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What happened to Bart?


I have had a few people ask me what happened to Bart. The last time that we saw our friend, he was actually holding Jason Voorhees hostage. I didn’t know why he wanted a cage, but I bought it for him. I then came home to see Jason locked up. I tried to tell Bart about how serious this is, but he didn’t listen. He put the key up and went back to his life. This was suppose to be the end, but then Freddy had to show up. Freddy was granted a favor if he let Jason out. I don’t know the details, but I know that Freddy hurried to get the key and allow him to leave.

So what happened? The story will start again, soon. The story will involve Bart being terrified as he feels like someone is watching him. The only problem is that Freddy is playing with his mind, tricking him to think that Jason is still in the cell. This is when Bart thinks that he is just going crazy. He will lay his worries aside and will go back to living life.

If you know anything about Jason, you will know that he waits for the victim to slip up. This is when he will attack and start a war between the group. Freddy gets what he wants and he will leave, but I can promise that he will be back sooner than you think. He will play a huge role in the story, but for now Jason will fight alone. Bart might not be able to win this fight, but he is going to give it his all, even if it means he dies. Jason is pissed, so this is going to be a nasty fight, especially with the help that he has. Lets just say; the group has a lot to overcome. This is going to be an exciting story to tell. I hope that you will enjoy it. How do you think the story will end? Please tell me in the comments.

This was just a quick update to let you guys know that I am still telling a story here. Bart is still a big project on my mind. I have just been super busy, so I haven’t been able to do the photo shoots or anything with special effects. But, I plan on putting some time aside so I can get this done. Other than that, know that Bart is doing well, with his posse. 

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Santa is real
    You see the big man every year at the mall. He is always smiling and fixing his beard. He is ready for the photo. Say cheese! Snap! Next please!. He asks your child what he wants for Christmas, and tells you parents that don’t know what your kid likes. So gentle to those babies, that’s how Santa. Yet when kids get to a certain age we, as parents, have to tell them a lie. The lie that is so famous around this time of the year is that “Santa Claus is fake.” You parents want the full credit on the gifts that are stuffed under the tree. Why would you still the joy from the big mans heart.

    He has been taking out of Christmas, like Jesus was removed from Schools. But no one bats an eye. We act as if it is okay that we banned him. He has to pay the rental on his sleigh, just like we do for our cars. What if you lost your job? Feel bad yet? No? Fine. You know he also has a wife and reindeers? (this isn’t including Rudolph, he is on drugs) He has to feed those Elves also! So do me a favor and stop lying to the future of this generation. You are sick!

p.s. Stop eating Santas’ cookies!


Dear Children,
Please take the advice above. Your parents are liars, I am actually real. I use to bring amazing gifts. But over the years the treats have disappeared and I cant feed myself anymore. Back in the day, I was able to feed the reindeer and myself, now I come back to Mrs. Claus with an empty stomach! It became such an issue that I had to leave my Santa days behind for a while, only because I was getting too skinny! But now, I am back to my fluffy self! Mrs. Claus is so amazing that she made sure to get me back to full fatness. Now that I am back please do me a favor. Stop EATING MY DAMN COOKIES@!!!!!!!
-Santa, bitches!

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What would be a great gift to get me? I want everyone to know that I am not a picky guy, but I do want you to buy me something nice. I can always spot a dollar tree gift over a nice expensive Wal-Mart gift. I have an eye for this kind of thing, so don’t screw around! But seriously I don’t want much for Christmas, I just want everyone to be happy and love their family. With this being said; I know some of you are dying to get me a gift, which means I cant leave you out of the circle on what I want. Here is a very short/long Christmas list of things you can buy me. Know you can buy me whatever you want, but I wont like it as much…so why not just buy what’s on the list? Don’t be cheap.


10. A Donald Trump hairpiece! They range from $3 to $29. Now, you could go cheap and get me the low end wig, but we all know what that brings. The stitches are cheap and probably will make my head itch. But I will let you decide. (Seriously, go with an expensive one….)

9. A tiger– You can go to and find nothing, because they suck….But will have what you’re looking for. Now, do know that Tigers usually go for $50,000. This is more than most of you will make in three lifetimes. Don’t fool yourself, you cant afford that….Hell you couldn’t even afford a dead one (they are $5,000,) so just continue down the line……
BTW a Tiger Penis cost $1,300.

