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New year, old me

Posted: January 22, 2017 in Uncategorized
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The new year is officially started. I happen to stumble across my new year’s resolution from 2012. This was a short post, but it’s cool to see how much I have changed. 

How have you changed? Let me know and enjoy!!!! 

So since its January I would like to tell you guy’s some of my plans for the New Year. This year I will take the time that is needed to become the man of God that I really need to be, this will take some work (as it would with anyone) and some dedication. I believe that the last two years have been the roughest two years I have ever experienced. With this New Year I am making it a brand new start.

I have recently received “Gods Guy” from a friend for Christmas, this book was recommended to me by a friend at first, and as I looked into the small little silver bag, I found the book. I am so excited to see what God reveals to me through the book, and how he is going to affect the people around me!


    Imagine walking down a long, dark tunnel. This tunnel resembles your life and the choices that you have made. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The closer you get to the light, the more colder that the tunnel gets. You are freezing, but it gets worse. You are almost to the end, then it starts to pour water. You want to continue, but doubt gets to you. You don’t think that you can make it, so you stop. The light at the end of the tunnel becomes dim, then fades completely. This is what depression feels like. At first, you are strong, but then the weight of the world falls onto your shoulders. You want to carry on, but the hope is no longer driving you. You begin to feel alone and eventually you give up.


   350 million people are affected by depression worldwide. This is 5% of the whole world. Of the U.S.A we are looking at 16 million civilians that suffer from feeling alone or not good enough. People are likely to be depressed because of Brain chemistry, Hormones, genetics and/or personal risk factors, which include: Low self-esteem, physical or sexual abuse, diabetes or other major health factors, alcohol or drug abuse, medication side-effects, also the history of their family can play a big part in their health. Women are also more likely to suffer from depression than men are.

   Suffering from depression can really hold someone down and make their life unbearable. If the feeling of being alone isn’t enough, there are other effects that depression will cause. These effects consist of becoming angry easily, not being able to control your anger, anxiety issues, loss of interest in something that you love to do, being stuck in the past, and having suicidal thoughts. This becomes hard to live a life when you have no passion to do anything, especially the hobbies that you use to love to participate in.  With no interest in doing anything, one could only imagine what negative effects this will have on the body. There are a huge amount of additional effects that bring harm to your body, and should not be ignored.
   The physical effects are pretty serious and are usually easy to spot. This is why they ask you to keep an eye for these things. Insomnia, fatigue, and random aches and pains might be hard to catch, as the person might not speak up about it. But you might be able to catch these next few things easier. Weight gain/loss in a rapid form. You will be able to catch if someone is losing a lot of weight (or gaining) quickly. Increase or decrease in appetite should also be easy to catch on to. Also, they could have a hard time concentrating. If the person is big into art, but can’t find time to concentrate on art, then youmight want to talk to them. This is a pretty huge deal, because the next sign is more dangerous; cutting/self harm. You will be able to see the marks (sometimes not so easily) but this shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you ever find someone is cutting, you need to talk them into getting help, immediately.

  Being a friend to a person with depression can be hard, but God gives us help in his word. Three scriptures stood out to me today, all of them pointed to this topic. These scriptures can guide you to help those in need, or they can help you as you fight depression, yourself. The first Scripture was

Deuteronomy 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Psalms 34:17 “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”

1 Peter 5: 6-7 “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

   God will never leave his people. He is always there for you, all you have to do is cry out for him. He knows that you are not strong enough to face the giants, alone, that is why he is there with you. You must first humble yourself, then you and God will be able to escape the feeling of world being on your shoulders. But, remember, as the children of God, it is also our job to go out and help those in need. We have to watch for the signs. Suicide is a huge problem, but with our kind hearts, we could change all of that! It is time for us to help those in need. It is our time to stand with those who feel alone.

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What happened to Bart?


I have had a few people ask me what happened to Bart. The last time that we saw our friend, he was actually holding Jason Voorhees hostage. I didn’t know why he wanted a cage, but I bought it for him. I then came home to see Jason locked up. I tried to tell Bart about how serious this is, but he didn’t listen. He put the key up and went back to his life. This was suppose to be the end, but then Freddy had to show up. Freddy was granted a favor if he let Jason out. I don’t know the details, but I know that Freddy hurried to get the key and allow him to leave.

So what happened? The story will start again, soon. The story will involve Bart being terrified as he feels like someone is watching him. The only problem is that Freddy is playing with his mind, tricking him to think that Jason is still in the cell. This is when Bart thinks that he is just going crazy. He will lay his worries aside and will go back to living life.

