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It’s suppose to snow today! There should be snow falling by 9 o’clock in the morning! The snow chance is in the high 70%, giving us hope that we might actually have a white Christmas, the only problem is the tempature isn’t going to drop! 

In order for the snow to last it must stick. In order for it to stick the ground has to be under 32*f but the weather says it suppose to stay above 35*F all day! The snow will melt before it can cover, well unless we have a blizzard! Oh that would be fancy, but it doesn’t look possible. 

Even if it snows, we still have to go through all of tomorrow(Christmas Eve) with the weather being in the mid-40s. The snow wouldnt last! But what about Christmas? There is a high chance of precipitation on Christmas. The problem with this is that the weather is calling for rain instead of snow! 

For another year, we are looking at a green Christmas. This time it will be a muddy mess, though. It’s going to rain all day on Christmas, which is definitely not what we wanted! I think you guys would agree that you’re tired of not having a white Christmas, right? I know I am right! Rain doesn’t give you a giving heart! No, it gives you a sour, negative vibe that could ruin a special day, like Christmas. 

I stand for moving Christmas to January. The snow always falls in January, giving us a horrible start to another year. It’s okay to have snow during Christmas, but anytime otherwise is not wanted!!!! I suggest that we make this change, immediately! I’m tired of not having a white Christmas! Are you with me? If you are, give this a huge like!!! 


What is really hurting me is that people are hurting. This is the season for everyone to come together and feel loved. Christmas is about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying each others company as you celebrate. It doesn’t matter your beliefs, it doesn’t matter about money, all that matters is that you are together. Christmas is suppose to be about love, so why is everyone having such a rough time? Why do I see more depression and broken hearts, more death and a lot more negativity? Is it my set of friends or is everyone having a horrible season of holidays? Either way, what can we do?

I am a huge Facebook user, and each day I sign in and spend hours looking through post. I like to keep up with old friends, that I don’t usually talk to. I also like to share in special memories of others, such as babies, new cars, and much more. One of the biggest things I love to read are praises or small things that make peoples lives awesome. Recently, I found out that a close friend went on a prayer walk, one to get himself closer to God. He had a great time and got a lot from it. These little things make me so happy, then we also have those post about a girl that can’t take life anymore, these post are what get me upset.

Where, in life, do we find ourselves in so much pain that we have nothing to live for? I remember laughing and having a great time, as a child. Yet, somewhere we were giving a curse of depression? When did life get so hard? I’m not sure, but it is a huge problem.

We are talking about MILLIONS of people that suffer from depression. These are people that feel unwanted, abused, torn, worn, and alone. At one time, these people were happy, but something happened to where they fell and hit rock bottom. One of the main reasons is death. Everyone has lost someone due to death, it is the cycle of life, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. A death in the family can tear apart the most perfect relationships. A death as a mother can leave children broken for life, making it hard for them to even get through the day. Other reasons for depression can be; Failed classes, failed dreams, breakups, being ignored, loss of friends, money problems, and bullying. The list can go on for hours, but that isn’t the point. The point is; we have the chance to change this, by simply being there for them during the hard times!

I don’t want to see anyone hurting, especially during the holiday seasons. We are meant to be happy individuals, so what can we do? The answer is simple; we need to show them that they are loved. This doesn’t have to be a big gesture, it can as simple as texting them and telling them you love them, or inviting them over to your house for dinner. The smallest gestures can help tremendously. People just want to be wanted. They want to know that you are thinking about them. This is why Bart and I are sending out love!

I want to call this “Love for Christmas; A Better Gift.” This is where I will try to find those who are hurting and I will let them know that I am thinking about them! Bart (My Christmas Stuffed Animal) will write everyone (in pain) a small note, informing that person that they aren’t alone. I don’t know if this will help, but I have to do something. I think everyone of you guys should do the same. Write a small note to those you love, telling them that you are thinking of them, praying for them, or that you love them. It doesn’t have to be a long message, but I promise it will mean the world to those in pain. This Christmas, we need to let everyone know that we are together, as one, to celebrate. Will you do it?


