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Today will be a pretty simple post.canned

Today will be a quick (well not really) recap on one of my favorite nights, in a while. I want to tell you guys about my night, last night, and share with you why I think God is great and what to expect from me in the next few months, regarding content. It isn’t that my content will be changing, but with the connections that I was able to snag last night, I think we will be adding a few huge! Post to the mix up. Let’s get to the explosion!

I was stupid! That is easy to say if you know what I did two months ago. I was stupid then but I think I know better now. But the choices that you make in life have to be paid for. For my payment, I was set to pay 10 hours to the community, set by the nice judging himself. I was going to use those hours at Goodwill and just get it over quick. Something happened to where Goodwill flaked out, so I was left without a place to work. This is when my wonderful sister-in-law told me to contact her church, which is where I have been attending, well if you call 1 Wednesday, every other month, attending, then yeah its where I have been attending. I gave her mom a call and I got set up with the required 10 hours, which was going to be spent setting up for a concert/canned food drive. This concert was called “The Explosion,” and let me tell you, it was exactly what they said it was; an explosion!

I got to the church (King of Kings Christian Assembly: 520 S. Livingston St. Springfield, Illinois.) at 1:30 and was met by one of the nicest guys I have ever met. His name is Roddrick Lemar. He is a local artist that has so much talent. I fan girled, let me be freaking serious, when he started to play the piano, or was it an organ? Ah, whatever. It was so smooth, almost like when my grandma use to play her piano. It was so soothing. What made it better was that he was just as nice. He was headlining the show, yet he was there cleaning with me? That is a humble servant if you ask me. During the time of us cleaning, he was calling all his buddies, ensuring that they were going to come and get some of the radiation of the blast. I know he was playing that night, but I think his heart was more pulling towards helping the hungry. See, what was awesome about this event was that the admission was just 5 simple cans of canned goods. I feel like anyone in the world can find 5 cans of canned goods, which makes it a cake walk to come to this event. Also, all canned goods get donated to the local breadline, a service that feeds family’s that can’t afford to buy food, that’s awesome!!!

After cleaning, we began to talk about Roddrick’s future projects. I won’t spam in this post because omg we are already at 500 words, but I will let you know that we have some great stuff coming to you! We both are excited to work together and can’t wait to see what God does. Stay tuned my little Randoms! Oh! By the way, you guys have a new nickname; you are now my little Randoms. Love it? Ah, who cares; you will grow to love it.

Fast forward to 7P.M.; it’s the start of the show. I have spent the day meeting new people, enjoying the fellowship and drinking Starbucks. It was time for the freaking show, the encore, THE EXPLOSION. This concert had local and not so local talents. One guy came from Ohio, other came from ST. Loius. Long story short, these artists drove just to play at this certain show, but were they good? Let’s get to the numbers and check it out. I laugh at the fact that you guys thought there were numbers..Geez X3

There were a total of 5 listed artists on the poster, but then an added two once the show started, with the run total being 3 hours; that is a set list time of 25 minutes per artist.

The first artist was Melvin Campbell, which I had little to no time to watch, since I was still collecting the cans! But from what I heard, the guy had a great voice. I went to find him after the show to talk, but I couldn’t find him anywhere, which really sucks. Either way, BOOM LINK to his social media.

Artist dose! This was an in-house (added) musician, I think his name was Ryan, which was also during the time of collecting cans, so I am sorry if you are reading this Ryan (?) but know I was there in spirit. He was more of a gospel singer and man did he get the house to erupt. Everyone was dancing, shouting and just having a good time.

The third artist, PJae was the first artist, which I actually got to watch. He is local, I believe, and man does he have a voice. He only did 2 songs, but between those two songs, he was able to impress me. So much that I got his contact info, after the show, and I’ll be promoting him in the near future.

So the show was already halfway over, I believe it was already 8:30 p.m. and we still had 2 artist to go. Ntegrity was next (name is spelt that way, because he wants to leave himself out.) He is the one that traveled from St. Louis to play at this show. He was great, also funny. There was time to stall (tech issues), so he told 2 very corny jokes that made the house explode (see what I did there?) in laughter. He was smooth in his rap delivery and you could tell that he had God’s gift to do this. I loved his song “Precious,” which I tagged to his Spotify, check it out!