8. Tim Tebow Jersey (signed)– has this listed for $926.99. I think everyone deserves to be treated like a king, so go ahead and treat yourself to buying me this piece of history, you deserve it!

7. Taylor Swift hoodie– a “Real men love Taylor Swift” shirt would go great with any other gift you get me. You can afford $20, I know you can! Please, I will love you forever!!!!

6. A Tiger Penis– The more I think about it, I think I want the penis of a Tiger; you know…for science of course. Just buy me a Tiger penis for the love of God.

5. God, himself! So I don’t think I can find this on the internet. You might need to get to a black market, but this would be an awesome gift for me. Could you imagine having God in your pocket?

4. All 7!!!! Dragon Balls– Daddy has a car payment, and I need the authentic dragon balls so I can wish for my car to be paid off. Or you can pay my car off…..which ever one works.

3. Friends– I think this item goes for $15 on Ebay but don’t feel pressured, you can buy the cheapo at the bottom of the list. Also, don’t express ship, I’m use to not having friends, I wont know what to do with them when I get them.

2. Bart’s wife– I think Bart is getting lonely. He is about the right age to get some Reindeer tail and I am tired of him humping his brothers leg, so please buy him a wife…It must be a girl reindeer. He likes them to have a white tail but black dots…booom, not racist!!!

1. A Browns/Bears win– You must buy both. I have faith that the Browns will win the Superbowl 51, but lately they have slipped back. I need this to change. They must win all the remaining games to be in the Superbowl, so can you buy me those wins? They might cost a lot, but you know how much that would mean to me? More than a Tiger penis! Okay, maybe not but it would come close!!!! Also a Bears win or a new Qb…..Mainly a new QB!

There you go, I gave you my list. I need all these items (especially #6!!!) by the end of the Christmas period. If you fail to do so, I will send Bart to hump your dirty leg!! He has a strong grip, so you better hurry!!! My address is 1010 E. Tiger Penis St. Bartville, Illinois. 69069. Thanks!.
Love you guys,
Impromtdude, Bart, Ginger, Francis, and Tiger (the tiger penis).

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    I have been complaining about my job, all week. For this, I do apologize. I shouldn’t complain about my job like that, without my job I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I love to do. It might suck but money is the root of everything we do. If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, light bill, gas, or cable bill. Without paying my rent, I wouldn’t be able to shower or enjoy a warm bed at night, or without paying my light bill, I wouldn’t be able to write, read, do effects make-up or even enjoy a hot shower. If I didn’t have money for my gas bill, I would freeze in the winter. I could live without cable, but  as I said last night, I wouldn’t be able to post a blog. My cable and internet are connected. So if I lost one, I would lose both. Since my tablet needs internet to post blogs, I wouldn’t be able to write to you guys. So I guess having a good paying job is pretty important.
    These were some of the basic things that a job is needed the most for. I am not including all my activity expenses that I spend my money on. This includes; new footballs, new paints, new notebooks, new books, effects make-up, materials for effects, fake blood, things for my wife, and many other things. I spend a lot of money, something that isn’t possible without the amazing job that I have. That is why I am saying I’m sorry.
    I don’t need to be pouting about what I have to do. Instead, I should be thanking the person for giving me another week on this pay period. I make great money and have for a while. So, sorry for everything I have said latley. It took me looking at my life to realize I’m in a great position. Life might not be fair at times, but everything will be fine, that is all that matters!
    Though I’m saying sorry, I would like to say “thank God.” Thank him for this day, my day off. It’s my day off which means I get to relax and get ready for another week. Tonight we will be going to a haunted house/graveyard to enjoy another spook. I might also work on a new project. Tell me, are you ready for another SFX? I know I am;)



Last night was a very good night. It was the first time that I ever went to multiple Haunted Houses in one night, and let me say it was pretty fun. Overall the night was full of jump scares, fog machines, hanging heads and chainsaws. This lead me to rate the night with a B-, overall. This will be a quick review of each haunted house of Scarefest!

    Creepyworld- I gave this certain attraction a C+. This was a huge attraction, with a total of 12 small haunted houses, all in one. The biggest problem was the over use of Chainsaws and the failure to add more jump scares. There was too many open spaces that could have been utilized for their favor. Also, the jump scares were easy to call out. This would be perfect for teenagers or the faint of heart. I didn’t find it scary, but the creativeness of the different houses made up for that.

