.
It is nerve racking to have someone grade you, its even more scary to have all your big bosses sitting over your shoulder, the whole day. This is why I need you guys to join together and say a little prayer. I don’t want to screw up and cost my store, and I know I wont with you guys by my side! Please come together and pray for me!
Love you guys!


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I am feeling this new change. I would like to tell you guys of the change, but I think will leave that for another blog. Today, I will tell you guys about what is happening. I want to tell you guys the effects of my decision, mainly to show you that it isn’t that bad. I haven’t found any bad from my choice, but I have found a lot has been changing. The fact that I am more confident, not only in writing but also during my work. I am happier, I feel a new happiness arising.


     During the last week, I found that I am smiling more, even when I am mad. But the best thing is that my blog is rising. The stats are finally where I want them to be. I wanted to push myself to the next level, but I didn’t know where that was, so I called out to get some help, that is when I found this man. He was a very cool guy, he was wearing a trench coat, as he sat on the bench next to my work. He smiled, like an old friend, when he saw me. He got up from the bench, came over to me and gave me an index card. I was unsure about the card, but the logo caught my eye. His logo resembled the top of the pyramid of the dollar bill, but I couldn’t think of it at the moment, so I nervously put the card in my back pocket and walked away. As I walked away I heard the man proclaim that he had the answer to my fears, and to call him when I got my mind together. I threw up my arm and walked away.
I wanted to throw away the post card, I really did, but something was calling me to it. I didn’t know what the man meant or what sick game he was playing, but he seemed to know what I was going through. This what the moment that I had to make the decision; Would I carry my own, chasing a dream that seemed impossible or would I call him for help. After hours of sleeping on it, I decided to give him a call. He told me the keys of receiving the ultimate attention to my blog. I was amazed by his knowledge, but he said that he needed me to give him something in return. I figured this was a way to get money, so I simply chuckled. He didn’t find it as funny as me and told me that it was serious. I asked him to tell me what he needed. I wasn’t ready to hear what he said, but I knew that I was too far now to step back, so I agreed.
After I made my choice, he told me that I had to write it in stone, revealing my decision to the whole world. Knowing that my dad was going to have a heart attack, I chose to post it on the day that I closed, at my store, in order to be away from my phone when he read it. I wrote the letter, and signed it with the blood of my body. I then said the magic words, and boom I was in the club. I was now a part of something bigger than my understanding. During all of this, I was too busy seeking the instant fame, that I forgot what I just gave away and what it could do to me if I allowed it to get out of control. I started to regret my decision, fearing what I was doing, until the stats started to pour in. My blog views are higher than last week, my likes are piling in, and people are interacting with me. I even feel happier. My job has been easier, also. Costumers are drawn to me and are allowing me to keep my cool by not being stupid. I am enjoying this whole change, I couldn’t imagine being happier, and it could only get better from here on out. I am glad that I met that guy, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have the passion to write you guys, anymore. I love you guys, I beg you to not hate me for doing this. Please realize, I am just trying to live my dream.



Am I a christian?
I have been doing a series called, Letters to the Chapel, which is a series that walks you guys through my time with Christ. This raises a question; am I a Christian? This is a very serious question, if you know my past. I spent a good part of my life in a pew. Growing up with a pastor for a dad, you were sort of forced into going, even if you were tired from staying up all night. I remember at 10 years old, I was in a rough time in my life, my mom was no longer in the picture, I recently had gotten out of foster care, putting me into the care of my father. When we moved in with my father, he had one rule, that was that we went back to church. I hated the idea of going to church. I didn’t believe that God would allow something, such as abuse, happen to his creation. I had a grudge with God, and I wasn’t about to go to church to solve it!
Even with much fighting, I lost the battle in not going to church. My dad wanted me to go, and that was the end of that argument. Now with much hate, in my heart, I sat in a pew with glazed-over eyes, as I tried to stay awake through the pastors boring speech about loving one and another. The pastor had no sense of humor and a mono voice. I found it very hard to stay awake through the sermon. But with time,  I began to get over that. I actually started enjoying the church, but then my dad wanted to change pace and go to another church.
The transition was very rough on me. I made some great friends at the last church, but that was all over. It was back to fighting my dad, about going to church. I remember purposely taking forever to get ready, hoping that he would say it was okay, and that we wouldn’t go. But that never worked, he always was up my butt about getting ready, and if he saw that I was taking longer than I should, he would call me out about it! The fight was over, I had lost. I had nothing else to do, than go with it. I was going to sit through the sermons, even if I didn’t want to. But as I went to the Sunday meetings, I realized this church was amazing.
It took me over 3-years to get used to getting up early, on Sundays. Once I got use to getting up early, I started to pay more attention in the church, and then I went to a youth ralley, on night. This was the night that I gave my life to Christ! This was an amazing night for me. I was sitting in the back of the building, and all of a sudden, two pastors came after me, and asked me to get prayed over. As they prayed over me, I felt something change on the inside, that night was the beginning of a wild 6 year-ride.
Fast forward six years later. After I got back from seminar, I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted, or what god wanted. I couldn’t find a job in Missouri, forcing me back home to start over from scratch. With nothing going in my way, I started to search out for an answer. That is when my youth pastor introduced me to a college, in Lincoln. This was a pastoral college that lasted one-year, and would give you a degree in pastoral studies. This would give me a great opportunity to grow, as a person and a Christian. But with no money to pay for it, I decided to go against it, and I started to focus on church, alone. But then my life shifted.
Long-story-short, I met my wife. She was the light of my world, but there was a problem. She was having problems with her mom, and got kicked out of her home. She was forced into going to her aunts. She was scared of this house, she felt that someone was always watching her, and one night she felt her covers being removed from her. I told her that I would stay with her, until it all blew over, to give her a sense of security. But word got back to my church, and they weren’t happy. They told me that I couldn’t live this life, and teach their children. Then the pastor asked me if I would allow them to pray. But instead of praying for a good life, they prayed that my girlfriend and I broke up. When they prayed that, I decided to stop going to that church.
Now, I would like to say that I am a Christian, which I am, but I feel like I am a different type of Christian. The church is very corrupt in this day of age, most only want control, when they should focus on the love of Christ. That is why I decided to stop going to church, and focusing on a private relationship, with Christ. This eliminated a lot of my problems, and has allowed me to be more real with God. I wasn’t able to ask the Church certain questions, but now I can ask God those questions! So yes, I am a Christian, but I don’t believe in the church.


