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Tis the season to be rich with love and hot cocoa. The frost from outside will only keep you cold for so long. This is what we need hot beverages for. That way we can come inside and sit in our pajamas, while holding a delicious and warming drink of your choice. With all this being said, what is our favorite drink (hot or cold) during the Christmas season? 

My top seven hot drinks are quite familiar, but they are what I love to drink!!! If you are a fan of any of my choices, give this a big thumbs up. If you dont, then tell me what you drink!

1. Peppermint hot cocoa!- probably the best drink ever. A minty refreshing taste while also getting a warm chocolate blast. 

2. Apple Cider- Either warm or cold, cider is worth a drink in the middle of winter! 

3. Regular hot cocoa- sometimes I like to be simple. This is when I pull out the plain cocoa and make a delightful glass!

4. Warm tea- usually I drink sweet ice tea, but during the winter I find myself drinking a lot more hot tea!

5.  Egg nog- I haven’t been a big fan of eggnog since I tried alcoholic eggnog, but I still would rank it in my top 7. 

6. Coffee (mochas and lattes)- I’m a white girl!

7. Sparkling white grape juice. All I can say is…..YUM!

What are your favorite holiday drinks? What do you recommend???? 

Let me know! 



I have always been fascinated with dreams. I think it is amazing how the mind can work. I like the fact that even if I have never been somewhere, my brain can print out some blueprints, and use my creativity to light the way. There have been some amazing journeys taking inside my mind after I close my eyes, that have left me amazed, but there are also some that have left me terrified, but what do they mean?

I see certain things in my dreams, and those items are what I remember of all the dreams. One time all I could distinctly remember was a cat. I am not a fan of cats, nor do I want one, so why would I dream of it? The fact that a little hair ball caught my attention got me curious, on to what it actually meant. Why do we remember some part of the dream, yet forget the rest? Is it a secret desire that we have been ignoring, or maybe it’s a warning, one that we need to listen to? But how can we be sure?

This is where I was stumped, I wanted to know why I was dreaming certain things, but had no knowledge of the topic. This is where Barnes and Noble actually was needed. I knew they had a section for dreaming, and spiritual books, but I was unsure if they covered this topic, and even if they did, what was I truly looking for? How could I ask about it…what was I suppose to do. Luckily when I got there, I found the answer right off the bat.

As I went to my favorite section (Bargains) I saw a book that seemed to answer all of my questions. This book was a light brown color dictionary, that read ‘Dream Language.’ I quickly grabbed the book, not looking at the price, and went on with my shopping. In the next isle, there was a book called ‘Nightmare dictionary’ this was a book like the one I picked up, but dealt with more scary dreams, and deadlier signs. I figured this was going to be needed to, since I wanted to know about dreams, and why we dream certain things. I ended up buying both books, only adding up to $20, all thanks to bargains!

I went home that night and began to read some of the definitions, starting with cat. This is what is said about cats; “someone has led you to believe that you may become more familiar with them but they don’t want you to behave in an overly friendly fashion in public. You will be made to look bad and this person will ignore you in front of others! Then it gives you a approximate time in which it will happen.

This book might not be super-accurate, but it explains so many hidden details of some dreams that we have. It puts us one step closer to understanding what is going on around us, and if we can brace ourselves for a heartbreak, or worse, then isn’t this book worth keeping?

Since I bought this book, I haven’t been able to dream. But I still want to use the book, so I am here to offer a service. Anytime that something sticks out in a dream, would you like to bring it to me, and I can search it for you. This can also be used for nightmares, and since the books are huge, I am sure you can bring everything. I have always been curious of the dream state, and have been wanting to study it. This is a great place to start. 

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I am scared to go downstairs, into my dark-and-cold basement. The walls are falling apart, there is plaster on the ground, where the wall use to stand tall and strong. Each wall has some type of hole in it. There are three bedrooms, but each one has its own freakiness. I hate going down into my basement, but that’s where my laundry is!

I started laundry almost an hour ago, but as I walked up stairs, and began to write again, I heard a loud screech. I figured it was the washer being old, but then the upstairs door opened, no one was there. I blew it off as the wind, and sat back down, but then again, it came open. I scorned the wind, shouting the door again, this time I put the chain on the door. That kept the door from coming open for about ten minutes. But just now, the door came open again, but it was caught by the chain.

I went to inspect it, but nothing was open this time. I figured I was hearing noises, I don’t spend much time home alone, but when I do, things like this don’t happen. What should I do? I asked myself. I wanted to leave, yet I didn’t have the car. My wife wanted to take herself to work today, so I was stuck here for now; this was fake anyways.

I couldn’t be in a haunted house, yeah the basement is scary, but not haunted. That is absurd, we wouldn’t have something watching over us at night, none of us played with demons as children, or went to a real haunted house, where they could have attached to us. I had to much sugar today, that is why my brain is playing these games. This is why doctors advise you to not drink Surge in bulk. But I ignore those articles, my body will tell me when to stop, but is this my body telling me to stop? I don’t think so, as I take a sip of the Surge.

I just heard something again, this time everyone is home. It is 3 a.m. and everyone is asleep. The noise didn’t wake anyone but me, but it was loud, I don’t understand. I truly am scared, but what can I do? Should I wake up my wife, she has to work at 5 a.m., I wouldn’t want to be awoken for nothing. I am by myself in this mess, with nothing to defend myself with if there is anything, I am screwed. I got out of my bed, and walked to my bedroom door, this is when I heard my mother-in-law yell. I opened my door, which is connected to the living room, where the front door is.

