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The flipping glow of success.

What is Success?

Success is the favorable result in a situation. Success is something that many want and will spend their whole life trying to achieve. Though many will try to be successful, many will find it very challenging. It might be hard to find success in the path that they take, but it isn’t impossible. Hard work comes before success, this is where many will fail. These people don’t want to work hard to get what they want, so this leads them to quit on what they are attempting to finish, leading to a big failure. If they would have worked harder or even taking a different path, they might have succeeded. Either way, they should have kept working hard, because great things happen to those who work hard.

This brings me to the point of this post. Over a year ago, I posted about making a giant splash in the writing world. I thought that it was going to be easy, but I found that it wasn’t even close to that. Finding the right crowd, the correct formulas and even finding the passion to write can be very hard at times. I know this from my failed attempt to make it big on Facebook. My page has yet to hit 100 likes, where as my friends writing pages have gathered over 1,000 in the last year. This is an upsetting fact, to know that what I thought was going to be the easiest part is now the hardest. It doesn’t seem hard to grow a page, I mean all you have to do is share, right? That is wrong! I find that to be the most annoying ways to grow. I don’t want to get big off of spamming people for their likes, but how am I suppose to get this page going? That is what is hard, because you need a formula.

I don’t have that formula, I don’t know how to get that formula. I wish someone would come along with a free trial, just so I can take what the formula taste like. There is a science behind getting people to want what you have. In order to find that out, you mainly have to be a peoples person, that is something I am not. I love people, but I don’t understand people. That is what screws me. How can I get someone I don’t understand to like something that I made?
In addition to all of this, once you begin to find the formula, you can be hit with writers block. This is what happened to me. Somewhere in the last year I found the formula, I was growing like nothing else, then it all halted. I forgot what to do, I lost the passion, and I began to spew out a bunch of half-hearted crap. These were post that I didn’t even like myself,  but for some reason I posted them. By the time I got my passion back, the crowd was gone. I miss my shot and now I can’t seem to find the formula again.

So I missed my chance to grow big, should I give up though? No! I find that trying to find the right formula is the greatest part of trying to get big. What appreciation would I have if everything was giving to me? If I was giving the chance to be famous (not something I want) I would turn it down. Being giving something like that would lead to me hating the position I’m in. This is because you love what you work hard for. I love our car because we had crap cars before, but also because we have to pay for it. Likewise, I love being a writer because I have to work hard to get better. When you put work into something, you want something to come out of it. You don’t want to waste time, so you will make sure that you do anything to allow your investment to grow. So just because I lost my chance, this doesn’t mean that I will give up. This is just another reason to bust my ass to get back to where I was. I must put in the work to gain the reward.

I am wanting to succeed as a writer. It is my goal to be known, so if I have to fail a thousand times to do so, you better know that I am going to do so. I don’t care if it takes forever to do so, just know that I will look failure in the face and laugh! Because I know I have something special. Failure has no place for me!!!


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Thankfully for the Titans coming back to beat the Lions, I was able to keep a record of 9-5 in week 2 picks. Though the Packers should have won, and I was too stubborn to go against my favorite team, a few other games were just amazing. The Rams went on to beat the struggling offense of Seattle, and the Raiders fell short to the Falcons. Other than that, the week went just like I planned. Now, with a record of 9-5, I bring you this weeks picks! (Including the close game of the week!)


Texans at Patriots
Winner: Texans

     Ravens at Jaguars
Winner: Jaguars

Redskins at Giants
Winner: Giants
(Close game of the week 21-18)

Lions at Packers
Winner: Packers

Browns at Dolphins
Winner: Browns

Vikings at Panthers
Winner: Panthers

Broncos at Bengals
Winner: Broncos

Cardinals at Bills
Winner: Cardinals

Raiders at Titans
Winner: Raiders

Rams at Bucs
Winner: Bucs

49ers at Seahawks
Winner: Seahawks

      Steelers at Eagles
Winner: Steelers

      Jets at Chiefs
     Winner: Chiefs

      Chargers at Colts
      Winner: Colts

     Bears at Cowboys
     Winner: Cowboys

      Falcons at Saints
     Winner: Saints

Few Notes:
Texans win due to the Patriots having to play Rookie, Jacoby Brissett (Garoppolo, shoulder Gronkowski, Ankle)

Packers will come out looking for vengance after that tough conference loss. Look for Rodgers to have a huge game.

