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   We broke a record.
We had our big inspection today. I didn’t know how we would do, and I was scared that we would fail. The cooperate manager was in our store but that wasn’t all! We had all of our big bosses in the store. They were all grading our store. The grading was based on how well the managers do, the cleanliness of the store, the saftey of the store, and the service. We had faith that we would get all of the other sections but cleanliness!
   Our store has been struggling with how we keep our store. We should be a lot better, but we also have a handicap. Other stores always have thirteen people to our three. This leads to a lot of stress when it comes to cleaning.
   Our district manager was nervous about how we would do, but his nerves were quickly relieved, as we started the shift amazing.
    The store looked better than it has ever looked, I was on top of my game, our crew were 100% and we had our aces in their places. The inspection didn’t seem too scary, now.
    Half way through the inspection, I was told that we were going to pass. I thought they were just encouraging us to push harder. I still took this and ran with it. I was ready to get the inspection over, as my feet were burning, so I pushed my crew. We were on top of our game.
     After our busy day, we now waited for our scores. We knew we passed, but we didn’t know what was going to happen next. We were told that we broke a record. Our store was the first store to get 100% in service. This means that we were perfect! The other scores still had to be good, though, or we wouldn’t pass, but the other scores were just as amazing! We score in the high 80s and mid 90s!
    After the inspection I was giving a pretty good standing ovation! All of the upper managers came up to me and congratulated me on the pass. They also expressed how much I mean to them, also how I will be moving up in no time.

   It felt good to have these complements. I have to thank you guys! I really felt the prayers today and I want to say thanks! Without you, I really don’t know where I would be! So thanks! Now we will get back to normal blogging, as I don’t have to worry about this inspection. Thanks for caring. Love you guys!




One dumb move, one stupid comment and one big fail….
Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day, one that I wish was a month away. Sadly, we can’t ask for a rewind but, which mean this day is starting in less than 12 hours. This is the day that we have been working towards, for the last few months, and I can say we are ready, but I am still freaking the heck out. I am going to keep this very short, so I can get to bed, but I wanted to ask you for something.
Would you mind sending your prayers our way? I have no doubt that we will pass, but this isnt like any test, this is the biggest test for this store, ever! Corporate will be in our store for about six-hours to test how well we run the store. They aren’t going to go easy, either. They are looking to see perfection, something that is very hard to give. Usually, we only have to worry about surfaces, but they will be removing canvases and searching for things to take points for! Think of a health inspection, this is 100% more serious…. I have to say that I am nervous.
It is nerve racking to have someone grade you, its even more scary to have all your big bosses sitting over your shoulder, the whole day. This is why I need you guys to join together and say a little prayer. I don’t want to screw up and cost my store, and I know I wont with you guys by my side! Please come together and pray for me!
Love you guys!


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