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When I was in 6th grade, I wrote my first real story. It was a horror story and I was so proud of it, though I can’t remember what it was about. But I was proud! I proud enough to walk over to my teacher and told her that I was going to be a writer, one day. She read it and raised one of her eyebrows. She told me that it was a good start and that I was very creative. This was the beginning of something special. She told me that it was full of run-ons, but that it could be turned into a master piece; and that no matter what I do, to chase my dreams. This is what started this crazy journey. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to be a writer, and I would do anything (in my power) to become one.

I never had anyone put me down for my writing. I remember when I was in 4th grade, we were supposed to write a story, but I couldn’t because my mother didn’t have a stable home for me to write in. I didn’t do the assignment, but the teacher wanted me to read it to the class. She wanted me to read it in front of a class, a story I never wrote! So what was I supposed to do, tell her I didn’t do the assignment? Heck no! I got up, walked to the front of the class and read my story about a vicious bear, tearing through a town of innocent families. I read for 10 minutes, flipping through the pages, until I finished. After the reading, she asked for the pages, I nervously handed them over and went back to my seat. She went on with the class, asking the next student to come forward and share. The bell rang 30 minutes later; I got up and walked to the door to go to lunch. But as I got to the front of the room, my teacher called my name. My chest was burning as I turned around. “Yes, mam?” She was holding my story up, revealing the empty pages. I began to shake, knowing that I failed the assignment. She told me that I should have been honest, but that I had a huge imagination, one that could make a good career one day. She gave me an A on the assignment for the creativity, since she couldn’t tell that I was reading an empty page.

Jump ahead to my senior year of high school. I have multiple WIPs; I have a solid blog and I’m getting more confident with my talents. A guy comments on my blog, telling me that I need to keep writing. I didn’t know that people could read my blog. I didn’t share it anywhere, so it through me off when I got such love. It felt great!  I also had a teacher behind me, pushing me to use my gifts, knowing I could be something.

Now I am a writer. I write daily. I have my days where I don’t want to write, or weeks where I feel I’m not a good enough writer, but I just remember the encouragement, from my past, and I get back to work, creating more content for you guys, knowing that the people in my past would be happy with where I am now! I never stopped following my dream to become a writer, so why would you give up on your dreams?

Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. Stop grabbing your dream then letting it go because you think you don’t have enough grip on it. One day you will wake up and it will be too late to grab it, so grab it now! Don’t be worried about the outcome, but instead, make the outcome! Don’t stop chasing your dream because your legs are tired. Push through the hard times and grab that dang want. You want the dream to come true, don’t you? It’s all within your chest! You are the creator, so create the ending that you want. If you want to be a doctor, then become a doctor. You are the only one that is standing in your way. You can do this. I know you can.


Why am I posting so late, you might ask? That is a very good question and I have an answer for you. It is a pretty simple and short answer, that answer is; I am helping my wife get ready. She is going to be going to a class for her work. She has been stressing about it and she needs someone to stand by her. She got the material today and needed someone to help her study. Being a big fan of making notes and being able to rip through material, I told her I would be able to help.


We just got through chapter 5 of 10 and decided that it was time to go to bed, well her that is. I on the other hand am staying up to watch the football game. I enjoyed helping my wife tonight, it was fun to joke around while also learning some new stuff. This is stuff that we both use daily, but also there is material that isn’t in our daily workplace, so its cool to see what has changed and what has been set in stone. Either way, we had a blast as we laughed and carried on! The night is old and is coming to an end, but there is still one thing to do, watch this football game.
I go into work at 11 tomorrow, which means that I can take a nap before work, if I needed, and I would be fine. That is why I am up and watching this game. The Rams are my pick in this Monday night showdown, as they visit the SF 49ers. My wife is a big fan of the 49ers, but I can’t stand them. If they are on, I will route for them to lose, no matter the team they are facing. I just have never liked them, even though my wife says I should. I am hoping that the now LA Rams can step up in the second half and  actually put some points up, as they were shutout by the 9ers.
Other than that, I just wanted to say hi and that I love you guys. Please have a great night, sleep tight and dream bright! We will be back here tomorrow to write another chapter in the #HopingtogoViral challenge! If you don’t know about this, please go to my previous post (Hopingtogoviral challenge) and catch up on what you have been missing! Anyways, have a good night and sorry about the time! 