Broncos only win if the defense plays well. The Bengals have allowed opposing defenses to get to Dalton, which could be a huge factor since they are facing Von Miller. We will see though. I also think its time to get Paxton ready!

Carson Wentz will have his first huge game, this Sunday. This will open everyone’s eyes to see if he is the future, or if he just was getting lucky. Wentz only had 180 yards to one of the worse defenses on MNF.

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      There is a man. He is standing in the shadows, patiently waiting for his chance to step into the light. The Lord has given him a gift, the gift that he will use to share God’s love across the world. He is a man after God’s heart and is showing it through his talents. Though he hasn’t blown up in the media, he is on his way to making a huge dent in the music industry. Being a local artist, you have to work harder than ever to get noticed, and this guy is doing just that. He is a man that puts his family first, yet has time to get on his hands and knees for the lord, also gives his all in his rapping career. He is on the rise, just be glad you now have the chance to know about him.
      Casey Bounds, A.k.a Kastle Li, was born on July 17th, 1985 on the South side of Chicago. Casey was a big baby, as the doctors said “He is going to be a smart boy, because he has a huge head.” Casey grew up in a home that wasn’t as close as he wanted it to be. They didn’t bond like other families, which led to him not feeling loved, as a child. This pain from feeling alone poured over into school, where Casey spent 8-hours a day isolated from the masses of students. The main reason for the isolation, was from the lack of interest that he had for what others liked. On top of not finding same interest, He also was moving a lot, causing him to feel as if someone was pressing a restart button, on his life. Casey was bullied regularly and had a very serious case of depression, on top of all of that, he was told by the principle that his lack of respect, for Authority, which would cause him to never go anywhere. Casey believed him, as he saw his grades slipping and that he had no friends. He saw he wasn’t going anywhere in life. Though he wasn’t a big fan of school, History was his least favorite subject. The lies that are lined out in text books prompts Casey to tell us “ To Do your own research.”
      Out of School, Casey seemed to have a great life. He especially loved to go to “Sal’s Pizzeria” where he spent hours playing Street fighter Turbo, this was also the place he was greeted to an amazing Greek special; A Gyro. Every Saturday, Casey was raising money, through chores, in order to beat E. Hunda. Though Street Fighter was amazing, Casey loved Summertime the most, where he spent the days outside, playing Red light, Green light, and two-hand touch football while eating a lot of delicious ice cream.

       In his late teens, he would get a job at McDonald’s. While he worked at McDonalds, He would also go on to get his first car. The 1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria was a great car, also being his first. He was able to get it for free, as it had been in the family for quite some time. The car was a gas guzzler, which was the only thing Casey didn’t like about it. Shortly after his first car, Casey would be introduced to something that would change his life, Rap. Casey spent a majority of his time writing poetry. One day, he lost one of his papers, this paper had original work on it. The paper got it into a rappers hand. The rapper happened to read over his work and returned it. When he gave it back to Casey, he told him that it would be dope if he added music to it. From the moment on, Casey wanted to be rapper. He graduated in ’04, wanting to be the best rapper with all the girls and money, that the career brought. He would soon grow up, and see that it wasn’t about that, at all.

