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I wrote this letter when Ariel and I were first dating. We just got our own apartment together and were going through something, so I wrote this to her. I might not be the best person, but I know where my heart resides.

When you look into the mirror at times I don’t believe you see what I see.

When I look at your face I see true beauty! I also see the pain of a childhood that I wish I could take away but I can’t. If I could I would in a second, because you deserved so much better than what you got. I promise to always help you through the days that you feel the ugliest, because when you ask me what I think about you. My answer never changes. I think and know that you are the prettiest girl in this world. I wish one day you can look in the mirror and see what I have seen for the last 11 months!!!!

I walk up these stairs every day, yet I don’t see the just as a few pieces of wood. No I think of all the times we walk the same stairs to get to our cozy little room that we can officially call our own.

It makes me remember the day we came to this place to sign papers, knowing that it was official that we were living together. A lot has been said since then, but every night we go up these stairs, even if we are frustrated at each other, to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I treasure the chance to do this, especially with a princess like you babe!

One can say that love fades, but I find that to be a lie. We have been through a lot, more than most couples go through all their relationship. They would crumble under the weight of all the drama, hurt, past regrets, parental disagreements, threats, tears, and occasionally getting kicked out of your own house. But we lasted through the shit to see ourselves planning the most beautiful wedding in the history of marriage. I can’t wait for the day we can finally seal the deal and make our lives come fully together. To add another crazy ass to a family that’s crazy enough. It’s my pleasure to change your name. So when people say that love fades that’s just because they based their relationship on things that fade, but we based ours on things knowing that they would change and knowing we would have to adjust!!!


Well, I tried something new and failed. I actually went with the Browns and the Bears and they failed me, not like it was a shock though. We are looking at two doomed teams, I should have never trusted them. Other than that, I was able to watch the Chiefs game against Denver. The game came down to the final seconds in Overtime (after a td and a 2 point conversion to end regulation) in which the Chiefs kicker, Santos made the game winning td. This plus a few weak picks, I was able to save my great 93-64-2. Let us not look to the past, now we must look to the future. The future is bright, so lets get started.
Cowboys @ Vikings
Winner: Cowboys

Lions @ Saints
Winner: Lions

Rams @ Patriots
Winner: Patriots

Broncos @ Jags
Winner: Broncos

4th and 9ers @ Bears
Winner: Do I really have to pick? I guess the Bears…

Texans @ Packers
Winner: Packers

Chiefs @ Falcons
Winner: Falcons

Dolphins @ Ravens
Winner: Dolphins, with Tannehill having 3 tds and 340 yards.

Eagles @ Bengals
Winner: Eagles

Bills @ Raiders
Winner: Raiders, but Bills will keep it close!

Buccaneers @ Chargers
Winner: Bucs

Giants @ Steelers
Winner: Steelers

Redskins @ Cards
Winner: Redskins

Panthers @ Seahawks
Winner: Seahawks by 1

Colts @ Jets
Winner: Jets


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What can we say about last week, other than they were easy picks. This doesn’t include a few close games, but for the most part the better team won. Panthers were 4 points away from losing another, Vikings are starting to make a return, Browns are still a practice team, chiefs choked on a close game, Colts beat a conference team, and the Raiders might have lost if the Refs didn’t give the game away. Without Thanksgiving games being tallied, my new record is 83-58-2.
Now lets get in the new week:
Rams @ Saints

Titans @ Bears

Cardinals @ Falcons
WINNER: Falcons

Giants @ Browns
WINNER: BROWWNNNNNSSSSSS (Just watch and see!!!

Chargers @ Texans
WINNER: No one, we are doomed…..Chargers

    Jags @ Bills

Bengals @ Ravens
WINNER: Ravens by 4000.

     4th- and-9ers @ Dolphins
Winner: 9ers. Ultimate SADFACEEEE!!!##!!!!!

     SeaCocks @ BUCS
Winner: Seahawks

     Patriots @ Jets
Winner: Patriots

     Panthers @ Raiders
Winner: Raiders

    Chiefs @ Broncos
Winner: Broncos

Packers @ Eagles
Why the hell is this aMNF game? SMH, Winner: Eagles…


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Should I stay awake.

