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It’s suppose to snow today! There should be snow falling by 9 o’clock in the morning! The snow chance is in the high 70%, giving us hope that we might actually have a white Christmas, the only problem is the tempature isn’t going to drop! 

In order for the snow to last it must stick. In order for it to stick the ground has to be under 32*f but the weather says it suppose to stay above 35*F all day! The snow will melt before it can cover, well unless we have a blizzard! Oh that would be fancy, but it doesn’t look possible. 

Even if it snows, we still have to go through all of tomorrow(Christmas Eve) with the weather being in the mid-40s. The snow wouldnt last! But what about Christmas? There is a high chance of precipitation on Christmas. The problem with this is that the weather is calling for rain instead of snow! 

For another year, we are looking at a green Christmas. This time it will be a muddy mess, though. It’s going to rain all day on Christmas, which is definitely not what we wanted! I think you guys would agree that you’re tired of not having a white Christmas, right? I know I am right! Rain doesn’t give you a giving heart! No, it gives you a sour, negative vibe that could ruin a special day, like Christmas. 

I stand for moving Christmas to January. The snow always falls in January, giving us a horrible start to another year. It’s okay to have snow during Christmas, but anytime otherwise is not wanted!!!! I suggest that we make this change, immediately! I’m tired of not having a white Christmas! Are you with me? If you are, give this a huge like!!! 


Almost a year ago, I got married to someone that I love with all my heart. I would do anything for her, because when she is happy, I am happy. But when we got married, we had to say something called “Vows” or “Promises that we would attempt to fulfill through our life-long marriage. During the vows, we both said a word that has become so basic in this world. This word was “Love” and to this day, love has lost all of its meaning.
According to Webster Love means “A passionate feeling from one person to another, or a strong liking” Which means that you actually care about the other person in the relationship. But this day and age we have taken the old rule of putting others first and made it about ourselves. Love has a new meaning and it is this “Whatever they can do for me, a controllable counterpart.”
When you look at most couples these days, you will realized that they are in the relationship for three things: Sex,money,popularity. Three things that have nothing to do with the other person, but things that better you on your pursuit of happiness. This sickens me, we will be the last generation to actually feel the true meaning of getting married, call me old school, but this needs to stop. I can’t stand to see people hurt, because everything they had to offer has faded into the dark.
Their looks have faded making sex with them boring and impassionate, causing one to cheat with someone that is better looking, or tightly together. The money that they had will never be enough, a relationship based on money has a good three years, if that anymore. There will always be someone in this world that can offer more money, I have met a lot of people that make more than me, or have their lives together better. Then comes the last one, Popularity. I was a loser in high school, nearly always eating lunch by myself if one person missed school. I wasn’t always like that though, in eighth grade I was sorta cool, and during that time, I noticed that I held myself higher, making more girls chase the Blakester. This is why I even put this on my list. It is all about who is who in this world. Examine yourself right now, have you ever chased a girl that was out of your league, you know why? Because she was popular to you, she was liked and you wanted that for yourself. It is how the cookie crumbles, but here is the thing. Just like my popularity faded so will that girls that you only date because she’s the head cheerleader and has big boobs. So why not give up the act, and start giving love its name back.
I am tired of hearing these people say I love you, when all they want is the three sicknesses listed above. They sicken me. They are hurting people because they want their greedy needs met. They treat nice people like shit and then wonder why people are becoming dicks. It is because after being hurt enough, you will turn your emotions off, because once you do that, you are unable to get hurt. That is what is ruining love, there are no emotions. The reason there are no emotions is because they can’t love with a broken heart, the same broken heart that was caused by a dumbass teen, looking for the wrong things in the wrong people.
So if you are the person after the three sicknesses, then change now. You are tearing apart homes because of your damaging criticism that you have to pass on to people that wanted nothing but the true meaning of love. Stop to think before you say I love you, think before you kill!