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Letters to the Chapel: My first sermon.
It was a Wednesday night. The time was about six P.M. I was getting ready for the best night of the week. I was going to a bible study down at a good ole friends of mine, but instead of being a part of the bible study, that night I was a “guest”. I was the one that was giving the message at the end of the study. It was a first for me. I had never spoke about Christ in front of people, well not in sermon form that is. I was nervous but excited, all at the same time. I had been working on this sermon for almost a month, and was ready to get it over with.

I had a list of twenty scriptures to talk about, but only had thirty-minutes to present my case. I had spoken this sermon into the mirror in my bathroom, a thousand times, and each time I felt that the sermon got better. I was happy with it, and chose to lay it down in front of God. He told me that it was good, well I think, so I asked the group if I could share. Well they said yes, so here I am, one hour away from giving the message.

I got to the house, walked in, grabbed something to eat and sat down at the table. This night was a little slim on the members since there was a dance. This was perfect for me, since I use to get nervous in front of people. I counted it as a win, and moved on with my night. The food was amazing, it was cornbread and beans. I loved eating at this group, they always had the best homemade food. This was one of the only reasons I came in the past.

Now I spent most of my time at this group, there is so much information I wanted to know out of the bible, this group helped me understand the importance of “useless scriptures.” Soon I came to know that there isnt a useless scripture, but everything is in the bible for a purpose, its up to you to find out why. The group was about to start. The way this group worked was, one person read a little bit of a proverb then we would read a few Psalms. This was perfect, since there are enough proverbs for each day of the month, so whatever the date was, that was the proverb we read. Then after reading, we would all discuss the importance of each line, then at the end we would spend 45-minutes praying. This night was different, with me being a guest speaker they cancelled the bible lesson. I thought that I would be going last, after the prayer, but instead I went first.

My hands were sweaty and shaking, I felt a frog in my throat. But as I began to speak, the words came out so smoothly. I was teaching on the importance of communion and why we need to take it daily. I talked about the body of Christ, and how the church is failing because they fail to see the true meaning of communion. They fast pace through communion, yet will spend hours on tithing. I want that flipped, and this night; I shared that. The spirit of God fell in that place like never before. I saw that each person was convicted. I knew that this was the message that needed to be shared on this night. I told a few jokes throughout, and at the end, we all prayed. I was ecstatic that I got to share the word, but what made me more happy was that it was the message that needed to be shared. I read the word and God pulled it out for me, I am glad that I listened and spoke the word of God.

After the sermon; the leader of the group called my pastor, which was his also. He told the pastor that I had a message that needed to shared with the whole church. The pastor was excited to hear what I had to say, and had me do the communion the next Sunday. That Sunday was amazing. The communion service turned out great. I saw that the congregation was being moved by God, so I pulled out all the stops; I listened to the spirit of God and began to go deeper into what it means to get communion. I remember that day, the communion lasted almost thirty-minutes, the congregation was being transformed, so the pastor was happy. I finished with giving the communion out. Then I prayed and we took it together.

