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When I was in 6th grade, I wrote my first real story. It was a horror story and I was so proud of it, though I can’t remember what it was about. But I was proud! I proud enough to walk over to my teacher and told her that I was going to be a writer, one day. She read it and raised one of her eyebrows. She told me that it was a good start and that I was very creative. This was the beginning of something special. She told me that it was full of run-ons, but that it could be turned into a master piece; and that no matter what I do, to chase my dreams. This is what started this crazy journey. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to be a writer, and I would do anything (in my power) to become one.

I never had anyone put me down for my writing. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we were supposed to write a story, but I couldn’t because my mother didn’t have a stable home for me to write in. I didn’t do the assignment, but the teacher wanted me to read it to the class. She wanted me to read it in front of a class, a story I never wrote! So what was I supposed to do, tell her I didn’t do the assignment? Heck no! I got up, walked to the front of the class and read my story about a vicious bear, tearing through a town of innocent families. I read for 10 minutes, flipping through the pages, until I finished. After the reading, she asked for the pages, I nervously handed them over and went back to my seat. She went on with the class, asking the next student to come forward and share. The bell rang 30 minutes later; I got up and walked to the door to go to lunch. But as I got to the front of the room, my teacher called my name. My chest was burning as I turned around. “Yes, mam?” She was holding my story up, revealing the empty pages. I began to shake, knowing that I failed the assignment. She told me that I should have been honest, but that I had a huge imagination, one that could make a good career one day. She gave me an A on the assignment for the creativity, since she couldn’t tell that I was reading an empty page.

Jump ahead to my senior year of high school. I have multiple WIPs; I have a solid blog and I’m getting more confident with my talents. A guy comments on my blog, telling me that I need to keep writing. I didn’t know that people could read my blog. I didn’t share it anywhere, so it through me off when I got such love. It felt great!  I also had a teacher behind me, pushing me to use my gifts, knowing I could be something.

Now I am a writer. I write daily. I have my days where I don’t want to write, or weeks where I feel I’m not a good enough writer, but I just remember the encouragement, from my past, and I get back to work, creating more content for you guys, knowing that the people in my past would be happy with where I am now! I never stopped following my dream to become a writer, so why would you give up on your dreams?

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. Stop grabbing your dream then letting it go because you think you don’t have enough grip on it. One day you will wake up and it will be too late to grab it, so grab it now! Don’t be worried about the outcome, but instead, make the outcome! Don’t stop chasing your dream because your legs are tired. Push through the hard times and grab that dang want. You want the dream to come true, don’t you? It’s all within your chest! You are the creator, so create the ending that you want. If you want to be a doctor, then become a doctor. You are the only one that is standing in your way. You can do this. I know you can.


It’s suppose to snow today! There should be snow falling by 9 o’clock in the morning! The snow chance is in the high 70%, giving us hope that we might actually have a white Christmas, the only problem is the tempature isn’t going to drop! 

In order for the snow to last it must stick. In order for it to stick the ground has to be under 32*f but the weather says it suppose to stay above 35*F all day! The snow will melt before it can cover, well unless we have a blizzard! Oh that would be fancy, but it doesn’t look possible. 

Even if it snows, we still have to go through all of tomorrow(Christmas Eve) with the weather being in the mid-40s. The snow wouldnt last! But what about Christmas? There is a high chance of precipitation on Christmas. The problem with this is that the weather is calling for rain instead of snow! 

For another year, we are looking at a green Christmas. This time it will be a muddy mess, though. It’s going to rain all day on Christmas, which is definitely not what we wanted! I think you guys would agree that you’re tired of not having a white Christmas, right? I know I am right! Rain doesn’t give you a giving heart! No, it gives you a sour, negative vibe that could ruin a special day, like Christmas. 

I stand for moving Christmas to January. The snow always falls in January, giving us a horrible start to another year. It’s okay to have snow during Christmas, but anytime otherwise is not wanted!!!! I suggest that we make this change, immediately! I’m tired of not having a white Christmas! Are you with me? If you are, give this a huge like!!! 

Tonight, something really Scary happened. If you have been following my Facebook, you will know that I started a small page for a great guy named ‘Bart.’ Bart then went out and got a good team. I gave him the permission to get the team and he was allowed to give them pet names. He named them Ginger (because he is a Gingerbread man) and Francis. 

All was good until Ginger wanted to go outside after a huge ice storm. They were bored, I get that but they should’ve stayed in. Though they didn’t stay in, they learned their lesson. 