If you know anything about Jason, you will know that he waits for the victim to slip up. This is when he will attack and start a war between the group. Freddy gets what he wants and he will leave, but I can promise that he will be back sooner than you think. He will play a huge role in the story, but for now Jason will fight alone. Bart might not be able to win this fight, but he is going to give it his all, even if it means he dies. Jason is pissed, so this is going to be a nasty fight, especially with the help that he has. Lets just say; the group has a lot to overcome. This is going to be an exciting story to tell. I hope that you will enjoy it. How do you think the story will end? Please tell me in the comments.

This was just a quick update to let you guys know that I am still telling a story here. Bart is still a big project on my mind. I have just been super busy, so I haven’t been able to do the photo shoots or anything with special effects. But, I plan on putting some time aside so I can get this done. Other than that, know that Bart is doing well, with his posse. 

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The flipping glow of success.

What is Success?

Success is the favorable result in a situation. Success is something that many want and will spend their whole life trying to achieve. Though many will try to be successful, many will find it very challenging. It might be hard to find success in the path that they take, but it isn’t impossible. Hard work comes before success, this is where many will fail. These people don’t want to work hard to get what they want, so this leads them to quit on what they are attempting to finish, leading to a big failure. If they would have worked harder or even taking a different path, they might have succeeded. Either way, they should have kept working hard, because great things happen to those who work hard.

This brings me to the point of this post. Over a year ago, I posted about making a giant splash in the writing world. I thought that it was going to be easy, but I found that it wasn’t even close to that. Finding the right crowd, the correct formulas and even finding the passion to write can be very hard at times. I know this from my failed attempt to make it big on Facebook. My page has yet to hit 100 likes, where as my friends writing pages have gathered over 1,000 in the last year. This is an upsetting fact, to know that what I thought was going to be the easiest part is now the hardest. It doesn’t seem hard to grow a page, I mean all you have to do is share, right? That is wrong! I find that to be the most annoying ways to grow. I don’t want to get big off of spamming people for their likes, but how am I suppose to get this page going? That is what is hard, because you need a formula.

I don’t have that formula, I don’t know how to get that formula. I wish someone would come along with a free trial, just so I can take what the formula taste like. There is a science behind getting people to want what you have. In order to find that out, you mainly have to be a peoples person, that is something I am not. I love people, but I don’t understand people. That is what screws me. How can I get someone I don’t understand to like something that I made?
In addition to all of this, once you begin to find the formula, you can be hit with writers block. This is what happened to me. Somewhere in the last year I found the formula, I was growing like nothing else, then it all halted. I forgot what to do, I lost the passion, and I began to spew out a bunch of half-hearted crap. These were post that I didn’t even like myself,  but for some reason I posted them. By the time I got my passion back, the crowd was gone. I miss my shot and now I can’t seem to find the formula again.

So I missed my chance to grow big, should I give up though? No! I find that trying to find the right formula is the greatest part of trying to get big. What appreciation would I have if everything was giving to me? If I was giving the chance to be famous (not something I want) I would turn it down. Being giving something like that would lead to me hating the position I’m in. This is because you love what you work hard for. I love our car because we had crap cars before, but also because we have to pay for it. Likewise, I love being a writer because I have to work hard to get better. When you put work into something, you want something to come out of it. You don’t want to waste time, so you will make sure that you do anything to allow your investment to grow. So just because I lost my chance, this doesn’t mean that I will give up. This is just another reason to bust my ass to get back to where I was. I must put in the work to gain the reward.

I am wanting to succeed as a writer. It is my goal to be known, so if I have to fail a thousand times to do so, you better know that I am going to do so. I don’t care if it takes forever to do so, just know that I will look failure in the face and laugh! Because I know I have something special. Failure has no place for me!!!


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Hi there, 

  How are you doing? I am glad to hear that. You must be excited for the holidays, I know I surely am! I can’t wait for the special day when we get to open presents! It’s going to be great this year. Would you like to know why? I really hope you said yes, or this might be awkward for you. 

  Oh crap! I always forget to tell people my name. Hello, my name is Lennon. I am currently one of the top Elves at the N. Pole. This is a great job because we get new jobs every year. This is what I have to talk to you about. Santa says that I need to “reach out” to promote what I do. This is where you’re needed. I am a sex slave and I need you to subscribe. 

  I need the numbers…it’s really freaking important. If I don’t the numbers, Santa says I can’t come inside. Do you know how cold it is here? Of course you don’t, it’s F…… Cold…. So please just take a second and give me a chance. I have a lot to offer! 