I have another close tomorrow, so that means I don’t have to go to bed early. This is always a great time to get writing done or to play a video game. With this being said, I am in a pickle. I don’t want to go to bed early, but also I don’t want to sleep all day. So should I just get to bed slightly late and still be able to enjoy a majority of tomorrow, or should I stay up late and get things done just to sleep most of the day away, tomorrow?  I don’t know what I should do, will you give me some insight?

If I did get to bed early tonight, I will be up early tomorrow and will be able to get things done, early. This is awesome since I will be well rested, but also I might get tired/warned down by the time of my shift tomorrow. This would lead to be more cranky and more out of it at work, which could be a very bad thing. I take a lot of pride into my work, so I don’t want it to be affected by what I do in the day, leading me to think that it would be smarter to stay up.

If I did stay up until late, then I would be able to get more done and would be able to sleep more during tomorrow. The biggest problem with that is; I don’t want Ariel to sleep alone. She doesn’t always hate to sleep alone, but I know that sometimes she wants me to be in the bed. I think this alone will put me to sleep early, but at the same time, I don’t want to. The only other problem is sleeping all day, this usually leaves me with a headache, one that also has an effect on my mood, though not as serious as the early bird effect.

Overall, I am in a pickle. I want to do both, but I don’t know what I should do. I want to spend the time with Ariel, but I also want to spend a lot of time on Video games. It has become Ariel Vs. Video games, which isn’t a good thing, so I will go to bed with her. This way I can be the best husband, ever. Then I will wait until she’s asleep and I will come back out and play the night away. PROBLERM SOLVEDED. We rock, thank you guys!


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Thankfully for the Titans coming back to beat the Lions, I was able to keep a record of 9-5 in week 2 picks. Though the Packers should have won, and I was too stubborn to go against my favorite team, a few other games were just amazing. The Rams went on to beat the struggling offense of Seattle, and the Raiders fell short to the Falcons. Other than that, the week went just like I planned. Now, with a record of 9-5, I bring you this weeks picks! (Including the close game of the week!)


Texans at Patriots
Winner: Texans

     Ravens at Jaguars
Winner: Jaguars

Redskins at Giants
Winner: Giants
(Close game of the week 21-18)

Lions at Packers
Winner: Packers

Browns at Dolphins
Winner: Browns

Vikings at Panthers
Winner: Panthers

Broncos at Bengals
Winner: Broncos

Cardinals at Bills
Winner: Cardinals

Raiders at Titans
Winner: Raiders

Rams at Bucs
Winner: Bucs

49ers at Seahawks
Winner: Seahawks

      Steelers at Eagles
Winner: Steelers

      Jets at Chiefs
     Winner: Chiefs

      Chargers at Colts
      Winner: Colts

     Bears at Cowboys
     Winner: Cowboys

      Falcons at Saints
     Winner: Saints

Few Notes:
Texans win due to the Patriots having to play Rookie, Jacoby Brissett (Garoppolo, shoulder Gronkowski, Ankle)

Packers will come out looking for vengance after that tough conference loss. Look for Rodgers to have a huge game.

Broncos only win if the defense plays well. The Bengals have allowed opposing defenses to get to Dalton, which could be a huge factor since they are facing Von Miller. We will see though. I also think its time to get Paxton ready!

Carson Wentz will have his first huge game, this Sunday. This will open everyone’s eyes to see if he is the future, or if he just was getting lucky. Wentz only had 180 yards to one of the worse defenses on MNF.