The final act was none other than Roddrick’s band, B.O.C. When I was talking to Roddrick, I thought he was a straight rapper, meaning he only rapped. This was not the case, tonight. His performance was something special. When I was in college, I got the chance to watch Chicago Mass Choir in person. It was such a blessing, because they were so talented, and really made gospel music fun. WELLLLLLLLL B.O.C was nothing short from that experience. If I could describe this band, I would say it was a blended delight of KB (rapper) and the Chicago Mass Choir. He takes the upbeat parts of gospel, and blends it together with rap, leaving us with the tastiest smoothie you could ever have. I saw more people dancing, during his set, than I did at my own high school prom. Also more sweat than a sauna, but who cares. Laugh, guys, laugh!

So all these artist, plus one lively Mc, which was a comedian that goes by the name of Justus Blessed (link to a live comedy sketch) helped to make this night a success. I counted like 74 people, I believe. Which was a great outcome since everyone brought more than 5 canned goods. I think I saw a guy bring in 48 cans of beans, by himself. But even at 5 cans per head, we are looking at 420 cans of food that will be donated on Monday! The breadline is going to be so happy, and think! We were able to feed hungry people in the area.

I am so happy that Goodwill fell through, because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this night. There was so much talent in the room that even Kevin Durant wanted to join. We, of course, told him to go back to Golden State and make up to Green. With all joking aside, I wanted to thank everyone that helped by donating. I can’t wait to see the managers face on Monday when we drop these canned goods off. It’s going to be so heartwarming.

I wanted to end this by saying; I also got prayer, tonight. It was like the night that I got saved. I could feel God all around me. It was just the refreshment that I needed. I am starting to believe that I made that one wrong decision for a reason. I think I needed the wakeup call, so that God could use me in many ways. WE don’t have any more time to talk about it (as my editor is going to be mad at me for having this post as long as it is, but boom! Link to his page) but I will have a blog talking about that in the near future. Anyway, I love my little Randoms, and have a peachy night!

If you want to donate to the breadline, $20 dollars can feed 10 people! Boom! Link!


It’s SundayEffects!

   Welcome to the new segment, I am glad to see you and hope that you enjoy. Tonight, I will be talking about a slightly new project and what to expect in the next week.

    I thought of this project while at WalMart roaming the Halloween aisle. I saw a see through hockey mask and thought “what if I put an axe through my head?” Now clearly this isn’t me being literal or original in any way. This idea comes from one of my most favorite movies “Friday the 13th: Part 3.” At the end of this movie, you see the main protagonist take an axe and drive it into Jason’s head, ultimately killing Jason, well until the end of the movie when he makes an iconic return. 

     I loved that scene, it is my favorite in the whole series, so as I held the mask, I knew that I needed to recreate the mask/injury. It is a pretty simple idea, but also really cheap. I bought the mask for .98¢, the three paints were about $2.50 (brushes are .98¢), and you will need scissors which can be found for only a dollar, also. This is for the mask. I am also making the skin under the mask and making it gory, which could mean a lot of money, but you can shop (as I did) and find the cheapest route. Overall, you are looking to spend less than $20, which is great since this design rocks! 

    I am a big Friday the 13th fan, so you know I will be rocking this very soon, but for now, enjoy this beginning mask and tell me what think!


I was watching a YouTuber (Mr. Mattyplays) that spends a lot of time on Fallout. Since fallout 4 is done releasing their Dlcs, Mr.Matty is officially done with this installment. Luckily, he still going to be posting content, though it wont be Fallout, he knows how to make his content amazing. He is one of the best YouTubers from his great material. While I was watching him, he said something that hit a nerve. He was talking about his future and what he was going to do now. As he stated his plan for the future, he told his audience what keeps his content top notch, even if it’s something different. This statement was “You never know what will go viral, so you have to make sure everything is 100%” I was left in shock as it hit home.
I post everyday, but I don’t put my full ability into every post. Some days are hard to get motivated as other days are busier. This usually ends with me posting something fast, just to get something up. The quality is strongly affected by my decisions and leaves me feeling very shameful. I don’t want to do that anymore, though. I want to take pride in my work, because Matty is right, you never know what is going to go viral. I never know who will stumble across my blog. Stephen King could stumble across my blog at anytime, just think if I posted crap for the last two days and he saw that. That would ruin my career and would leave me in more pain, than a woman in labor. This is why I am coming to any writer with a challenge. This challenge will push you to go farther than before.  Welcome to the #Hopingtogoviral challenge!
The #Hopingtogoviral challenge is just that. You are hoping to go Viral, which should motivate you to give your 100% in every post, even when you are busy. The way that you can do this is by doing three things. You have three options!