       In 2006, Casey was using his talent to release an album “Still Searching” (an album that was not released) which led him to an old friend. This friend was a Christian and wanted to help Casey find the Lord. Casey didn’t believe in God and labeled himself as an atheist. Casey was amongst those who couldn’t understand why the lord would allow such evil into the world. This would lead Casey to rage war against the Lord. But his friend didn’t give up, he spent time talking to Casey about his savior and invited Casey to go to church. Even though he didn’t want to, Casey decided to go to church with his buddy. He didn’t talk to anyone that day, staying completely to himself. His plan was to go in and get out, nothing more, but that plan was soiled fast. A youth pastor approached him during a worship session and asked to pray for him. Casey Reluctantly said yes and allowed this man to pray. During the prayer a peace came over his body, almost as a reassurance that everything would be okay. The pastor went on to tell him what Casey was dealing with, which astonished him as he didn’t talk to anyone before this prayer. Even the message was directed towards him, as they talked about hopelessness, something Casey knew much about. After the message, there was an alter call. Casey was wanting to refuse to go up and almost backed out. He feared what people would say, but something told him to go anyways, saying it was all going to be okay. The alter call led Casey to his knees as he cried like a new born baby. Minsters prayed over him, and in that moment, for the first time in years, he felt loved. The transformation led him to believe that he finally fit in and led him to feel as he was now someone. He says that the more that he searches and finds the lord, the better that he knows himself. He would use this love for Christ, in his career, as a rapper.

      He was a Junior in high school when he began to rap. He took a huge step into a place he knew nothing about, and over the years he has changed. He isn’t the same guy that he was before. Before he was a secular rapper, one that would rap about the same topics as every other rapper. But in ’06, he was giving a wake up call, as he gave his life to Christ. After giving his life to Christ, He found himself in a worship night, praising the Lord with all his heart. During the praises, the Lord gave him a picture of a castle, the Lord said “This is where the King dwells, inside of you!” He took the “C” and replaced it with a “K,” to be reminded of the King. He is now a part of the CHH (Christian Hip Hop) genre and uses his wonderfully written songs to talk about the Salvation of the cross and how to grow from the inside.

      In 2009, Casey lost it all, when he found himself jobless, borderline homeless, and fighting thoughts of suicide. The only thing that kept him going was God, a pen and pad and recording equipment, this would become his therapy, as he released his first mix tape. Since his first mix tape, Kastle has played 6 shows. He remembers his first show being the hardest, as he couldn’t stop stuttering on stage, he stated “I was so glad to finish that set.” With every show, though, he has learned something new each time. He has learned that rocking the stage is very important, and that you can put out hottest music, all day, but if your live performances suck, then that’s all that matters.

      Casey works mainly out of his home studio, using a MXL 770 Condenser mic, subwoofer speakers, and adobe audition for recording software. He also works on making beats with Jruso and Choo Valentine. This might be changing soon, though, as Kastle Li was signed to “DownUnder Label Group,” recently and is working on his first album, “The wait was worth it” which is named after the fact, that this album was suppose to come out years ago, but was put off with a lot of set backs in life. He reassures that this album will be worth the wait, though. Kastle has grown so much in his rapping, becoming better at rhyming, timing and writing. Anyone that knew him previously will be able to tell the difference, in the upcoming album!
      Over the years, he has had a lot of mentors, but Casey allows underdogs to motivate him to do better. They are always told they can’t do something, reminding him of his past, and then they are able to prove the person wrong. As he allows underdogs to motivate him, he also hopes to do some motivating himself. His plan is to reach out to the teens, of this generation, and tell them that they aren’t alone, that Jesus is there, and that he loves them. He continues by saying “Nothing you have ever done is too big for him to handle.” Though he looks to be motivated by underdogs, Kastle pulls a lot of inspiration from his father. His father was uneducated but you couldn’t tell by talking to him. He taught Casey that just because someone lacks something, doesn’t defect their worth, at all. His dad inspired him to work hard as he did, as his dad held down jobs on top of jobs, teaching Casey that work is out there, you just have to find it. His Dad sadly has passed on to Christ, but still inspires him, everyday! 
    “Rapper” is defined as someone who raps, in order to get the definition, we must first look up rap. Rap means to strike quickly and sharply; tap. This means that you must be able to spit lyrics quickly and sharply while also holding your composure, in order to be a good rapper. Rapping takes a lot of talent, something that most don’t have. Then there are those who make it look easy, that is Kastle Li. He will be one of the best, soon, make sure you don’t miss out on the start of his reign. With this guy having such a heart for God, there is only one way his career will go, God blesses those who bless him.


