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This is an old story that I was writing. I didn’t like where it was going, so I stopped writing it. I am now showing you guys that story. It is only a short snippet, but it’s what I got done before growing bored of the idea. I hope that is fine!

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Hospital from Hell

Chapter 1: Birthdays of Regret

She is seventy-seven today. Mary spent most of her birthdays looking at the old photos taking from her old pageants, wishing she could go back to the old days and receive that internship with Marilyn Agency once again.

That was the best day of her life. She was sitting in the kitchen chewing on a piece of bland chicken that her mother attempted to cook, when the phone rang throughout the trailer she was forced to be crammed into. Mary ran to the phone and answered, hoping that it was the management of Marilyn, she had dreamed of that phone call since her first pageant, and spent many nights waiting by the phone for this one phone call.

“Hello, my name is Brian, the Main manager at Marilyn.”

Mary was speechless, could this be real? Could her dream really becoming true with this one phone call, or was it coming to an end? Without this internship, Mary could kill modeling goodbye. Her mother already stated that unless  she proved by her senior year that she could become a model, she wouldn’t be allowed to pursue that dream.

“Hello, Mary Vengerro?” Brian ensured that he had not been disconnected

“Yes, I’m here” Marys’ voice cracked, leaving her embarrassed on the line.

“Yes, Mary, I’m calling on the behalf of your most recent application.”

Mary smiled big as she awaited her life to change

“I’m saddened to inform you that you haven’t been selected to participate in this year’s internship program.”

Megan’s heart dropped, tears filled her eyes. She tried to keep her composer while on the phone, but the tears came, and hard.

“Mam, Are you okay?” Brian asked sincerely, but she didn’t answer.

“Mam?” Brian repeated, again no one answered. He disconnects the phone.

Megan slams down the phone then throws it against the wall; her mother heard the sound and rushed in her room.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as she searched for damage on Megan’s freshly painted wall.

“Nothing, leave!” Megan screams, Her mother steps back and puts her hand up.

“Don’t talk to me like that, little missy!” Megan puts her hand over her face and begins to bawl. Linda sits next to her and grabs her.

“They didn’t want me!” Linda couldn’t tell what she said so she asked what she said.

“They modeling company rejected me!” The room got silent, Megan waited for her mom to grab her, but she didn’t.

“No duh, your too fat!” Linda’s words hit hard. Megan couldn’t hold back what happens next, she blacks out.

Her hand flies through the air and makes contact with her mom’s face. Her head snaps back, not expecting the blow from her daughter.

Megan gets on top on her and began to punch her. Linda’s face began to get swollen with each hit. Blood was seeping through her nose; her eyes were nearly shut from the abuse she was receiving.

“Stop” Linda Screamed, Megan swings hard, and hits her in the mouth. She pulls back her hand to see a tooth came out with the punch and now was in her fist.

Finally Amber pulls away. Realizing what she did, Amber runs out of the room. Linda was left there, gasping for the tiniest lung full of air, but each breath she took was full of her own blood.

Megan comes back in to the room, Linda is still lying there with no movement, her chest isn’t moving. Megan hurries over to her, hoping she isn’t dead.

She jumps on top of her mother. Feels her chest and sees that her mother was still alive. Knowing that her mother would put her in jail, Megan had to do something.

“Mom, dad did this you go that? I will kill you if you say I did!” Linda nodded in agreement.

Megan left the room and called 911.



I said that I would be having a blog about love up, today, but that isn’t the case. I know I have been pushing this off, but my internet is still not fixed, of course!! UGH!!! AT&T, You suck! But either way, its best because today is a special day! Today, 5 years ago, I made the logo to this blog! I have always loved the blogs logo and I am happy to what it transformed from. I did 2 other “Main logo’s” that were bland and sad! I then went onto Word and started to play around with different tools and bam! I created my blog logo. I have been thinking about changing the name of my blog. If that happens, I will be making a new logo, but until then, let’s enjoy where we came from. Going way back to 2011 when I first started blogging. At the beginning  of Impromtdude, I use to take pictures on my phone, of the screen, then crop it, because I didn’t know how to export it. Lol

2012: When I first started blogging, my logo was seriously just the school that I wanted to go to. CBC (Central Bible College) was my logo for the blog, as I didn’t know logos were even that popular. Even if I did, I probably would have kept it simple, and left it the same way that it was.


2013: My next blog was “A voice from beyond.” This logo is a stolen photo off of google. I now know that I can’t do that, and I since have unpublished the blog. But I like the design and kind of wish I did make it!


Impromtdude was created in the late part of 2013. This was the first time that I wanted to make a blog an actual passion, so a cool logo was what I needed, though that didn’t come until 2015. I thought my first logo for this blog was so awesome and it finally gave an identity to the blog, even if I tried to replace it in 2014, with a far worse logo!


2014 was a disaster for the logo department. I made the most horrendous logo that I even cringe looking back now! I don’t want to relive what I was thinking, because I’m sure drugs were involved, it’s the only reasonable explanation for an abomination that was once my logo!


