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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I won’t even attempt to tell you the history behind this day, I just know there were pilgrims, a bird and some yummy pie; all the things that still matter, even now. I bet they were sitting around a table, passing the feast that they worked so hard on, while telling their loved ones what they loved about them. I don’t think this holiday has changed all that much. I think the only thing that has changed is the fact that their families were really tight and they were actually grateful for things. Also, they probably didn’t have Christmas decorations up, yet. Gosh, what I would do to live back in their time. P.s. If you are the type of person to put up Christmas decorations before thanksgiving, know there is a special place in hell for you!

I know you are with family, so I’ll make this quick. I just wanted to say what I was thankful for this year. There’s so many things I am thankful for, and I plan to tell you guys every one of them. Sit back and enjoy, then tell me what you are grateful for!

Family- Of course, this has to be on the list. I am not only talking about my blood, but also you guys. Thank you for the support and keeping this blog alive. You guys are awesome, so keep doing what you are doing, but also my blood family. I know we don’t talk a lot but know that I do love you. I wouldn’t be me without you guys. I love you Grandma, Dad, Jakki, Jammi, Rikki, and Kenna. All the others that aren’t included know that you rock, also.

Job- I have to be thankful for the multiple jobs that I have. Between maintenance, Subway and construction, I don’t know how I have time. Either way, I am so thankful that I don’t have to sell drugs to buy groceries. I feel for those people. But that doesn’t stop me from being thankful.

Hobbies- We all know that I have a lot of hobbies, also that I like to quit hobbies quickly. But the one hobby that has never gotten old to me is writing. Yeah, I sometimes get burnt out, but I could never fully stop writing. It’s great to talk to myself in Word, but then be able to share those thoughts to you guys. It’s freaking cool!

My church- The situation is finally solved. I have done my time. Something really awesome came from this experience, though. During the lowest of my lowest time, I was able to find my passion for God, again. I was also able to find a home church. I love the people there, I love the atmosphere, and I love that it accepted me in my dirtiest, as one of their own! I am glad to be in this church.

Josh- Thank you for being awesome, josh. You don’t know how much you have changed my life. You have always known what to say in the hardest times. You were there when I needed you the most, and I’m thankful to have you in my life!

Ariel- my wifey! I know I make you mad, and I know that you have planned my murder a hundred times, but I know you could never kill me. I am thankful that I met you years ago. I love you more now than I ever have. Thank you for going to church with me and supporting me through everything. I can wait to grow old with you and finally have little Bentley.

Life- I am so thankful for another day of life. So many people have been taken from us! I am sorry for any one of those families. It has to be hard to lose someone that you are so close to, I couldn’t imagine the feeling. I am thankful that I am still living.

Everything- I don’t take for granted anything in life. If you have a part in my life, know that I cherish you.

I hope you guys have a good day. I know I am ready to tear into some good ole fashion turkey. I pray God’s hand over all of you, especially if you’re traveling. Take a minute and comment what you are thankful for. I would love to hear it!


Whoo buddy! 2017 is finally here.


It is no longer 2016. We have turned the page and we are now looking towards the future. I’m glad to say that 2016 doesn’t have a tie on me anymore, because that year sucked. But, with faith, I believe 2017 will be the year for some amazing breakthroughs as addition to all the other amazing things that will happen. To make this year great, I want to actually make some resolutions. Resolutions for myself have never worked out. I always lose the paper and forget what I set myself out to do during the 365 days! This year, I am taking precaution and telling you guys. Feel free to keep me accountable to my goals, because I know it will be tough to complete all of these things. Lets get started.

10. Get the hell out of dodge. We (Ariel and I) are tired of this place. We have dealt with some nasty things in this house and I am done. Our landlord doesn’t want to take our complaints serious, even though there is mold in the walls, so we will show her. We will leave this place and finally buy our own house. I have been so stubborn with making that decision, but with the car accident happening, I don’t want to have to learn another “lesson” so it’s time to leave.

