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What happened to Bart?


I have had a few people ask me what happened to Bart. The last time that we saw our friend, he was actually holding Jason Voorhees hostage. I didn’t know why he wanted a cage, but I bought it for him. I then came home to see Jason locked up. I tried to tell Bart about how serious this is, but he didn’t listen. He put the key up and went back to his life. This was suppose to be the end, but then Freddy had to show up. Freddy was granted a favor if he let Jason out. I don’t know the details, but I know that Freddy hurried to get the key and allow him to leave.

So what happened? The story will start again, soon. The story will involve Bart being terrified as he feels like someone is watching him. The only problem is that Freddy is playing with his mind, tricking him to think that Jason is still in the cell. This is when Bart thinks that he is just going crazy. He will lay his worries aside and will go back to living life.

If you know anything about Jason, you will know that he waits for the victim to slip up. This is when he will attack and start a war between the group. Freddy gets what he wants and he will leave, but I can promise that he will be back sooner than you think. He will play a huge role in the story, but for now Jason will fight alone. Bart might not be able to win this fight, but he is going to give it his all, even if it means he dies. Jason is pissed, so this is going to be a nasty fight, especially with the help that he has. Lets just say; the group has a lot to overcome. This is going to be an exciting story to tell. I hope that you will enjoy it. How do you think the story will end? Please tell me in the comments.

This was just a quick update to let you guys know that I am still telling a story here. Bart is still a big project on my mind. I have just been super busy, so I haven’t been able to do the photo shoots or anything with special effects. But, I plan on putting some time aside so I can get this done. Other than that, know that Bart is doing well, with his posse. 

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My self doubt story.

When I was little, I was made fun of everyday. I wasn’t poor or anything, but everyone around me seem to make fun of me as I was. I remember a few times that I was broken because of these comments, so today (in an attempt to share awareness) I want to talk about one event that led to me being full of self doubt.

When I was about 7, my house burnt down. That day, I wanted to stay home but my mom told me that I wasn’t allowed to. I didn’t feel good,  but it wasn’t a stomach ache, it was more of a heart ache. I didn’t know what was going on, but my mother pushed me out the door. I was in art class, later that day and my hands started to shake for no reason. My friends were worried for me, but I told them that I was fine then went back to painting my picture. I remember that day all to clearly. I was at recess when a crowd of kids ran to the slide. I was such a follower, so I followed them and asked what was going on. They all pointed to the sky, where a cloud of smoke hovered over the town. The excitement was quickly put out and we went back to playing four-square. Later that hour, I was called into the principals office. I knew I wasn’t in trouble, but they still wanted to see me. When I walked through the doors, my mother was sitting there fully covered in ashes. Her face was a dark grey and she smelt like smoke. They had me sit down and told me that our house had burnt down. I didn’t fully understand what that meant, but I could tell it wasn’t good. I didn’t know what to do, but my mom pulled me close and hugged me. I pulled away and told her that she smelt like smoke. The room irrupted in a giggle. During a bathroom break that day, we were all standing in line. The kids were all talking about the smoke cloud, that is when I told them that it was my house that burnt down. They all laughed and began to mock me “You don’t even have a house” “Stop lying, you don’t have a house like you don’t have any friends.” The teacher came up to me in line, after talking to the principal and gave me a hug, followed by saying that she was very sorry about my house. The kids were in shock, as I was telling the truth, and surrounded me. They acted like the words said previously were never said, but deep down it was still killing me, because it was clear that it was all true.

They were probably right, I didn’t have any friends. No one liked me because I was different, because I didn’t have the money like everyone else. My family was just broken apart, my mother was trying to figure everything out. Then our house burnt down, I was literally all alone in the hardest days of my life, the only thing I had was my messed up life and the words that were said that day. Those small words have haunted me through my life and have caused me to think low about myself. I usually find myself mot saying how I feel, because I am scared of what people will say. I don’t want to be hurt like that day, again. That day also took away all my self confidence, which I still lack to this day especially when it comes to sharing any of my own work.

Bullying will ruin a life, even if the bullying isn’t severe. That is why its important to stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. If you see someone getting bullied, don’t walk the other way. No! Save them. Even if it is just telling the person to leave them alone, you don’t know what will save that persons life. I am not only talking about his/her actual life, I am also talking about how they feel about themselves for the rest of their lives. Don’t be a part of the problem, instead be the light into the dark world. Be different, you could help make someone great.









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     It was 15 years ago, today when the world came to a screaming halt. Since that day, this country hasn’t been the same. That day was full of sorrow but also was full of courage. 9/11 was set in history as the worse day in Americas history. Today is the 15th year anniversary and I want to share about what was going through my head and what I was doing, during this scary and heartbreaking day!