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    I have been complaining about my job, all week. For this, I do apologize. I shouldn’t complain about my job like that, without my job I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things I love to do. It might suck but money is the root of everything we do. If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent, light bill, gas, or cable bill. Without paying my rent, I wouldn’t be able to shower or enjoy a warm bed at night, or without paying my light bill, I wouldn’t be able to write, read, do effects make-up or even enjoy a hot shower. If I didn’t have money for my gas bill, I would freeze in the winter. I could live without cable, but  as I said last night, I wouldn’t be able to post a blog. My cable and internet are connected. So if I lost one, I would lose both. Since my tablet needs internet to post blogs, I wouldn’t be able to write to you guys. So I guess having a good paying job is pretty important.
    These were some of the basic things that a job is needed the most for. I am not including all my activity expenses that I spend my money on. This includes; new footballs, new paints, new notebooks, new books, effects make-up, materials for effects, fake blood, things for my wife, and many other things. I spend a lot of money, something that isn’t possible without the amazing job that I have. That is why I am saying I’m sorry.
    I don’t need to be pouting about what I have to do. Instead, I should be thanking the person for giving me another week on this pay period. I make great money and have for a while. So, sorry for everything I have said latley. It took me looking at my life to realize I’m in a great position. Life might not be fair at times, but everything will be fine, that is all that matters!
    Though I’m saying sorry, I would like to say “thank God.” Thank him for this day, my day off. It’s my day off which means I get to relax and get ready for another week. Tonight we will be going to a haunted house/graveyard to enjoy another spook. I might also work on a new project. Tell me, are you ready for another SFX? I know I am;)



No fucking signal…Get this fixed.
It was a long night at work, it was beyond busy and I was excited to get off. I was enjoying some music on the way home thinking about my video game that I wanted to play. When I got home and plopped in the video game, I put my headphones in my phone and turned on YouTube. Soon after the game started, I looked down to see that my Wi-Fi wasn’t turned on. I tend to turn off my Wi-Fi at work, because Wal-Mart has a signal that is very weak and my phone usually connects to it, causing all my notifications to not pop up. I turned on my Wi-Fi and went back to watching the YouTube video. Moments later a message popped up. This message was telling me that my phones data was running out (easy way of saying my phone has used a lot of data) I was unsure on why my phone was showing me this, but I guess its because my broadband isn’t working? Like are you serious?

    I am disconnected from the Wi-Fi that I pay for. At&t U-verse has become one big joke. Their internet is slow, but that is okay for me. I just need this Wi-Fi to post my blog from my tablet, but right now I cant even do that. Now, I have to call these freaking people and listen to them tell me to do the same thing I just did, only for them to schedule a technician out, which wont happen until Monday, most likely! I don’t know how I am going to post, most likely I will have to make my phone a hotspot until I post my blog (Whoot, more DATA!) This has me so annoyed, I am sick of having to wait for people to fix their equipment, especially when I pay an arm and leg for the service. You would think that a phone service would have better internet and equipment, but nah, they don’t. This whole situation has me wanting to drop this service and go back to Comcast, even though they are rip-offs and super rude. I don’t know, All I know is that I am pissed and disconnected from the world, even while I pay the mass amounts of money to have such service…

   Not only am I restricted from posting my blogs, now I have to be very careful on what I do with my phone. My dad, Ariel and I have been sharing 20+ Gigs of data, which goes pretty fast between us. One major reason is that I love to listen to songs on YouTube while going to work or coming home. Now, I can’t self-consciously watch a video without feeling some regret for doing so. I love to type with music, but I can’t do that. I want to watch a few FX videos, but I fear the consumption, and I want to catch up on a few of my favorites, but I know that will bleed us dry. I am so pissed, I am, I am, I amm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote this and can’t even save it to my cloud because of no internet connection. I’m so annoyed…


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I have some amazing news, guys! I was at the Dollar Tree today, while shopping for some Halloween decorations. My wife is trying to get her store in the mood and she doesn’t want to be too expensive. Where is the best place to go? The Dollar Tree, which is where we go when trying to save a buck. Well, we were in the line to checkout, and I saw something. There is this pen that allows you to write upside down, and I happened to buy it, today. This pen is called the “Anti-Gravity Pen.” This pen is used in outer space, lets take a look at it!


