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Welcome back! It has been so dang long and I do apologize for that. It has been the roughest year of my young life, and that has caused me to not want to write. But nonetheless, we are back in action. I won’t be posting nearly as much as I use to, but know that you will be getting a blog 4 out of 7 days. This is solely because posting 7 days a week is just too draining and I don’t want to find myself hating this again. Not that I could ever hate you, guys. Wink, wink! Also, with the change of the schedule, I will also be giving this blog some direction. This will help you guys know what is going on at all times and will finally give this blog a name. For most of this blogs existence, I have posted whatever comes to mind, which can be hard to pull in outsiders, since people only read what they think will affect them. In this “Revival” of “Impromtdude” We will be leaning more towards encouragement. Meaning 2 of the 4 post will be uplifting messages to help you guys get through the day, then the other 2 days will be reviews, promotions, writing prompts, thoughts, lessons, or anything else I can think of. I really feel that will bring life back into this keyboard, and will give you guys encouragement to face your demons. I have to say that I am glad to be back and I hope you enjoy the upcoming projects, as I am excited to share my thoughts and talents with you guys. Thank you for reading!

Don’t let toxic people ruin your shine.

When I was going up, I lived with my mom. At 7 years old, you are looking to your parents for the right and wrongs. You are over being that toddler that is running around the house, and you aren’t quite the man that is taking girls out. You are right in the middle. These are the times that you really need a strong backbone to know what is wrong and right and you need that person to push you in the right direction. She wasn’t this, though. She taught me, at such a young age, that hate is good and that you must judge everyone on their actions. Most of her lessons were, of course, about hating my dad, as she taught me that he wasn’t around because he was a bad father, not because she had a restraining order on him. She also taught me that it was okay to steal, lie and cheat. This led me to lying to people, cheating in class, and stealing (to the point of being banned from a gas station at 8 years old!) This went on for many years. When I grew up, I ended up being like her in many ways. I would blame others when I didn’t get my way, I lied to girls to get what I wanted, and I got in trouble for stealing; all things that she taught me because she was a toxic person.

This was all said to tell you that you don’t need or want toxic people in your life. They will tear you down and only will use you for their pleasure. They don’t care about you or how you feel; they only want what they can get. If you stop giving it to them, then they will leave you and treat you like they treat everyone else. You will become nobody in their eyes, because they won’t be able to use you as a puppet.

Toxic people come in many forms; boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, bosses, coworkers, and most importantly family. Anyone in your life can be toxic. Toxic people just want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Boyfriends will use words to cut down their girlfriends (and vice versa,) usually telling the girl that she is ugly, fat or stupid. This is usually in attempt to make her feel so low about her own self that she would never think about leaving him. Your coworkers can be toxic by the way they talk to you or about others. Getting that promotion is their only goal, and they will do anything to get it, even putting you through the ringer. They also take time and gossip about your other workers, mainly to make themselves look better, which can make the workplace dangerous and full or drama, which was their goal all along. Drama is soul food for these people. But one type of toxic person, one that we didn’t think should be on this list, is your family. Family is supposed to be there in thick and thin. They are supposed to support your feelings, your dreams and also should see your side of the story. They should understand that you aren’t always going to like someone or agree with everyone. They should show you the love that you always gave them. This isn’t always the case, though. Some families are full of drama seeking  hateful judgers that want everyone to hear them, but never want to listen. Such as my mom, they want everyone to see their side and only their side. They will do everything in their power to convince others that you are wrong and that they are right. Most families will break apart because of the toxicity feelings.

What should we do about toxic people? CUT THEM OFF. Don’t let your boyfriend talk to you like he does, remove yourself from conversations will negative people, and if you need to, cut your family off. You have a life to live, so don’t let others bring you down. Life is too stressful to allow others to fill you will negative thoughts and feelings, so cut them off. You will never change their mind; you will never do them justice. Every word that you speak will go in one ear and out the other, so stop wasting your breath. Get a knife and cut the ties, because you will be happier that way! I saw a big change when I cut my mom off. She wanted to blame my dad for my bad childhood and wanted to tell me that it was his fault, but I knew the truth. The truth was that she was just hateful and wanted to avoid being the blame, so she pushed it on someone else. I thought that I could pull her up and show her that no one was to blame fully, but I saw quickly that she was pulling me into negativity, and if I didn’t release her hand then I would become the same type of person. It won’t work! You put yourself at risk anytime you try to pull these people out of their toxicity! But it is so easy to pull you down.

I have seen so many toxic people in my life, but that is also why I don’t talk to that many people. I don’t dance with snakes and I don’t drink with fools. Being around toxic people is as dangerous as dancing in the middle of a freeway, you will eventually be flattened! Don’t let that happen, though! Get up, cut those people off, and live your most positive life. It will be hard to cut these people off, especially at the family level, but you need to do it.  Stop letting them ruin your most happy days, take them back already!

Thank you for all your support. This is my first time writing a blog in almost a year and dang did it feel so good. I miss this feeling. I will have something up soon to tell you guys what will be posted and when. I have a few big projects coming in the next few weeks that I will need your help on, ill post more details soon. Thank you for the support and I love you.

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This is my post from last Friday the 13th. Enjoy ;). Stay tuned for a pretty amazing Effects project revolved around Jason. 

Why is Friday the 13th my favorite holiday? Could it be from the fact that I love the horror franchise, or am I a superstition kind of guy? The answer is a little of both, but mainly because the movies. I do love the horror movies, which happened to be on today, I also love how people begin to freak out about little things, claiming that this day is cursed, when they are usually the reason that bad things happen.

The movie franchise is amazing. I love watching the movies, the blood and gore are perfect for my taste. To see someone go ham, using a machete, on high and drunk teens is amazing. Jason has always been my favorite horror icon, he has a good back story, a solid story and a great motive. His mother was killed, he saw it, now he comes back (on his birthday) to “camp blood.” He wants to avenge his mother, which was killed trying to avenge her son.
Though the movies are my favorites, there are a few that I didn’t like. I wasn’t a fan of the first installment. I was never a fan of Mrs. Vorhees, to me she was annoying. I was highly upset when I rented the original Friday the 13th and didn’t get to see my buddy, Jason. But that didn’t stop me from watching the others. I fell in love with number three, which was the first one released in 3D. The only other movie,  from the franchise, that I didn’t enjoy was number 5, the one where Tommy was in the mental hospital. The whole movie drug to me, there were no jump scares or any truly amazing scenes, other than the axe to the back. It was a major letdown, close to the first one, but luckily they brought back the original Jason in part 6: Jason lives. The movie franchise was set back on the right path and I could now enjoy C.J. Graham, again.
I love almost every movie in the franchise, but there were a few that I could watch over and over. In order, here are my favorite Friday the 13th movies: (This doesn’t include “Freddy vs. Jason” or the 2009 remake.)
1. Friday the 13th part 3-D
2. Friday the 13th part VII: The new blood.(Who couldn’t love a girl with psychic powers?)
3. Friday the 13th: Final chapter. (Tommy was a badass!)
4. Jason X
5. Friday the 13th VIII: Jason takes Manhattan.
6. Friday the 13th part 2.
7. Friday the 13th part VI: Jason lives.
8. Jason goes to hell: The final Friday!
9. Friday the 13th: The new beginning
10. Friday the 13th (The original)
Friday the 13th is a great day and is my favorite holiday, so how will I spend it? I was working, but I switched with a friend, so that I could stay home and watch all of the movies. What other way to spend the day than watching my favorite movies? There is nothing better than this day! I hope you guys enjoy your day, and stay safe, you never know what is waiting for you!