9. Cut Soda will be the hardest thing, ever. I love to drink MTN Dew and other various carbonated drinks, but honestly; that stuff is poison to your body. This is why I have made the decision to make tonight my last night with soda.

8. Eat healthier and taking care of my body more is just as important. I have falling off the deep-end and I don’t know how to swim. I really hate how I feel, so why not make the change? This comes with a better lifestyle. If I want to be fit then I will have to eat like a fit person.

7. Getting glasses. I know that I have needed glasses and I am going to do something about that now! I am going to a doctors office and I will be getting glasses. Life is about cherishing the small moments, but how can I cherish them if I can’t see them? I might be scared, but I need it done!

6. Surrounding myself with people that love me. My whole life I have been the man on the outside. It was a nice place to be because then it was harder to get hurt, but that life is sucky, also. This year, I want to spend time getting to know people, going out with people more, and embracing those who love me. Happiness is found in those who love you, its time to let those people in.

5. Read and write more is important. I have a thousand books, but I never read them. Stephen King says “A good writer is a good reader.” I can’t become the best writer if I refuse to read. Also, I need to  write more on my two novels. I keep saying I want to write a novel, yet I have two in the process. It is time to stop being lazy and get them written.

4. Be happier at work. I am a Debby downer when I am at work. One small thing happens and it ruins my mood. This has to change in 2017. I have to find that love for my job, or I might need to find a new job. Either way, I can’t be miserable at a place for the majority of the day, anymore. It is time to be happier!

3. Be nicer. Now, it is okay to be sarcastic, but I must also know when it’s gone too far. This year, I will learn to be nicer in certain situations, because I want people to like me, which cant happen if I’m being a complete asshole.

2. Achieve my goal in Special Effects. I said I wanted to eventually be a makeup artist at a haunted house. This is my first big milestone, so this year I want to achieve that. If that is all I do in special effects, that is okay with me!

1. Raise Impromtdude to the next level/Blogging for money has always been a dream. This dream will come true this year. I’m going to set my whole being to make sure this happens. I am tired of staying in the same place; it is time for a change. Get ready, 2017, its go time!

These are just a few of many goals. I have a lot planned for 2017 and I am ready to take it all on. There is no time to wait, anymore. I am ready to do great things. It is time to find my happiness in this world, more happiness than the day I met Ariel. It is time to find my purpose. Are you ready? If not, you better get ready because it is now 2017! Happy New Year!

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10.Bread Pudding
9. Cookies- Sugar, Snicker doodles, PB, Oreos
8. Crème Pies
7. Apple Crisp
6. Caramel
5. Chocolate Fudge
4. Peanutbutter Fudge
3. Peppermint Cheesecake
2. Molten chocolate lava cake
1. Grandmas Butterscotch pie


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Being an elf is hard sometimes


