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I wrote this letter when Ariel and I were first dating. We just got our own apartment together and were going through something, so I wrote this to her. I might not be the best person, but I know where my heart resides.

When you look into the mirror at times I don’t believe you see what I see.

When I look at your face I see true beauty! I also see the pain of a childhood that I wish I could take away but I can’t. If I could I would in a second, because you deserved so much better than what you got. I promise to always help you through the days that you feel the ugliest, because when you ask me what I think about you. My answer never changes. I think and know that you are the prettiest girl in this world. I wish one day you can look in the mirror and see what I have seen for the last 11 months!!!!

I walk up these stairs every day, yet I don’t see the just as a few pieces of wood. No I think of all the times we walk the same stairs to get to our cozy little room that we can officially call our own.

It makes me remember the day we came to this place to sign papers, knowing that it was official that we were living together. A lot has been said since then, but every night we go up these stairs, even if we are frustrated at each other, to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I treasure the chance to do this, especially with a princess like you babe!

One can say that love fades, but I find that to be a lie. We have been through a lot, more than most couples go through all their relationship. They would crumble under the weight of all the drama, hurt, past regrets, parental disagreements, threats, tears, and occasionally getting kicked out of your own house. But we lasted through the shit to see ourselves planning the most beautiful wedding in the history of marriage. I can’t wait for the day we can finally seal the deal and make our lives come fully together. To add another crazy ass to a family that’s crazy enough. It’s my pleasure to change your name. So when people say that love fades that’s just because they based their relationship on things that fade, but we based ours on things knowing that they would change and knowing we would have to adjust!!!


Today will be a pretty simple post.canned

Today will be a quick (well not really) recap on one of my favorite nights, in a while. I want to tell you guys about my night, last night, and share with you why I think God is great and what to expect from me in the next few months, regarding content. It isn’t that my content will be changing, but with the connections that I was able to snag last night, I think we will be adding a few huge! Post to the mix up. Let’s get to the explosion!

I was stupid! That is easy to say if you know what I did two months ago. I was stupid then but I think I know better now. But the choices that you make in life have to be paid for. For my payment, I was set to pay 10 hours to the community, set by the nice judging himself. I was going to use those hours at Goodwill and just get it over quick. Something happened to where Goodwill flaked out, so I was left without a place to work. This is when my wonderful sister-in-law told me to contact her church, which is where I have been attending, well if you call 1 Wednesday, every other month, attending, then yeah its where I have been attending. I gave her mom a call and I got set up with the required 10 hours, which was going to be spent setting up for a concert/canned food drive. This concert was called “The Explosion,” and let me tell you, it was exactly what they said it was; an explosion!

I got to the church (King of Kings Christian Assembly: 520 S. Livingston St. Springfield, Illinois.) at 1:30 and was met by one of the nicest guys I have ever met. His name is Roddrick Lemar. He is a local artist that has so much talent. I fan girled, let me be freaking serious, when he started to play the piano, or was it an organ? Ah, whatever. It was so smooth, almost like when my grandma use to play her piano. It was so soothing. What made it better was that he was just as nice. He was headlining the show, yet he was there cleaning with me? That is a humble servant if you ask me. During the time of us cleaning, he was calling all his buddies, ensuring that they were going to come and get some of the radiation of the blast. I know he was playing that night, but I think his heart was more pulling towards helping the hungry. See, what was awesome about this event was that the admission was just 5 simple cans of canned goods. I feel like anyone in the world can find 5 cans of canned goods, which makes it a cake walk to come to this event. Also, all canned goods get donated to the local breadline, a service that feeds family’s that can’t afford to buy food, that’s awesome!!!

After cleaning, we began to talk about Roddrick’s future projects. I won’t spam in this post because omg we are already at 500 words, but I will let you know that we have some great stuff coming to you! We both are excited to work together and can’t wait to see what God does. Stay tuned my little Randoms! Oh! By the way, you guys have a new nickname; you are now my little Randoms. Love it? Ah, who cares; you will grow to love it.

Fast forward to 7P.M.; it’s the start of the show. I have spent the day meeting new people, enjoying the fellowship and drinking Starbucks. It was time for the freaking show, the encore, THE EXPLOSION. This concert had local and not so local talents. One guy came from Ohio, other came from ST. Loius. Long story short, these artists drove just to play at this certain show, but were they good? Let’s get to the numbers and check it out. I laugh at the fact that you guys thought there were numbers..Geez X3

There were a total of 5 listed artists on the poster, but then an added two once the show started, with the run total being 3 hours; that is a set list time of 25 minutes per artist.

