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​There was an old story that was going to be something. I wrote 5 chapters before scrapping the project. Now, after years, I am going to show you guys the first chapter. Sorry about the spacing.. 

The pastor stands there holding his bible. He is dressed in a nice black suit with a red tie, that has a little button on the tip that says “Forgiven.” Indicating that anything that passes this world into paradise must first be forgiven by something bigger than ourselves.

“We are gathered here today to remember the life of Theordore Ramsey. Though he lived a short life, the length of time he had here affected many.” I could hear the agonizing cries from all of my friends and family, it is breaking my heart to hear the sound, but I cant do anything, which has to be the worse part!

“And though we don’t know why God took our young man, we have to believe that he has a purpose.” Ah that’s not right pastor, don’t tell them that, don’t make them question what purpose God has for my death. Telling them that will make them hate God even more! Be Sensitive to them!

I cant hear the pastor anymore? I guess that means he is done talking? I sure hope so, his speech was okay, but overall he needs help! There is no reason that I should be crying at my funeral, well besides the fact that I am dead. Other than that, I should not be crying, but with this pastor, I was bawling the whole time that he was speaking.

I thought they were about to put the roses on my coffin and seal me in the ground, but then I heard her voice, her sweet soft voice. The voice I fell in love with, the voice I would wake up to every morning. The voice I would hear screaming at me when I would make her made, even then it was beautiful. Her voice is voice that I will miss the most once I am six feet under. I hope I don’t forget that sound. I hope that every second I am in this coffin, I hear her voice.

She begins to talk about how we spent our life together, the best parts and she even talked about some of the rough parts. But there was one part of her speech that really touched me, it was the night before we split, it was a week before our wedding. Emotions were high, stress even higher, so I decided that I wanted to go watch the sunset, and get her home before ten like the old days. It went like this:   

It is 8 o’clock P.M. Central timing, if you were trying to imagine how dark it is at this point, it isn’t that dark, the sun is just pearing over the horizon. Usually the sun goes down by now, but for some reason it has decided that it wasn’t ready to leave its resting place for the night.

 I wish at this point that we could pause time and cherish the time that we have together, I never once took it for granted, but I never truly was appreciative for it. So maybe I did take it for granted.

We were lying on a blanket, luckly it was a nice night in Illinois, since the rest of the week after that was a complete mess, I believe that there was even snow in July? I hate weather inIllinois, it was more bipolar than my in-laws. I liked my in-laws, as much as I like kittens. They are nice from a distance, but when they get close, all they do is bite.

Anyways, we were lying on the blanket, I supported a pair of kaki shorts, where she wore her jean mini-skirt, I couldn’t keep my mind off her legs, making it harder for me to wait that week for our wedding, I just had to tell her that I wanted to wait. I believed waiting was the best option for our marriage. If something would have happened to us, and she wouldn’t of been whole for her husband, as she wanted to be, I would of felt horrible. So waiting it was. She just didn’t make it easy on me!

“I am getting a little chilly.” I wrapped her in my arms to help her body warm up, she enjoyed the feeling, as did I. We talked about the wedding the whole night, talking about the objects we still needed to buy and what we still needed to do for the special day. Which wasn’t much, we only had a few things left to do being: Paying the pastor and booking a hotel for our honeymoon. Overall we have all this wedding paid for, even though we didn’t decide to plan until six months before, because we are smart!

We are getting to the point in this memory where I cant remember all the details, even if I did it would be hard to explain, but I will try my hardest to give you all the correct descriptions!

We decided that at 9:30 we were going home, well it got to that time and we packed up the car with the blankets from her mother’s room. I wanted to drive 20 mph the whole way there, because after tonight the only time we were going to talk is if we had a question about the wedding. We wanted to build tension between each other to make it more exciting on our big day.

I dropped her off at her house, she gave me a long passionate kiss that I embraced happily knowing it was going to be my last one for a week. I went in for another one before she exited the car, but she smirked, and told me I had to wait. The torture was enforced, as she wanted me to cry on the inside, she wanted me to feel pain, for telling her she had to wait to have kids. She wanted me to regret my decision, and I was for sure.

I watched her as she walked into her house, it was late so she asked me to not go up to the door, as I said before in-laws are jerks, so I had to watch her from a distance. She turned around and gave me a blow-kiss. I returned the favor and drove off. 

 It was 1 A.m. when she got the call, telling her to get to the hospital. The doctor told her that I was in extreme condition and that I will not make it through the night. I then heard a loud scream, and crying, before blacking out.


Yesterday a dear friend asked me for some advice on writing a new blog. I wanted to write this post this week anyways so today I will be giving everyone reading the five basic practices that I have been using to better my blog. Some of these are from my own experiences and others were taught to me, but never-the-less I hope you guys can learn from these things, and make your fresh blog better or make your year old blog pop again. No matter the level of your blog, you can use this post.

     5. The right search engine– It is important that you are comfortable with the blog website or engine that you are using. In order for you to get the best out of the blog you will need to know how to operate the blog. If you are having problems with one engine, make the move. I was at Blogspot, but the makers of Google failed to give me some of the smooth movements through my blog, so I couldn’t make the blog my blog. If you can’t make the blog your blog, then you will lose interest in the blog.