    I was born to two amazing people thirty-two years ago. We spent most of our lives in a small town next to the north pole. As a child I wanted to be a part of the big man in the suit. My life would be complete if one day I was offered a job with Santa clause. I wouldn’t even care if the job was to wash his sleigh every year, that is all I want. I want to be able to say that the most magical man noticed me, I want my story to be like Rudolph’s.
In school I was always picked on, all due to the fact that I am a certified “Little person.” Yes I am only 3’2. I wasn’t able to play sports because I was too slow. My legs were too small for Basketball, and I couldn’t see above the lineman for football. I had no other talents other than art. But my dream to become an artist was cut short, my teacher was someone that hated “little people” so my art could be better than anyone else in the class, yet he would say that it wasn’t good enough. My final was a sculpture of Rudolph. The detail was so deep, I spent hours making the fur that a reindeer would have. I had faith that nothing would stop the teacher from giving me an A+.
I walked into the class room with the sculpture tightly in my arms. The whole day all of my friends were in Awe of the beauty of my talent. They were trying to buy it from me, but even the most money in the world wouldn’t be enough, this piece of art was for one purpose. The purpose was to get my teacher to overlook my physical being and see the heart that I had for art. I walked to my table, and jumped up on the seat, I was patiently waiting for the professor to tell me to present, but he never did. He skipped over me and went to the next person in line. I thought it was because he oversaw me, but as I started to believe that he wasn’t going to forget me. He began to teach the next lesson in class. This was after everyone in class had presented their projects. All thirty-five kids had their shot at fame in this class. But yet again, I was forgotten. But I wasn’t going to give up. I will have my five minutes of fame. But more, I will have my chance to hear the professor congratulate me on doing such a fine job.
“Sir, You forgot me.” My voice echoed off the walls, as the rest of the class stopped their group conversations. The teacher raised his eye-brow at me. He seemed to be irritated that I said something. But he simply rolled his eyes and lifted his hand at me. “Go, Rich. You have five minutes.” My heart began to sing a song of nervousness. There was a thunderstorm going through my body as I grabbed my sculpture and made my way to the podium. I got half way through the classroom before I felt the first sweat drop off my head onto my soggy arm. My hands were moist from the sweat, I began to lose grip off the statue, but before dropping it on the ground, I regained my composure.
I got to the podium and began to present the project to the class. They were truly in awe of the talent that was placed into this project. I heard the sounds of gasp that they were letting out as I told them the features of the reindeer. Such as the fact that it can move, or that the eyes blink. But the thing they loved the most was the detail of the fur. But I wasn’t satisfied still. I wanted to hear the teachers opinion. I looked towards his desk, and I saw what broke my heart, he was asleep. He quickly woke up and looked at me. “Are you done? Good!” He got up and wrote something on the letter and stuck it to my project. He then pushed me towards my chair. There was a tear that formed in the corner of my eye, it quickly rolled down my cheek.
I got back to my chair and opened up the letter that he placed on Rudolph. “Give up art, you have no style.” The words broke my heart, I wanted to leave the room, so I got up from my chair and grabbed the Reindeer off the desk. I got to the door before the teacher noticed. “Sit back down!” I had the door already open, but I was about to tell him how I felt. But I couldn’t speak so I turned back around to walk away. As I rotated to the door, the solid wood door slammed against me. Pieces of my hard work fell violently to the ground, breaking into smaller pieces. My eyes swelled in hatred as the waterworks fell from my eyes. I ran all the way home that day, crying the whole way home.
When I got home, I began to throw all of my older projects at the wall, but when it came to my most recent project, I stopped. I picked it up from my desk and looked in his eyes. “Santa, I wanted to make you proud. I made over a thousand toys, cookies, and gingerbread houses. This was all to gain your attention. I thought maybe if I made a Rudolph sculpture, I could be noticed by my teacher, which then could tell you about me. But he hated it. I don’t know what else I can do. I give up.”
As I said that my dream was over. The window to my room blew open with forceful snowy-winds that began to rip my posters off my wall. I tried to get up to the window, but I kept falling from the gusting winds. I fell hard to the ground, but as I was on my back, I looked up into the snow. The snow was forming a funnel cloud. I was in the middle of my first snow tornado. But as the winds began to swirl, the snow began to turn different colors. Then all of a sudden the winds stopped and the window slammed shut. I looked all around my room and saw nothing. But then as I looked back to the window, there my hero stood. Santa Clause was in my room, and he had a special message for me.
“Now Richy. I have always noticed you. I was just waiting for you to have faith in yourself as strong as the faith that you have in me. I have something special to ask you. You have great talent, and I need that this year. I lost a few of my elves to the shelves of America. I need a few magical elves that I can trust to deliver great toys. Will you help me?”
That night changed my life forever. I would like to say that I saved Christmas, but that is way to big for an elf to say. I helped majorly though, and now I have the right to say that I am Santa’s’ main elf. I just had to have faith in myself, something that I never had. That is all Santa wants, is a few young men and women to have faith in their selves.  You never know, maybe Santa needs you this year.

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