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I know that there will be haters, or people that don’t understand my material. Maybe some of them will be right, maybe their reasons will be solid, but they will still be haters to me. Or maybe the reasons will be complete non-sense. There will be people that will get offended by something you say, even if it isn’t something you meant to be offensive. This is the life of an artist. This world is full of people who get offended over bathrooms, so I have to ready myself to be hated, and when I get my first hater, this is what I want to say to them;

Dear hater,
    I see that you attempt to bring me down to your level, but you can’t knock me off my mountain. I have been sitting here for years, I have a house here; I am planted into the ground here. You will need to do something no one has ever done, remove me from my rock. This will never happen, because I have trained for you. I have spent years preparing for you. You are two steps behind, and you will not gain ground, you simply can’t beat me at this game. You can try, but be ready to fall down, be prepared to fail. I hope you do, that battle would be fun. I can’t wait for you to come onto my court, be prepared to have your ankles snapped. I will Crossover on you, like Steve Nash, and leave you in the dust.

I am smarter than you, I spend more time thinking about this. You think that I would ever put my best against you? No, I will no waste that much time. Getting you to shut up isn’t worth my stress, not when I am smarter and have something more important, than a fight with you. I have my career in front of me, and I will not allow someone, as plain as you, to effect me. Your insults don’t hurt me, you can say what you want. You can go onto my page, and leave a thousand negative comments. I will leave them for motivation. I will leave them and write about how dumb you are, and guess what? I will then get views from your insults. Will that kill you? To know you are a part of my success? I surely hope so. I hope you see my success and it drives you insane. But mostly, I pray for you.

I don’t want to be the hateful kind, so I will pray for you. I want to pray that God gives you a good life. But don’t think my kindness will continue if you come against me, again, the same result will occur. You can’t beat me. My whole heart is in this, and I cant stop. You might write better than me, or you might have better ideas. But I have a heart that cannot be stopped. There is nothing that can stop me, if I stopped writing, I would die. I wouldn’t be able to move day-to-day without writing. I have more to lose. Thank you for hating. Don’t forget to get a beverage, because you will be waiting for a long time, if you think you are going to effect me.


Peace out haters!