Over 2,000 people were taken from us during the attack on our country. This attack was on 9-11-2001, when an enemy ran a plane through our world trade centers. I was in class when this happened, probably first grade. I didn’t know what the teachers were nervous about, but they didn’t seem to hide their expressions. All I remember is being told that I was going home, which I knew it wasn’t time, which raised my suspicion. When I got home, my mother and father were waiting for me. They sat me and my sick sister down, this is when they told us that we were under attack but we would be safe. My dad had printed off some pictures and gave them to us. After the pictures were giving, I was told to get ready. I hurried to my room and got my stuff, grasping tightly to my photo. I got in the car and we left. Five minutes later, we showed up at our church. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, which was strange on a Tuesday.

     We got out of the car and were directed to the alter, where people were weeping. I still had no idea what was going on. I walked up to the pastor and gave him the picture. I will be honest, I thought I was the coolest kid ever with the photo. I was giving a hug and told something (I can’t rmember) but when the pastor told me the message, I felt my heart drop! Something in his voice informed me that this wasn’t a good thing and that we needed to stand together.

Now, as I am old enough to know what happened, I feel horrible. I find it hard to believe what happened, or what could convince a person to do such a horrible thing! I hurt for those who were affected by the actions that day, I couldn’t imagine the pain that those people must be feeling. But also during that day we saw something, we saw our people stand together! We stood together for our nation, we were united. That’s what is great about America; is that under attack we will come together and fight hand-in-hand.

    I took a second today and thought about the people that we loss. We lost a vast amount of people that were in the centers, but we also lost a huge amount of brave responders. During the darkest hour, these brave men and women went to work. They put their lives on the line; to protect us and give us hope. The responders spent hours searching and fighting while trying to get it under control. Families lost their fathers, mothers, grandpas, grandmas, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends because they were compelled to stand in front of danger for us. These are the people that we need to remember on this day. This day is in remembrance of those who fought, our heroes!

   Today is an emotional day for most. We are all taking it in a different way, some are lost and some aren’t, but we are all doing one thing; we are remembering. We stand together and remember those who we loss, the people that stood for us and those who fell for us. We remember the day that this world stopped turning, also the day that we looked hatred in the face and said “Bring it on.” We will never forget that day those who we lost! Take a second and remember a falling hero!