  You might want to know what I can do? Well I can bend all the way back, I can fetch, I’m a great singer, I have a sexy dancing body! I can do things with my tongue that even girls can’t do. Overall, I am a full package. Oh did I tell you I can clean, pay bills, and I’m great with children! I am what every single wants, so why not give me a flipping chance? 

   If you give me that one chance, I promise that you won’t want to give me back. It doesn’t even have to be about sex, I am warm blooded, so we can cuddle and you would love it! I think I’m selling it, let’s talk about the application and costs.
  For the applications; we only need your name, number, address, recent std test, and a valid credit card. All information is confidential and we shred it when you return me!!! No problem with saftey here:)
   Now, I know you are paying for Christmas, so I will give you a HUGE discount. Usually, I am $19.99 for 1month. But with it being so close to Christmas, I am going to pay for over 50%. You will only be paying $5.99 for the rest of this month and the entire month of January. That is a huge deal, one that you can’t pass up! What are you waiting for? Oh you need the number. That’s right!!!!  1-800-sex-elf1

Call, I will be waiting 😉

What is really hurting me is that people are hurting. This is the season for everyone to come together and feel loved. Christmas is about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each others company as you celebrate. It doesn’t matter your beliefs, it doesn’t matter about money, all that matters is that you are together. Christmas is suppose to be about love, so why is everyone having such a rough time? Why do I see more depression and broken hearts, more death and a lot more negativity? Is it my set of friends or is everyone having a horrible season of holidays? Either way, what can we do?

I am a huge Facebook user, and each day I sign in and spend hours looking through post. I like to keep up with old friends, that I don’t usually talk to. I also like to share in special memories of others, such as babies, new cars, and much more. One of the biggest things I love to read are praises or small things that make peoples lives awesome. Recently, I found out that a close friend went on a prayer walk, one to get himself closer to God. He had a great time and got a lot from it. These little things make me so happy, then we also have those post about a girl that can’t take life anymore, these post are what get me upset.

Where, in life, do we find ourselves in so much pain that we have nothing to live for? I remember laughing and having a great time, as a child. Yet, somewhere we were giving a curse of depression? When did life get so hard? I’m not sure, but it is a huge problem.

We are talking about MILLIONS of people that suffer from depression. These are people that feel unwanted, abused, torn, worn, and alone. At one time, these people were happy, but something happened to where they fell and hit rock bottom. One of the main reasons is death. Everyone has lost someone due to death, it is the cycle of life, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. A death in the family can tear apart the most perfect relationships. A death as a mother can leave children broken for life, making it hard for them to even get through the day. Other reasons for depression can be; Failed classes, failed dreams, breakups, being ignored, loss of friends, money problems, and bullying. The list can go on for hours, but that isn’t the point. The point is; we have the chance to change this, by simply being there for them during the hard times!

I don’t want to see anyone hurting, especially during the holiday seasons. We are meant to be happy individuals, so what can we do? The answer is simple; we need to show them that they are loved. This doesn’t have to be a big gesture, it can as simple as texting them and telling them you love them, or inviting them over to your house for dinner. The smallest gestures can help tremendously. People just want to be wanted. They want to know that you are thinking about them. This is why Bart and I are sending out love!

I want to call this “Love for Christmas; A Better Gift.” This is where I will try to find those who are hurting and I will let them know that I am thinking about them! Bart (My Christmas Stuffed Animal) will write everyone (in pain) a small note, informing that person that they aren’t alone. I don’t know if this will help, but I have to do something. I think everyone of you guys should do the same. Write a small note to those you love, telling them that you are thinking of them, praying for them, or that you love them. It doesn’t have to be a long message, but I promise it will mean the world to those in pain. This Christmas, we need to let everyone know that we are together, as one, to celebrate. Will you do it?