Abyss- This location was inside a haunted brewery, down in the basement. This basement was full of fog, making it nearly impossible to see anything. It was also really dusty and muggy, as it smelt like an old basement. It became hard for me to breathe with all the dust. The fog was also bad for the jump scares, as the groups were more focused on getting through the attraction without dying, other than being scared of “the monsters.” It took us twenty minutes to get through this certain one, and I would give it a B, overall.

Silo-x- I knew Ariel would love this since it was focused around zombies. It only cost five dollars more to get a pass, and there was no line, making it perfect. I want to say this was a great house, but it wasn’t that impressive. I think it would have been better if they weren’t just wearing zombie mask. It didn’t feel real enough, if that makes sense. Other than that, I got a few zombies to follow Ariel around and scare her. I think this has great potential for future years, and it is something I would pay to do again. Grade: B

The Darkness-  I have very mixed feelings of this one. I like how there were different sections, such as one section of ancient horror, where as the next section was about zombies/crazy people. Other than that, the props were too extended. We had a few situations where Ariel and I got hit in the face/head by props.(This was actually in three of the four houses) There was a bear that swung his arm into Ariel’s head, even though she was all the way over. This could have ended badly, but gladly it didn’t. Also, this event used fog machines too much, making it hot and hard to breath. We ended up having 4 people get dizzy after we got out, out of 10. That is pretty sad! I gave it a B- due to the different sections.

I really loved this event and want to go back, but I hope they change the problems we faced. If they don’t fix anything, then this will never be fully worth the 70+ dollars we spent per person. I had a lot of fun with the family and wouldn’t mind doing something like this again. I would highly recommend going, just be cautious to not get killed by the props. Thanks for reading!


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  I spent the night at a local haunted house. This would be my third time going to one, ever. The haunted house was called “The Boo Crew.” I found it to be a very well put together event. Since this was a first time, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was definitely worth the money paid.
  First, you get to go through a outdoor path full of zombies, ghost, a chainsaw wielding maniac and a few clowns. The groups were too dang close, so we weren’t able to get any jump scares, as the other group received them all. This spoiled the fear and sucked up all the suspense. Other than that, we were actually having a great time, but nothing compared to the main event.
  The main event is a barn full of special effects. The theme seemed to be maniacs, because when you entered the kitchen a woman jumped out. She would nearly push you to the door, screaming for us to not talk to her “slave” (a woman with her hands stabbed into a table.) The acting was pretty good and the jump scares were on par.
  After the event, we were lucky enough to go back stage and see how they run the show. It is fascinating to see all the technology that is set up for a haunted house. In the first room, there was a big display of camera’s from all over the haunted house. Then they lead you through the back area and up some stairs. Once you climb up the stairs you are directed into the control room. This room had a wall full of wires that activated certain areas of the barn, the guy told us that one switch would kill all the props and bring the lights on (in case of an emergency.) This is precautions for the possible fire outbreak or in case a person got hurt.
  We were able to talk to this man about his crew and what an average night would be like. He was unsure of the break system, but did notify us that they have designated persons that walk through with water, for the thirsty crew. He spoke about how, on a busy night, there could be up to 60 volunteer crew members. Also, any money they do make, they will go on to help the community by helping kids get glasses and many other charitable acts. In the back there is a break room full of goodies. I was excited more about the special effects taking place, as a woman was painting a clowns face.
  While we were in the break room, my wife told me that I should volunteer. I really want to, now. I’m thinking about spending this year practicing, then I will offer my help. Either way, my cousin also brought up a great idea. He said that we should open up our own haunted house. I have wanted to create a haunted house for a while now, so we will see where that goes. We are thinking about starting small, possibly with a haunted hayride then working up. We have the talent, now we just need to make it something lively.
    What should go into a haunted house? What is your biggest fear?




Getting ready for death.

It is the month of all spooky things. This month is full of spooky people, witches, zombies, ghouls, werewolves, and many other creatures, but nothing is more scary than what I bought today. The purchase might be the dumbest one of my entire life, but I am taking you guys with me!

I had the worse day in a while. I found it to be a depressing day, which I tried to fight back but the depression won. I let everything get to me. This led me to find a negative in everything. I started by trying to get attention on Facebook, but instantly regretted it and took it down. Mainly what happened was, I didn’t get what I wanted and I didn’t understand. I thought I deserved to have more hours than what was on my paycheck. I am still sort of pissed, but nothing effective will come from being negative.