        Casey wants to give a couple shout outs!
AY! I want to give a shout out to Stephen Samaroo, of 10:9 promotions for looking out for me. A shout out Eric P. Williams for being an open ear. To my wife Nicole for always having my back, and Mike verse mills of Anamorphic, that’s my dude. Sherman Mason, that’s my homie, since day one, and Ebon knox for giving me the opportunity to display my talents. Finally, a huge shout out to Impromtdude for the hook up foreal!

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I was meaning to get this out yesterday, but I got busy. Also, the amount of information, I had to get, was more than I expected when I told you guys this was coming. I am just blessed to have you guys, because you are some of the most reasonable people. You could have been mad, but you weren’t. You guys understood that life happens, so for that I thank you and welcome you to a recap of my writing journey. There will be times that the blog will feel rushed, but do remember, there are 5 years to cover in just one post. I did a lot of cutting, some things that I really didn’t want to, in order to get to some special moments. We will start from 2011 and will end on Wednesday July 27th, 2016. I really hope you guys enjoy. All stats will also be at the bottom of the post, in case you want to skip to the end. But I ask you to read it all!

I want to say thank you. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here! I am truly thankful for you!


We are all humans, we are all venerable to heartbreak. We search for the love of our lives, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. We meet the right person, and we think everything is amazing. Our hearts want to wrap this girl/boy up and never let go. I was like everyone else. But after the girl walked away, I broke. Depression was the worse thing, ever. People told me to get over it, but I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t want to learn either. This is when I posted my first blog ever. I posted “The problem with getting over it” in November 2011, under Living example b, which was my band blog. The blog was me pouring out my heart to the girl, asking why she left and trying to inform people that I couldn’t get over her, it was more of a prayer than anything. I deleted that post a few years later, as I realized that the blog was an old part of me, and that it was a great reason that I couldn’t get over this girl. The first post (that stayed up) was an update to “Problem with getting over it.” This blog was the start of something amazing, as I spent many Tuesdays writing. One day, I finally got my first comment. This comment wasn’t anything special, it was a guy inviting me to his blog, but it was still my first comment, and meant that someone was looking at my blog! This was an amazing moment, since I never promoted my blog, anywhere!
I was unable to get the stats off this blog, mainly because BlogSpot is crappy. I posted on this blog for a few years, but on 5/4/13, I released my very last blog on “Living Example b” that was titled “Dreams.”


During the last blogs of “Living example B” I was deciding if I wanted to go back to college, which is clear in “Dreams.” I didn’t have the money to go to college, but I knew I needed to in order to get a good job. I was in a rut, and didn’t know what to do. I never had the luxury of having my parents pay for college. My dad always worked, but it was never enough. After months of debating, I decided to go to a cheap college, a seminary, and pursuing a career in youth ministry. After I quit the college, due to money, I came back and lost my way. I didn’t want to write anymore. The one thing that kept me alive was no longer something that I found needed. I quit, even after I quit college to “Follow my writing career.” I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to do great thing for God in the writing field. Tides changed when I came back, which led me to a very long spurt of not writing. But then I met Ariel.


I got with this amazing girl, Ariel. She was so amazing and always challenged me to do amazing things. I found myself trying to make a return to the writing community. I was unemployed. So I would spend the time when Ariel was at work to write stories. I was using an application called “Pocket writers,” but also I was trying to help people. I found myself on “Talk life,” spending a lot of hours talking people out of Suicide, that is when an idea came in mind. I would go on to make a blog, on BlogSpot, that was used to help people in need. During the month of June of 2013, I posted a few blogs that were requested by a couple of my fans. The one post that I thought would change lives was “healing the wounded from the looks.” This was a blog for a girl that had a boyfriend that was looking at other girls, while they were together. She came to me broken, asking me what she should do. I told her what I would do through this blog. I also talked about Religion and Gay rights, but this blog would only last 24 days, before I hit a big slump.