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    Well today was a fun day for my wife and I, as we were almost ran down by a careless driver. The worse part is we were in a parking lot and the person didn’t stop!
    Yeah, you heard me right, she didn’t stop. The women that was driving refused to stop as she backed up, even after seeing us….
     Ariel had a meeting for her job. I was just getting off work and decided to take her and wait in the parking lot, as we were going to GameStop afterwards. The meeting only lasted about thirty -minutes, only half the time that I expected. We swung by McDonald’s real quick, got some food, and drove over to the nearest GameStop. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew that there was going to be something there for me. We got to the business, found a close parking spot and parked.
   We got out of the car and walked to the door. When we entered the building, the guy behind the desk asked if we needed help. Not knowing fully what I was wanting I told him “not quite yet” and walked to the cheap games. The 9&under shelves are the first thing I look at, when I come to GameStop, because they usually have some classics that are really great games.
      After shuffling through the games, I picked up Madden ’07, for some Madden Challenges and such, and we made our way to the front counter.
    The guy was nice during the checkout process (he even talked about “Suicide Squad”) which is great. He gave me the change and the receipt and told us to have a great day, I responded with the same courtesy. I was happy with the games I bought, with the prices, and with the fact that now I got to go home and play the games. I was all smiles, until we got to our Lane.
    We were walking up to the car, when out of the corner of my eye, I see someone backing up. I figured they didn’t see us, so I pulled Ariel to the side, trying to alert her of the car. The car saw us, as I saw her looking through the mirror, yet she didn’t stop. I barely got Ariel out of the way before the car hit her. Luckily Ariel saw this car and moved, or this could be a different story! As the car almost clips Ariel, I yell ” what the fuck,dude.” This is when the driver, young black girl, starting to scream at me through the window (window was up) and drove off. I wanted to chase the car down, but Ariel asked me not to. I was pissed and probably spent a hour afterwards cussing the careless reject out.
     Thoughts of throwing my keys through her window felt nice, but I know that wouldn’t do anything, expect start more drama, making me glad I didn’t. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to pay attention and show some damn respect. It would only take seconds for Ariel and I to get to the car, but this woman was so impatient that she almost injured the woman of my life. I can’t stand people like her!!!! If you’re driving, please do me a favor, don’t be like this lady!!!!! Show respect and please pay attention!!!!!!




     Since Football is right around the corner, I want to share an old idea with you guys. I am a huge fan of Fantasy Football, but I am also impatient. I hate  waiting a week to play Fantasy, the pain finally would become too much, that is when I formed a new type of Fantasy, called  “The loser fantasy.” With the season coming around the corner, I will tell you guys how to play it. If you enjoy the game, then please tell me.. You will need Madden, and a game system. Feel free to create your own scoring!


Are you a big football fan, but don’t have any friends to join a fantasy football league with? Or do you believe you are not good enough to face off against strangers on your smarts about the players of the gridiron. I know how you feel, it can suck. But what if I told you, I had a solution? And all you would need is an old copy of madden? You would probably be happy, now wouldn’t you?!?
I have spent a few hours on this project, and have nearly perfected it. I can’t believe that it was as simple to make as it is to play. All you have to do is begin a new season, do a fantasy draft and begin to rack up the stats that will go on to be your overall score, such as normal fantasy football! Remember to turn off these four things if you don’t want the challenge: Pre-existing injuries, sim injuries, injuries, and salary cap. I turned them off in order to give a “perfect” play through. But you can do as you want.
I came up with this idea when I couldn’t wait for my next week of fantasy football, and didn’t want to dish out the money for “Ultimate team.” So I made this great game where you fantasy draft 10 players then let the draft auto pick the rest of the team. You get to pick a Qb, RB, 2 Wr, Te, 2 Cb, MlB, Dt, and K. This is now your overall set-up.
Now don’t think that the four defensive players you drafted will make for your whole defensive score. The reason you pick the four defensive player is to give you four players that you can trust as the draft can pick anyone for you. This will ensure that you have a decent defense no matter what happens. Now if you choose to go a different way and draft a SS instead of a Dt, that is your choice. Just remember you are graded on how many sacks you get in the season. Every point you receive can make or break a game.
Now with your team set, it is time to set your division, in order to know who you will be playing fantasy against. I chose the top 4 teams in the nfl ranked by their overall due to the draft: I chose these four teams: (NFC) Bears and Saints and (AFC) Steelers and Colts. You can choose the teams all based on who you want to play against.
If you don’t like the draft picks that you got (the ones you picked) you can do two things. You can trade to one of the non-fantasy teams, but the player that you trade for must sit out one week, count this as his “moving bye week.) If you can’t wait for the waiver to clear, then it is best if you hit the free agency. The only bad thing about Free agency is that there are lower ranked players, but sometimes the “Sleepers” are the best.
With you having your line-up, now is time to know how the scoring works.
Completion = 1 point
Incompletion = -1
Yards = 1point/20 yards
Touchdown = 5
Interception= -2
Fumble = -2
Sacked = -1