The first artist was Melvin Campbell, which I had little to no time to watch, since I was still collecting the cans! But from what I heard, the guy had a great voice. I went to find him after the show to talk, but I couldn’t find him anywhere, which really sucks. Either way, BOOM LINK to his social media.

Artist dose! This was an in-house (added) musician, I think his name was Ryan, which was also during the time of collecting cans, so I am sorry if you are reading this Ryan (?) but know I was there in spirit. He was more of a gospel singer and man did he get the house to erupt. Everyone was dancing, shouting and just having a good time.

The third artist, PJae was the first artist, which I actually got to watch. He is local, I believe, and man does he have a voice. He only did 2 songs, but between those two songs, he was able to impress me. So much that I got his contact info, after the show, and I’ll be promoting him in the near future.

So the show was already halfway over, I believe it was already 8:30 p.m. and we still had 2 artist to go. Ntegrity was next (name is spelt that way, because he wants to leave himself out.) He is the one that traveled from St. Louis to play at this show. He was great, also funny. There was time to stall (tech issues), so he told 2 very corny jokes that made the house explode (see what I did there?) in laughter. He was smooth in his rap delivery and you could tell that he had God’s gift to do this. I loved his song “Precious,” which I tagged to his Spotify, check it out!

The final act was none other than Roddrick’s band, B.O.C. When I was talking to Roddrick, I thought he was a straight rapper, meaning he only rapped. This was not the case, tonight. His performance was something special. When I was in college, I got the chance to watch Chicago Mass Choir in person. It was such a blessing, because they were so talented, and really made gospel music fun. WELLLLLLLLL B.O.C was nothing short from that experience. If I could describe this band, I would say it was a blended delight of KB (rapper) and the Chicago Mass Choir. He takes the upbeat parts of gospel, and blends it together with rap, leaving us with the tastiest smoothie you could ever have. I saw more people dancing, during his set, than I did at my own high school prom. Also more sweat than a sauna, but who cares. Laugh, guys, laugh!

So all these artist, plus one lively Mc, which was a comedian that goes by the name of Justus Blessed (link to a live comedy sketch) helped to make this night a success. I counted like 74 people, I believe. Which was a great outcome since everyone brought more than 5 canned goods. I think I saw a guy bring in 48 cans of beans, by himself. But even at 5 cans per head, we are looking at 420 cans of food that will be donated on Monday! The breadline is going to be so happy, and think! We were able to feed hungry people in the area.

I am so happy that Goodwill fell through, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this night. There was so much talent in the room that even Kevin Durant wanted to join. We, of course, told him to go back to Golden State and make up to Green. With all joking aside, I wanted to thank everyone that helped by donating. I can’t wait to see the managers face on Monday when we drop these canned goods off. It’s going to be so heartwarming.

I wanted to end this by saying; I also got prayer, tonight. It was like the night that I got saved. I could feel God all around me. It was just the refreshment that I needed. I am starting to believe that I made that one wrong decision for a reason. I think I needed the wakeup call, so that God could use me in many ways. WE don’t have any more time to talk about it (as my editor is going to be mad at me for having this post as long as it is, but boom! Link to his page) but I will have a blog talking about that in the near future. Anyway, I love my little Randoms, and have a peachy night!

If you want to donate to the breadline, $20 dollars can feed 10 people! Boom! Link!

With my anniversary tomorrow, I wanted to share a quick post about something I just read. I was spending a little time in my “Weird & Wacky Facts,” and I just read something that has my head spinning. It happens to flow with the anniversary season, so here it is:

“If you think mothers-in-law are unpopular today, imagine how a mother-in-law felt who lived among the Lhopa tribe in Tibet years ago.
It use to be the custom there to eat the bride’s mother at the wedding feast! But then, Cannibalism was always a painful custom.”
(Weird and Wacky Facts by Sterling)

This is just freaking weird. Why would you even want to do such a thing? What benefits do you get from eating the mother? Could you imagine getting married and being told that your mother must die, but not only die, you would then have to take a bite out of her?

There’s also another thing I don’t get, how did they decide to do this? Who would sit around and think, well maybe we could eat my mother-in-law for the feast? The guy must have hated her, a lot. I might not find my mother-in-law the nicest person, all the time, but I would never want to roast her and eat her. That just doesn’t sound good…. 

If I were a woman, I would refuse to get married, in order to save my mother from being cooked. But I guess this was a pretty big thing to them, so who knows, maybe the daughters loved it. I just know that I wouldn’t be comfortable eating a piece of my mother-in-law next to her daughter, especially on our wedding day. I would rather kill our dog, grill him up, and feed him to my friends.