Ginger was running outside and fell down the stairs. As he fell down the stairs his head slammed into the brick step and gashed his head open. according to Bart, he was getting ready when he heard a huge thud. Him and Francis ran outside to see what happened. When they saw blood Francis ran back in and got some toilet paper. He then ran back and patched up Ginger, while Bart stayed by his side as his blood froze to the step. Ginger is now resting and doing well. Here are the photos! 

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     I want to bring an old post back up. This post might have been shared before, but it still is something that I feel can help people. I dealt with a lot in the organizations of Religion and this post goes through my struggles. I want to make a follow up to this blog, so expect that soon. Until then, enjoy this post!


Impromts Top Ten: Im going to hell!

I spent ten years in one church. That’s more time in one church than most spend in a church their whole lives. I would attend (or attempt to) every Sunday and Wednesday. On top of that, I would attend other church functions such as: Prayer nights, youth rallies, Christian concerts, and anything else that had to do with Jesus.

At the time it was nice, I had a family that I could count on in the church, yet something deep down was missing, something that I needed to survive. I found this school, and decided if I wanted to stay a Christian I had to go!

Let me be brutally honest; I went to college to escape the fact that I was failing as a Christian. I wasn’t feeling anything in the church I was attending anymore; I had gone cold to the feeling of God. Seeing myself dying, I had to make a quick decision. I signed up for World Revival Church School of Ministry. I got accepted, now let me tell you this, I honestly did start feeling God more while College got closer. I almost told them I wasn’t coming because of that fact.

I pushed through the doubt and packed my stuff, which was hard since my best friend stayed with me the night before departure. But I had to do it, Jesus wanted me to anyways, or so I thought. I said goodbye to my father, jumped in my car, and headed west for Kansas City, Missouri.

I could explain why I didn’t last there, but there will be a post inLetters To The Chapel that will explain all the juicy details! It’s actually a good story that you should read when it’s posted. It will give you a different view on life!


I met my fiancé in March after coming back from College. Everything was still fine with church; I was focusing on my career in Youth Ministry. My pastors were including me in the service, which is what I always wanted.  On top of all of that, I was feeling God again! Then the walls fell over.

I got called in the office one Wednesday night by the pastor, which for me was never a good thing. They heard by a birdie that I was staying with my girlfriend (Now fiancé). This was true, but there were good reasons. They wanted me to tell them personal points in our relationship that I wasn’t willing to share. The conversation ended with me resigning from the church, and the pastors asking if they can pray that my girl and I would split up!!!!! I quickly exited that church….

In less than a month after that incident all my friends from church told me they couldn’t be friends, and I decided to continue my life, until a woman from the church stuck her nose in it. I made a status on Facebook saying that everything sends you to hell if you go by what the church says. She commented that I was going to hell due to living with my fiancé…like really? Am I?

Should I have broken up with the love of my life because they felt I was in the wrong? Am I overreacting? And most importantly should I feel bad for not going to church? Or Should I repent in the name of the Holy Lord above, so he won’t strike me dead?

Am I a bad Christian?

Today I want to hear from you! What stories do you have that regard the church, either happy or sad! I want to hear! Leave them in the comments!!!


     Today, I made the decision to bring back one of our old favorites. Creative blogging will be making the return to the blog, after being cut two years ago. I didn’t see any potential in this segment, at first. But now I think it will do good with the new audience we have. I did cut this segment due to lack of views, but I have faith that it can do good. Until that happens, this segment will be on Saturdays, and will be named “Impromptu Saturday’s.”

     This will be the perfect time for me to use those prompts, found in the books, and to share with you guys. I feel that going back to the original roots of this blog is a good thing. So to bring you up to date on what this segment will look like, I will introduce you to an old post of this segment, titled “Blogger with lack of concentr-whats that?” Enjoy!

Hello guys, welcome back. Recently I went to; oh crap I need to do my laundry! What am I going to do about that? Could I just throw them in; oh and I have to blog today, hold up isn’t that what I’m doing?

Oh Yeah, Sorry guys lately i haven’t been able to concentrate, it must be in the weather, oh talking about the weather, I have to get a garden hose. I think I might run to the store to pick up pop tarts.

Maybe I will pick up some trail mix, or maybe I could go to the gym. I have wanted to go to the gym….but I am lazy, I need to exercise, and I’ll need to also finish that blog today.