Yards = 1 point/ 10 yards
Touchdown = 6 points
Fumble = -2
Carries = 1 point per touch

Dropped passes = -1/drop
Td= 6 points
Yards = 1/10 yards

Def- This includes ( 2 Cbs, 1 Mlb, 1 Dt) (only these players can be selected in draft, but the score is based on whole defensive play!)
Points against = -1/point
Yards = -1/ 100 yards
Sacks = 2
Tackles = 1/tackle
Int = 4
Recovered fumble = 2
Tds = 5

Fg made = 2
30+ = 4
Fg miss ( Fg miss (>30 yards) = -2

If you like “Loser Fantasy drafts” please give me a shout out and I will play with you. It will be fun to interact with other football lovers. Thank you. Enjoy!!!!

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   Have you ever wanted to go back in time, or do something that you did as a child? Have you ever had times, in your life, that you missed the simple days, and wished that you could have another opportunity to make up for lost time?

   When we were kids things were so simple. Life was easy as children, we never had to worry, and we could enjoy the small things. I know as a child, I was fascinated by twigs, sticks, stickers, and any toys that were available. I could turn anything into a toy, and I would never get upset if I didn’t get a specific item. I’m happy now, but I know I was happier then.

   Pokémon has made a return, one that has everyone freaking out. I’m not a huge fan of Pokémon, but with the release of the new game, it has caused me to want to go back in time. I was very young when I started to collect the cards. I use to get the cards out of a local vending machine, inside a grocery store, and I still have all of my original Pokémon cards, and remember playing the Gameboy advance game. I was so fascinated with collecting every card, oh how the time has passed.

     Sadly, I don’t find the classic game fun anymore. I haven’t touched the cards or played any of the games, in years. But I did do something today that will help me go back in time a little. Though, it isn’t the Pokémon game, I did buy an old favorite from Disc Replay, today. It was a game that I originally spent hours playing on the gamecube. I started many games, made many characters, and won a lot. The game isn’t super old (like Pokémon) but it is a game that will help me “go back.” This game is “Madden ’09” and it’s a fan favorite.


    Back in the day, I was a big card player (yugioh and Pokémon) but as I grew up I got more into sports and sports games. I remember playing “Madden 98” on the PS1 with friends, never knowing how to properly play, or knowing who played for what team. We simply played to spend time together. It was always a blast, there was truly never a dual moment when we played. When I got my gamecube, my friends wanted to play some more Madden, that is when I bought “Madden ’07,” which is my favorite classic Madden, until ’09 came out. ’09 was the last Madden to be released on the gamecube, which is why it’s so special to me.

     I don’t know why this game makes me feel so young, but it’s nice to feel young, again. Being old sucks. All I do is work all the time, and then come home and sleep. I miss the days when I didn’t have to work or pay bills. I miss the days that I could stay up all night, and wouldn’t have to worry about work the next morning. It was nice to get a summer vacation. Now, I get one week of vacation, but during those vacations, I usually sleep or work around the house. I am tired of being responsible, so God, please take me back. Take me back to the easy days, before the hard days!


Ten things I want to do on my day off.
I want to relax on my day off, but that isnt the only thing I want to do. I want to spend my time doing one thing, instead, I want to do as much as I can, so it actually feels like a day off. My day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. so I can get a good start on what I want to do. The list of things that usually happens, on my day off, is here now!

1. Listen to a lot of music. This usually contains NF, Mud diggers, Any country, Beethoven and Eminem. I like to keep a nice mixture, in order to not get burnt out from the same beats, or stories. This usually works, though some days I will stick with NF.

2. Watch Tv- I like to catch up on the world of sports, usually NFL and golf. I watch a lot of golf, in order to get my swing down, and a lot of NFL to get updated for Fantasy football. Sometimes I will watch a horror movie, but usually it’s just sports playing in the background.

3. Read- I have discussed this before. In order to be a good writer, you must read good writing. This is why I try to read something on my days off, though, sometimes it doesn’t work. I like to read “The Walking Dead” By Robert Kirkman, but sometimes I will read a book about grammar, plot placement, or fun facts. It may vary, but most days I will read a chapter in each book.

4. Practice my golf swing- Lately, I have been getting into golf more. I like to go outside and swing, but being downtown, that is impossible to do, so I spend hours practicing my putting. I have foam practice balls that I like to practice hitting, using my new practice mat, but usually it’s just my putting.