I honestly thought this was the funniest (Yet weirdest) thing ever. I have a million questions, which I will do further research, but from what I know I am so glad to live in the present day. I bet my wife is also, since they are super close. Either way, have a good night and don’t forget to wish me a Happy Anniversary. I am just joking…but seriously.. it’s tomorrow….I want gifts! 


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More than 15 million adults use social media to reconnect with old friends, and to stay in touch with fellow family members; but what kind of effect does Social Media really cause? In a research, I found that Social Media has been a great tool to rekindle dormant friendships, eliminates social isolation, and helps one become more creative while also getting more support. But with all the good effects, are there any negative effects? Research suggests Social Media makes one lazy, causes more cyber bullying, and causes one to compare themselves to another.


In June of 2014, 74% of adults were using Social Media. They were said to be using the Social media to reconnect with dormant relationships. Facebook is good for one thing, the fact that everyone has it, and that it is very user friendly. You can search for someone, and three seconds later, you are talking to them through the messaging application. This helps those who moved away (years ago) find their long lost friends. With it being so easy to find old friends, Social Media is now the leading way to keep up with social ties, making it a lot easier to make and keep friends.

It is much easier to express yourself over a computer, which makes Social media a great outlet to get out of Social Isolation. With groups for various things, you can find something you like and discuss it with others, who share your same opinions and/or hobbies. Facebook pages are easy to navigate, and there are discussion boards posted, everywhere. Making it very easy to find what you are looking for. The more groups you join, the more friends you will likely make. It is a fantastic way to build new connections, and make life-long friends.

  46% of adults tend to post original photos, videos, and ideas on their social media. When they post original work, they are considered “Creators.” Where 46% share original work, there are 41% that share work of others, these people are called, Curators. 56% of people do both, which means that more than half of the social media world is being creative; they are using their talents to make art and post it. This allows for people to express themselves more, and for others to gain new ideas, and try new things.

So now we know the good things that come from social media. Social media helps reconnect old friends, but also helps make new friends and connections. Also, it helps more than half of 14 million people, become more creative, through creating and sharing their work to the world. But with every good thing, there has to be some kind of bad, but what could be so bad about reconnecting friends, and helping the quiet express themselves?

Social media gives the idea that you no longer have to try! With everyone, at the tips of your callused finger; one might think they no longer have to go out and make new friends. I mean, why would they? They now can make new friends on social media, which requires no human contact and no effort, also you don’t have to wear pants! Sounds GREAT! But that’s the problem, Social Media makes it too easy to connect with people that one will become lazy, and stay inside, all day.

Even with staying inside, one is still at harm when suffering the news feed, of Social media. There is an enemy that stalks their prey, waiting for the right time to devour their souls. These people are called Cyberbullies, one who uses electronic technology to make fun of others, and they are dangerous! In 2013, 42% of teens were falling victim to cyberbullies. The idea of cyberbullying should make you sick; since 1 of 10 people attempt suicide, this is 20% of cyberbullying victims. With 81% of the cyberbullies saying they do it because it’s easier to get away with, should raise every eyebrow.  The only goal these scum have, is to make others feel inferior and worthless. They will take your pictures, videos, and ideas, and use them against you!

Finally, Social Media makes one compare themselves to others. Girls envy other girls profile pictures, wondering why the other girl has more likes, causing the first girl to fall into a depression, thinking what she has to do to get more attention, when the second girl is living a double life. The second girl is on Social media, posting pictures of her boobs, because she doesn’t have anything else to live for. The likes that pour in, are her only friends. She needs the likes to get her through the day. But since the first girl thinks she has the best life, ever, she will now try to become this girl, leading to a lot of heartache. This is the biggest problem with Social media, people live double-lives in order to get likes. They will post how great their lives are, but in reality, it’s as horrible as someone in depression. They might have money, but they are lacking in a family, or they have a great job, but they have too much debt for it to matter. The problem is simple; people want to be accepted, so they will say and do whatever it takes to get the acceptance.

Social media is an amazing place to meet new friends, by sharing the same interest and opinions. This can be done by joining a new page, or even befriending new people. Also, it’s the best place to reconnect with old friends, that you went to school with. You have an idea, this is a great place to find others to help you grow that idea. Social Media has a lot of great things, but it also can become something that we never wanted. With the risk of becoming anti-social in public, or falling into depression because of arrogant bullies, or simply not feeling like you fit in, because you don’t have everything, everyone else does. Social media is a great place, but it can also be a playground in hell, there are a lot of good effects, but also a lot of things that can lead to a disaster. Be careful when you are on social sites, and don’t post anything that might be used against you, later on down the road.

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