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Being stalked is a very serious and scary thing, but for me it was just annoying! I have heard of stories where the stalker ends up breaking into a house and killing the person, or something worse. With being a man, I never thought that I would have to worry about being stalked. I thought stalkers only attacked women, but oh boy was I wrong! This is the story, of when I was stalked!
I use to date a lot of girls. I would get to know them, then they would get boring, this is usually when I would dump them. I was a dumb 17 year old, wanting love in all the wrong places, this is one of those stories! I met this one girl, Faith, and she was awesome. The funny thing is I met her on Facebook, under “Friends you might know.” I didn’t know her, but I sent her a request, anyway (I know creepy, don’t judge!) She didn’t take long to accept it and message me, asking who I was? I answered saying that I thought I knew her (Lies!) She didn’t reply, at first, then she sent me a message. She wanted to get to know me. I gave her my number and told her to text me. It only took a few seconds for her to text me. She was annoying at first, she was putting me down because of my school! She only lived 10 minutes away and went to the school that my school was consolidated with! I told her that I didn’t want to talk about that, and she told me that we could change the subject. I brought up relationships. She told me that she was single. I used that to my advantage and began to ask her if we could hang out. She was senseless because she said yes, even without knowing me!
We hung out, a week later, and spent most of the time making out. She had the worse breath, ever! Though her breath was scary,  she was good at one thing….kissing! Sadly, that was the only thing she was good at! She wasn’t fun to talk to, she was controlling, and she spent most of our convos trying to convince me to have sex. I was training to be a youth pastor, so that wasn’t going to happen, which made her mad enough to taunt me with her friends! The relationship wasn’t bad overall, though, well until the end!
I was going out of town, with a few close friends, and she didn’t agree. She thought that I wanted to do something with the girl I was with. I tried to convince her that I didn’t want anything, but she didn’t believe me. I thought about skipping the concert, but then rethought as she wasn’t my mother, and she would have to get over it! I was too young to be controlled by a girlfriend, especially one that poked fun at me! I decided to go, anyways! She told me that she was fine, but she wasn’t. The concert was two hours away, so we left pretty early in the morning. The rest of the group was going to be meeting us in a different town, so we had to get there on time. The real problem didn’t come until later in the trip. I was trying to have a good time, we were all singing and having a blast, so much I forgot to check my phone. We were stopping at a gas station, while everyone else was inside I checked my phone. I had thirteen text messages and a few missed calls. They were all from Faith and she wasn’t happy. I remember the text messages were mixed, some were sad and the others were mad. She said that she hated me and that I was cheating, but then seconds later she would say she loved me and missed me. I was going to ignore the text messages, but one caught my eye. The one specific text said “HELp, Baby……He’s ohw (on his way).” This struck a nerve, since she did have a crazy ex, one that said he wanted to kill her to me….I gave her a call.
She answered the phone with an attitude. I could tell that she ran out of patience with me, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to let her negative ass ruin my day, I just wanted to know if she was okay. Once she calmed down and let me speak, I asked her if she was okay. She paused for a second then went off. She couldn’t catch her breath as she spilled out some crazy story. The story was about how her ex was mad about her status, so he was going to come and kill her. The funny thing is the police told her that they couldn’t help her. I told her to call them or to leave, she snapped again and told me that she couldn’t leave. I didn’t know what to do, I was a hour away and I couldn’t leave. I told her to call a friend, but she didn’t like that either. She then accused me of cheating with the other girl. My patience was gone as I blew up on her. I told her to shut up and to get a better story, as I knew she was lying. She told me that I was a dick, that is when I told her that I was done and I hung up the phone.
We didn’t talk for a couple days, but then she came back into the radar. She apologized for being a jerk. I accepted the apology and hung up the phone. The relationship was over, so I didn’t want to talk. She texted me moments later begging me to take her back. I told her no, and told her to leave me a lone. Faith blew up after that, telling me that I was a ugly virgin and that I should die. With this, I thought she was done, but that wasn’t true, she started to come around my house. She would drive by slowly. I caught her one day, but when I asked her what she was doing, she lied and said she was at school, even though I saw her outside of my house.
This crazy girl did this for a week, then texted me and told me that she was dating her ex, again. I didn’t answer, because I didn’t care. I knew that she wanted me to care, but I figured she was lying, so I just let it go. This wasn’t the last time she texted me, she would get dumped and come to me to fix her loneliness. The trap was never good enough, though, as I would just ignore her each time. It has been a about a year since she texted me last, which I thank God for. I just feel like she’s about to come back into the radar, but I am ready. My chair is sitting outside, my gun is loaded, and I am ready to send her to Redhead hell……


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Yesterday, I was giving the opportunity to open a few doors for a friend. I was approached by him, a few months ago, after I promoted a local artist. He asked me if I could do a write-up for him, also, and I gladly said yes, as promoting local artists happens to be very fun. There were a few hold ups during this process, as Kastle refused to send me the email back (LOL), but he finally got the email sent. As I read over the questions he answered, I knew instantly, this was going to be a very fun post to write. This man is great and has a very big heart for the Lord, making it easy to sell him to people. I got the post put up yesterday, but I would like to share, with you guys, his testimony and the interview!. This is a great way for you guys to fall in love with him all over again!
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Kastle’s Testimony!
      My story is not like not so much like every professing Christian or believer of Christ, in a sense it carries the same message as some.
      I had parents; I had a mother and father but not so much for we didn’t bond as a family should, I didn’t feel that love til after I was already older and able to make my own decisions and be my own adult.

      I didn’t struggle with drugs or alcoholism, have I tried them before? Yes. Do I regret them now that I look back on it? Yes. But my past doesn’t conflict my future because my future lies within God.

      However, I did struggle with acceptance, and fitting in and wanting to belong amongst my peers, I lack identity and because of that I wore many masks to see which was fitting.

      I gangbanged, I attempted to sell drugs, I wanted money and woman, it never filled any missing spots in my life.

      I use to want to play pro basketball and football, even be a professional wrestler, even went as far as going to the wrestling schools, but in the end none of that interested me at all.

      I got into the habit of poetry as an outlet to escape the my environments growing up and even isolated myself from my peers in school, because I didn’t fit in, I was suicidal, bullied on a regular, got into fights at school and got kicked out number of occasions, show little to no respect for authority to the point, the school principle said himself that the direction I was heading, I wasn’t going anywhere and I believed him, grades slipping, no friends really, going nowhere in life.
      I got into the hip hop culture with no knowledge or experience in at all, the similarities in it is that it carried an poetry feel to me, substance, which has always been the fabric of hip hop since day one.

