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   Today, I was suppose to tell you guys about my last few years, as it has been a few years since I started blogging. I am truly pained to inform you, that I won’t be able to get that up tonight. I know I have been full of excuses these last week’s, but I ain’t on that anymore. I am not trying to make an excuse, I just bit off a bit more than I could chew. See when I said that I would get this project done, I expected to have it done in the first few days of this week. With me being sick, working, and also working on a couple other projects, the time just slipped away. I found myself working on it yesterday and today, but the fact that I have been blogging since 2011, puts everything back.


I want to include every special moment, memory, and stat that someone might find fascinating, which means that I also have to dig deep, which is actually harder than I thought. The fact that I have over a hundred comments that I had to read and decide if it was worry to be in this post, took a huge amount of time. It took so much time that I only got the main stats done for Impromtdude, this doesn’t include my blogspot stats, or any other blog stats, its just a lot of work to do while working, also.
    But tomorrow I have an early day at work, and Ariel doesn’t get off until around three, which means that I have a couple hours (plus time at home) to get everything done. I am truly upset that I couldn’t share with you guys, but I know that if I posted today, the post would have sucked. I would have rushed a lot of events, and it would have been a slopfest. But I promise you that I will have it done by tomorrow night, and you guys will love it.
   Anyways, I am also doing a few projects, revolving around Madden. I love football, so if you would like me to do a post about that, please tell me a challenge to do!


Impromts Top Ten: Parentless leads to Hopelessness
This was one of my favorites. I want you guys to see the raw version. But soon I will be touching base on this again! Hope you enjoy!


One thing that upsets me is the fact that no one wants to stand up and be a parent these days. I grew up with one parent my whole life, and let me tell you, it messed me up pretty badly. I had no one with a strong positive personality to look up to for almost half of my twenty-year-old life, which took a deep affect in my structure.

My mother left me in foster care when I was ten. I went through many years of abuse and fighting. The fighting included: Fighting with my mother, fighting for food, fighting for shelter. I had to grow up in such an early part of my life, and at the end I was forced into a place I didn’t want to be in.

Foster care sucks! I had to deal with the constant reminder that my mother failed as a parent. A parent will never leave their child, they should be willing to go to the end of the world to save their child from pain, but she didn’t. This made me bitter.

Though it’s not important if I lost my virginity or not, this is important. Since my mother left me in that horrible place, I was angry with women, telling myself that they needed to pay for what happened to me. I started to play the game.The game comes with a territory. The game is to get as many women as you can.

Then when you have the women, you have to keep your territory. The territory that I am talking about is your heart. You have to keep that out of the relationship! Which if you play the game as I did, anytime they got in your territory, you break their heart.You will push them away as fast and hard as your mother (or father) did. You will rip their heart out like you had your heart ripped out.

Those fatherless years also hurt me. Though it wasn’t my father’s fault that he wasn’t there for me in the growing years, it still destroyed me personally. I wasn’t able to look up to my father on how to become a man. To all the men that are reading this: DON’T LEAVE YOUR POST.

Stop running every time that you don’t know what to do or when you don’t want to must be that role-model that you need to be. You have a responsibility as a father to stand your ground and to be there to teach your kid how to act towards women and to other humans. Whatever you do they will do likewise.

I get angry very easily, and I believe sometimes it’s because my father wasn’t able to teach me the right way to grow up. I was taught by my mother that lashing out was out, that abuse was the way of expressing yourself. This isn’t the way that I want to be though; I don’t want to be that guy that needs to lay his hands on people to get what he wants. Or I don’t want to be the guy that yells every time someone gets on my last nerve.With my father being out of my life, I also got angry with men, I felt like it was man’s fault that my father wasn’t there for me.

I began to stop letting men into my life. I still have that fear and continue to have a wall built up. I find it’s hard to be hurt if you don’t have anyone in your life.