After a long day at work I was able to get my paycheck cashed. After my paycheck was secure in my wallet, I went to the gas station and got gas. I was hungry so I got a hot dog. While I was in the line, I remembered that the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness “one chip challenge” was to come out on October 1st. I skimmed across the store to see if they had it, but I couldn’t see it. Right as I was about ask the cashier, he opened the register. Ariel was collecting the money when I saw a big red box. The box caught my eye. I walked over to it and saw that it was exactly what I was needing. I picked it up quickly and gave it to the cashier. He seemed to be confused by my excitement. I explained that I was going to make a blog about it. I learned that I need to get my business cards! He wanted me to show him, but didn’t know how to spell my blog name, this is a problem, so now I know that I need to work on those, but either way, I got the damn chip!

I just met my goal on Facebook of likes for the challenge, so that means I will be recording myself eating the hottest chip, ever, I must say I AM SCARED. I’m not that scared, but it is pretty intense. We are talking about the hottest pepper in the world, made into a chip. There is a reason they only sell one at a time. This isn’t a chip to take lightly, but something to genuinely fear. That is why I will respect the chip, as I know it will be my last meal. How does that make you feel? You will be watching me take my own life, let that sink it.

Nah, I am only joking. This challenge is going to hurt, but that is what life is about. But I know if I am going to put myself through hell, you better watch! I will be recording myself eating the chip, and I better see you guys! I don’t know if I am going to make it a Youtube video or just go live on Facebook, but I do have to get a blog out of it. I will have time to think of that, but until then; Enjoy your night!!!!!

I will be eating the chip at 6 p.m. (Central time) but it will be available (most likely) on my blog at 7:30 p.m. This gives me time to get my crap together and let the burn cease. Thanks for all the likes, you guys are awesome


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    Tonight is sucky movie Saturday. You might be asking “what is that?” Well I will be telling you in this post. But I will tell you, it is something you will want to do.
      It’s October, which is the month of Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween movies and the holiday itself. I have been practicing my special effects for Ariel and my costumes. But that is only a part of the celebrations. In order to get in the mood, Ariel and I will spend each night watching scary movies. This has been a tradition since we started dating, but there’s one night that we do something different.
      Usually, we just watch regular movies that we like, but on Saturdays we take an adventure on the dark side. This is where we will find the worse movie, ever. We call this ‘Sucky Movie Saturday.’
       This has been a good/bad idea since the start. You can’t say that all low-budget films are horrible, that is why we take the pain for a few hours and watch the films. So far, we have found a few really amazing films, though we have went through hours of unbearable movies.
       One of the best low-class movies was ‘State of Emergency,’ a movie about the zombie apocalypse. I thought it was going to blow, but honestly it was better than most theatrical released films. The movie wasn’t A grade, but if you ever get bored, you should watch it!
       Tonight is the beginning of this tradition and I wanted to ask you to join. You should go out and support low budget films, even if it’s only for one night. I know that I don’t regret doing it, so take a chance and live a little!
     Enjoy your night! I will see you guys again, tomorrow!


Don’t forget to read yesterday’s post


With my anniversary tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick post about something I just read. I was spending a little time in my “Weird & Wacky Facts,” and I just read something that has my head spinning. It happens to flow with the anniversary season, so here it is:

“If you think mothers-in-law are unpopular today, imagine how a mother-in-law felt who lived among the Lhopa tribe in Tibet years ago.
It use to be the custom there to eat the bride’s mother at the wedding feast! But then, Cannibalism was always a painful custom.”
(Weird and Wacky Facts by Sterling)

This is just freaking weird. Why would you even want to do such a thing? What benefits do you get from eating the mother? Could you imagine getting married and being told that your mother must die, but not only die, you would then have to take a bite out of her?

There’s also another thing I don’t get, how did they decide to do this? Who would sit around and think, well maybe we could eat my mother-in-law for the feast? The guy must have hated her, a lot. I might not find my mother-in-law the nicest person, all the time, but I would never want to roast her and eat her. That just doesn’t sound good…. 

If I were a woman, I would refuse to get married, in order to save my mother from being cooked. But I guess this was a pretty big thing to them, so who knows, maybe the daughters loved it. I just know that I wouldn’t be comfortable eating a piece of my mother-in-law next to her daughter, especially on our wedding day. I would rather kill our dog, grill him up, and feed him to my friends.