      So I got into rapping, and 2 years out of high school, I get set to drop my debut album “Still Searching” in 06’ and I run into an friend of mine, who was saved at that time and talked to me about God, at first I wasn’t buying it for the simple fact that, I’ve been around it as a kid and I didn’t believe in God for I had hatred towards him, I literally was raging war with God, I was an atheist and ok with it because how can an almighty God allow so much in this world?
      I can tell you now is because it’s of free will, free to make your decisions, but not free from the consequences of your decisions weather good or bad, there’s consequences in any and everything In life.

      I went to church with him one day, with my thoughts and questions to myself, spoke to no one, not even introduce myself to anyone, a quick in and out what was my plan was, but no.

     A youth pastor approached during worship, and asked to pray for me and I accepted, and as he was praying I felt this calm, peace come over me, like an reassurance that everything is going to be fine, he told me what I was struggling with, what my hurt was and I was in shock for I said nothing to no one, and the message that was preached that night was about hopelessness, while story of the prodigal son was the illustration piece to the message, they did alter call, I was so ashamed and worried about people looking and judging me that I almost backed out, and I felt something inside of me telling, assuring me that everything is going to be ok and this is why I came here, so I as I approached the alter, I dropped to my knees and cried  like a new born baby, as ministers prayed over me, I felt that one thing that has always eluded me for years,  I finally felt loved. I finally felt like I fit in and I don’t have to be something that I’m not, I can be me, the true me that God called me to be and I received much freedom in finding my identity inside of finding him, for the more I searched and find him, the more I find myself.

      That’s my testimony, the short testimony for that matter, the truth of the matter, is this: there’s freedom in Christ Jesus and whatever you going through in this life, big or small that you can trust and rest assured that God is able.
Kastle Li

                                                                                              Interviewing Kastle:
Part 1: Early Childhood

1. When were you born? I Was born July 17th 1985, I remember my mom’s telling me the doctor said I was going to be smart, because for a baby, I had a big head LOL

2. Where were you raised? I grew up on the Southside of Chicago

4. Where was your favorite place to go as a kid? We had a restaurant called Sal’s pizzeria, man that was in 1995, I had my first gyro, and played street fighter turbo for the first time, every Saturday I was doing chores to gain enough money to beat E.Hunda LOL.

5. What school did you attend as a kid? I attended Yale Elementary and in 96 we moved to Springfield, Illinois.

7. Was it hard for you to make friends in school? Yes definitely, I was socially unequipped down to the tee; I didn’t share the same interests as everybody did.
8. Were you more of the “Nerd” or “Class clown”? Neither, I stayed to myself and I had really bad social anxiety that I would hope the teacher wouldn’t call on me.
9. What is your favorite childhood memory? I have to say the summertime, red light, green light, two hand touch football, and ICE CREAM!! LOL.

10. In school, what was your favorite subject? Science for the most part…Still is to this day exactly.

11. And what about you’re least favorite? History for the simple fact that everything we we’re brought up to believe are a lie, that’s why boys and girls I stress to you to do your own research.

12. Did you move a lot as a child? Did it have any effect on you? Yes, it was difficult for me, because it seemed like someone was continuously hitting the reset button on me, I felt like I was starting over all the time to the point I became numb to it.

Part 2: The later years

1. When and what was your first job? I worked at McDonalds for three years.

2. Did you attend college? What College? What major? Yes, I attended ITT-Tech and I major in applied computer science and graduated June of 06’

3. What was your first car? How much did it cost you? My first car was a 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria and I didn’t pay for it because it’s been in the family for a long time, gas guzzler Foreal bro!

4. As a graduate, what were your goals set after high school? I didn’t have any except be the biggest rapper and have all the money and girls, then I grew up LOL.

6. Who, in your life, impacted you the most between ages 5-25? My fathers to this day (R.I.P.) that man showed me first hand, the definition of working hard and bow down to no man, and take care of yours before you tell someone how to take care of theirs.

7. Is that mentor still mentoring you to this point in your life? Yes I must say, I still carry some traits of him in me.

8. Are you a participant of sports? Which ones? Did you play in high school? No. The most I ever did in school was wrestling and that was for one year and outside of school, I did some boxing nothing major, it’s just as a teen, I was getting jumped and the owner of a boxing gym wanted to show me a few pointers.

9. Are you big into writing? Yes and No, it depends.

10. When did you begin to write music? Junior year in high school, I was big into poetry and I lost one of my papers and someone who happens to rap found and gave it to me and said if this was a song it would be dope and it just took off from there. Prior to that I was always big on the culture of hip hop, just wasn’t a rapper because I always received negative feedback, but clearly all that changed.

Part 3: It’s all about inspiration

1. As an artist, who inspires you to keep following your dream? Underdogs, people who was always told that they can’t because I was always told that I can’t, it something about that position to prove any and everybody wrong, it gets me all the time. 