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Uh oh, I’m back 😉
There was a post a few week ago called “Two donkeys, one midget.” Welcome to the second part. Enjoy mother feckeurs….
There’s a lot to cover, so don’t interrupt me. I would hate to slay you while I spit against haters and fools, but I’m not worried to do it. Anyways, sit back and shut up. Don’t talk, don’t stand, simply hope that you aren’t in this. Because if you are then you are going to need a paramedic!
First off, Brother don’t screw with me. You think you’re cool, but you don’t even own your own business. You are a hopeful peasant that feeds off someone else’s fame. You wouldn’t be where you are if you didn’t talk to famous people. The worse part is that the people aren’t even famous. You can ask anyone and they wouldn’t know who the heck you’re talking about. I even asked about him and people looked at me dumb. But keep thinking that you are cool as you talk to people that don’t matter. You say you’re further in your career, but you are actually three steps behind. You’re blog is weak and full of mistakes. Where is your content, though? You post three post in the last three months and want to say you’re still relevant? Keep getting the traffic from famous people, because that is your only chance at going anywhere. Keep your mouth shut, don’t make me go off again. You need to worry about paying your bills and worrying less about me.
I wake up every morning at the same time, but sometimes I get behind. I don’t know where the time goes, so get off my back, loser. You keep opening the doors and waiting to attack me. You follow me to the door and call me out once it’s open. Most of the time you say “Look who’s late!” Watch me as I tear you open and leave you to the dogs. That is where you belong, to the dogs. Don’t start crap early in the morning, and you wouldn’t have to worry about being on this track. You’re my brother, but don’t screw with me, since you don’t know what goes on. I try to get there on time and some days I do. Try to do yourself a favor and keep my name out of your mouth, beotch.
I put those near me down, there was just a guy outside. He was looking for something, but I didn’t care. I should have sick my dog on him. I should have released the beast, but he isn’t a beast. The taste of the dumbass would have killed Nims, that’s something that I wouldn’t want. Anyways, this sleezeball wanted to walk by and stare. Fool, you are nothing better. Yeah, I might be in my shorts and a cut-off shirt, but that doesn’t mean anything. I am not trying to be thuggish, so don’t judge a book by its cover. I could judge you but it would be too easy. First, you’re fat. You couldn’t get out of my front door with your overlapping rolls. You must have just got back from an all you can eat buffet, but where the buffet at? Oh yeah, you went crazy and ate the whole building. Your eyes are crossed, stupid. That is why I had to look at you. You fooled me with your constant stare. I thought you were staring when you were actually looking forward the whole time!!!!! You should get that checked out, before you get hurt looking at someone wrong.
We stand in remembrance of those who fell, but you sit on your knees. You should disrespect to those who fought for you. You might think that we hate you, but we never did. Sir, you weren’t alive for anything that you are griping about, so just shut up. But I do understand why you are sitting on your knees. You are just doing what you are good at, and that is getting ready to suck. You’re a washed up piece of shit. This isn’t even about the protesting, because I understand that, this is about you being a washed up dumbass. You lost to a crap player and now you sit on the bench. Sadly, you only got one minute in the blowout. The practice squad only had to worry about you for a minute, yet you still think someone is watching you? No one cares! The only reason anyone cares, is because of the money that big newsstands make from the story! Colin, no one cares about you. WE care about those who are unfairly treated, this isnt about them. No! We love them, but Colin, WE HATE YOU. Have fun being cut from the team….loser.


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     It was 15 years ago, today when the world came to a screaming halt. Since that day, this country hasn’t been the same. That day was full of sorrow but also was full of courage. 9/11 was set in history as the worse day in Americas history. Today is the 15th year anniversary and I want to share about what was going through my head and what I was doing, during this scary and heartbreaking day!

Over 2,000 people were taken from us during the attack on our country. This attack was on 9-11-2001, when an enemy ran a plane through our world trade centers. I was in class when this happened, probably first grade. I didn’t know what the teachers were nervous about, but they didn’t seem to hide their expressions. All I remember is being told that I was going home, which I knew it wasn’t time, which raised my suspicion. When I got home, my mother and father were waiting for me. They sat me and my sick sister down, this is when they told us that we were under attack but we would be safe. My dad had printed off some pictures and gave them to us. After the pictures were giving, I was told to get ready. I hurried to my room and got my stuff, grasping tightly to my photo. I got in the car and we left. Five minutes later, we showed up at our church. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, which was strange on a Tuesday.

     We got out of the car and were directed to the alter, where people were weeping. I still had no idea what was going on. I walked up to the pastor and gave him the picture. I will be honest, I thought I was the coolest kid ever with the photo. I was giving a hug and told something (I can’t rmember) but when the pastor told me the message, I felt my heart drop! Something in his voice informed me that this wasn’t a good thing and that we needed to stand together.

Now, as I am old enough to know what happened, I feel horrible. I find it hard to believe what happened, or what could convince a person to do such a horrible thing! I hurt for those who were affected by the actions that day, I couldn’t imagine the pain that those people must be feeling. But also during that day we saw something, we saw our people stand together! We stood together for our nation, we were united. That’s what is great about America; is that under attack we will come together and fight hand-in-hand.

    I took a second today and thought about the people that we loss. We lost a vast amount of people that were in the centers, but we also lost a huge amount of brave responders. During the darkest hour, these brave men and women went to work. They put their lives on the line; to protect us and give us hope. The responders spent hours searching and fighting while trying to get it under control. Families lost their fathers, mothers, grandpas, grandmas, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends because they were compelled to stand in front of danger for us. These are the people that we need to remember on this day. This day is in remembrance of those who fought, our heroes!