I honestly thought this was the funniest (Yet weirdest) thing ever. I have a million questions, which I will do further research, but from what I know I am so glad to live in the present day. I bet my wife is also, since they are super close. Either way, have a good night and don’t forget to wish me a Happy Anniversary. I am just joking…but seriously.. it’s tomorrow….I want gifts! 


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A wattpad special!
Standing alone!
I sit here, in my room, all alone after the fight with my wife. I said a few things again that were not needed to be said. I know I need to stop the way that I treat her, or one day she will leave me. But there is something that she does, that pisses me off. My wife pushes me to a point that I want to break her neck. I have never been violent with a woman, but there is a line that I also haven’t crossed and I feel like she is about to shove me across that line.
The whole fight started with her staying at work for longer than needed. I was waiting outside waiting for her, I had roses in one hand and wine in the other. But when she came outside she didn’t notice my kind gesture. I wanted to slam her head into the car window, but my past teachings taught me to never hit a woman, so I kept my cool until I got into the car.
Once we got into the car, I let her have it though. I told her that she needed to pay more attention to me and that it was unacceptable. She snapped back talking about how if I did it more then it might mean something to her. As I said before, I wanted to bash her head in, show her the amount of pain and embarrassment, that she just shown outside her job, but I kept cool, again. I remember driving home after that was said, thinking of a way to punish her, but something inside wasn’t allowing me to think of the dark tortures. I stayed quite the rest of the way home.
She got out of the car quickly, slamming the door behind her and walking into the house. She was trying to make me mad, but I was numb to the ignorance that she was showing. I have dealt with the craziness for more than 7 years, so I let her storm up the stairs and take a shower, just like every time I make her mad. This time was different though, there was never a light turned on, not even for the room that she would usually lay her heavy jacket in before getting naked. The fear of someone attacking my love, made me nervous so I went to check on her. I got out of the car when the light came on. I got a little annoyed by the timing of her presence.
Now that I was outside of the car, what was I suppose to do? I wasn’t about to go in there and act as if I did something wrong, but I also didn’t want to stay in the cold weather. I contemplated getting back into the car, but starting the car would waste more gas than I want to. So I chose to go for a walk around the block, this would give her time to get her apology ready.
The walk was working, it was making me forget the things that just happened, but it also was making me think of worse things. The past was never easy for me or my family, my father was an abuser and my mother paid for his choices. She would be up all night waiting for him to get home from bingo, in order for him to hit her. One night she left, and I was left there with him. He lost all of his money playing that night, and was angry. I try to forget that nightmare as if it didn’t happen, but every time I close my eyes, I see his hand. His big brass hand hit my flesh multiple times that night, but that wasn’t the worse part. He tied me up and tortured me.
He pulled a cloth out of the closet and put the contents on the desk in the center of the room. He removed the cloth to reveal that he had my mother tied up. She looked at me and began to scream. I couldn’t believe that I thought she left, when he had her in the closet. I tried to free myself, but it wasn’t working, I was forced to sit her as he began to taunt her.
He pulled out his knife from his holster and ran it along her tan skin. A tear formed in her eye, I felt bad for not being able to help her. She began to pull her hand from the rope, but my dad was too fast for that, as he slammed the knife through her palm. Her scream gave me deadly chills through my spine, as I sat there crying. Blood began to pour from her hand onto the ground. She looked into my eyes as he began to laugh. “Get it done!” He shouted “But then what?” He replied to his previous comment. My father seemed to be possessed, but that’s impossible, isn’t it? “Kill her!” He began to yell louder as he lifted the knife. Something stopped him dead in the tracks as he lowered the knife, “I can’t do it!” He moaned in sadness, but then he began to laugh again. During this all, my mother was still trying to get out of the grasp that he had on her. He started to spaz out again, grabbing his head and pulling his hair, still holding the knife that he had just put down. “Nah, I got this!” He dug the long blade into her stomach and began to twist the blade. He began to pull the knife down her torso, the knife was ripping through all of her intestines. The room was splattered with blood, the blood from my mother. I couldn’t comprehend what I witnessed that night. I know the feeling that I had though, my heart hurt, I was mad, I was crushed. I lost my mother that night. I wanted my revenge, but that night was also the last time I saw my dad. He ran out of the room shouting something crazy, it was in another language. The cops never found him, the searched for miles after they got a domestic violence call from my neighbors. They said they saw him running outside with the bloody knife that committed the murder.
