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A thought

Posted: December 6, 2018 in Encouragement
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What were you thinking when you told her that you loved someone else? What were you thinking when someone tried to steal your heart, and you fell for it? Did you think about the person that you were hurting in the long run or did you only want to fulfill your needs and wants?
I can’t believe the way that men and women treat those who they love. They tell the person that they love them, but then let “boredom” take control of their hormones, which ends in a heartbreak, and most of the time someone in the relationship cheating.
Now you might be wondering what brought this on, and the truth is I know of a lot of couples that have broken up due to one of the people in the relationship failing to stay faithful. I have had a dozen girls cry on my shoulder because of their boyfriend cheating or couldn’t stop watching porn.
Yes porn is a form of cheating, guys. Anything that makes your heart want someone else, should not be a part of your life. It might not be you cheating physically but it will Prevert your mindset on what “Sex” needs to be like.
Sex being the most pleasurable thing in marriage, can be perverted so easily, which is why I have tried to stay away from porn since I got with My wife. It makes you want something that is an act on a T.V. Which is exactly what porn is, it is just actors and actresses interacting with their genitals and gentilias. They don’t have feelings for each other. This is why I think it has become more acceptable to sleep around, because Television has told us that it is okay. Not through words that they speak but actions that happen when the video begins.
I hate that this generation is all about sex, and not about the fun of getting to know someone. I miss the days where men took women out to the movies, instead of having “Netflix and chill” dates, which has a woman suing Netflix. I will post the story below.
I wanted to talk to you guys about this in order for some of you that are in the weakness of temptation to get out. Get out before you ruin your relationship, it isn’t worth 15 minutes of pleasure. It also isn’t right that you play with someone’s heart as you will be doing, making the girl think of everything that she has ever done wrong, all because your willy wacker is hard for someone else. Well then you need to figure that problem out, but don’t you dare hurt that girl for something so selfish!
Anyways peace


Vodka is a bitch.


    It was a week before my wedding, and my cousins wanted to drink, along with a night of call of duty. I was ready for this night, I was always horrible at call of duty, but I was confident that I would be able to win at least a round off my brother-in-law. He is a goober and usually sucked when he was facing me. There was just a different level set when it came to him and me. I was just better at the first person shooters, where he was usually better at Mortal Kombat. I was ready to show him up, and get some laughs while we were at it.
As we set up the match, I was a cocky prick, and chose to go with a default sniping class on BO2. Little did I know, I was going to have a rough time with the DSR-50. This was the first time playing BO2 on the PS3, which is a lot different than the Xbox 360, but I tried my hardest. But as the match got to the end, I realized that my sniping ability was inferior to his. He was dropping me in one shot, where I needed two or three. I got mad at the fact that he was better than me, since times before he would suck against me. He had improved over the months of not being at his cousins house. He was now someone I couldn’t beat. The laughter and ooohhhss were pissing me off, so I grabbed a glass of UV Blue and chugged it. This was my first hard drink, ever. I cringed at the taste, but didn’t feel anything else. As the match went on so didn’t the amount of shots. It seemed that every time I would die, I would take a shot. But as the match came to an end, I noticed that I had began shooting Gin and Patron. My head was beginning to get a little heavy.
The idea of going outside seemed to be a great one. That is what we did, we went outside. This was at the point that I had at least 6 shots (mixed) in me, I was feeling amazing. I was slightly dizzy, but that added to the fun, which is when I broke out our BB gun. I ran to the other side of our yard and lifted a can up. I told the guys to shoot the can out of my hand, but as each one shot, a BB went through the can and hit my finger. I dropped the can and grasped my finger, there was luckily no blood, but my finger was black and blue. Instead of quitting, though, I told them to hold on. This is when I went inside and took four shots, each being a mix of Gin/Patron/UV. I felt the alcohol beginning to take over, which meant even more fun. But as they saw that I was getting a little tispy, we moved the party back indoors, and back into the living room.
I didn’t stop drink, though. I was still piling shots back. Each one was leaving more of an effect on me. Then out of no where, I got super dizzy. Little did I know that Gin was a “Silent killer” which takes longer to get you drunk, so what I thought was just weak was actually just taking slower to get me messed up. This wasn’t good, since I just spent the last hour drinking nothing but gin…. Soon I would be gone, and the new Blake would be out. That is exactly what happened. I got wasted. As I got drunk, I called two people; My co-worker, Darryl, and McDonalds.
   In the voicemail to my co-worker, I told him that I loved him and wish he was my wife. That was the joke around the workplace for months after. But in my call to McDonalds, I asked if they were able to deliver some more Gin to my house. The lady asked if I were drunk, which led to some foul language which wont be repeated. After getting off the phone, I got up and walked into the kitchen, I pulled down my pants and took a piss in a bowl. After taking a piss, I got a bottle of water and opened it. But instead of taking a drink, I poured it on top of my head and slipped. I fell backwards into the refrigerator and bashed my head off of the door.
   My pants became strangely warm, as I just pissed myself again. This was the last little bit that I remember, besides going upstairs. My cousin went and got my wife to come get me, she came downstairs and grabbed my arm. They both walked me up the stairs and into my room. I was placed in my bed, but as I laid their, I needed to pee, yet again. They said okay, but as they got close, I upchucked all over the bed. I blacked out after that, and ended up in the hallway, the next morning, naked. I was told that they gave me a shower. The whole time, I was accusing them of sleeping together, but also I ended up being on my puppy. Poor puppy.
Since that night, I haven’t been able to drink anything hard. If I do, I get super gaggy and almost throw up, instantly. I have found that to get over this, all you have to do is add less mixture to hard drinks at a time, so I will try this. But even with the outcome being so sticky and nasty, I had a lot of fun. This wasn’t adding the fact that I had to work at 8, the next morning. 

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A Secret Between you on me.

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

There were two people chilling outside of a pizza parlor in late July. The wind was blowing quite hard but the weather doesnt matter in this story. Nor is this a story, this is a true event that never happened. I will start it from the beginning and you can try to guess what the secret is.
Gery: Hey rob, did you get your test back?
Rob: No, actually I didnt. My mom is mad.
Gery: Why?
Rob: She doesnt believe me about the test.
Gery: Well I mean our teacher is kind of stupid.
Rob: Yeah but there was a time where she wasnt. I miss those days.
Gery: Man what are you talking about? You act like you knew her before this.
Rob: Yeah she taught me at my old school.
Gery: The one you got kicked out of?
Rob: Yeah but that was in eighth grade. She followed me here.
Gery: Well thats not good…
Rob: Yeah they probably found out about her afiar with that high schooler.
Gery: She didnt have an afair with a kid…thats stupid.
Rob: No dude she did. The principal probably caught them, they would hide in the locker room.
Gery: Well that’s funny….
Rob: Why?
Gery: first let me ask you.. Did she use to teach at Hermel High?
Rob:…Well did you know?
Gery: She is my mother dude….My mother cheated on my dad..
Rob: Oh my God….With my brother…

Thanks for reading…there will be more post today. 😀