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Stop calling me, you’re a creep. I told you I don’t want to talk, clearly, from not answering your 20th call. You could spend some time fixing things, yet you just want to talk from a distance. I don’t see why I need to do your work, nor will I! You will screw this up, again, and we will have to wait for it to be fixed, well until I ask him to do it again! You’re a failure, and I hope you get what is coming to you, one day, then you might see what you had. You’re worse than the woman, I saw as a hero.

She was the one I loved, but she didn’t love me. She wanted to take everything from me, starting with my trust and ending with my happiness. I was forced to go through a few systems to find my way, and she wasn’t here when I got out, she was gone in the wind, never to be seen again, but that was the best part. She tore me down and convinced me of things that weren’t true. She was a monster. The drugs, she took, took her over and forced her to be someone that she wasn’t, before. I am so glad that I am away from here. If I were still under her, I wouldn’t be anywhere. It is sad that I had to compare you to this lady, but you are a spitting image of her. You lie, you cheat, and can’t make a right decision for the sake of your life!

She couldn’t make a decision either, that’s why she let her family decide. She told me that I wasn’t good enough. I died inside that night, followed by hours of empty stares. I became a family member to that wall, during our departure. He would listen to my sobs, though I wish it were you, it wasn’t. You moved on, deleting me from your life, like what we had was nothing. I hate you for that. I hate you for the fact that I loved you, but you could walk away, like that! Now, I can’t get you off my mind. I might say “I am fine” or “I don’t care” but that is such a lie! You are still on my mind, but now it’s anger that fills my heart. My hatred hasn’t been stronger since she didn’t show up, though.

She was told to be there, but she didn’t show up. I had to do all of the work, while she got to have fun. What a liar! She said she was good, but she sucked, I aint even talking about that….Her work style sucked. I stuck my head out for her, but she took me for granted. That is why I shut down….I would murder her, if it wasn’t punishable, and would hide her body at the bottom of the ocean, so that she would be ate by her family, but even they would spit her out. That voice is what I hated the most.

She wanted everyone to hear her, but she had nothing to say! Ha! That’s what I hear from you! I don’t hear anything from you guys! I didn’t fit it, so you cut me out of the picture, and force me to watch you, from the outside. I won’t though! I don’t miss you guys, because you were never close, anyways. You never supported my decision, the one to change my life. Nah! You didn’t like how it made me, and you wanted the old me back, yet you didn’t even like that guy, either. I wont be a puppet!

Someone else tried to make me a puppet after you, also. They said they were my family, that they would never leave. But one decision changed their minds, as they kicked me out and told me to go away. I didn’t hesitate, as I didn’t want to be there anyway. They were crazy, as they only want to control people, using text. I didn’t fall for the trap, and I prospered because of that. I found something I was looking for, though now I hate it!

I can’t stand the double-standards that go along with the game, and that I cant do what others do! WE were told not to do something, then he was able to do that same thing. I couldn’t believe it, so I asked “Why?” I was told that he asked before, so he was granted the opportunity. Now, after he’s gone, I have to pick up the weight and carry it. I want to give up that part, and move on to better things, but then what would I do?

I would miss his hair, for one. He never combs his hair, yet wonders why he doesn’t have a girl. You need to take care of yourself, before you can expect a girl to like you! But you don’t care, because secretly you’re gay! We know it, just admit it! I don’t know why you hide it! I would just come out and say it, that way you can move on and be happy. Maybe that’s it! Maybe you want to stay “Unpresentable” in order to save yourself, for the man that has your heart. I just solved the puzzle, I just found Atlantis! Bro, not cool.