I want every parent today to look at their life. I want you to ask yourself, what you have done to be there for your child. What have you done to prevent your daughter from losing her virginity out of anger? Or what have you done to prevent your boy from ripping every girl’s heart and leaving them to die? It is your responsibility to teach and guide them! If you fail as a parent, most likely your child will also fail. They do what they see!


     Today, I made the decision to bring back one of our old favorites. Creative blogging will be making the return to the blog, after being cut two years ago. I didn’t see any potential in this segment, at first. But now I think it will do good with the new audience we have. I did cut this segment due to lack of views, but I have faith that it can do good. Until that happens, this segment will be on Saturdays, and will be named “Impromptu Saturday’s.”

     This will be the perfect time for me to use those prompts, found in the books, and to share with you guys. I feel that going back to the original roots of this blog is a good thing. So to bring you up to date on what this segment will look like, I will introduce you to an old post of this segment, titled “Blogger with lack of concentr-whats that?” Enjoy!

Hello guys, welcome back. Recently I went to; oh crap I need to do my laundry! What am I going to do about that? Could I just throw them in; oh and I have to blog today, hold up isn’t that what I’m doing?

Oh Yeah, Sorry guys lately i haven’t been able to concentrate, it must be in the weather, oh talking about the weather, I have to get a garden hose. I think I might run to the store to pick up pop tarts.

Maybe I will pick up some trail mix, or maybe I could go to the gym. I have wanted to go to the gym….but I am lazy, I need to exercise, and I’ll need to also finish that blog today.

Oh my, I am so sorry, I really need to tell you about my weekend, and didn’t my boss tell me I needed to finish that one assignment? I wish he could get off my back; I work hard enough to fill everyone’s payroll. I’ll be back; I am going to tune my guitar for my date tonight.

Back! Thank you guys for being patient, my six string guitar had a broken high E string. That took forever to fix, I even poked my finger with the string!!! It f********* hurt. Pardon my language.

I want to tell you about my weekend, see I did the impossible. I went to the Bahamas, as I was getting out of the water, something scary happened. I was walking back up to my car after swimming and I saw this lady, she had a gun, she shot the goose! She shot her good, I asked for the meat. She laughed at my clown. I cried with my unicorn.

Thank you for sticking with me!!




I cant wait to show you guys the new hoodies that are making for this blog, they were designed by yours truly, and giving to someone that has amazing talent at making personalized clothing, with the combination, I am about to have the most amazing apparel, that any blog has ever had. The design is on a charcoal grey, with the Impromtdude logo on the front, and Impromtdude signed on the back, in blue. I have posted a rough draft of the hoodie online, but it doesn’t compare to what it will look like, in person!

But hoodies are not the only thing that are coming to the blog, we also have t-shirts and stickers on the way. The stickers are a simple logo with the web address on the bottom, and the t-shirts will be the same design as the hoodie, with many color choices for the logo, and lettering! Today, I want to tell you guys more about how to receive free stuff, though!

I posted on my social media, that if you want to receive something free, then it will cost you. I also told you that I would tell you more later, well now is that time! In this world, it takes an artist between 5-7 years to becoming successful after they begin. With me just kicking it into overdrive on my road to being famous, that means that I have a long time to get there. There are a lot of people that don’t know about me, but know about you, which means that you are the best way to them. My offer is simple, you promote me, you get free stuff! Want to know more? Keep reading.

I recently made business cards. This will give people my name, where to find me, and what exactly I do. I need help handing them out. So I am here to purpose an idea, which is this, if you hand out 10 of my business cards to your friends, family, or co-workers, you will receive a free sticker. That is all you have to do, for every 10 (cards) you hand out, you receive another sticker. The amount is endless on how many you can receive, so what do you say?

Will you help me get out there? I have been building this amazing blog, for almost 2 years, and am ready to take the next step, being noticed. I am ready to connect with new artist, friends, and fans. This is my passion, can you help me fulfil my dream? If you will help, I would appreciate it!