2. How will your music impact teens of this generation? It will give them a message that no matter what you’re going through in life, Jesus is there, and he loves you and nothing you ever done is to big for you to not come to him. That’s what someone told me before I found God and that’s the message I want to send to everyone.

3. How will you inspire people beyond your beats and rhymes? Hopefully, it’ll inspire someone to look in the mirror and say “This life, I’m living needs to change and I want something better for myself.” Well I like to think anyway.

4. In this world there are a lot of inspirations, what do you think inspires kids these days?? Moving beyond the normal honestly, their visualists were visualists, you and me, we don’t want to hear it, we want to see, and that’s what my music does in my opinion, it gives you a visual prospective.
5. Is there more bad influence or good influence in this world today? A combination of both, good influence being overcrowded with bad influences.

6. Can you give me a few of your lyrics that would inspire someone to make it through the day? Whatever you got going on, you’ll make it, you’re made to endure, best believe you can take it, because you’re a fighter, a survivor, a natural born rider, light of this world, a walker lighter.
7. Is Jesus an outline throughout your previous album? Will this stay the same? Jesus has and will always be a huge part of my music.

8. What artist would you like to mirror throughout your career? Not sure, never really looked at an artist and be like, I want to do what they’re doing you know? Well that’s just me I must say.

9. Which parent would you say you’re learned more from? Explain? My father, he didn’t have an education, but you wouldn’t know that talking to him, he showed me that because you may lack something, doesn’t defect your worth at all. I mean this had no degree or diploma and still held down jobs on top of jobs, that’s why I hear dudes complain about not getting work, I’m not trying to hear that, it can be done if you really want it man.

10. What inspiration will you bring to the table? My drive, focus, and never say die attitude of course.

Part 4: Music so sick!

1. What genre are you under? Has this always been the same? CHH (Christian Hip Hop) no. I started out rapping like everybody else until I found God and as I was growing, my passion was growing as well, like there’s more to this life than even we may ever know.
What did you learn from past shows? Rocking the stage is very important, you can put out hot music all day every day, but if your live performance suck then that’s all she wrote.

4. How many shows have you been a part of? Which one was the most memorable? 6. I can’t pick for the reason that each one taught me to grow, but if I had to pick it would be my first one, I was so nervous that I was stuttering on stage and was so glad to finish that set.

5. What is your fondest memory, of the years you have put into your music? Completing my first mixtape in 2009, I was going through so much, lost a job, homelessness was approaching, I was suicidal and all I had to keep me going at that time was God, a bible, pen and pad and recording equipment and that was my therapy.

6. When and why did you begin to use music to express yourself? Music and poetry has always been one in the same to me, it has always been my place of escape, my way of expressing myself creatively in a sense.

7. What were your first songs about? Salvation at the cross and how we can grow from the inside out.

8. What were some of your first rhymes?  Man (Chuckles) they so wack that I voluntarily forgot them!

9. When you write a new song, is it lyrics before beat, or beat before lyrics? Has it ever changed? Man sometimes it depends the mood or state of mind that I’m in, sometimes, I hear a nice beat and write to it or sometimes something nice come to my mind and I write it out and I look for a beat to match it and write some more or edit what I wrote and build from there.

10. Are you a self-taught musician? If not, who taught you to work the magic? A combo of both, most of my friends are musicians, writers etc. and I learned a lot from them and mostly I listened to hip hop a lot, not just the songs, but the flow, the patterns and timing of it all. I was literally a sponge to the art.

11. What is your artist name? What is the story behind it? I go by Kastle Li, I was in worship one night and God gave me castle for that’s where the king dwells at, inside of me, so I switched the C to an K as a reminder of the “King.”

12. What is your signature? Something that people will know you by? My rawness and willingness to keep it real.
13. Where do you do most of your writing? Is there a certain place you have to be in? I have a home studio, but none the less, anywhere, park bench, at the table of a coffee shop, don’t matter as long as I got a notebook, bible or bible app on my phone and two pens and headphones.

14. How do you recover when a mistake is made during a show? Keep going; finish the set (hahaha)
15. Who do you look up to in the music industry? Why? Bizzle, the fact that he was who he was, when he came into the game to begin with and never changed, it was God over money then and it’s God over money now.

16. Do you play any instruments? Do you add these instruments to your songs? No, if I could it would be a piano.

17. I want to become an artist, but I’m nervous. How can you help me calm down? What advice? It’s good to be nervous, it builds you and reminds you that you’re human, but none the less, have fun for the most part, the crowd is like kids, they can smell fear (haha) I got kids that’s why I said that, but if you chilled and the crowd rocking with you, it’s all good bro.