I would like to skip this part, because this was the worse writers block, ever! There was a time where I would refuse to even think about Writing. It happened shortly after my wife washed my iphone, eliminating any way of writing. I got a phone that couldn’t connect to “Pocket writers” and that was very uncomfortable to write blogs. During this time, I also got a new job and we (Ariel and I) got engaged. Everything was getting hectic, and I lost control of myself. I could have continued to write, but I lied to myself saying “I was too busy.” The biggest change was that I wasn’t taking Ariel to work followed by walking the bike trails. I would drop her off and go to work. My schedule got changed, causing me to fall from the writing wagon. By the time that I got back, my head was so cloudy. I couldn’t think of good blog ideas. If I did I wouldn’t be able to finish the idea; I would start a blog then I would think it sounded horrible, and I would delete it. It only took one sentence for me to delete a whole post. I decided to take a much needed break from writing. The clouds were beginning to separate, bringing light to a brand new blog, a brand new thought, and a great road to travel on. The new Blake was in the horizon, and he was heading at this world quickly.

It was a week before Valentines day when I found my new love. He was such an amazing person, it was love at first sight. His eyes poured into mine as I reached my hand out to him. Electricity flew through my fingertips as I touched him. Everything felt right, his touch was everything that I needed. I needed him more and more as time went by. Up to this day, I still look into his eyes like the first day. I still have much love for this guy. Impromtdude was born on February 9th, 2014. Impromtdude was never meant to be a full blown project, it was made for me to get back on my writer’s feet. I still was having a hard time getting the words out of my head, but I downloaded a writers challenge app and would use that to build stories or ideas for blogs. One day,  I was sitting in our bedroom, waiting for her to get off, and I pulled out our laptop. I flipped the application on and started to complete the challenge. The challenge would give you certain objectives to due in a certain time, which would be built on throughout the following steps. I told myself it didn’t matter what the post said, even if it sounded horrible. I just wanted to get pass this pain that I had, being tired of not being able to write, I did it. I finished my first challenge. I titled it “Crime; Armed and Dangerous.” After saving the post, I thought “What if I posted this?” The idea was great, it sounded like something that would be funny and completely different. I liked the idea, so I went onto BlogSpot and made a new blog, called “Impromtdude” translated meaning “A dude that is very random.” This was great, I enjoyed the challenges. Eventually I would release a original story series about zombies. Everything was great, but I wanted to have my own logo. With the blog just starting out, I wanted everything to be awesome, so with my minor photo editing skills I used a stock photo and Microsoft word to create the first logo for “Impromtdude” the one that you are looking at right now.


Everything was going great, until stupid “BlogSpot” called me a robot. I requested to be paid as my blog was doing pretty well, but they locked my request, saying that I was a robot stealing others work and posting it as mine. I went to Twitter about this, my friend told me to move over to WordPress. I made the quick move in May of ‘14 and continued from where I was. After moving to WordPress, I was giving an opportunity to promote an indie film by writing a report on the trailer. I spent hours working on the rough draft, but the owner, to the movie, didn’t like parts of the blog. I didn’t like the critics and threatened to quit blogging. But after some much needed revisions, the producer was very happy with the blog and promoted my work, also. This post got 48 views in almost five days, which set a new record for the blog.

My first comment was recorded on 6/9/14 by Janet. She commented on my “about me.” This comment is below:


Now, after the blog for the movie, I was hit with a  long run of stat problems. I was averaging a whole 1 view a day, if that. Most days I would go without any views. I felt worn out, which would leave me empty, causing me to quit blogging for the rest of the year. I did continue the next year, though.


When I came back it was a party. I was ready to take this blog to the next level. This is when I decided to post a new logo. This logo was defiantly a downgrade from the first logo, but it needed to change. I was coming back, a brand new man, so I had to change the way that I wrote and what the blog would stand for. This is also when I introduced that I was going to start writing and posting daily. I was excited to start this new journey. As I started to post daily, I noticed that my stats were growing rapidly compared to the past. It motivated me to do more amazing things. I decided that I no longer liked the current logo, so I spent a few hours perfecting the new logo, the same one that I use to this day. I love how this logo looks, and I feel it fits the blog a lot more than the previous logo.