   Today is an emotional day for most. We are all taking it in a different way, some are lost and some aren’t, but we are all doing one thing; we are remembering. We stand together and remember those who we loss, the people that stood for us and those who fell for us. We remember the day that this world stopped turning, also the day that we looked hatred in the face and said “Bring it on.” We will never forget that day those who we lost! Take a second and remember a falling hero!


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True love
Today is perfect for this post for two reasons; I just got home from a wedding and its my three year (and seventh month) anniversary. I also have a two year anniversary (Marriage) coming up in ten days. With all these anniversaries around this time, also with September being like national marriage month, this post is perfect for day 2 of the #Hopingtogoviral challenge. This post will go deep into what love is, and what you can do to get to that point.
Love is very serious. Not only can it make someone’s life a million times better, it can also destroy that person in seconds. Love is one of the strongest verbs in the dictionary and it shouldn’t be played with. Playing with love has shown to have negative effects on the player, at times leaving them love sick, hopeless, devastated and regretful. It is very important to know what love is, before you take upon yourself to fall into it. If you fall into love too soon, your premature mind might get wrecked, ultimately causing you to ruin the relationship, leaving you hurt in the end. Today, we will go over the simply traits of love (found in 2 Corinthians 13) and we will see if you are the true definition of love.
I am not one to bring the bible into my posts, but today is an exception. The reason I will be talking about the bible is because of it’s definition of Love. Paul was very precise and detailed when he talked about love. The bible breaks down love into a list of what is & what love isn’t. This is usually said during any wedding, so I am sure you have heard them! They are: Love is Patient, Love is kind, it doesn’t envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves, love never fails!

Now we have a good image of love, how do we measure up? During the wedding, the preacher told everyone to put their name in the spots where it says love. Then you are to say it again, this time with your names, and see how well it sounds. While you say this, you are to think, “Am I this?” This will help you get better at your short comings, as a couple. After you notice what you need to get better at, you will then have a mission, as a couple, that being; help each other get to where they need to be. Love is about growing together, so take this as a challenge. Get together with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or a future interest and see where you sit. This will help you learn what love is, and could show you if it will work or not. I know this will change your relationship and your life. Don’t take this likely, there is more on the line than we know!
I will be doing this with my wife, so that we can find where we can change. I see this helping us more than we know, as its hard to see when you think your doing fine. I don’t think we are the full meaning of love, we fail a lot in certain parts of our love, but we could obtain full love with this activity. We are willing to take on this obstacle, hoping that one day we can be the perfect definition of true love! One day, we could be looked up to when learning about love, now how sweet would that be?


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   Day 1 of the #Hopingtogoviral challenge will cover the picture above! I found this on one of my writing pages, and I instantly fell in love! Who couldn’t love 3 easy ways to do anything, especially staying motivated while writing. I have found that failure is hard to overcome, especially when you are trying to live your dream. But with these three simply steps, you will be able to get up and continue the race! I hope you really enjoy and find light in this post!

    1. Create– You can’t expect to go anywhere if you don’t create anything. You will have to create something to get noticed. This could be an image, book or podcast. What you create is up to you, create something that expresses your inner being.
    2. Create again- now, I can guarantee that you will fail at some point. That is the harsh reality of being an artist. Not all of your art will be great but there will be a project that you will bomb. The biggest thing to remember, during these times, is to keep making content. People might put you down (for the previous failure) but you can use this to get better. During the time of rejection you can take their critism and find a way to improve. Let’s say you send someone manuscript and they say it sucks. Ask them why it sucks, after they tell you, use their criticism and work on what they said. You might find out that they were right! If you get rejected, never give up! You can’t allow one bad project to affect your future! Get off the ground, put on your big boy pants and start to create again!

      3. Just create- No matter the situation, never give up. Rejection will happen, it’s something that you will have to adjust to! After rejection or criticism continue to make content. You can’t allow it to get to you. Could you imagine if Stephen King stopped after his first rejection? He would have never made it. But he got back up, after every rejection, and he kept creating! So keep creating! You could be the next King, but you will never know if you stop, so continue to create!

       This is a great thing to keep a hold of! I know I have been rejected, many times, and it sucks. I wanted to quit, I wanted to say “F this” and pack up my bags, but that wouldn’t of helped. I would be miserable. Even with that, I have learned a lot with each rejection, lessons that I still use today! You can do the same, just don’t give up! I love you!