18. Are you willing to teach those who want to become musicians? I can teach what I do know, but in actuality I’m a student myself, so first thing to learn is to stay humble and ready to learn.

19. Do you practice a lot? How do you practice? Yes. I practice in front of mirror when I know I’m performing live, but when I’m laying down vocals for a track, I practice rapping a lot before I lay down the track, so it comes out smooth.

20. How do you stay calm as the show begins? I remind myself why I’m doing this and there’s somebody coming that don’t knows God and would like to, and have fun for the most part.

21. What’s more nerve racking? The pre-show or during the show? During the show, you never know what could happen.

22. What is the best way to stay calm? Practice, plenty of rest and a balance meal.

23. How do you keep a balance in life as an artist? Being married with children, it becomes difficult at times, but at the end of day, family is the first ministry and everything else comes after, if my family good, then I’m golden bro.

24. In shows, how do you reach out to the crowd? Man I share my past experience, something people can relate to because we all struggle with something in this life, and start to pray for people.

25. If you’re giving any label, which one would you sign to? Doesn’t matter to me as long as they know where I stand with God and we’re on the same page.
26. Are you working on any projects right now? I’m working on my first debut album that’s slated to be released soon.
27. Do you own your own studio? What kind of equipment do you have? Yes. I have an home studio and I have an mxl 770 condenser mic, subwoofer speakers, and I use adobe audition as recording software.
28. How did you record your first album? I record from home, and I ship my files online through email to my label boss and he mix and master it in a studio and we go from there.

29. What are you plans in the music industry? To share the gospel and reach any and every one in need.
30. Where will you be in five years? I don’t know, hopefully a good place.

Part 5: Tell me more
1. Tell me about your upcoming album? It’s my first album, so it’s a bit personal and uplifting, but creative for the most part.

2. What is the title to the album? The story behind that title? The wait was worth it, I call it that because this album should have been out years ago, but a lot of setbacks and things in life derailed me numerous times, but at the same time from what I can take from it, is the growth I received from it all, how to be an better mc, rhymer all of that. So when it’s time for me to release this album, all the hard work, all the waiting, is going to be worth it (Smiles).

3. What can we expect from this album? Anyone that’s ever heard my previous work will definitely hear the growth in it and the new found drive as well. The energy in this is crazy.

4. Do you have any shows coming up? Where? Not as of yet, I put everything aside to focus on this album, but soon.

5. How long did it take you to write this album? A month.
6. Did you make all the beats to this album? How long did that take? Some yes and some no, I have a team of go to producers I kick it with, oh yeah shout out to jruso beats and Choo valentine, you guys are the MVP (haha).

9. Who will be featured on this album? Being that it’s my first, I didn’t want to overload it with features, but it’s light, I wanted everyone to hear mostly me and build from there.

10. How will this album be unique? Fast raps, new style beats, Rock underlines, anything?
11. How does the present state of the world affect your music? It doesn’t, it only proves my point on how we need to turn back to God.
Fun fillers
Xbox or Ps3? Xbox, 2k all day.
What did you want to be when you were 5? Superman.

Married? Or Dating? Married.

Can you freestyle? A little.

Dream vacation? Florida, with a nice house ocean view.

Favorite ice-cream? Oreo.

Coffee fan? Yes, hazelnut. 
Nerd or Jock? Neither.
Who will win the super bowl this year? Are you a sports fan? I still have high hopes for the bears man, my Chicago bulls please pray for them (haha)

If you are a fan of sports, what’s your favorite sport? Team? Bears, white sox, bulls, Blackhawks, Chicago everything.

Favorite movie? The outsiders, loved the book in high school, and really dug the movie.

If you were on the titanic, would you have saved rose? Yes, but we both would’ve been sharing the board, I wouldn’t be freezing.