A while after making the new logo,  I decided to give a big shout out to a friend, that raps. He has a group called 878, which is a Christian Rapping group. This time, I spent more time researching the topic and asking the artist questions. After an interview, I did a quick blog for his blog to promote his group. This shattered the views record as it pulled in 38 views in the first day. Today this post alone has 87 views. I got a lot of credit for the blog, which led to others coming to me to promote them, but something more amazing was about to happen. One of the 878 fans contacted me, asking what I would charge to promote him. I told him to just share my work, after done, and we would call it even. He said that was great, and we started planning for this blog. During the planning, he introduced me to a man that has a promoting company. This guy wanted me to be the writing promoter for his company, but we didn’t agree on certain things, so I turned down the position in order to stay real within myself. I would go on to have the best stats for the blog, to that date, at the end of the year.


2016 was a year I used to build my image, so that I could get myself out to more people. With that being the plan, I decided that I needed to put my logo on clothes. Clothes are the biggest billboard and the best way to get yourself out there, quickly. This is when I met up with an amazing woman, and she made me an amazing hoodie. The clothing store will be up shortly. Also I decided to make myself easier to be found and creating my own domain would lead to a great amount of traffic, so on March 6th, 2016, I purchased “” for a year. This year was made to help build my name and my audience, and it has been working. I have seen great amount of traffic to this blog, already. Impromtdude has blown every stat out of the water, half way through the year. I have more visitors, stats, comments, and likes than any year, ever. I have been working on my grammar, and though I have a long way to go, I feel that I am gaining subscribers, mainly because I sound more professional. I am happy where I am, right now, and I know that this is only going to get better.


Now we will go over all stats!


First Blog- Living Example B        First Post date- 11/20/11      First post- “Problem with getting over it.”
First comment date- 4/5/12       Last post date: 5/4/13

Second Blog- Voice from Beyond   Time of Blog- 6/1/13 – 6/24/13      Facebook fans: 40

Third blog- Impromtdude (WordPress.)   First Blog- 5/12/16         First comment- 6/9/14.
Most beautiful comment by: Chelsea         Most common Commenter: Angelica Kidd
Biggest Facebook fan: Greg Jenkins Best twitter Follower: Katie Salers a.k.a Book Devourer
Best Blog: 878: A legacy……
Year stats:
2014- 380 views, 189 Visitors, 9 likes, 15 comments    Country to view most: United kingdom
2015- 818 views, 535 visitors, 24 likes, 16 comments        Not including                Saudi Arabia
2016- 1436 views, 800 visitors, 140 likes, 72 comments.      N. America                  India
Totals: 359 posts, 2634 views, 1524 Visitors, 170 comments, 59 followers.


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I am feeling this new change. I would like to tell you guys of the change, but I think will leave that for another blog. Today, I will tell you guys about what is happening. I want to tell you guys the effects of my decision, mainly to show you that it isn’t that bad. I haven’t found any bad from my choice, but I have found a lot has been changing. The fact that I am more confident, not only in writing but also during my work. I am happier, I feel a new happiness arising.


     During the last week, I found that I am smiling more, even when I am mad. But the best thing is that my blog is rising. The stats are finally where I want them to be. I wanted to push myself to the next level, but I didn’t know where that was, so I called out to get some help, that is when I found this man. He was a very cool guy, he was wearing a trench coat, as he sat on the bench next to my work. He smiled, like an old friend, when he saw me. He got up from the bench, came over to me and gave me an index card. I was unsure about the card, but the logo caught my eye. His logo resembled the top of the pyramid of the dollar bill, but I couldn’t think of it at the moment, so I nervously put the card in my back pocket and walked away. As I walked away I heard the man proclaim that he had the answer to my fears, and to call him when I got my mind together. I threw up my arm and walked away.
I wanted to throw away the post card, I really did, but something was calling me to it. I didn’t know what the man meant or what sick game he was playing, but he seemed to know what I was going through. This what the moment that I had to make the decision; Would I carry my own, chasing a dream that seemed impossible or would I call him for help. After hours of sleeping on it, I decided to give him a call. He told me the keys of receiving the ultimate attention to my blog. I was amazed by his knowledge, but he said that he needed me to give him something in return. I figured this was a way to get money, so I simply chuckled. He didn’t find it as funny as me and told me that it was serious. I asked him to tell me what he needed. I wasn’t ready to hear what he said, but I knew that I was too far now to step back, so I agreed.
After I made my choice, he told me that I had to write it in stone, revealing my decision to the whole world. Knowing that my dad was going to have a heart attack, I chose to post it on the day that I closed, at my store, in order to be away from my phone when he read it. I wrote the letter, and signed it with the blood of my body. I then said the magic words, and boom I was in the club. I was now a part of something bigger than my understanding. During all of this, I was too busy seeking the instant fame, that I forgot what I just gave away and what it could do to me if I allowed it to get out of control. I started to regret my decision, fearing what I was doing, until the stats started to pour in. My blog views are higher than last week, my likes are piling in, and people are interacting with me. I even feel happier. My job has been easier, also. Costumers are drawn to me and are allowing me to keep my cool by not being stupid. I am enjoying this whole change, I couldn’t imagine being happier, and it could only get better from here on out. I am glad that I met that guy, if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have the passion to write you guys, anymore. I love you guys, I beg you to not hate me for doing this. Please realize, I am just trying to live my dream.