Oh my, I am so sorry, I really need to tell you about my weekend, and didn’t my boss tell me I needed to finish that one assignment? I wish he could get off my back; I work hard enough to fill everyone’s payroll. I’ll be back; I am going to tune my guitar for my date tonight.

Back! Thank you guys for being patient, my six string guitar had a broken high E string. That took forever to fix, I even poked my finger with the string!!! It f********* hurt. Pardon my language.

I want to tell you about my weekend, see I did the impossible. I went to the Bahamas, as I was getting out of the water, something scary happened. I was walking back up to my car after swimming and I saw this lady, she had a gun, she shot the goose! She shot her good, I asked for the meat. She laughed at my clown. I cried with my unicorn.

Thank you for sticking with me!!



I was scared to death as Amanda grabbed my hand through the window. My heart was racing faster than it ever has. I would never imagine someone reaching through a window and grabbing me. At first I thought she was trying to scare me, but the whole time that I stared at her through the window she refused to stop screaming, with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was completely shattered with what ever happened out there, tonight. That’s when I figured that this was probably serious.
I hurried to the door and opened it to comfort her as much as I could, asking her if she was okay, in which she said no as she cried harder. I walked her over to the couch that and asked her to talk to me about what happened. We sat there for a few minutes, before finally she snorted the snot back into her nose and began to tell the story:  They were running low on their only bottle of UV Blue that she had bought for quarters. She didn’t want to give up the game because of the loss of alcohol, so she told everyone that her and Alex (Her boyfriend) would be back in a few. They left in Alex’s small crap Ford Taurus. They forgot that it was a ten minute drive there and ten back, so they tried to speed their way through the time. They got their within five minutes, got the booze, and started to head back to the country home. But as they came around the old prison site, A man started to follow them. Amanda said that at first they were worried about it being a cop since Alex was smashed while driving, they feared they were swerving too much. That wasn’t the case though, the guy behind them started to go really fast, and got on the side of their car, he began to turn into the lane forcing the car off the road. Amanda was screaming at the truck to quit being a prick, but he did it again. This time Alex lost control of the car and ended up in a ditch. The truck, the old man was driving, stopped instantly and he got out. No one was injured in the wreck, Alex jumped out of the car acting big and bad, an attitude that he has most of the time, but as Alex got closer he realized the old man had a shovel in his hand. This pumped Alex up even more, to the point that Alex swung on the old man. He missed and went straight pass the man and on to the ground. The old man showed no remorse and he walked over to the drunk teen and stomped on his head.
Amanda is now hyperventilating as she is telling me the fully story. She left him in the middle of the road with that man standing over him, she though that he had been dead from the big steel-toed-boots landing against his temple. “He would have wanted me to run back to safety anyways.” She mumbled through the saliva that she was producing through the sobbing. I am holding on tightly to her, trying to convince her that it isn’t her fault, agreeing that she did the right thing. As she was crying violently on my shoulder, I asked her what this creep looked like.
She stops sobbing for a few seconds with a concentrated look on her face, I figured she must have not been able to see him very well, but as I started to doubt, she begins to pour out details so clear, it felt as if I was there in front of him. He was an old man that had really scruffy facial hair, if she would say so, he hadn’t showered in days. He looked homeless with his dirty shirt and ripped overalls. She tells me that he was injured. He had cuts on his face, cuts that seemed to be made by a knife, and that he was bleeding from the arms, to the extent that he was dripping blood on the ground as he walked towards them.
She stops for a few seconds to stop herself from crying for a few more seconds, then continues to tell me that he was missing all of his teeth, that he might have had one or two, but they were rotted and that as he stomped on his head he let a sick laugh that you would only hear in a home for crazy people, leaving chills down her spines as she was frozen watching her man quit moving and as she ran away.
I have no idea on how to comfort her at this point, what she saw tonight was more than anyone could handle. I know if it was me, I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to this home, let alone run away from this man.
“Lets just thank God that he didn’t follow you back.” I attempt to make her feel better, but this didn’t work, she digs her head deeper into my shoulder and cries louder than ever before.
“Yes, Let’s be glad the man didn’t follow you home, to the only other house in this territory.” The head of a shovel clanks against the wood floor. I turn around to see this man, a man that looks exactly as she described him. He was holding a bloody shovel smiling big at me. Amanda turns around as she heard the man, and jumps back screaming “That is the man, the man that killed Alex!” He let a dark laugh out and squinted. “Now it’s your turn!”  I jump off the couch. As we got off the couch though, the man begins to charge at us.