The door knob was jiggling, I saw the lock begin to turn. I quickly ran to the door, and pushed the door shut. Whoever was trying to push open the door, was strong, nearly fighting me to death. I grabbed the chain to the door, and wrapped it around the doorknob, the person stopped fighting, and left. I went back into my room, to grab my phone, in order to call 911. I opened the door, turned on the light, and realized that my wife wasn’t home. I was confused, due to the fact that she was just in bed.

The state of my emergency, forced me to stop thinking about her, and worry about getting someone here.
I got connected to the dispatcher when the basement door shot open, stopping inches from the door frame, with the chain. I ran into the kitchen, and slammed the door, locking the deadbolt. The lock began to turn again, and finally unlocked, I wasn’t worried, since the chain would stop the door. The door jammed open, pulling tension on the chain, followed by an old lady saying she had a gun. I knew we needed to get out of the house, but how many were there? I soon fought that idea, and went to grab my pocket knife, off my desk.

As I ran past the door, a bullet emptied into the door. I fell to the ground, as the chain busted from pressure. I flipped myself and looked at the woman holding a gun. She was dead, her eyes were crawling with maggots, her mouth was full of dried blood, and she walked with a half eating foot. She got up to my body, lifted the gun, and pulled the trigger.

I woke up in a puddle of sweat that night, instantly checking all of my doors. I felt invaded without having an invasion. The dream felt all so real to me, every little bit of it. I couldn’t catch my breathe as my wife turned over and grabbed me. She asked me if I was okay, I told her we would talk about it the next morning. Until this day, I fear hearing noises in this house, knowing that one day, that same lady could make her way to our house. 

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Going to sleep without blogging, feels really weird. So here I am sitting in a dark room, writing to you guys, once again. I know that it is healthy to take a night to myself, and work on other things. But when you have been posting everyday for a couple weeks, you can’t expect to leave one night empty. Maybe it is the viewers, or maybe it is the fact that “I love to write”, either way I am here tonight.
I am happy on where I am, and how this blog is doing. The stats could be better, but it is a lesson for me. It teaches me to be patient and do the thing that I love the most, for the joy not for the success. If I was here for a paycheck, then I would starve. I am here for other things though. I have been offered money before, but I am scared the moment I take money for my articles, is when I will begin to focus on making this a career, I’m scared I would start to change how I write, to make more money. Since I want to be a paid writer, that is something that will have to work itself out, this is why I bought a few books yesterday.
I went to Barnes and Noble (Sponsorship?) and bought thirty-dollars worth of writing books, luckily they were on sell. The books that I bought, were made in order for writers to perfect their work.
“How to Write It by Sandra E. Lamb” is a book that teaches a writer how to write: Emails, References, Cover letters, and many more. I had to get this right away. I think it is important to know how to write everything, no information on how to write can be useless. I also bought “Easy guide to Grammar.” As the title explains, I want to get better at my grammar. I was counseled by Peter Simeti, and he told me that I needed to work on my grammar, now with this book, I think I will be able to remove my greatest weakness, my grammar.
Now the final book. “Powerful Writing Skills, By Richard Anderson” is the final book that I picked up, it is a 125-page book to help you become clear and personal, while writing. This book is for business correspondents, but as I read a few pages, I got a lot of information that I will bring into my blog.
Each book will help me become that next-leveled writer. I want to share with you guys more as I read through these books. These books can help you as you look for a job, or as you grow as a writer. Either way, this is a journey that wouldn’t hurt you, to join in with. So if you are being me, give me a like. I want to post findings throughout the week, have another suggestion? Leave it in the comments!  


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Impromts top ten: I am addicted to drugs!


You should never give me caffeine, or a few bad things might happen! Let me start this post off by saying that I have already had enough caffeine to last me a week, in just four little hours.

I have had 2 java monsters, which is full of all that ginseng and other wonderful stuff, then it is all added to the amazing product called coffee! At first I didn’t like the Java Monsters! I didn’t like the odd taste of the energy substances with the taste of coffee, I barely liked coffee at the time, but I decided that I should try the Java Monster. I quickly threw that crap into the trash, but it began to call for my mouth.

I could hear the poor little voice screaming for me to consume the insides of his body, and to leave him empty, to take everything from him, to get something in return. “He must be very depressed if he wants to be empty” is what I would think, but he would have to wait, because as I said I hated that crap, well until college, that is!

I was once told that in college you live strictly off of coffee, I laughed at the thought. I didn’t like black coffee it was to bitter for my little taste buds. But then college began to get very stressful. I had my computer stolen weeks before I left for college, meaning I didn’t have a computer to type papers on, or anything to save my drafts to. I had to rely on the computer at my “Housing parents” home which was in the living room. I lived with 6 people. Most of them had their own computer, but at times it was easier to use the Desktop for them. I had to take my turn to use the computer, and since I was embarrassed that I didn’t have a laptop, I found myself using the computer when everyone went to bed.

Remember, we are college students that were going to church four times a week, and studying for finals, or working; so I had to use the computer late at night. I am talking like 4 a.m. in the morning, when class was at 9. I found to keep this routine I needed either drugs or a substance. Since I was in seminary I couldn’t use speed, or anything to that nature, so I had to settle for coffee. At first I would load it with enough sugar to kill a normal size horse; each cup got less and less sugar leaving that bitter taste in my mouth.

I formed an addiction, where when I got the chance you would find a coffee in my hand. The taste of coffee sooths my soul, well until the caffeine kicks in that is.


I am naturally hyper so adding more substances to my system just adds to the craziness! I start to freak out and start talking faster, with little to no breaths in between. If you have seen me at my most hyper, you know what I mean. So beware never give me coffee, unless I am down in the dumps, and then load me up bro! But don’t forget to run shortly after!