I want to start this blog by saying, Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio. Last night he won his first Academy award, when he clinched a Oscar for ‘best actor’ after he superb performance in ‘The Revenant.’ Though I have failed to watch the movie, I still think Leo deserves it and for that I congratulate that man, for his accomplishment, one that he has been fighting for, over 15 years. But lets take the light from him, and say that I won that award. What kind of movie could beat climbing in a dead horse? What would beat Leos speech? Lets take a gander.

I am sitting in the third row, knowing that tonight is the night. This was my time, I worked harder than anyone else out there, in order to get to this point. Finally, I was giving a movie that could beat the other competitors though, without the great writing, I wouldn’t be here tonight.

‘The movie was a comedy that left me out on the sea, getting attacked by sea serpents, that want the taste of male genitals. The jump into the boat, and want to get fresh with no one other than my character. They chase me around the boat, there was even a scene that they chased me into the water. I wasn’t granted with the ability to swim, though, so while in the deep blue, I was also drowing. This is when a pirate came along, offering me a hand. I gladly said yes, and jumped into his boat. I was followed by the serpents that was once clinched to my waist.

The pirate saw enough, and forced me off of his boat, back onto my other boat. This is when a whale swallowed me whole. I felt like I was in the bible, that I was some Jonah-looking-man. The whale also swallowed the serpents. They found me quickly and began to chase me. I knew the only way to finish this, was to go out the intestine. I knew that would mean dying, but I didn’t want my last days on this earth to be without my “manhood.” I figured my plan was solid, but then the process began, and nothing was killing me. It was like something wanted me to live. Each time I tried to pierce myself with a digested bone, one of the serpents would jump in front of it. Each one fell to the soft flesh, and rolled away.

Then it came to me, maybe I could try to get these things to kill themselves. I spent the next few days, avoiding the digestive system, and each time the serpents got close, I found away to attempt suicide, leaving them dead in the path. At the end, I was safe, but tired. I fell to the ground, a victor, but I fell asleep. I woke up three days later, with what seemed to be whale poo. But then as I looked down, my dilly-willy was gone. Next to my body was one of those serpents, in his mouth he had the remains of my “manhood.” All that left my body, was a slow moan.’

I won! Oh-my-god. I went through the insides of a whale to get here. I deserve this, I am the best in the world, take that Leo. It didn’t take me, 20 years to get here. Now it is time for my speech:

“Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for attending tonight’s packed show. I thank you all for the opportunity to stand in the light with all the greats, that won before me. I stand in awe of the fame that has gone before me, but also in the humbleness of those who didn’t win. I wish all of the actors could have been giving this same trophy. But sadly it was received by one man, me. It took a lot of work to edit the film, but to also act in the film. I spends years, perfecting the acting that was shown in ‘The whales tooshie’ I want to thank you all again, and hope that all of you enjoyed the film. I stand in front of you with tears in my eyes, because without you, I wouldn’t be up here. So thank you, and have a great night.” 

I exited the stage, and walked to my family. The same that stand next to me through everything. I took a few pictures, but I have to leave now. I got a call, and I have to go film the sequel.

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