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Before we start. I would like for you guys to check out my previous post. It takes you through a brief history of my writing journey. Though a tough one, this journey is one that I refuse to take for granted or say it wasn’t worth it. Every post was worth the time put into it. So please click here to go to that blog, right after you watch the video 😉

   Anyways, today I was playing Madden, trying to complete another challenge. During the gameplay, I threw the ball up for my TE. The ball clanged off the field goal post and fell to the ground. After seeing the football hit the ground, a lightbulb went off in my head. “What if I caught that?” I thought. That is when I lined up my TE to be in the right spot at the right time, this was the Result.
(Wouldn’t allow me to just import my video, so had to make it a YouTube video, sorry!!!!)

Sorry for the audio, you can turn the media down. I didn’t expect anyone to talk XD
Love you guys. I hope you have a good night!