Now! The time was 12/1/2015 and I really wanted to get apparel going, but of course the current logo wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t even good enough to be my Facebook profile picture for my writer’s page. I remember reverting back to the old blog logo, because I just knew people hated the current logo. Knowing that the logo wasn’t good enough, I started to work on a new logo. I used the basic shapes in Word to make my logo. I think it turned out great! It has been the same for 3 years, now, and I love it still. It’s simple, but not bland, and I was able to even do different colors and ideas with it, including a cute valentine’s one and a snowy one! All logos have been included!

logos          bcamlogo

vdaylogo              christmas

I am happy where I came from. I finally have found a blog logo that I am happy with and I don’t really plan on changing it, unless the name change does happen, but even then, I know that logos are important, so know that the quality will be the highest! You guys deserve it! If I was to change my name, what would you want me to change it to? Leave a comment in the section below!

     Today, I made the decision to bring back one of our old favorites. Creative blogging will be making the return to the blog, after being cut two years ago. I didn’t see any potential in this segment, at first. But now I think it will do good with the new audience we have. I did cut this segment due to lack of views, but I have faith that it can do good. Until that happens, this segment will be on Saturdays, and will be named “Impromptu Saturday’s.”

     This will be the perfect time for me to use those prompts, found in the books, and to share with you guys. I feel that going back to the original roots of this blog is a good thing. So to bring you up to date on what this segment will look like, I will introduce you to an old post of this segment, titled “Blogger with lack of concentr-whats that?” Enjoy!

Hello guys, welcome back. Recently I went to; oh crap I need to do my laundry! What am I going to do about that? Could I just throw them in; oh and I have to blog today, hold up isn’t that what I’m doing?

Oh Yeah, Sorry guys lately i haven’t been able to concentrate, it must be in the weather, oh talking about the weather, I have to get a garden hose. I think I might run to the store to pick up pop tarts.

Maybe I will pick up some trail mix, or maybe I could go to the gym. I have wanted to go to the gym….but I am lazy, I need to exercise, and I’ll need to also finish that blog today.

Oh my, I am so sorry, I really need to tell you about my weekend, and didn’t my boss tell me I needed to finish that one assignment? I wish he could get off my back; I work hard enough to fill everyone’s payroll. I’ll be back; I am going to tune my guitar for my date tonight.

Back! Thank you guys for being patient, my six string guitar had a broken high E string. That took forever to fix, I even poked my finger with the string!!! It f********* hurt. Pardon my language.

I want to tell you about my weekend, see I did the impossible. I went to the Bahamas, as I was getting out of the water, something scary happened. I was walking back up to my car after swimming and I saw this lady, she had a gun, she shot the goose! She shot her good, I asked for the meat. She laughed at my clown. I cried with my unicorn.

Thank you for sticking with me!!




A night after I offered my expertise, to the world, on dream defining, my wife had a wild dream.She has been very stressed this week, which has forced her to stay awake, even after the night is turned to day. With all the stress at her job, she got to sleep 30 minutes last night. But this was enough time to allow her to have a crazy dream, one that she didn’t forget easily.

She told me the story on the way to work, this morning. She started talking when we got in the car, I began to daze out into mid-air, but the detail she was telling the story in, kept my attention high. It seemed that I was watching a horror movie in HD with each detail she brought forth. The story went like this:

“I woke up one morning, the sirens were going off at my job so I had to get there fast. I had you get up out of bed, and drive me to the building. I remember getting to the building and hearing the loud sirens going off, but I can’t remember the drive. But when we got to the store, I wanted you to go in first and check for intruders, but when you opened the door, it became a hotel. I was confused when I saw that the crew of ‘The Walking Dead’ were all sitting at the booths that surrounded the room. They all said hi, and greeted me with a hug. I remember seeing Abraham, Rick, and Carol. You weren’t you though, I can’t remember who you were, you just weren’t you. They told me that we had work to do. They started to explain to me the circumstances that were before us. We needed to get the last true blooded human, and get her to safety. This true blood was a baby, my co-workers to be exact. I told them that we would go forth and get the baby back, and we left.”

“ The sky turned a light blue in the middle of night, each hour a number and face came across the stars. This was like Hunger games, each time someone died their face would pop across the stars, along with the number of humans left in the world. There weren’t that many, which meant our mission was in jeopardy. You were racing to get to the baby, but a deer walked in front of us, and we crashed. I woke up minutes later, possibly suffering from a concussion, you weren’t there. You weren’t in the sky though, I wondered where you were. I sat out to find you, which led me to a grocery store. Inside of the store I found the baby. I picked the baby up, and called for Kelsie. As I called for her, the baby bit me.”

“The gums of the infant didn’t pierce the skin, yet I felt the need to hide the truth. Kelsie came into the room, and yelled, in joy, to see that I made it. We sat and talked for a few hours, but then I remembered the mission at hand, to find the baby and to find you. I asked her for her help, and she agreed. We sat out to find you, but we ran into a hoard of zombies, but they could talk. One of the flesh-eaters muttered “I am boutcha bite ya” I screamed “No” and pushed him into a ditch. He moaned, slowly attempting to get out of the hole, but each attempt pulled more dirt into the hole, eventually burying him. They got away from the hoard, and made their way back to the original hotel. They found me there; it seemed that I was in the bathroom, hiding from Abraham, for god knows what reason. She was relieved when she saw me. We handed over the baby, and the apocalypse stopped.”

I felt that this story needed to be shared with you guys. As I said last night, I find dreams to be very fascinating. The mind is such a powerful tool to produce such detail, in only thirty minutes. I wish I had dreams with this much intensity, but that is why I married Ariel, she always has the most amazing dreams. I believe she could write a thousand novels, or at least sale me the ideas. Either way, this story is one that I couldn’t keep inside, not from you amazing fans!

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