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A thought

Posted: December 6, 2018 in Encouragement
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What were you thinking when you told her that you loved someone else? What were you thinking when someone tried to steal your heart, and you fell for it? Did you think about the person that you were hurting in the long run or did you only want to fulfill your needs and wants?
I can’t believe the way that men and women treat those who they love. They tell the person that they love them, but then let “boredom” take control of their hormones, which ends in a heartbreak, and most of the time someone in the relationship cheating.
Now you might be wondering what brought this on, and the truth is I know of a lot of couples that have broken up due to one of the people in the relationship failing to stay faithful. I have had a dozen girls cry on my shoulder because of their boyfriend cheating or couldn’t stop watching porn.
Yes porn is a form of cheating, guys. Anything that makes your heart want someone else, should not be a part of your life. It might not be you cheating physically but it will Prevert your mindset on what “Sex” needs to be like.
Sex being the most pleasurable thing in marriage, can be perverted so easily, which is why I have tried to stay away from porn since I got with My wife. It makes you want something that is an act on a T.V. Which is exactly what porn is, it is just actors and actresses interacting with their genitals and gentilias. They don’t have feelings for each other. This is why I think it has become more acceptable to sleep around, because Television has told us that it is okay. Not through words that they speak but actions that happen when the video begins.
I hate that this generation is all about sex, and not about the fun of getting to know someone. I miss the days where men took women out to the movies, instead of having “Netflix and chill” dates, which has a woman suing Netflix. I will post the story below.
I wanted to talk to you guys about this in order for some of you that are in the weakness of temptation to get out. Get out before you ruin your relationship, it isn’t worth 15 minutes of pleasure. It also isn’t right that you play with someone’s heart as you will be doing, making the girl think of everything that she has ever done wrong, all because your willy wacker is hard for someone else. Well then you need to figure that problem out, but don’t you dare hurt that girl for something so selfish!
Anyways peace


   I didn’t want to post a flashback, but this is a great one. Why stress over stuff that can’t be fixed right away? This is hope for you, so take my advice and stop worrying! All will be okay, soon!
Est reading time: 4:10


    Take a few seconds out of your day, and tell yourself that you will make it. Even if life doesn’t seem like it, you will. You will become anything  that you want to become, you will climb up through the ranks and be on the top. you are awesome, you are amazing. So stop worrying about the smallest details of your life. If you want to do something in your life, do it! Stop waiting around for someone to say its okay.

    Make a freaking impact, bigger than the sun in this world. If you want to become a professional athlete, give it your all. If you want to pursue a job in singing, do that. What I am trying to say is do what makes you happy. Most people will give up on their dreams due to money, or due to stress. But that’s unacceptable.

    I have always wanted to be a writer, (I bet your tired of hearing that) and nothing will ever stop that dream. It is like a second time job that I absolutely love to do. If someone told me that I wasn’t able to become one, I would have to laugh at them, because the only person that can stop me from doing anything, is myself. That goes for you too, yes you, the one reading this post. Stop worrying about the balance of your checking account, already. Don’t let fear rule your life. You are stronger than that.

    So many people have let their life go to hell over their current money position, but the truth is, you need to stop looking at that number. Now I’m not saying that you should go out and spend all of your money. I am saying that you should never let the stress of money stop you from being happy.

    I know right now someone is stressing over their balance, because they are behind. Those are the people that I want to reach today; I want them to know that they are still in control. They are the dominant ones in their situation. Yes you might be behind, but you can do it. Most people suffer from debt, as do;I. But all you need to remember is that the more you budget, the better it will get. If you budget every cent and get the right type of help, you will see the debt disappear.

    I have started a few budgets for myself and even a few or two for others.  The results that I got were amazing. I went from being behind three months to being ahead, in only three months. My secret is “Pay less, more often,” meaning that you need to pay what you can, when you can. As long as you don’t give up and stop paying. Your balance will get smaller.
   I am saying that stress and worrying will never get you anywhere in life; if anything it will cause you to cower under a blanket, ultimately leaving you unproductive with the resources that are given to you. Stress doesn’t need to control you. It’s your life, so control it!


Today was not my day!


I have had every Tuesday off for the last year. I have a set day off from work, this is the day I write. I usually will write up to seven post on Tuesdays. This ensures that I can post everyday, and make sure that I am planning for the next week. I never have issues coming up with ideas, and there is never anyone home so I can write freely for a whole six-hours. With it taking me 30-minutes to write a post, you think it should be easy to write enough post to blog everyday of the week, including Saturday. But today wasn’t my day!