    4. Material– If you are a blogger this usually means that you have something to say, but the biggest question is “What?” What will you be talking about in your blog? Who is your targeted audience? and most importantly, Is it something that you are comfortable with talking about? Will your audience understand what you will be talking about? So many bloggers think their blog will go viral instantly, but it won’t. You will need to start with your close friends first, then as you post material, the groups of people will come in. But at first you will need material that connects to who you can, not who you want to. My only advice is to write about 7 post first and to post them all at once, in order for your blog to have more than one post for the travels on the internet to see. Most people will leave a blog that looks empty, because they feel like you have abandoned the blog yourself.

    3. Schedules– Once you have a few blogs on your page, the best thing that you can do is get a blogging schedule and stick to it! I have chose to post everyday on my blog, but do what is comfortable for you. The main reason that the schedule helps you so much is due to the fact that the audience will know when to expect a post from you! If you are having troubles with knowing when to post there is something called insights that will be discussed shortly.

    2.  Promotion– I can’t tell you how important it is to promote your blog. Many blogs will go unseen because they are hidden behind a shy blogger. But if you are wanting people to read it, don’t expect them to search you put the blog in their face, make them gobble it up. Meaning this, share your blog onto every social media site that you can, find friends and family to give your blog a share. (Anything that you share is seen in the first thirty minutes, this is why it is important to know your audience.) Do giveaways in order to get shares. Finally, find bloggers that you can guest blog for. This will help to reach those who your arms can’t reach. Promotion is the biggest thing that will make or break your blog. Do it!

    1. Check your stats– Football players spend most hours in the locker room watching film after a game, this isn’t fun at all but it helps them get better. You are the football player and you need to watch your game film (Stats) in order for you to know what people like and don’t like. If you just posted a blog about politics and only got one view to where you posted a blog on Fallout and got fifty views. This means that your crowd is responding better to the video game next to your view on politics and you should absolutely do another post about Fallout. But if you are having troubles with this and you’re using WordPress, you can now see a new tool called Insights. This tell you what your busiest day of the week and at what time in the day you are getting the most hits. With this tool, you can now post during that time, and get the maximum amount of clicks. 

     It can be hard to start a blog at first, this is why the five things above are important. You can use these things to either better yourself or to get you off on the right foot. If you do these five things I will guarantee that you will see results. Welp I am off to write the outline for tomorrows post, can’t wait to see you guys!

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Is there something that you do that drives people insane? Like when they say something, you cant help but to mock them? Or maybe you are one of the people that love to correct someone when they are wrong. If you aren’t that far yet, then maybe you are still a loud chewer. Which I find more annoying than nails on a chalkboard. So if you have those traits, then you will know how I get into the most trouble with  everyone around me, such as: My boss, My wife, My in-laws, and my friends. Here are 5 of those traits that I like to annoy people with!
1. My sarcasm (smartass syndrome)– I have always been the class clown, or the one that has to be the center of attention. With that came people getting very angry at me. It happens when someone says something that I find stupid, or easy to make a joke from. I do it a lot at work. It’s like trolling, just worse. Example: My teacher busted through the computer lab because we were being very loud. She started to scream and said “I can’t believe you are eighth graders” Well since she opened that door, I replied “I can’t believe its not butter!” Everyone laughed, well everyone except for her!

2. My I-don’t-care attitude- To stay the stronger party in sticky situations, I will put up a wall that I call my “Don’t-give-a-shit” zone. This is when I am tired of being blamed for something or I know I am in trouble. I will literally say I don’t care about everything. When in the workplace this gets me into a lot of trouble with my boss, since he doesn’t think I am taking my job seriously. When in reality if he would let me do my job, nothing would be wrong.

3. The Blackout– Though I have entered this zone only once or twice in my life, I know if I enter it again things will be very bad. This zone is where I can’t control what I do, no matter the cost at the end. I can’t remember the last time I blacked-out, but I remember times I started to. My thoughts during this stage are freaky, like murderer freaky!

4. My passions– When prepping for this post, I would have never thought this would come to my mind. I will do anything to get what I want, I think if I had a choice to cut off everyone for my chance, I would, well except for my wife. I would have no problem using every tool giving to me to crush the competition. I am an Aries and that weighs heavily on my mind when pursuing dreams. If you don’t understand that, then this will help, I am an arrogant asshole when it comes to getting my way. I am a ram running through a crowd, no one is safe.

5. My kindness– This one is a bad one. I usually don’t let emotions get to me (from years of blocking out) but there will be times where I will break my back for someone, knowing  that it will only blow up in my face. I have been hurt really bad in the past with this, but to this day, I still haven’t fully gotten better from doing this!

Never get this wrong, I will always be there for you guys. I love you guys and I understand that without you there would be no future, so don’t think for a minute that I will do anything to hurt you guys, or shut you out. Even if I did get famous, you guys would be my first impromts. Meaning that I will do nothing to hurt my fans, or to show you guys anything other than the awesome Blakester. Never forget that! I love you guys!