1. Don’t post- If you are too busy to write, then don’t post. This is the best way to avoid crap is to not write it. Your fans will understand and you will have time to work on the next post. Don’t over stress yourself, take the time you need!

2. Post shorter content- This is another option. I have found that people interact more when you post shorter post. This could be because they don’t like to read, or they could see better material. I know its hard to keep a spine going, especially when you are trying to write long post, this is why its important to keep some post short and sweet, that way you can focus on quality, also you give your readers something to quickly read at work!

3. Set time aside- Instead of playing video games  (as I do) why not just work? Writing is my second job, but sometimes I don’t act like it. Sometimes writing is just another chore. This can’t be so if I plan to ever go viral. I have to put writing first, which sadly includes Editing!!! Editing sucks, but it is crucial for the final product to be good. This is why you need to set time aside and work on your trait. The best way to go viral is to have material better than anyone else’s. Do you think you can do that without editing? NO! Set time aside, now!!!!

#Hopingtogoviral is going to help everyone get better. I know it might suck, but you will thank me later. I will be keeping you guys posted with my progress. Let me know how you are doing, I would really like to know! Email me @ and tell me your story!!!!!!


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Before we start. I would like for you guys to check out my previous post. It takes you through a brief history of my writing journey. Though a tough one, this journey is one that I refuse to take for granted or say it wasn’t worth it. Every post was worth the time put into it. So please click here to go to that blog, right after you watch the video 😉

   Anyways, today I was playing Madden, trying to complete another challenge. During the gameplay, I threw the ball up for my TE. The ball clanged off the field goal post and fell to the ground. After seeing the football hit the ground, a lightbulb went off in my head. “What if I caught that?” I thought. That is when I lined up my TE to be in the right spot at the right time, this was the Result.
(Wouldn’t allow me to just import my video, so had to make it a YouTube video, sorry!!!!)

Sorry for the audio, you can turn the media down. I didn’t expect anyone to talk XD
Love you guys. I hope you have a good night!



   Another day, another model.
    It’s been about two weeks since my cousin bought me those POP figures. That is two weeks too long for another one, which is why I’m not waiting any longer. I have bought a figure that compliments my desk perfectly. It is the figure of my most favorite game and will sit high on my desk, in pride.
    If you know me, you should know that Fallout is my favorite game, ever. I first bought Fallout when I was a young snapper, about 14, for the Xbox 360. It was Fallout 3 to be exact. I walked through the door of Big Kids, walked over to the Xbox wall, and took a gander across the available titles. Nothing caught my eye quite like Fallout, but it was a little higher than I wanted to pay. But I didn’t want to leave empty handed, so I decided to buy it. I took it home, plopped it in and started to play. The game was horrible. I hated the game more than NASCAR for PS1. I quickly went back to C.O.D and 2k.
    Years after that day, I found myself bored of the same games and wanted to do something new. Knowing that I had Fallout 3, I chose to torture myself. But as I dove into the story of the young vault dweller, I found myself amazed. I was in love, but I wanted more guns. I didn’t want to beat everyone with a sledgehammer, but my first time through, I couldn’t find a gun for anything.
    This is when I bought New Vegas. It isn’t the sequel, but more of an additional story. Fallout:New Vegas takes place in post-apocalyptic, Las Vegas. In NV you are a character that gets shot in the head, but are saved from a Robot. As you start to travel to nearby areas, you find out pieces of the puzzle to who shot you, but also you meet new people and are able to take some amazing quests. I beat the entire game, racking up over 100 hours while finding every location, and finishing as many side quest as possible. I would play NV hours on in, every night.
     Fallout is amazing. I love the story modes. The open world helps kill time, and allows you to venture out and find new things. Also with the secret locations and weapons, it surely is a game that will keep you busy for a while. So when I found that Wal-Mart had “Vault boy” I had to grab it. I am so happy to add him to the collection, and hope to add more shortly!