It was suppose to be my day off, which always starts at 6 a.m. This is when I take my wife to work, in case I need the car, then I come back home and listen to music until 8. At 8 a.m. I will begin to write the surplus of blogs. It is so refreshing to get a day to write, and to think about my long future. It is very important to get that day, or things began to get a little cluttery and I will end up getting overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done.

I started the day off by getting pulled over by Chatham’s best. He was super nice, and told me that it was going to be a warning. He went back to his truck and spent a good twenty-minutes writing the warning for a blown headlight(that was an easy fix). I took a few funny pictures while waiting, then when he came back to the car, I tried to crack a joke. I was trying to tell him that I think it was a shortage, he didn’t find it funny. I rolled up my window as he walked away, thanking God that I escaped, yet another ticket. After the warning, I walked into my wife’s work. I gave her the folder with her work stuff in it.

Now I could have just went home, but something wanted me to stay there, so I did. I sat in the booth and told myself it would only be for one hour. I got on my phone and checked my social media, which is a every morning thing. I post late at night, so I have to catch up the next morning. I responded to a few comments on Facebook, of a post about the election, then I put my music on. I planned on sleeping for that hour, and then going home and being wide awake to write, so that’s what I did.
I slept until about 6:45 a.m., when I got up I looked outside, the sun still wasn’t up. I knew that if I went home now, I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep myself up, so I told myself 15-more-minutes. I laid my head back down and fell back to sleep. The lights of my wives work woke me up. I made the plan to leave, until she came out to the lobby. She asked me nicely to stay, in order for her to run to the bank. I was happy to do so, it was just another hour. I sat back down and surfed the web, looking at new ways to write.

At 8:15 my boss texted me “Are you on your way?” I was confused, as I said before, I was off today. I texted back instantly and asked him what he was talking about. The answer took hours to get to me, but it was only a minute. He told me that I had a shift today, that it was a shift to help me get some missed hours back. I wasn’t close to my house at this point, it would take me at least 45-minutes to get home and to work, but I had to go in. I left as a storm from my job, and got there at 9 a.m. I was there to do truck, and to put it away. I must say, I was tired. I usually don’t stay up late on Mondays, in order to make sure that I am well-rested to write, but things came up last night, and I ended up staying awake until late. I was drained for work, and didn’t think I could finish work. That wasn’t the worse part, I knew that with this shift, I was going to lose much needed time, blogging. I would need to write each post the night of now, and plan as I go. Luckily I did some planning last week for it, or I would be a lost puppy looking for his owner.

I got off at 1 p.m. After I got off from work, I got my wife from her work. We got something to eat, then went to grocery shop. We needed some healthy food, in order to stay in shape during our workouts. When we got done with the grocery shopping, she brought up the idea of walking in the park. I loved the idea, we needed the fresh air anyway, I would just write my blog a hour later tonight, I wasn’t worried.

We went to the park after putting up the food that we bought. That took time since we were portioning everything out, in order to save money and eat healthy. With the time already pressing 6:30 P.M. I insisted we hurry to the park. She agreed and got in her mothers car, since she wanted to go also, and we left. We got to the park and started to walk. I could tell that it was spring with all the gnats that swarmed us, it was very unpleasant, and a great reminder to why I stay inside. So we began to walk, when a guy came up to us and told us that there was a tornado coming towards Springfield. We werent to worried, but we also didn’t want to get wet from the rain, so we headed back to the car.

We got home from the park, and it began to rain. Ariel and I went inside and sat on the couch, we had movies to watch, but with the lighting we decided against that idea. We would rather just sit there in our own company. But then as we laid back and relaxed, the sirens went off, indicating that they spotted a tornado. I acted fast, moving our beat-up car into a close-by parking garage. When I got back, we had our family (from upstairs) in our living room. We share a basement, so this was actually better, this way we know everyone is okay.

The storm passed us though, which meant that time was wasted. I could have been writing my blog, but I didn’t want to start it, then have to leave mid sentence. I wouldn’t be able to focus anyways, not with ten people in my living room. I had to push my blog back until the storm fully passed. Which happened about thirty-minutes later. By this time it is 9 p.m. This is usually my bedtime, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep without talking to you guys.

It really strikes me down when I things don’t go as plan! I had this whole day planned, but it seemed that everything and everyone wanted to come in the way. I am blessed to have everyone and everything that came in the way, but it would’ve been nice to have my day off. I want to get things ahead of schedule, which can’t happen with days like these. But that is a part of being an adult, not everything will go as plan. You just have to accept that and move on, and hope the next day is better. That is what I will do, I will chose to be happy that things came up, and will write when I can. I haven’t been writing everyday, maybe this is God saying I need to write daily. That is the only way to get better, which is why I write!

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