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    I fell into a dark place a few years ago, this was the time that I found myself in Writer’s block. Writer’s Block is “The condition of unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing” and it is very complicated to get out of. I was unable to proceed with writing, I would have trouble getting pass two paragraphs. I didn’t have a problem coming up with the ideas, I would get bored of writing, it was if something would pull my motivation out of my body, leaving me dead inside. This went on for many months, and ruined one of my blogs. I would shortly get out of it, with the help of something I found at Barnes and Noble.
I was sitting around this week and I ran across my Writing Prompt books, and I thought “Isn’t this cheating the system?” I felt bad for using these books when I was going through such a rough time. This blog was started with a segment titled “Creative blogging,” which are ideas from these books. I truly felt bad for doing this, but then I started to think about what these prompts actually did for me.
When I was in the Writer’s Block, I lacked the excitement of writing. These books would give me a new found excitement, that would lead me to post an additional 200 post to “Impromtdude.” That is when I realized that Writing Prompts couldn’t be a bad thing, but a positive tool to succeed.
Writing prompts helped me open up my mind to be more creative. I remember reading one of the prompts that told me to describe my teacher. Detailing a story was a weakness for me in the past, but after I did this exercise a few times a week, I noticed that my writing was getting better. This was a great sign that I was overcoming my biggest struggles. I overcame my weakness of Writer’s block, when I found my love for writing while completing these prompts.
If you are in a tough rut and need to get out of a writers quall, then why not give these books a chance? It doesn’t matter if you post the answers on your writing platform, or you can write them in the book for future references. Whatever you choose to do with the notes you write is your decision, but soon you will see that all your writing problems will soon evaporate in thin air. This will free your mind and allow you to live your full potential, as a writer. 


Impromtdude @

When I started this blog I figured it would crash after a few weeks, but I was wrong. There has always been an audience (sometimes small) that has been attracted to my post. I started to notice this when I started my old story “Night Crawler Journals,” so I decided for this to stay around until I saw that no one wanted to read my material anymore, that day never came, if anything I have received more traffic in the last two weeks than I ever did on my old blogs. But this post isn’t about my lack of faith in myself, it is about how I came up with the name.
I have noticed that most bloggers have their own name on their blog, but I am not one to go with the current, I liked to paddle up stream, even if it means I fail. With this being said, I was in a rut a week before I wanted to launch this blog on BlogSpot. I was so lost on what I wanted to call this random blog that was going to be full of ideas and material to get any writer out of writers block. With nothing coming to mind, I started to write names that came down in my head revolving around random subjects. The first few names were funny: Funny man, captain smiles, Random thunder. But none of these sounded right for the blog, so I thought harder on what was the closest thing to random without using the word “Random.” Finally it clicked to me, Impromtu is the act of doing something without being planned or rehearsed. That sounded right for someone that was going to be generating ideas on the fly to discuss, so I got the first part down, next was to finish the name.
I tried for a few minutes thinking about what could possibly go with impromptu, but literally nothing came to mind, so I started walking around my room talking to myself, calling myself all different types of things like: impromptu slayer, the impromptuer. These names weren’t ringing, so I got mad and shouted “Why don’t I just called myself Impromptuguy” Then it came to me like a wrecking ball with Miley Cyrus on it, I would then call myself Impromptudude, well that was until I tried to search for myself on Google. I made a Facebook before the blog to test how simple the name was to find. It was the third page when I finally found it, that wouldn’t work but I loved the name, again I was stuck. Then in the midst of changing the name to Impromptu slayer.
   I decided that instead of changing my name fully, why not misspell impromptu so it still carries the meaning but isn’t the same thing. That’s when I dropped the extra “P” and “Tu” making the name ring out loudly as “Impromtdude.” I absolutley loved the name but I wondered if it was going to be easily searched, so I did the search and there I was, the first story on Google. In that moment I became the blogger with a name, a pretty kick-ass name, that was going to shape this blog all together!