I saw this pen in the Slim Jim box (Funny place to find it) and thought “Oh, a crappy, cheap pen!” The pen looked like a big piece of plastic that just was calling for you to buy it. I went ahead and picked it up. When I first looked at it, I saw that there was a few black dots on the top. I thought this was the grey finish just chipped off, as I said before I thought this pen was cheap. But it was only a dollar so I put it with all the other items, along with my sweet tea :3. I assumed that I could at least do a review of it, even if it was a piece of sh*t. I also love pens, so what if this was the best pen ever? I would be ppissed to know I let it go for $1.


When I finally got a chance, I finally looked at the pen. The first thing I noticed was the awesome box. On one side, it shows you the cheap pen, but next to that it shows you what the pen does. This includes facts such as it having smooth ink flow, being the same technology used in outer space and it is able to write at any angles even upside down. It is able to write upside down due to the sealed pressurized ink cartridge. Another awesome feature is that the pen came in a fuzzy, black holder. It looked fancy with the holder.


I picked the pen out of the holder. The pen isn’t plastic, it is actually a metal. I was amazed by the heaviness of this pen. After my amazement, I took a look at the “Chipped” paint, just to see that it wasn’t paint, but it was actually ink. This is a big problem with these pens (as seen on reviews) which scares me to think it will start to leak soon. Some say this pen leaks after two-days, so we will have to keep a watch out for it. Until then will use it. The writing is bold. I compared it to my favorite Bears pen, and it compared nicely. The flow seems to stay the same way and doesn’t cut out. I was happy with this until the Bears pen did the same. I couldn’t tell a difference, they seem to be the same. This could be because they’re both Ball-point pens, but I don’t know. Also, the pen writes upside down, but so doesn’t every other pen that I have. I don’t seem the hype with this certain feature, but the pen is cool overall.


I am pretty happy with this purchase. Though, I am pretty nervous about the Ink leaking, since I don’t want it to be ruined, but it is something I am expecting. I am just glad I only paid $1 for it. Likewise, if it doesn’t leak, I will be a very happy pen owner, but who wouldn’t be? How could you not want a “space” pen? I recommend this pen, since it is only a dollar, but also I don’t want to say “buy it” until I see if it leaks. I will keep you guys updated!!!!!

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The look

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I cant stand the way that men treat women these days. How hard is it to stay faithful to one woman? I don’t go around asking myself “Can I have this girl?” or “Why cant I have this girl?” I couldn’t imagine the thought of not having the girl I have now. Though I know there are other girls out there, none compare to the one that God has given me! That’s why when I hear about people cheating or looking for other potentials, I get ticked! 

My wonderful friend Becky (name has been changed for the sake of the victim) has been having heart aches due to her boyfriend. Let me break it down so you can understand! 

He will look at other women, lust over their peach toned skin while he holds the girl, he already has, in his arms! 

Some may say that this is normal behavior but truly it’s not. This type of behavior is down-right disgusting; on top of being an act of cheating! 

I see there are only two outcomes of this type of behavior: a breakup or someone being cheated on! 

I want to give everyone a few steps (or tips) on how to deal with this kind of situation!

1. Reverse the roles- meaning, try to stay positive. Many times we trick our mind to see things that aren’t there! Try remembering that he is still with you! 

2. Talk to friends- talk to friends associated with him. Find out if he flirts with other girls when your not around! Though this seems easy, don’t forget they are his friends and are more and likely to lie for him!

3. Talk to him!– a relationship is based on communication! Sit him down and discuss what’s on your mind! If he shows lack of interest or gets mad at the assumption, you might need to move to stage four! 