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Am I a christian?
I have been doing a series called, Letters to the Chapel, which is a series that walks you guys through my time with Christ. This raises a question; am I a Christian? This is a very serious question, if you know my past. I spent a good part of my life in a pew. Growing up with a pastor for a dad, you were sort of forced into going, even if you were tired from staying up all night. I remember at 10 years old, I was in a rough time in my life, my mom was no longer in the picture, I recently had gotten out of foster care, putting me into the care of my father. When we moved in with my father, he had one rule, that was that we went back to church. I hated the idea of going to church. I didn’t believe that God would allow something, such as abuse, happen to his creation. I had a grudge with God, and I wasn’t about to go to church to solve it!
Even with much fighting, I lost the battle in not going to church. My dad wanted me to go, and that was the end of that argument. Now with much hate, in my heart, I sat in a pew with glazed-over eyes, as I tried to stay awake through the pastors boring speech about loving one and another. The pastor had no sense of humor and a mono voice. I found it very hard to stay awake through the sermon. But with time,  I began to get over that. I actually started enjoying the church, but then my dad wanted to change pace and go to another church.
The transition was very rough on me. I made some great friends at the last church, but that was all over. It was back to fighting my dad, about going to church. I remember purposely taking forever to get ready, hoping that he would say it was okay, and that we wouldn’t go. But that never worked, he always was up my butt about getting ready, and if he saw that I was taking longer than I should, he would call me out about it! The fight was over, I had lost. I had nothing else to do, than go with it. I was going to sit through the sermons, even if I didn’t want to. But as I went to the Sunday meetings, I realized this church was amazing.
It took me over 3-years to get used to getting up early, on Sundays. Once I got use to getting up early, I started to pay more attention in the church, and then I went to a youth ralley, on night. This was the night that I gave my life to Christ! This was an amazing night for me. I was sitting in the back of the building, and all of a sudden, two pastors came after me, and asked me to get prayed over. As they prayed over me, I felt something change on the inside, that night was the beginning of a wild 6 year-ride.
Fast forward six years later. After I got back from seminar, I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted, or what god wanted. I couldn’t find a job in Missouri, forcing me back home to start over from scratch. With nothing going in my way, I started to search out for an answer. That is when my youth pastor introduced me to a college, in Lincoln. This was a pastoral college that lasted one-year, and would give you a degree in pastoral studies. This would give me a great opportunity to grow, as a person and a Christian. But with no money to pay for it, I decided to go against it, and I started to focus on church, alone. But then my life shifted.
Long-story-short, I met my wife. She was the light of my world, but there was a problem. She was having problems with her mom, and got kicked out of her home. She was forced into going to her aunts. She was scared of this house, she felt that someone was always watching her, and one night she felt her covers being removed from her. I told her that I would stay with her, until it all blew over, to give her a sense of security. But word got back to my church, and they weren’t happy. They told me that I couldn’t live this life, and teach their children. Then the pastor asked me if I would allow them to pray. But instead of praying for a good life, they prayed that my girlfriend and I broke up. When they prayed that, I decided to stop going to that church.
Now, I would like to say that I am a Christian, which I am, but I feel like I am a different type of Christian. The church is very corrupt in this day of age, most only want control, when they should focus on the love of Christ. That is why I decided to stop going to church, and focusing on a private relationship, with Christ. This eliminated a lot of my problems, and has allowed me to be more real with God. I wasn’t able to ask the Church certain questions, but now I can ask God those questions! So yes, I am a Christian, but I don’t believe in the church.


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Ten things I did to get Ariel
Ariel and I have been together for almost four-years, or more. I have learned a lot about the cutie, but I would never had the chance, if it weren’t for the 10 reasons below. If you are looking to get with a hot chick, then you need this! You go!


10. Showed her my butt.
Note: No one can push me away when I show them my bubble butt.
Note-note: If I were a stripper, my name would be captain bubble butts.
9. Told her she was a perty birdy.
8. Asked her out.
     Note to the note: Girls like when you actually ask them, and not just post it on Facebook. 
7. Took her out in bowling. 
     Continuous: I literally beat her in bowling.
6. Walked in the freezing cold with her!
Note: She needed a hoodie, and when I took it off, she saw my abs.
5. Showed her my abs
Note: She needed a hoodie, and when I took it off, she saw my abs.
4. I told her my whole life story.
Note: I don’t actually have a note for this……
3. I was fummmyyyyy
Note: I am always funny, if you don’t like it, suck it…..
2. I gave her a kiiiiiiisssssssssssiiiiiiiiisssssssss
And it went a little like this…..
1. I listened to her.
Note for the notes note: She is amazing, so listening wasn’t that hard to do!