When I first found out, I was nervous. I was nearly 20, and was just starting my life when I found out she was pregnant. She was a beautiful blonde hair girl, she had a shining smile, a soft voice and held herself very high. No one was going to take this girl down, no one with a boulder or with a chainsaw, she was unbeatable. This is the time of my life that I don’t want to give up, these are qualities that keep me searching for answers to the questions “Why did it happen?” and “Will I ever be happy again?” These questions will never be answered, because no one knows why, and she was the only happiness that I had. She is gone now, she isnt coming back, ever, but why do I blame myself?
I fight with myself every night, trying to force myself to believe the lies, that she was sick, and that she didn’t have that long to live. It is hard to give into those thoughts, especially when she felt so alive. She was always full of so much energy, but in a months time, all that energy was gone. She was rotting away, and here I was sitting around thinking she was going to be fine. I truly thought that she was going to fight back and win, but the longer the fight lasted, the quicker her strength failed her. It wasn’t long after the doctors announcement that she was found dead, on the kitchen floor.
I had to be the one to find her, I had to be the first to grab her cold body. The pain that came with seeing her was breathtaking. I tried to revive her,  I really did, but she was gone. The saddest thing is that I couldn’t even call an ambulance. I was frozen to her, I was stuck to the lifeless body. I tried to let go, but something kept ahold of me. I couldn’t let go, I felt like giving up on holding her, was equivalent to giving up on us. I wasn’t going to give up on her, so why would I let go?
It finally came to me, she was gone. I had to let go, she was no longer with us. I couldn’t hold onto something that wasn’t here, I couldn’t do that to me, but also, if she was being held back because of me, I didn’t want to do that. She deserved to go to her special place, with all the pain on earth, how could I deny her peace? I couldn’t, and I didn’t. I let her go, I finally let her go. The cancer came in between us, the damn cancer came between us. I still sit here, in this wooden chair, waiting for her to come outside with a glass of sweet lemonade, but pain consumes me, when I realize she’s not coming out. The days aren’t the same anymore, she lays in the cemetery on the other side of town.
She was my Becky, she was the first love that I had, the only one that I have loved. She was taking from me too soon, but recently I have been thinking, what if I met up with her? What if she is still waiting for me at the door, I can’t keep her waiting. I have the solution.
With loneliness in his heart, George couldn’t live this life anymore. The counseling wasn’t working, he was seeing Becky in his mirrors, in the shower, and in his bed. The image of his wife was now a haunting memory, one that he no longer wanted to have. His obituary read this “I didn’t want to leave, but cancer can’t stand between us now.”


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There is a lot of work to be done!