I found myself laying on the street at 12 a.m., the night that I left for the walk. I must have fell asleep when I began to think of my mother and father. I couldn’t walk anymore at that point, the pain felt to real. It has been 6 years since that happened, and I still fight with the horror everyday! I don’t know what to do, I have ruined my marriage from not being able to let this go. My wife has been strong throughout this whole situation, but I have been treating her like garbage the last six months. I fought with her father, told him I was going to kill him and his wife for saying something that wasn’t even towards me. I then told her sister that she was a slut, and told her husband that she was a cheater. They recently filed for divorce, and that is my fault. I never liked her family, but I tolerated them for her, but that ended when they took shots at my anger. They told her that it was stupid for her to be with me, due to the fact that I haven’t worked in a year. I have been searching for employment, but it is hard to find a job. Now not only do they hate me, she also hates me. My own wife hates me, and I can do nothing about it. We tried to go through marriage counseling, but that was a waste of time. The therapist was a woman and babied my wife through the whole class, saying that I should give up everything to make her happy, and that I am a bad husband. Now I see it, I am a bad husband, I’m my fathers’ son.
I think about these things on a daily bases, usually I walk to clear my mind, but tonight its not working. I feel more angry since I started walking. Thoughts come through my head, saying I should have stayed home. I feel unsafe, As if I might explode if I go home. But if I don’t go home, then she will think that I cheated, and that would lead to, yet another big fight. I already have to explain why I was out until  12 in the morning. But that will be much easier to do, than to explain why I didn’t come home at all. I walk through our front door and round my way up the stairs. She was sitting on the couch with a cell phone lit up in her hand. The look that she gave was deadly, I knew this was going to turn out well. I smiled, but she didn’t find it funny. “Where have you been?” I shook my head and replied “I had an episode and passed out.” She giggles and spits back “Whatever, another damn episode, get some help…loser.” My blood began to boil, the words that my dad always called me exited her mouth as venom. I lifted my hand in anger, trying to get her to stop, but she didn’t. “Why don’t you get your life together.” I snapped. “Screw you, you are stupid. You can root in hell with your parents.” The room got real quite before she jumped up and began to hit me in the face with her phone. My hands shot up in defense as I tried to get her to stop. She kept hitting me, each time the punches weakened my defense. I blacked out, and began to fight back. I pushed her to the ground and got on top of her. My first hit was an accident, but I enjoyed the feeling it gave me. All the bottled up angrier that I kept inside finally was out. I stopped after three hits, thinking that was the end of the fight. But then out of nowhere, she nailed me in the balls with her knee and attempted to get up. I grabbed her leg and pulled it back down. I was the stronger of the two, so I forced my way off the ground, and walked into the kitchen. This was a clear attempt to get away from her, but she followed as she threw a glass at me. It missed and smashed into the wall. I shouted a few words, then she attacked again. She grabbed the knife off the counter and lunged the tip towards me, she missed. I lowered my elbow into her forearm forcing the blade to the ground. She reached for the handle, my knee implanted into her stomach. She fell to the ground. This time I got on top of her. I was trying to get her to stop before something bad happened. She clawed at me, scratching the inside of my eye. My vision went red, my eye was fully covered in blood from the inside. My body got weak as I grabbed the frying pan from the cover. I swung one time, slamming the flat plate against her skull, she was knocked out. I thought that was the end, I was surely going to jail, my marriage was over. I began to spaz out, thinking to myself “What can I do?” So I took the knife and plummeted it into her gut, she arose from her sleep, screaming in agony. I apologized as I twisted the blade and drug it down her gut. Her eyes turned lifeless, her lips turned blue. I had to think fast on what I could do to not go to jail, then I thought of the perfect plan. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote:
“Don’t come looking for me. I am Larry Olsen, Travis Olsen’s dad. If I find out that you came looking for me, I will kill Travis as I killed Rebecca, his wife. I have longed for the day that I could have my son back into my arms, and nothing will take him from me again. This is why she had to die, she held him back from me.”
I left the note on her dead body, after I tied her up and put a bag over her head. I took the knife with me so they couldn’t take the DNA off the evidence. The cops will see this as a strike against my father, and I can go on living my own life again. I will move states and pray that no one in her family sees me out-and-about. What if they do though? I ask myself instantly. I would like to think I would let them be, say they are insane and go on with my day, but the true answer is; if anyone spots me, that’s where they stand alone, dead. The same way my mother laid, and the same way that Rebecca lays now. I didn’t want to do this tonight, but like I said before; I am my fathers son!