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    There I sat in front of the computer, an hour before I needed to depart from my house. I had my church clothes on, I had the mindset for the night, my heart was soft for the message, I was ready. I was listening to battle music, I was ready to do this. I studied the bible an hour before; I was completely unstoppable. I heard the lyrics that I needed to hear, I looked up in the sky and shouted for the heavens to fall. I felt electricity shoot through my heart, I fell to the ground. The tears of joy wouldn’t stop flowing down my cheeks onto my shirt. I was in the heavenly place, a place most never get to see. I read that to be in this place, you had to be a man after Gods heart. I was happy to say that I reached that title. Pride never took over, though. I knew how small I was to the man upstairs, but even in my most vulnerable state, I still had a bit arrogance to settle.
    I thought I was ready for the real battle after my heart began to burn. I jumped up to my feet, and walked over to the mirror. This is where I felt I needed to go, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn’t see a man who has been crying, but I saw a man that needed more work done. I still felt like there was something attached to me, something evil. As a Christian; I thought I was able to cast it out if there was anything to cast out, that is. This is when I told the devil to attack me. I shouted the words over and over, and nothing happened. I figured that my heart was so strong, with God, that the devil couldn’t touch me. If only I knew what the devil could do in the future I would have kept humble that day. With my head high, in victory, I went to church that night. I told no one what I did; I knew they wouldn’t be impressed. I kept it to myself.
     The next week is when the attack began. The devil was about to use every weakness to his advantage; taking his shots in a sequence that would weaken me, eventually bringing me down to my knees, in fear. The week began like any other week, I  went to church on Sunday. But everything else was cancelled. This means that I wouldn’t have Monday prayer or Wednesday church. This was the best time for the devil to make his attack, something he took advantage of. It all started fine, I was positive, I was walking in Christ for about a day. But as the week went on, the trials began to become too much. He was using temptation of women to get me to fall, he was using negativity to get me mad, he even used bad situations to weaken my faith.
    At first, I thought I was having a rough week because lack of church, so I kept praying. The trials were too much for prayer though. I happened to fall to temptation, and did something I said I wasn’t going to do with a girl. I didn’t have sex, but we talked “nasty” together. I felt dirty afterwards, a dirtiness that kept me from praying that night. I tried to take a shower, but the dirt wasn’t being removed, I needed a cleanse. Before I could get the cleanse, though, the devil attacked me again. This time he used negative comments at school to get under my skin. The comments weren’t anything, though. I had no reason to get mad, but for some reason I did get mad. I remember it was Wednesday, I looked up at the sky and told God to fix this. I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t feel anything in my heart; I was cold. As a new Christian; I figured that I screwed up to severely to be forgiving. This is the step that took me over the edge.
    With knowing that God didn’t love me anymore, I chose to do what I wanted to do. This included more dirty talking, each time I felt worse and worse, but eventually I stopped caring. My heart began to get hard again. I began to become the same guy that I was before. At first I was scared of who that would make me, but then each time I thought of it, I remember that God had left my side, or I thought. Without Gods love, I wasn’t anyone, anyways. I remember praying on Thursday of that week, telling God that I was no longer trying to get his attention. That night, I didn’t wait for a response as I did before, but instead I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and went to school. The school day drug along, of course. Every Friday seemed to drag, the teachers didn’t want to be there, nor did the kids. Everyone had enough of that place, I was one of them.

    After school that day, I went home and began to write a new song. In the middle of the song, I got a text. The text was from the girl that I was talking to that whole week. She wanted to “talk” so I stopped what I was doing and began to text her. She wanted more than to talk, she wanted something more. She asked for a picture, I said no. We went a long with the conversation, and eventually we were going into deep detail. I found myself doing something that is seen as “unclean” in the Bible.
    I stopped the conversation, and went to take a shower. I remember crying in the shower. I screamed “Who have I become!!!!” This wasn’t who I was, this isnt why god gives new grace, everyday. It wasn’t so I could do whatever I wanted, then ask for forgiveness then do it again. I had to stop, but I didn’t know how. I simply began to pour out my heart. This is when a song came into my head. I turned off the shower, got dressed and ran to my room. I picked up my guitar and began to play a simple chord progression. The words fit perfectly as I began to sing. The song hit me right in the heart. The lyrics “If I walk away, somehow you will find me. I am in pain, love will you save me” Seem to fit into the week that I had.
     I stopped playing the song, but something kept my mouth singing the lyrics. I saw that God was there, and he wanted me to hear something. That is when I was reminded of the challenge I made. That day in the mirror, I told Satan to have his way with me. That day I invited him in to attack me. God shared a scripture with me, talking about inviting Satan into our lives. It all clicked, this whole week, my weakness was due to giving all power to Satan. That is why I was weak all week. I rebuked the power that was giving to him, and throughout my whole walk with Christ, I would never offer that power to him, again. I was crazy for doing so in the first place. 


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