I haven’t quite got into the routine of writing daily, even with being a month ahead on my schedule of writing. It seems that the more that I get done, the more that happens in life. I was wanting to start my novel, but then as I went to write it, something in life distracted me, and now I am only a week a head of my designated plan of writing, which is very shocking due to the fact that I spent a solid week bulk writing. This comes to show me that I can’t take breaks, as other writers shouldn’t either.
When you are a writer, that is a job itself. This means that you need to put it as a second job, averaging about 20 hours a week, half of a full-time job. If you think of it in a week, that is only 2+ hours a day. If you are a writer, you should be writing about 2 hours a day, anyways. This will keep you up to speed with your writing abilities, and will help you grow as a writer. If you don’t write daily, it will become harder for your brain to come up with ideas when you do right, also. The biggest problem with writing is coming up with the ideas, well that is for me, anyways. If I spend an hour a day writing, I see that I can sit down and write a new post even faster than the day before. Also, the message behind the post seems stronger, ever seen a weak message? That is from two-things; Either the author has no idea what they are talking about, or they haven’t been writing daily.
I saw that over my vacation, my messages came off more clear than days that I wasn’t on vacation. That is from the fact of being able to take more time during post, but also because each day I had a routine of writing. I was spending six-hours writing, each day, well besides the last four days, when I decided to play video games. But when I was writing daily, my productivity was sky high, so was my mental capacity. I saw that the more I wrote, the more I was thinking of greater ways to grow the blog, and my writing alone. The thought process that went into the blog was different than any other time. It seemed that the more I was writing, the smarter that I became. I don’t want to state that as a fact, but I saw the proof, so do quote me, if you would want to!
I am saying all of this, to tell you other promising writers to never stop writing. I want to see the next generation of writers excel more than the last. This is going to be hard, when we have to go against the greats as Stephen Kings, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, F. Scott Fitgerald, and J.K. Rowling (Though she can be considered a part of our generation, she still is older.) This is not including other greats, but to do so, I would need a whole new blog post. What I am saying, is that all of these amazing authors had one thing in common, they all write daily. They might take a vacation here and there, but most will also post numurous novels a year. I want my fellow author among the greats, but how can we do that, if we all sit with our hands in our pockets, not wanting to write because we had a rough day? We cant, we have to percivere through the trials and write! There isn’t time to willow in our self doubt, wondering if we are good enough, when we need to tell ourselves that, anyway. We are good enough to have our name in with the greats, but with the lack of interest within the current generation, you never will be. But I will be, there is a lot of work to be done, and I am willing to take the desired steps to get the job done, but who is with me.
I don’t want to take this road alone, but I will. I would love for someone to come with me, as the road gets tiring and boring, at times, but I need people that wont give up. I need those who stand out, and that want to work for something. I know, at times, the doubt will kick you, and will hold you down, but it is crucial that you get back up and fight. Writing gives you the advantage among doubt, we don’t have to have friends because we have our beloved characters to keep us sane. If it is doubt that keeps you down, remember that you among the greats, you just need to work harder to get in with them! Doubt is nothing but a lie, don’t fall for the lies.
Writing daily is crucial for those who want to be someone in the writing world. But the problem is that current writers want it giving to them. They don’t want to work for the prizes that lie behind the doors. They don’t want to run the marathon, when that is the best part, instead they want a walk in the park, with the same rewards. That has to stop. Writers! You can’t expect great things, when you do nothing to make it great! Get better, and the way to do that is begin to write daily!

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Almost a year ago, I got married to someone that I love with all my heart. I would do anything for her, because when she is happy, I am happy. But when we got married, we had to say something called “Vows” or “Promises that we would attempt to fulfill through our life-long marriage. During the vows, we both said a word that has become so basic in this world. This word was “Love” and to this day, love has lost all of its meaning.
According to Webster Love means “A passionate feeling from one person to another, or a strong liking” Which means that you actually care about the other person in the relationship. But this day and age we have taken the old rule of putting others first and made it about ourselves. Love has a new meaning and it is this “Whatever they can do for me, a controllable counterpart.”
When you look at most couples these days, you will realized that they are in the relationship for three things: Sex,money,popularity. Three things that have nothing to do with the other person, but things that better you on your pursuit of happiness. This sickens me, we will be the last generation to actually feel the true meaning of getting married, call me old school, but this needs to stop. I can’t stand to see people hurt, because everything they had to offer has faded into the dark.
Their looks have faded making sex with them boring and impassionate, causing one to cheat with someone that is better looking, or tightly together. The money that they had will never be enough, a relationship based on money has a good three years, if that anymore. There will always be someone in this world that can offer more money, I have met a lot of people that make more than me, or have their lives together better. Then comes the last one, Popularity. I was a loser in high school, nearly always eating lunch by myself if one person missed school. I wasn’t always like that though, in eighth grade I was sorta cool, and during that time, I noticed that I held myself higher, making more girls chase the Blakester. This is why I even put this on my list. It is all about who is who in this world. Examine yourself right now, have you ever chased a girl that was out of your league, you know why? Because she was popular to you, she was liked and you wanted that for yourself. It is how the cookie crumbles, but here is the thing. Just like my popularity faded so will that girls that you only date because she’s the head cheerleader and has big boobs. So why not give up the act, and start giving love its name back.
I am tired of hearing these people say I love you, when all they want is the three sicknesses listed above. They sicken me. They are hurting people because they want their greedy needs met. They treat nice people like shit and then wonder why people are becoming dicks. It is because after being hurt enough, you will turn your emotions off, because once you do that, you are unable to get hurt. That is what is ruining love, there are no emotions. The reason there are no emotions is because they can’t love with a broken heart, the same broken heart that was caused by a dumbass teen, looking for the wrong things in the wrong people.
So if you are the person after the three sicknesses, then change now. You are tearing apart homes because of your damaging criticism that you have to pass on to people that wanted nothing but the true meaning of love. Stop to think before you say I love you, think before you kill!