5. Play video games- This is one of the last things that I will do, that’s if I am really upset or have nothing else to do. Usually if I play, I will play some Fallout or NBA.

6. Clean- Yeah, I like to pick up things. I wont deep clean though. I am too “Busy” for that.

7. Social media- I spend a lot of my day off, on social media. I like to use this day to see what everyone else is doing, and if they have anything to talk about. It engages my audience, and its nice to catch up with friends.

8. Sleep- I love my sleep.

9. Shower- I like to soak in the shower, relaxing and thinking. This is usually where I get new ideas, and where I practice my vocals!

10. Write- I’m a writer, because I love to write. This is the day that I get to sit back, and do something I love to do. I spend most of my day off writing. It is the best time, since I am usually alone.


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I was a catfish back in the day.


I was 11 years old when I began my career as a catfish. I use to spend nights on Yahoo games, shooting pool with people I didn’t know. There is a chat room that is connected to the game, so that’s where I would pick up my chicks. The conversation would start in a friendly game of pool, and end up in Yahoo messenger. I met some amazing people with this tactic, but also hurt a lot of people with my lies.

I would see a picture of an older girl, and would know that she wouldn’t talk to a eleven-year-old. So I would lie to the girl in order for her to talk to me. I would get a picture off of the internet, of a jock with sexy abs and big muscles, and it would work. The girl would buy it, and would spill her heart out to me, thinking that I was someone I was not.

I tallied up about thirty girls in the summer. Each night was the same, I would wait for everyone to go to bed, then I would sign on and try to get girls to talk to me, while keeping the contacts from former nights. Each night I would meet a new girl and we would stay up all night talking. I would feel so cool when the girl would tell me that I was the guy she was looking for. I was getting four-six of these messages a night. I was making all these girls fall for someone that didn’t exist.

I was chatting with a few girls, one day, when one of the girls broke down. She was being abused and told me that she wanted to leave. She was begging for me to help her, to come and get her out of the situation. I told her that my car was broke down, and that I would have find a way, which was a lie. I didn’t have any intention of helping her, but this was the game, to get every girl to fall for me. Little did I know, this was a serious life, and that this could of led to her being hurt. That was the last time that I talked to her. Someday, I think about her, and will beat myself up. I could have helped her, only if I was honest.

When I couldn’t get a hold of her, I started to wake up to the consequences of my actions. My actions possibly hurt this girl, and if she died it was my fault. I thought about all of the girls that I was talking to, and for the first time, I saw it differently. I actually saw the girls for who they were, it wasn’t about a number now. I was tired of lying, and I knew what I needed to do.

I got on my messenger and messaged every girl that was online, each message was written for the specific girl. I told each of them the truth. I told them my real age, and how I lied to get noticed. The majority of the girls were mad, which was understandable, they would then block me. But something happened that day, something that made me feel good about my decision. One of the girls responded, and told me that she was also lying about her age.

I was shocked when I opened the message, to see that other people were out there, doing the same thing as me. I began to talk to her about why she was doing it, she told me that she was feeling alone, and that no one ever notices her. She was 15, but told people she was 21. I told her about why I wanted to tell the truth. She responded very well to the story, and expressed how amazing it was that I told the truth, but that didn’t help how I felt. I still lied to the girl that needed help. But she had an answer for that also, she said:

“I know what you did was wrong, and you shouldn’t of did it, but people make dumb choices. The only thing that you can do is not do it again. You know the consequences of your actions, and now you get to make the decision. You can now go on with your life, and make the world a better place. It is better that you figured out this now, than later. All will be okay, just pray she’s okay.”

I ended that conversation after three hours of talking. We ended up becoming good friends through messenger, sometimes I wish I could go back and talk to her, but she deleted the account. I like to think that was a way to get me to stop catfishing girls, and it did. The girl opened my eyes to see, this was going to be a lesson. From that day, I have never lied about my age again, I know there is way to much at stake.

Remember, every action you make has a ripple effect. You might not see it, but that doesn’t mean no one was effected. So if you find yourself lying to get ahead in life, remember that someone will be effected, and one day it will catch up with you. Is it worth the pain, you cause others?

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