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    I will be a gamer! I will quit my writing career, to play a video game every second of everyday! I will leave my wife alone in the room, and come out in the living room and play video games, all night. I will tell my boss that I am not coming to work, so all the focus is on my future dream. I will do it…. I can do…my tears are falling…..this is my chance to become a man….where is my Xbox controller?
Oh my god, it feels so right. I plop in a game, Black ops, and find a lobby. There are a lot of noobs in this dang lobby, ha-ha losers. This will be my first clip that will start my career off right. I round the corner, but there is no one there. I round another corner and still no one there. I lay down on the ground, patiently waiting for someone to come around the corner to pop their head off, yet no one comes around. So I place a claymore on the ground and run away.
The game is quiet, not a single shot has left a barrel. It is thirty seconds into this game, and no one has a kill. I am still furiously searching for my first victim. The game must have kicked everyone off the server, or maybe its all campers in the lobby? I wont give up, though! This is my life now, this is the reason I quit everything, to follow in the footsteps of my GOD! I will make him happy.
    Then out of no where a man jumps out, and plasters my head. I fall to the ground, dead. But I respawn seconds later. I grip my controller tightly, and begin to run across the map to find the one who killed me. I get to the spot that he killed me, and all-of-a-sudden I fall to the ground again, after tripping a claymore. I moaned in anger, but kept the faith. All gamers have those gun fights that they lose, I will recapitalize, and get back into this game. But as I spawned in, a man with a sniper, shot me as he did a 360` no-scope.
    I fell to the ground, again. This time I screamed and slammed my controller to the desk. But then something whispered into my ear. A man from heaven came to me, telling me this is my destiny. This is what I am living for, no one can stop me. I picked up my controller, and began to crawl around my spawn-area. But soon enough, a grenade flopped right in front of me. I tried to get out of the way, but it detonated, blowing a canister of gas up, leaving me for the reaper.
I raged, but that wasn’t going to stop me. There were only a few seconds left in the match, which is all I needed. I have been fighting for this, I am an overcomer! I put my gamer glasses on, and fire myself up as I walked around a brick wall. I got hit markered, but it didn’t kill me. I knew the guys location, it was time to exterminate. I aimed down my sights and rounded the corner. I saw him in the left house window. I quickly aimed, and shot. One hit marker, two hit markers………..end of the match…..I lost. I was about to get the kill, yet I lost.
I went back to the previous game screen, went into the settings, but realized something. There is nothing lower than Recruit on the bots…..I then called my boss back, I begged for my job, he said okay. I then wrote this blog, and now I have to face the deadliest beast in this whole world, my wife……She has been screaming since 1 a.m., I look down, it is 5 a.m.…………I’m dead.

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I have covered this topic in a few other post, but today I will go into further detail to show you guys, Why I started to write, why I like to write, and Why I haven’t stopped. There is nothing better than to write for you guys and I thank you for the on-going support even if you guys disagree, I know that you will never leave, as I am not leaving. Yesterday, I was having a bad day and was about to cancel my account and discontinue my journey to 642 post. But then I remembered why I love to write, and I want to share that with you guys.
There was a point in my life that I thought I had found the love of my life. It was in October of 2011. I was at a convention and I was about get my worship on, but as I walked up to the front, this girl came up to me (she went to the same church) and said “Hi.” I wasn’t here to make new friends, so I said hi and bye and walked away. I could tell that I hurt her feelings, but I didn’t care. Well to make the story short and sweet. I went up to her after the worship and introduced myself and that night we went on a date. It was nice, well until a little later. After we got to know each other personally and after I fell hard for her, she told me that we couldn’t be friends anymore. I was crushed, and entered into a great depression. A depression that caused for me to stair at a wall for hours. To get over this, I had to find something to do. I posted my first blog post on blogspot under “Livingexampleb23” and it was called “The problem with getting over it.” Which was me begging for answers on what I did wrong. This started a tidal wave. I was in love with posting my feelings instead of keeping them inside. I found writing was the answer to get over depression. Even though I was writing way before this blog was posted, I didn’t become passionate until “The problem with getting over it.”
Through the years, I have found that I love to write, and will never stop doing this hobby. There is something about being able to get all my ideas and feelings out of my head. I have a thousand ideas a day and without the ability to write, my creative mind would go unnoticed. Then again if I couldn’t express myself through my blog then I would never express myself, leaving all my hurt in my brain and my heart. I tried to do this once and trust me I become a brand new person. Someone that is truly negative and angry. No one has time for that.
Then there is always the question of why I still blog. If I got over the girl then why continue to council my mind with the words that I proceed to type onto Jotterpad. The reason is clear; I have more hurt in my life that I am not over, but also because I am passionate about what I do. I couldn’t imagine life without this keyboard and monitor, or the hours of planning, writing, and editing. If I gave up at this point I would have lost all of those hours that I could of used elsewhere. But I am glad that I haven’t giving up, because I was sure that I would have. But I didn’t and now I am happier than I have been in years.
“I’m still in love with what I do, with the idea of making things up, so hours when I write always feel like very blessed hours to me.”-Stephen Kings. This quote describes my heart when I write, I can write for hours and where most would think I am wasting time, I feel like I am making a change. Not in the world but something is changing inside of me, something that I am happy to accept and embrace, even if no one reads my blog, I know that the change I have accepted is worth it. It is worth keeping the blog open as long as I live.