What’s not cool is the lack of faith, though. Yes, I am talking to you. You think that I will continue to do this, without some push? I am done swinging! I wouldn’t want to waste your damn time, with another page. I will stop, I will walk away. Then as I am walking away, you will ask me to come back, but it will be too late. I would already be gone, and you would be the blame. So please continue, continue to say that you don’t have the time. You will see what you had, but it will be too late. Every artist is remembered after their death, I just didn’t want it to come to this. I didn’t want to have to force myself, but if it works, then I will take that door! I won’t ask, anymore! This is over, this is done, I am not immortal, and my bat has been swung. I don’t put myself in the least of those, anyways. You wouldn’t understand my thoughts, anyways! You think you would, but you can’t even go a day without being fooled by a door that says pull. You are tools, and I’m no longer your damn workbench!

I drop the mic, walk out the door, find a street, and ask for God. I wait for an answer, but nothing is there. I want to find someone to do it, but no one is there. The street is dark, lights are out, no one is walking and I need someone. I walk down the street, that is when I found you! I found happiness in you. I had to run after you, but I lost you. My hope was lost, and I didn’t know what to do. This is when I reached back out to you, but you IGNORED me! Luckily, I have someone! You….were….so…..Fake…….


The End!    

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   A year ago, I posted a status telling everyone about my novel, and offering someone a free copy when it came out. Since then I have scraped two versions of the story and have started to plan for a new idea. This will still have the original plan, but a different plot and storyline. I couldn’t get into the previous story, which overall just caused me to stumble back and lose interest in the story. While I lost interest in the original story, I have been planning a great new novel.
    I have started to plan the new story, which is in the outline process, and I hope to get the outline done within the next 2 months. From that point it should take 4 months to get this novel wrote. It seems impossible to get a novel wrote in 4 months, but with the help of a novel writing planner, I should be able to get this done in that time frame.
     Even though I can write the book in 4 months, it will take multiple months to get it fully edited, to the point of what I would want my name on. Either way, I really can’t wait to get this done, so I can finally say that I’m an Author.
     I am also working on the “The good, the great, the best.” Which is a project bringing all my great work together, slowly preparing my portfolio. I have a lot of post to go through, and that’s what Is taking so long on that project.
     I have a lot on my plate, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This is the life of a writer. We start multiple projects and must find a way to get them all done, in a timely fashion. But I am excited, nonetheless. It feels good to see things coming together. I wanted to let everyone know that I am still working hard on those projects, and that I am hoping to have them done very soon! Thanks for all the support.



Making a change-
I love that my fans are starting to comment on my blog more, it means a lot to know someone is reading this blog! Recently, a fan sent me a message, telling me that my blog was how she was feeling. It meant a lot to know that my life is like others, and that we all deal with the same troubles. The troubles that we are facing is depression.
I posted a blog, titled “Help,” it was a blog asking for someone to help me deal with my depression. I was feeling down, and didn’t want to do anything. At the time, I didn’t even want to write, but I did, and I had a great response. People were messaging me, commenting, liking, and sharing my post; it was a great day for my blog, but also a great day for me, knowing that someone actually does care. But the best comment, was from a girl, and she told me that she was feeling the same way. I responded to tell her “we should start a group.” This group would be on Facebook, and would help those who don’t have anyone, but who are also dealing with depression. It would be for people to connect with others, like them.
She added me on Facebook, and we began to get to know each other, finding out small details of each other, so that when we start working together, we will have an idea of who we are working with. She is actually really cool, you couldn’t tell that she is depressed, but that’s the amazing thing, you usually can’t. People deal with depression differently, Sam and I deal with our depression the same way, though. We hide it deep down, hoping that no one tries to pry, because if they did we would have to open up, something we don’t like to do.
I have always wanted to do something like this, but never have found the will to go through with it. I saw, making a page like this, taking advantage of the situation, but now I realize, it is actually a great tool. We can use this to help, the shy and depressed, meet new friends. That right there is enough to make the page! We are excited to get this out to you guys, and we hope that you will support it, meaning sharing and liking, we really want to make a difference in the world and this is the best chance that we have! 


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