4. Give him an alternatim- show him your not joking. Tell him he must prove he loves you, or there might need to be a relationship change! This will show if he is whiling to change his ways to keep you! If he doesn’t then it’s time to cut him lose! 

I know it’s hard at times to end relationships, but if the man isn’t treating you like the queen you are then it’s time to reconsider if he’s the one! 


I’m so sick….

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I am tired and worn out. My body is screaming at me to stop, to stop treating it like nothing is wrong. I know it is tired, and wants a slight break, but I can’t give that to him. I can’t sit around while things float through my head. Thoughts of what is happening in life, ideas of what needs to happen, and fears of what may never happen. It is all too much, and it is starting to weigh heavily on my body, and on my mind.

Never, in my three years of working, have I ever screwed up as many orders, as I have in the last week. I just can’t concentrate, right now. Even with all my strength, I seem to be able to concentrate enough to not stutter. Luckily none of the customers are getting mad, but I am getting mad at myself. I can’t stand the fact that I am unable to do my job, at 100%. I take great pride in my job. But with all the stuff that’s going on, I have only been able to put in 50% or less, while doing my job.

I haven’t been writing, at all. It isn’t even the fact that I don’t want to, it’s more the fact that I look down, it’s 3p.m., then I look up and it’s 7p.m. My whole schedule is messed up. I have been deep cleaning my house, trying to keep it clean (for various reasons,) but then I realize it’s almost time for sleep. It’s at bedtime, that I realize, I forgot to write a post. And since I never want to let you guys down. I will get out of my bed and write a quick post. This way I can give you guys material to read, but then I feel guilty, because I feel like I am ripping you guys off.

I am writing this to bring my people together. I need your support through this. I don’t know what is wrong, but I know it’s holding me back. I want to go far, but I can’t with this kind of routine. I can’t expect to make great material. When I am forcing material. I don’t want to force material anymore, though. The thing that has brought me this far is, I always put my heart into my work. If I fail to do that, now, I might as well quit and go back to not writing. So I need you guys to do, what you do. I need either a prayer, or a quick “we got you.” Anything to know that you guys are still there, and that you haven’t bailed on me. I promise to keep going, but I need help, fast!




The other day, my friend came into work with tears in his eyes. I wanted to give him some space, so I went back to my work, but he wanted to talk. I stopped what I was doing, and listened to his words. He started by telling me that he messed up, and that he was in trouble. I thought that he said something, or cheated. I wouldn’t have expected what he would go on to tell me.
He told me that recently he invited his friend to come stay at his house. His friend had a fight with his girl, and needed to stay somewhere for a few days. He opened his house to this man without relenting. He would have not expected what was about to happen. He thought since this was his friend, that he could trust him.

The man got a call from his girlfriend, asking him to come back to her. He asked if my friend would be mad, he said no, and to go to her. The man moved out of the house, and went back to the girl. My friends life went back to normal with his wife. But then he woke up to the disaster.

He wanted to play video games before his eight-hour shift, so he got up early that morning. He walked down stairs in his boxers to see that his flat screen T.V. was missing. He ran to his connected garage to see that he was also missing his other T.V., Xbox one, Ps4 and, all of the games to go along with it. He knew that this was an act of his so-called-friend, but didn’t know where to find him. His wife was prompted to call the cops, as he came to work.

That was the last I heard about the story, until yesterday. He opens with me at our job, so we always have a little bit of time to talk before the day begins. He finally caught up to the man, and got his belongings back. He asked why the man did it, and he said he didn’t know. He also admitted that the daughter is the one that let him into the house. This raises a question in all of this, Who can we trust?

This weeks theme was “Trust” and who we need to trust, and who we shouldn’t. Should my friend trust this man ever again? Should he stay friends with this man? I couldn’t imagine the feeling that he is feeling, this is the man he has chilled with, and now he is tainted with invading his home. His daughter was there at the door, alone. What thoughts comes to mind about what could have happened? Could you trust someone that has invaded your privacy, as so?

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